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version and henryson s poeticversionand compare the level of
chaucer s middle english proseversionand henryson s poetic version
henryson s much looser poeticversion[click] [inhale] chaucer uses a
jasp that henryson has aversionof so you can see
jasp that henryson has aversionof the third book logopandecteision
er geoffrey chaucer s proseversionin his er translation of
didn t read the chaucerianversion[inhale] but chaucer uses the
recall we produced the electronicversionby the evening of wednesday
slrc wad circulate an electronicversiono the cultural commission document
lead on to an electronicversionsimilar to the electronic oed
having it translated in summaryversionacross all the languages is
there should be a summaryversionin all seven languages that
we would have a summaryversionin english it would not
to consider whether a summaryversionthat captured the essence of
for the layman the authorisedversionof the bible had not
the publication of the authorisedversionof the bible in the
to elizabethan english for thisversionof the bible to be
spanish version or the americanversioni like that kind of
more recently in the spanishversionor the american version i
a keek at the authorisedversionalsweel moffat s translation in
translation has been achieved theversionmost often followed is the
spellings but no satisfactory publishedversionof a translation of the
north american knows burns sversionof auld lang syne far
the eejits er the originalversionis the the twits by
encouraged to redraft the originalversionso that he she has
can finally compare their alteredversionwith the original the text
the bill since the previousversionare indicated by sidelining in
the bill since the previousversionare indicated by sidelining in
the bill since the previousversionare indicated by sidelining in
kilmarnock were omitted in theversionof the contract published by
no one but themselves aversionof this paper is published
would be for the fullversionto be published in each
published in a child friendlyversionwhich takes account of the
as well as the englishversionbulletins in gaelic are a
oxford english dictionary full sizeversiondid not include hellery that
need amend only the englishversiondonald gorrie central scotland ld
we already have the fullversionin english ian jenkins i
a gaelic m608: mmhm m078: versionof english as as it
much less like a carelessversionof english plagued by swarms
typeset pages first an englishversionof robert graves annotated notes
and that word is aversionof the english caudle a
same as the the englishversionso mrs eejit mrs eejit
english name in the pilotversionthe child s responses were
artistic level the the englishversionwas primary in the sense
the precedence of the englishversionwhich mike referred to and
alternative language only the englishversionwill appear in the official
only michael russell the englishversionwould be formally moved so
there is a an englishversionyeah yeah so do you
your own ballad from theversionas available in child or
the child provided the scotsversionof the underlined word if
sentence again in the pilotversionthe child s responses were
at light pods the smallerversionof the light box people
have been a scottish ehversionof the the light programme
available including the spgc sversionand we are obviously looking
widely available although a scotsversionwas composed it was not
yet been written no scotsversionwas widely available although a
all taken on his ownversionof the stinchar stoat s
caxton who printed his ownversionof virgil on the press
to edit their own preferredversionoften the first question that
responded by giving the scotsversionof the underlined word if
but this word in theversionthat i m usin today
much input into the irishversion[inaudible] the gaelic versions no
gaelic and british sign languageversionof the film as well
juist a kind o cartoonversionf960: uh huh f961: and
like a modern kind ofversionof it maybe i don
a kind of 16th centuryversionof the beatles norwegian wood
a more kind of seventiesversionof what a mod was
thomas henderson a more recentversiona scots kist had the
this is the one scotsversionehm they have it in
why no try a scotsversiono simon says whan ye
literary scots was a correctedversionof colloquial scots conforming to
the 1960s although a modifiedversionfocusing on the importance of
the publication of the paperversionmight lead on to an
june s white paper theversionnow on our website shows
in the primitive herder sversionis much more rhetorical than
poets k164 with the laterversionof the song much reworked
it sounds now reads newversionpaul that is much better
mean it s just anotherversionf606: yeah m954: of the
me by stanley robertson anotherversionof the pranny tale within
innermessan tower house however anotherversionsays the steading so built
what date was the firstversionif different received s1w 24760
i ve got a differentversiono that one m1042: it
be transformed into a differentversionsuch as an eye witness
rhythm internal rhymes the 1597versionis more aureate in the
little more poetry into myversionof autumn for the prisoners
someone working on a windowsversionof it for more purely
museum a comparison of theversionattributed to pagan in an
to chicago in the filmversiondu bellay one of james
line of the stanza theversionin one of the collections
in favour of the firstversionis the fact that several
of the opera cinderella prokovievversionlovely ball scene corps excellent
was a van a vanversionof a mini car f718:
did not learn a fixedversionof a narrative song instead
in the evening the bbcversionof agatha christie s at
others john stewart of baldynneisversionof ariosto s orlando furioso
wur ain paolo nutini sversionof auld lang er zyne
in 2007 with an impromptuversionof auld lang syne in
phenomenon is preserved in ourversionof beowulf it may represent
as the author of aversionof ca the yowes to
supppose it s a politeversionof corry f1054: yeah f1143:
to perform a beginner sversionof gathering in the almond
moue at me a paleversionof her sexy lass wi
a slightly younger better lookingversionof himself standing under the
he gave me an interminableversionof his twice weekly drone
all but name europe sversionof integration is becoming driven
it was jakobsen had aversionof it in a fae
there was a a aversionof macbeth which was produced
finally polished off my finalversionof my first term essay
a bit like a spartanversionof one of our br
one would censor their technicolourversionof one s latest wagnerian
did not disappear in hisversionof orlando furioso john stewart
the cymric or early celticversionof rerigonium macqueen op cit
imagination never mind that thisversionof romanticism is a late
in other words a specialisedversionof scc s forthcoming 5
children for writing their independentversionof such an information report
of the lost record hisversionof the 1426 assize was
satisfied to accept this modifiedversionof the 1426 assize which
document was essentially a developedversionof the 1947 style sheet
showing of hitchcock s 1939versionof the 39 steps with
services scotland bill a correctedversionof the bill as introduced
of innermessan is an expandedversionof the bill gill lecture
for this meeting an updatedversionof the booklet will be
however is the watered downversionof the care plan that
seen as yggdrasil the norseversionof the cosmic tree in
based on a traditional scottishversionof the european frog prince
two movies instead a silentversionof the fall of the
be a spoken or writtenversionof the genre and does
tollbooth had housed a scottishversionof the guillotine known euphemistically
course of action the finalversionof the lothian health plan
of the forest an instrumentalversionof the love theme from
a little bit like aversionof the mods of old
home costs in any updatedversionof the report on care
it will publish an updatedversionof the report on care
you were a grotty studentversionof the shy sly po
the attraction of playing aversionof the television game pupils
patchy [inhale] this slightly modernisedversionof the text is based
you know the the sanitisedversionof the thingie but up
played a fitting and poignantversionof the tribute track in
feels like a perfect transparentversionof the way i used
guide was like a gratingversionof the wicked witch of
long tradition gavin douglas sversionof the xiii bukes of
ethnic language features and aversionof their home language therefore
kinda make wur ain weeversionof them but m842: aye
to offer to donate aversionof this as the first
to the members a redraftedversionof this report in advance
plays and in one radioversionof this story isabel is
2 years in the canadianversionof voluntary services overseas they
from it an irresistibly rhythmicversionof wee willie gray by
a passage from purvey sversionof wycliffe s new testament
because she believes the worstversionof your reputation as the
copies to produce a newversionthe earlier of these manuscripts
toned down m865,: yeah f950: versionbut it s still got
had a very watered downversion[laugh] m865: yeah [laugh] u1028:
distelling distilling etc the 1636versiontones this down using a
again probably the the sanitisedversionbut moody ye when ye
provoked discussion bell robertson sversiongreig duncan 212d again offers
yeah expectin is the sanitisedversionbut ye know up the
be found in this revisedversionbusiness bulletin no 58 2003
we have in this edinburghversionis a rhetorical lament for
scottish ballads 79 in thisversiono the ballad the wumman
significant changes from balfour sversionaps ii 12 thomson has
m1008: and eh the modernversionhas has stuck at that
the assize thomson created aversionwhich has confused subsequent commentators
can collaborate to create theirversionin pairs or groups at
back to 1721 when aversionappeared in j kelly s
was and he completes hisversionby adding a third stanza
had appeared in a smallerversionimmediately after the war in
wis scrattin oot her ainversiono t wi a slate
taught her the alphabet hisversionwent a for alex b
the knowes most usually theversionburns claimed to have had
interested to read herder sversionin his collected works still
never watched the john hannahversionand i won t watch
watch the erm ken stottversioncause i don t want
is that the channel fiveversionf940: [laugh] m939: [laugh] m942:
created by the writer sversionfor instance and suddenly on
we turn to nairne sversionin the land o the
no it s the britishversion[inaudible] m941: it s every
it clear that the paganversionis in its nature an
that we use the longerversionjames o rourke i agree
that must be the poshversion[laugh] f1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh]
naem campbell is the englishedversiono the scottis naem cawmill
i feel that the longversionshould definitely be used if
me who they be secondversionthe wind the wind the
the pupils with an alternativeversionto it and ask them
as opposed to the europeanversionwhich we ll come to
may not be the finalversionwhy do you think that
formally moved so the otherversionwould have no legal standing
or is that just theversionyou told me f1077: i
delay in juan march sversionvyborni seems to have been
m942: no that was myversionwhen i never got to
d standard alphabet allows dversionu d dialect i use

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