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contrast to lucrece shakespeare svenusand adonis exhibits a very
dead of night but invenusand adonis the burning sun
loved it occurs also invenusand adonis the sails of
in art is the bulgingvenusof willendorf all belly breasts
the celestial spheres like avenusof willendorf unmasked allowed to
as minerva the two sistersvenusand minerva are necessary to
admonitions given about her byvenusand minerva is his agreeable
the dreamer receives instruction fromvenusand minerva on themes of
is to be personified asvenusand reason as minerva the
place after this favourable treatmentvenussends the dreamer off to
doon wi flamingo bree vulcanvenusceres mars romans famed fur
mars is braw in crammasyvenusin a green silk goun
a alexander scott continent ovenustae read a swatch frae
and leander as well asvenusand cupid the gods of
cloth of gold dressed asvenusin a picture and beautiful
the highest stage of lovevenuspromises that if he and
be an architectural equivalent ofvenusrising in a fertile valley
it in the house ofvenusthere are three stages of
become a model for thevenusde milo and the mona
on their personal mound ofvenuspipes however fantasies of leaving
and an understanding of fortunevenusseems to be on the
lovers in the house ofvenusgude will stood with them
queen herself o erpicturing thatvenuswhere we see the fancy
associates in the kingis quairvenusthe goddess of love and
fivers away day seats tovenusare all filled the story
courted a desire to servevenusis not always accompanied by
auld bodachs say he becamvenusan tis telt that finiver
through all the multitude thatvenuswas come to feast with
alive cheengin inno the planetvenustae heist up plumes like

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