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thenk ye pompitie thenk yeverrakyndlie an she gaed in
ah wantit ti thenk yeverrakyndlie for finndin ma needle
effek whyles morag thenk yeverrakyndlie guidman puddok aff wi
thenk ye pompitie thenk yeverrakyndlie that is rael guid
in leith docks at thisverrameinit an we r cairriein
an gaun ti sleep thisverrameinit but that disna wurk
you an seek him thisverrameinit dae ye hear whit
hae taen frae him thisverrameinit he is sendin the
mairrit ye ir frae thisverrameinit on a puddok an
mairrit ye ir frae thisverrameinit on a puddok an
mairrit ye ir frae thisverrameinit on a puddok an
been his guidwyfe frae theverrameinit she hae made hir
ti listen an at thatverrameinit the muin cam oot
dae a fin him thisverrameinit the pest s owrerinnin
git mairrit richt awa thisverrameinit the r nae priest
me ah ve juist thisverrameinit waukent oot ma sleep
kent it ever sen theverraday we war mairrit natasha
wi hir bewtie an aforeverralang thay war mairrit an
he mairrit his lassie theverraneist day an thay leeved
ti be mairrit thare theverraneist day the princess follaed
warld thay war mairrit thatverrasame day an leeved weill
man o weir he wesnaverraglib gabbit tho eftir twa
roun the nor sie wesnaverrajoco at the thocht o
at courtr an it wesnaverralang or it cam jennie
hard thaim sae it wesnaverralang or thay war crakkin
til hir faither it wesnaverralang ye can be shuir
hir shuirlie wesna this theverratyme ti open ane o
whas name wes mysie wesnaverraweill pleised at this an
help hirsell kis she wesnaverraweill she said she didna
at the ingil he wesnaverraweill sutten doun whan the
stert again it s neververraferr awa here in the
abstinentium o drink at theverrastert an gae rinnin clean
leirsman guidit him frae theverrastert in aa the echteen
his een even at theverrastert ma smeddum fails mither
the heather an at theverrastert o t the thrie
wecht ahint him frae theverrastert we hed niver plack
owre it aa frae theverrastert ye ll ken bi
said the lyke at theverrastert ye wad hae spared
this is the chief theverraman that focht sae weill
genteil lyke quyne weill thisverramornin this laird s naig
wul say ah mynd himverraweill aw ah need ti
whylie koolyghin that s awverraweill but sumhou ah canna
borin chebutykin that s awverraweill but whit aboot be
for ye an we cannaverraweill byde in the wal
wumman the spinnin is awverraweill for auld bodies lyke
thare pompitie ah canna hurryverraweill green leaf ah dinna
that morag ah dinna feelverraweill ma heid s fair
her shoulders bobik s noverraweill masha never heed we
heivin knicht that s awverraweill mither but a m
morag ma mither haesna beenverraweill puddok she s no
wauken he s no beenverraweill the day naither he
doun valgerd she s noverraweill thorfinn looks sharply at
hisell whit the guidwyfe coudnaverraweill unnerstaun but she said
gang til the ballroom solionyverraweill we l mak a
for ti see him ringanverraweill yeir hieness ringan bows
the pram masha ye lookverracomfortable lyke sittin here chebutykin
day irena ye div lookverrafetchin masha looks bonnie tae
richt thare baron ah mverrafond o masha sic a
juin febrie mairch april meyverranear hauf a year masha
naitur haes masha sic averrasweet naitur vershinin ah think
puddok yeir mither disna seemverrapleased ti see me eftir
complaint puddok it s theverrathing for greigorie s complaint
puddok that l be theverrathing for whit ah hae
puddok ye r shuirlie noverrawyce it is ill aneuch
wi thaim near birnam wudverralyke frae the road they
fergal the auldest that wesverranear a man a hauflin
rael bewtie mither she sverranear as bonnie as you
wes a graund affair anverranear awbodie round about haed
oot ma legs an averranear conkit oot awthegither but
sair as haein yeir tungverranear cut oot c mon
a sword an sumbodie haesverranear cut oot hir tung
yatterin sae that mhairi wesverranear deifent wi the clash
aboot the tree ah veverranear forgotten aboot the tree
o the wunter ah veverranear forgotten whit the simmer
an cry him aerlie averranear lat slip the oor
ti dae it we rverranear oot o meal it
aw the warld ah mverranear saxtie year auld ah
o t afore she camverranear she hears the birrin
wheeched him near tae theverratap openin oot inno the
sae it wes that thisverraaigil haed cum forrit for
ti help hir for thatverraday hir man haed gien
aince mair an syne theverraday whan the peats haed
haed magic pouers an aforeverralang she wes able ti
haed is ootlin til maverranaitur a m gled ti
haed she no said theverranicht afore that she wad
back ilka divot in theverraplace it haed been whan
o the outlin kinrik theverrasame that haed spierit help
me thane o cawdor theverrateitil the weird sisters haed
aweill he wes juist thatverrathing but he haed a
for hir lips that warverralang an unco sonsie this
s aw it s noverralang eilidh that s a
pouers it didna tak hirverralang for ti hael moula
up wi murdo sae aforeverralang he brocht hir a
dinna think it wul beverralang or jek finnds oot
it is nou an aforeverralang say in anither twa
til the bane houanever aforeverralang she cam til a
nae haudin hir an aforeverralang she wes fou as
as the sunshein an aforeverralang the prince frae juist
ergophobics wuidnae hev lestit furverralang up yonder n tae
a curlie buss an aforeverralang wha soud cum fliein
nicht lang sum say theverrayird dirlt an trummilt macbeth
guid faither see thare theverraheivins is roosed wi man
dizzen bits an at thatverrasaicont thare cam a gret
tatties thare it s theverrathing ti set ye up
3a m afore gittin hameverraaften juist i tyme tae
see it chyngin afore oorverraeen in twa thrie hunder
tyme sen frae afore theverraeen o the princess the
it 3 45p m atverrameenit at a kam afore
afore sax year syne thisverranicht said the keing a
auld lyke toozenbach na noverraforty forty five at the
door that wul be jekverralyke lat him in eilidh
knicht it wad be kettrensverralyke macdougals nae dout wha
me ti dae sumthing rudeverralyke whit dae ye think
deein but ah m noverrashuir whit that feels lyke
fur the nicht a mverraleised on herein at ye
smooriched aa nicht aneth herverraneb wi the blaik haired
the grip an wird thisverranicht an hersel an isie
amang thir wutches sae thatverranicht he pat his brither
be on ma road thisverranicht i the wee smaw
at thai maun skail theverranicht sen he cuidna hain
beach o puir gowd thatverranicht she throosh pranny three
twa hunner year ago thisverranicht the deil cam ower
mak guid yeir escape thisverranicht the messenger leaves and
twa hunner year ago thisverranicht the warlock laird o
atweill thay didna for theverraneist mornin at the brekfest
at the ruits o theverratree thay war on wheisht
duik o norroway wes hirverraain prince an he wes
ever kent hir forget hirverraname juist think o hir
whitna glif she gat sheverraneir lowpit out hir skin
hir better that s theverrathing ah m feart for
na say this wes theverratriakil at hir hert grened
this tyme thae wes hirverrawirds moula did she say
lord macbeth a wush theverraair they flie on wes
the clachan wes in averrabonie bit twal laich dwallins
t mirren wes fandin itverradeiffekwalt no ti greit an
twa blak men wes theverraeimage ilk o the tither
thaim an this anaw ferapontverraguid mistress moscow wes burnt
haun o wryte john wesverrakwerious whit s thon crankum
threid in the needle wesverralykelie a threid the wutch
be true this teirant whasverraname birsils ma tongue wes
wes about ti propone theverrasam idaia hiz guid dochter
ye reibald tammas wes ayeverraseik fur he wes in
onding whan tammas wes yitverraseik rosie telt ruth about
ye guid steel o theverrabest a ve guid steel
mona ach ah m noverraguid at the readin naither
s arm ye r maverraguid freind pepper howt it
tak this doun ferapont ayverraguid goes out olga gie
man in his wey averraguid man an clivver tae
aw it s no inverraguid taste ye want sumthing
r ma verra ain maverraain an he juist goved
him bobik ye r maverraain ma verra ain an
i court bot thai rverrathrang an a feir it
yeir acquantance guidmither ye rverrawalcum here ah m shuir
im ye r shuirlie noverrawyce it is ill aneuch
ye are no at theverrafuit o the ledder juist
ye coud juist finnd thatverragreen craig that is aye
an she dee d forverragrief masel a d juist
he axed hissell juist layverrastill sayed a voss in
douk it doun til theverraboddom o the cauld derk
til the land at theverraboddum o the sie itsell
tyde faems up til theverrahouss yett basho waesum lassie
up the milk til theverralest drap the kittlin spak
thaim aw thinkin it theverrathing ti tak hame til
whan frae the aest theverraairt whaur easement seemed ti
luik for troot frae theverradoor i cuist my een
socks her orra duddies theverradrawers frae aff her hurdies
leave fresh frae turra thisverraforeneen the little boy tugged
doggin ye tae cadge theverrameat frae yer moo brian
s rack micht raxx yerverrashanks frae oot their sockets
hid kent richt frae theverrastart he kent fine fit
teitils aw ahint in theverrasteid he flees frae he
thair mither this is averrasairious maitter here thaim out
mynd for thaim alane maverrasaul a ve gien owre
dee deep doun in hisverrabanes finn felt the glaumerie
byte or sowp or theverraday ye dee deep doun
syne are dung doun theverrafounds are shooken and man
doun in echteen twal theverrasame wey mercie on us
landart chiels an at theverraback cam ilkane o the
o his mou like averrathunner clap an he cam
they kent fu weel theverrabirr o the cosmos itsel
no kent ye sen theverraday ye war born did
yeir heid dung aff thisverraday or whuther ye wul
past the day bi thisverrayett yeir face an the
that dae ye feel theverrayird dirl anaith yeir feet
fooshtie fang wad gie averradeil the scunner a hoast
an wad hae kisst theverrahem o the green madam
ye dae wad derken theverralift daith sud be yir
fowk it wad be theverrathing for that ah coud
the whuskie wad be theverrawarst thing for ma fuit
busk an boun fur averrahet clymat whaur a wul
gaun in an at theverralest chaumer whit wul ye
aa ower hersel noo herverrahauns war reid like meg
butterflees bedd there an theverrasteens o the dyke war
tell ye this they warverrathick they war that thick
steens fur fowk didna flitverrafar langsyne fin they merriet
viapervador a didna ken theverrapaip rairs the marischal an
like linda thain tae thisverraday i canna as much
ootby the spring canna beverraferr awa nou eilidh re
fundator an oblationer o thatverracloister ye see nou a
but for nou picter theverrafirst scene i buchan s
laipit it up ti theverralest drap says she nou
in wi hunger nou theverrameenit the thocht o the
me for ah im theverraane that kens hou ti
ogre for ti mend hisverrabest dream that he gaed
mornin for ti mend hisverrabest dream the needle he
i the houss a mverrablyth ti hear t says
that the legs o theverraburds we uised ti eat
ah m that gled thatverragled for ti be here
the piano olga ah mverragled ti hear it irena
flie wi ye ti thatverrakeep an whan ah hae
up the milk ti theverralest drap it spak again
ti seilence it semed theverramachine rued the stang o
s luk he s theverraman we hae cum ti
thai baith ettled ti beverrawaarm the brounies suin leirit
him ti he wis averrawonder an a ferlie in
their newest pensioner wis maverraain granda it s affa
in the toon on thisverrabrae her ma hid met
raxes ma jalousins tae theverraleemit wuidn t eet bei
wunner vershinin it s noverralykelie a pause ma guidwyfe
ma houss wi me theverramyce an fyreflies git alang
soud befaw again but theverrasame thing ma queen is
o z neive ye beneverraseik ma mannie d ye
ain cave an breathed hisverraain air that i deaved
as i thocht in hisverraain cave an breathed his
say oh ay it sverrabraw ah m shuir irena
ah ken she s noverrajoco an naebodie coud say
said he that is theverraleast ah cuid dae for
auld yin ah m theverraman wi a riddil for
dae an ah hate theverraroom ah byde in sae
flesh later ah heard theverrasame soun on the cabin
bud boncho 1714 ah thinkverrashame aw thir braw claes
li here at wis theverraman at clyped on ye
scarce fifteen year auld theverraday she telt us this
she s there tae thisverraday yon auld wife inside
maces o auld in theverramids o the wids stude
dochter nor yet tae theverradearest iver lay bi my
hirsell bi glaumerie in theverramiddil o the island the
noo struck dumb bi theverrathocht o the muckle black
en in love wi averrabonnie lass and her name
that the name o theverrafirst horseman wis cain an
for thon hid bin theverraname o the tea plantation
an drappit it at herverradoorstep he hid thrapplit a
wis that it wis theverrafirst time we hid been
frein an that s theverrabest tea that s aw
bairn wis born on theverraday arthur wis taen awa
d is it no thisverraday the fift o mey
hame natalie gaed missin theverraneist day her corp wis
the frost it bein saeverrahard the ploo she widna
foot eilidh it s noverrabonnie richt aneuch ye maun
ye arena maister shi daverranine gaired dragon o shi
i ve friens at theverratap an ye ll be
that same bryde for thatverraforenicht did she no gie
the fluir an in theverrasame saicont his hawk an
up the pleyers o averraarrige gemm wi naethin bot
in steenhillock kirkyaird at theverraback yett o the reverend
through buddha da moistly overragentle sort bit ayeweys addin
the roadies rinnin intae theverrahairt o meikleburgh ae setterday
heezin their roups tae theverralug o the heevins yon
the rungs then i theverramidmaist o the green the
wull bei staundin i theverramids o ogilvie s thochts
heid o it jaggit theverramids o the smaw broun
a liberator he s theverranyaffoleon bonyaffarte o nyaffs tho
shi jin hed consaivit averraperfiteness wi ilkane o the
wee nettil an in thatverrasaicont o tyme callum myndit
a skunner at him theverrasicht o him wi his
the jeelin seelence o theverrasowel o winter wi its
o the yird an sieverrasuin thai growe inti the
o the warld on theverratap stuid a keep o
wis tae sclim tae theverratapmaist brainch o yon eidritch
kirks tae its cassies theverrawarp an weft o its
they walk for fear theverrastanes crys oot that a
no weel it s noverracomfy fur me yerr like
hae measured the branch thisverraefterneen an its anely sax
daunce this meisur gars theverracorn daunce tae the beat
this upraise straucht inti theverraheivens it semed the automatik
the needle pompitie this isverralykelie a threid the wutch
hiz faes at sellafield thisverramament he traists me an
wi bluid an uised thairverradirks l macbeth wha l
s houss dure wi theverrafirst chap the yungest lassie
we re ruined in theverraattempt here an a laid
s bin sizzled throwe theirverrabanes an marra barbit wire
gaed wis siccar an predictableverrafew fock wuid bei i
maun mynd at canadae expairiencesverralaich tempers an ern growes
the graif an tirned averranestie mustart yella cullour the
the sense an thir theverrawurds wha s here enter
wis trickit tae get theverraseat neist tae mine it
as pitch as if theverrawatter itsel wis deid boddomless
maimories haes been daivert theverrabens here ir on haud
the pooer tae chairm theverrabirdies aff the trees as
ae hertnin bot hei wisnaverrashuir how tae pit eet
oh it brocht back theverrasmell tae esma on watchin
even in the wutch sverrabed but naething cuid he
skirt dock s shiny herverracat s like somethin the
the shade is sweet theverragirse cries gandhi the chiel
blossoms in siclyke pairts theverragress aye blooms anaw issa
a d een gotten theverraquinquefloreal priest s lines but
bluid is stappit up theverraspringheid is cut af malcolm
fulled the chaumer till theverrawaas trimmlit the furreign bairn
composite pauchler is blacktooth sverrareincarnation a benjamin bogle in
wrate poetrie moula a dinnaverraaften whyles a try it
n food vennel n alleyverraa very vext a sorry
a strange uise v useverraa very wab n web
a broun beir in averrafyow generautiouns gey fest i

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