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that they were really carelessversionsof their english counterparts successors
over scotland in lively dialectalversionswhich show marked regional variations
over scotland in lively dialectalversionswhich show marked regional variations
finest of all english languageversionsand remains in print to
finest of all english languageversionsand remains in print today
the business bulletin print bothversionsif motions were lodged in
patterson it would print bothversionsirene mcgugan that was not
be the most familiar balladversionscertainly the ones in the
love with maggie although someversionsof the ballad show that
them to compare the twoversionsthereby noticing how the effects
extract they can compare theirversionswith the original text alternatively
f66: erm what the differentversionsof things f1187: working with
f1187: working with their differentversionstheir different styles of writing
f66: erm in my firstversionsof it i- i didn
accepted your motion in bothversionsand printed it in both
and printed it in bothversionsi do not see any
do you work with parallelversionsof translations into english of
report deals with and summaryversionsin the other languages my
we should consider the summaryversionsthat jackie baillie has suggested
been available in their originalversionsand reprint series such as
actual original f963: mm m762: versionsf963: right m762: from sort
check the original and translatedversionsof their speech in the
been recreated in scots fromversionsin english of ancient chinese
of living people thus whenversionsin english of wonderful ancient
as scots ballads even whereversionsof many of these songs
books and there are differentversionsof those songs in different
of my own poems particularlyversionsin italian in fact there
english and the gaelic erversions[inaudible] m078: of the poems
english i believe that theseversionsof chinese poems in scots
irish version [inaudible] the gaelicversionsno m078: no no no
scotland wp32 3 where bothversionsare attributed to burns makes
the english and the gaelicversionsof the address where an
over two millennia the englishversionsused as sources were largely
gie you french or germanversionso da information whit wi
prefaced by k 14 theversionsby jean elliot and alison
various other m1055: mmhm m1008: versionsgrandma and things m1007: yeah
f631: mmhm f689: various vegetarianversionsthey re just totally stinky
have the pupils create differentversionsdrawing upon a range of
pulled behind the horse smallerversionswere available which the farmer
i can always be doingversionsof other people s things
and then some there areversionsthat f963: yes yeah mm
wp and page number theversionsare also in kerrigan but
varying number of ovens laterversionshad a boiler with a
that grows on you mostversionsare fairly long and the
first encouraged me to tryversionsof the classics in scots
paper 17 some modern languageversionsof these are given in
structured learning programme and hypertextversionsof the course handbooks the
samples it starts with twoversionsof a verse that i
there are as many possibleversionsof psychoraag as there are
also circulated to the clerkversionsof the 1987 act which
evidence on this and previousversionsof the interreg initiative 3
that were raised to earlierversionsin particular the lack of
till ye know makin officialversionso every bit of [?]faustian[/?]
tutankhamun discovered in his tombversionsof the book appear in
the basis for the earlyversionsof the forthcoming guidance have

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