See this word as a collocate cloud

the world of nature veryveryancient in celtic of of
candid very guid mr maclaurinveryapposite arniston said but hardly
a sort of erm awveryattractive very beautiful aye erm
way right up the veryveryback cause it s kinna
it s very bad hereverybad ehm an ex council
too f1067: oh it sverybad here very bad ehm
are some very serious andverybad people out there dennis
very learned and so onverybadly treated by his own
at the time m1163: veryverybasic you know and m608:
the very tiles and theverybathroom and the pera palas
of erm aw very attractiveverybeautiful aye erm like zeta
a coat of the veryverybest and the soldier put
very small numbers in averybig school so ehm what
were exceptionally powerful and penetratingveryblack very luminous the pronounced
but love can also beverybrief and very vulnerable the
writing that reference that veryverybrief reference to older scots
that lovely girl annette strachanverybright very pretty ally barely
an the mills were veryverybusy eh that s what
very cold 19 saturday averybusy morning now the drains
was very plain very simpleverycheap to make m608: mmhm
very long because it wasverycheap we have brought a
it might be upstairs f1159: verycl- very studenty isn t
f965: remember your childhood teachersveryclearly f963: oh very strongly
painting am i tired weatherverycold 19 saturday a very
i m cold very veryverycold pause are you ed
exchange sidings the weather wasverycold very wet and very
and ehm my parents areverycommitted ehm very vocal ehm
so yes it s veryverycommon eh lackin money skint
lick f1118: mm very crunchyverycrunchy mum and have a
a little lick f1118: mmverycrunchy very crunchy mum and
very you know and andverydark topic and and erm
box no rattle no matchesverydear very queer i go
m964: yes it s veryverydense f965: i kind of
very difficult although staff feltverydespondent we took the bigger
you know things were veryverydifferent and erm anyway i
s still still is veryverydifferent because f606: mmhm f828:
are so different so veryverydifferent in their hopes their
erm yeah it was veryverydifferent in these days but
in very similar format forverydifferent purposes description recount persuasion
it s very it wasverydifferent you growing up in
doing nothing would make thingsverydifficult although staff felt very
at all it s veryverydifficult er to s- to
said and therefore can beverydifficult or or or very
staggered in from the streetverydirty and very drunk much
from somewhere else very softverydistant the words are spoken
that means you get veryverydrunk i suppose it comes
the street very dirty andverydrunk much in the style
rain okay m1110: it sverydry f1109: it s very
s very dry out f1109: verydry it s nae dry
very what m1110: it sverydry out f1109: very dry
i er found it veryveryeh rewarding exercise to edit
grandma anything because she wasveryelderly when i was very
makes their language learning veryveryer difficult but we do
with it erm it wasveryerm very popular unit and
to prestwick she was veryveryexotic f963: mm mm f965:
or m1174: well there sveryf- there s very few
yeah fine hoose f961: andveryf960: mmhm f961: very tick
thinks writes his figures veryveryfast and they come out
she talks very loudly andveryfast seldom waiting for a
does his second line veryveryfast they come out like
s very f- there sveryfew er m608: yeah m1174:
your very final examination yourveryfinal dissertation ehm your grades
up to your final yourveryfinal examination your very final
it was actually the veryveryfirst thing i ever read
wine he was very pleasantveryfrench in his mannerisms very
and graeme was a veryveryfunny guy i was standing
very difficult or or orveryfunny scottish people love this
gentie graceful gether gather geyverygeyan very gie give gills
gether gather gey very geyanverygie give gills cheeks gin
words that aren t veryveryglaswegian but you find that
performance would move into theverygood category in the very
very good category in theverygood category the language should
and she had a veryverygood head knowledge of gaelic
very not f1107: i saidverygood hey come and get
wide game [?]then[/?] campfire allverygood ian does very well
very good oh that sverygood m1090: [rustling noise] f1089: colour
f1107: and m1108: monsters f1107: verygood m1108: very not f1107:
that better f1089: that sverygood oh that s very
on and she was veryverygood she was a great
your ground naza very goodverygood so we see naza
your hold your ground nazaverygood very good so we
fair tain on okay f1054: verygood very good what aboot
gey roosed ye ken f1054: verygood very good what aboot
on okay f1054: very goodverygood what aboot the opposite
ye ken f1054: very goodverygood what aboot tired m1010:
quigley a remarkable man veryverygood writer and m608: mm
thanks very much that sverygood yeah f1039: it s
very very quickly indeed m1013: verygood yeah f1054: now tell
of course fair impartial candidveryguid mr maclaurin very apposite
but i would be veryveryhappy to to to to
house and we listen veryveryhard for my daddy opening
speech was very slurred andveryhesitant you know almost yeah
m605: he s very intellectualveryhigh brow in his m741:
hot f1097: they re veryveryhot aye m1098: aye f1097:
a bittie m1098: they reveryhot f1097: they re very
f965: very inclusive they reveryinclusive now f963: hair for
mm f965: it s veryveryinclusive now f963: we got
get out of our f965: veryinclusive they re very inclusive
noticing that its simplicity isveryindividual very one of a
very vibrant very noisy andveryinformative i thank tony forry
he he m605: he sveryintellectual very high brow in
a very literary writer ehveryinteresting experimental eh science fiction
it s a g- veryveryiolog- ideologically biased piece of
yeah it is it sveryit s very powerful actually
i take it it sveryit was very different you
very french in his mannerismsveryknowledgable about moscow and the
we ll clean it veryverylast have you got your
at the like the veryverylast minute m816: aye m815:
writer and m608: mm m078: verylearned and so on very
himself peacefully on the sofaverylike a walrus very much
very like their mother butverylike is not actually like
are not him others areverylike their mother but very
eh matthew fitt is averyliterary writer eh very interesting
up there there s veryverylittle to mark it other
it- aye there was veryverylittle traffic m636: oh aye
t expect it to lastverylong because it was very
that ballads are long veryverylong in addition there s
has needed for a veryverylong time politicians jobs are
80 year old she talksveryloudly and very fast seldom
powerful and penetrating very blackveryluminous the pronounced curve of
mmhm f643: ever- it wasverymañana everybody was very relaxed
clown about erm kashmir wasverymoving and it was very
very moving and it wasverymoving because f963: mm m762:
very much brian that wasverymoving eddie egan i do
that would be very veryverymu- always cauld cauld f1018:
tell me aboot that f1024: verymu- very much so well
sofa very like a walrusverymuch a walrus when joan
very much the convener thanksverymuch brian that was very
off with my- thank youverymuch f1141: thank you very
is deid thank you veryverymuch for that [audience claps] [inaudible]
baroque style that is veryverymuch like urquhart s own
at all to four meaningverymuch or very strongly m952:
all eh to four meaningverymuch or very strongly okay
that we re very weverymuch promote extra curricular activities
you very overcrowded or m845: verymuch so f606: uh huh
s very strenuous and m608: verymuch so it is f643:
aboot that f1024: very mu-verymuch so well i joined
very much f1141: thank youverymuch that s a clever
[laugh] f606: tell well thanksverymuch that s very good
right [laugh] well thank youverymuch that was very interest-
myself i thank the committeeverymuch the convener thanks very
four meaning very strongly orverymuch yeah so f950: yes
very nice right that sverynice and mum will clean
they could find but looksverynice and works very well
[laugh] very tasteful but yesverynice earrings nonetheless and i
she she s a veryverynice girl [inaudible] f606: mmhm
one f1111: it s veryverynice look at this oh
very nice phonecall from averynice man from a telecommunication
and they were a veryverynice pair these people very
very nice pair these peopleverynice people and the third
was leaving i got averynice phonecall from a very
go ah f1114: ah f1113: verynice right that s very
the meeting was very vibrantverynoisy and very informative i
monsters f1107: very good m1108: verynot f1107: i said very
or entertain or something notveryoften not used very often
not very often not usedveryoften so we re mostly
[inhale] ehm in this veryveryold fashioned tenement down at
its simplicity is very individualveryone of a kind but
ehm f606: so are youveryovercrowded or m845: very much
wouldn t be his veryveryown any more running away
very special a now hisveryown miss wood can t
one and only my veryveryown nasty little boy yes
you have been very patientverypatient and kind and perhaps
of course you have beenverypatient very patient and kind
yours are very personal veryverypersonal f66: well they re
ve read of yours areverypersonal very very personal f66:
but it was it wasveryplain very simple very cheap
syrupy bulgarian wine he wasverypleasant very french in his
erm it was very ermverypopular unit and children eh
the north of canada veryverypopular with rottweilers no they
could ah mm very residentialverypopular with the ah mm
because if i talk veryveryposh english i have to
it s very it sverypowerful actually that whole sort
girl annette strachan very brightverypretty ally barely resisted the
o mayo oan mah veryveryprivate parts bj continues looking
both my parents were veryveryproud of gaelic f606: yeah
rattle no matches very dearveryqueer i go i come
drunk on red wine veryveryquickly and who ended up
us gotten round them veryveryquickly indeed m1013: very good
f1040: oh aye aye m1042: veryrare [inaudible] f1043: very rare
m1042: very rare [inaudible] f1043: veryrare ve- if if visitors
was very mañana everybody wasveryrelaxed there was lots of
book he could ah mmveryresidential very popular with the
she was very tough ermveryresilient i mean she was
and it s a veryveryrude book it s a
it s it s veryveryrusty and it would i
company cause it s veryveryseldom because if you are
more than honest they veryveryseldom had a big blazing
most important there are someveryserious and very bad people
the report the last veryveryserious outbreak was just after
letter may be written inverysimilar format for very different
did looking he looks veryverysimple f940: you re in
was it was very plainverysimple very cheap to make
my speech my speech wasveryslurred and very hesitant you
and they have a veryverysmall bit of information about
start with he writes veryverysmall but that is tiring
life em in a veryverysmall house in the centre
fourteen children so it wasverysmall numbers in a very
it at that time veryveryso- bob short bob f963:
with voices from somewhere elseverysoft very distant the words
and my throat is veryverysore the inside of my
daddy horse i m veryverysorry he lifts me off
m762: and it s veryverysort of compartmentalised f963: mmhm
for it is his ownveryspecial a now his very
a person would need averyspecial child a very very
very special child a veryveryspecial child indeed he reflected
f639: it s very specialveryspecial f640: i think we
the mother replied firmly averyspecial name for a very
f640: [laugh] f639: it sveryspecial very special f640: i
f963: yeah m762: become veryveryspecialised especially in the modern
er it s a veryveryspiritual m078: mmhm m608: er
clock stands in the hallverystately very tall with polished
two fat ps a veryverystraight l and a cheeky
it s strenuous it sverystrenuous and m608: very much
and they had a veryverystrong accent very strong central
means precious he is veryverystrong because he plays rugby
a very very strong accentverystrong central scots accent and
teachers very clearly f963: ohverystrongly actually yeah f965: so
four meaning very much orverystrongly m952: uh huh mmhm
four meaning very much orverystrongly okay f948: weel i
all eh to four meaningverystrongly or very much yeah
m078: erm i ve veryverystruck by th- the way
be upstairs f1159: very cl-verystudenty isn t it f1160:
has erm er been veryverysuccessful and er we ve
i was i was veryverysure when i was in
in the hall very statelyverytall with polished red wood
[inaudible] [laugh] f943: [laugh] [laugh]verytasteful but yes very nice
i m i m veryverytentative with my language and
and very f960: mmhm f961: verytick waas we actually f960:
away i saw fascinated theverytiles and the very bathroom
time when i was veryverytired sitting beside this little
life and yet she wasverytough erm very resilient i
really purple i am veryveryunhappy i must see andy
mmhm m1036: found it veryveryuseful experience particularly being exposed
the the world of natureveryvery ancient in celtic of
the way right up theveryvery back cause it s
italian at the time m1163: veryvery basic you know and
out a coat of theveryvery best and the soldier
scots writing that reference thatveryvery brief reference to older
f1039: an the mills wereveryvery busy eh that s
doll i m cold veryveryvery cold pause are you
it so yes it sveryvery common eh lackin money
mm m964: yes it sveryvery dense f965: i kind
erm you know things wereveryvery different and erm anyway
it s still still isveryvery different because f606: mmhm
people are so different soveryvery different in their hopes
room erm yeah it wasveryvery different in these days
progress at all it sveryvery difficult er to s-
blootered that means you getveryvery drunk i suppose it
er i er found itveryvery eh rewarding exercise to
it makes their language learningveryvery er difficult but we
back to prestwick she wasveryvery exotic f963: mm mm
andy thinks writes his figuresveryvery fast and they come
he does his second lineveryvery fast they come out
i- it was actually theveryvery first thing i ever
ricky and graeme was averyvery funny guy i was
are words that aren tveryvery glaswegian but you find
m1036: and she had averyvery good head knowledge of
costumes on and she wasveryvery good she was a
james quigley a remarkable manveryvery good writer and m608:
eh but i would beveryvery happy to to to
the house and we listenveryvery hard for my daddy
very hot f1097: they reveryvery hot aye m1098: aye
f963: mm f965: it sveryvery inclusive now f963: we
so it s a g-veryvery iolog- ideologically biased piece
last we ll clean itveryvery last have you got
here at the like theveryvery last minute m816: aye
go up there there sveryvery little to mark it
and it- aye there wasveryvery little traffic m636: oh
and that ballads are longveryvery long in addition there
scotland has needed for averyvery long time politicians jobs
yeah that would be veryveryvery mu- always cauld cauld
hahn is deid thank youveryvery much for that [audience claps]
style baroque style that isveryvery much like urquhart s
eh she she s averyvery nice girl [inaudible] f606:
my one f1111: it sveryvery nice look at this
company and they were averyvery nice pair these people
up [inhale] ehm in thisveryvery old fashioned tenement down
it wouldn t be hisveryvery own any more running
my one and only myveryvery own nasty little boy
of yours are very personalveryvery personal f66: well they
in the north of canadaveryvery popular with rottweilers no
m762: because if i talkveryvery posh english i have
dollops o mayo oan mahveryvery private parts bj continues
time both my parents wereveryvery proud of gaelic f606:
gets drunk on red wineveryvery quickly and who ended
s us gotten round themveryvery quickly indeed m1013: very
rude and it s averyvery rude book it s
but it s it sveryvery rusty and it would
in company cause it sveryvery seldom because if you
be more than honest theyveryvery seldom had a big
in the report the lastveryvery serious outbreak was just
you did looking he looksveryvery simple f940: you re
one and they have averyvery small bit of information
to start with he writesveryvery small but that is
hard life em in averyvery small house in the
think it at that timeveryvery so- bob short bob
cough and my throat isveryvery sore the inside of
good daddy horse i mveryvery sorry he lifts me
right m762: and it sveryvery sort of compartmentalised f963:
a very special child averyvery special child indeed he
could f963: yeah m762: becomeveryvery specialised especially in the
m608: er it s averyvery spiritual m078: mmhm m608:
with two fat ps averyvery straight l and a
summertime and they had averyvery strong accent very strong
which means precious he isveryvery strong because he plays
mm m078: erm i veveryvery struck by th- the
project has erm er beenveryvery successful and er we
s i was i wasveryvery sure when i was
m i m i mveryvery tentative with my language
easter time when i wasveryvery tired sitting beside this
really really purple i amveryvery unhappy i must see
mm mmhm m1036: found itveryvery useful experience particularly being
silence doll i m coldveryvery very cold pause are
m1021: yeah that would beveryvery very mu- always cauld
was weary of that soveryvery weary of being a
rhymes and can do thatveryvery well but the scots
to say our school wasveryvery well provided they had
eh it s being usedveryvery widely in in northern
safe in fact i mveryvery wobbly i try to
yeah that s right f963: veryvery worked up and it
they face the meeting wasveryvibrant very noisy and very
parents are very committed ehmveryvocal ehm and through a
also be very brief andveryvulnerable the dance like change
school is that we reverywe very much promote extra
weary of that so veryveryweary of being a single
and can do that veryverywell but the scots ones
all very good ian doesverywell fr d pleased 3
say our school was veryverywell provided they had built
looks very nice and worksverywell they haven t wasted
the weather was very coldverywet and very windy no
very dry f1109: it sverywhat m1110: it s very
it s being used veryverywidely in in northern ireland
very cold very wet andverywindy no billets or huts
in fact i m veryverywobbly i try to kneel
that s right f963: veryveryworked up and it gets
topical yes [laugh] m762: erveryyou know and and very
very elderly when i wasveryyoung eh and i never
m not bad it wasverybrave of you thank you
o your snakie that sverygood o you thank you
thank the committee for averygood report the propellant for
good job unfortunately at averyhigh cost thank you mr
views and say thank youverymuch before we carry on
waved and said thank youverymuch by now it was
ye f1101: [note: to chemist] thank youverymuch bye f1102: fitt is
they do f1111: thank youverymuch f1112: some conditioner on
something else f1114: thank youverymuch f1113: you re welcome
another feet f1113: thank youverymuch f1114: [inaudible] rub a
okay thank you thank youverymuch f1114: you re welcome
i like sayin thank youverymuch f1141: really do you
agree [laugh] okay thank youverymuch f948: [laugh] is that
okay m865: okay thank youverymuch f951: it s no
f963: okay well thank youverymuch for for agreeing to
made to them thank youverymuch for helping me that
convener i thank robin harperverymuch for his efforts this
ces petits mots thank youverymuch for listening to these
an older person thank youverymuch for my free tv
the previous witness thank youverymuch for taking the time
treaty the convener thank youverymuch for that comprehensive overview
glasgow dear joan thank youverymuch for the money you
dear joan arthur thank youverymuch for the present we
east scotland con thank youverymuch for the presentation you
s okay f1142: thank youverymuch for this food f1141:
work the convener thank youverymuch for your time i
way the convener thank youverymuch for your written and
here yet i thank membersverymuch i have made good
treaty the convener thank youverymuch i invite members to
mmhm f606: so thank youverymuch i think that s
mmhm f606: well thank youverymuch i think that will
languages day applause thank youverymuch i will briefly summarise
your money f1121: thank youverymuch it s no a
to jim teenie thank youverymuch jim she raises her
issue the convener thank youverymuch john farquhar munro ross
on that note thank youverymuch [laugh] m954: [laugh] f606:
change our thinkin thank youverymuch let s have a
deputy presiding officer thank youverymuch mr david davidson north
think aboot it thank youverymuch my pork chops come
hear [censored: forename] say thank youverymuch [note: speaking to baby] was you goin
me thank you thank youverymuch pat it down aye
have made i thank themverymuch perhaps when the meeting
of scotland con thank youverymuch presiding officer i apologise
oh thank you thank youverymuch right now you gonna
it is f1121: thank youverymuch so is this my
[sniff] [exhale] f1113: thank youverymuch thank you f1114: there
enough f785: okay thank youverymuch thanks m055: thank you
useful the convener thank youverymuch that has clarified that
future david mcletchie thank youverymuch the first minister will
one pound fifty thank youverymuch there s your shopping
would be told thank youverymuch your services are no
and yeah your hair looksverynice f943: thank you [laugh]
thank you ronnie it sverynice he pats her on
thank the minister for herveryspecific answer there was an
so much i can tveryeasily decipher what your last
much i think that sverygood f902: i dinnae think
much it s no averygood shop you didn t
much like a basking walrusverylike it indeed she would
drafting and redrafting it sverymuch a biro thing i
have provided today has beenverymuch a brief update however
enjoyed meeting them alistair isverymuch a [censored: surname] but molly
yeah f1006: it made usverymuch a close knit family
wife virginia woolf devils wereverymuch a feature of life
do no motivation to doverymuch a fuzzy headed hangover
a spoken urdu as averymuch a m1174: no no
but it used to beverymuch a part of everyday
was in school there wasverymuch a sense that you
way that or it sverymuch a third party er
that that er scots isverymuch a- alive erm i
oh i don t knowverymuch about it [laugh] f1143:
the amsterdam treaty is thereforeverymuch about the people of
of the things i enjoyverymuch about your own writing
ayrshire economy cathy jamieson iverymuch agree that that kind
then realized that he agreedverymuch agreed what do i
lewis grassic gibbon are thereforeverymuch alive today the major
i ve known and likedverymuch all my school career
he he he erm isverymuch all over this book
m looking forward to itverymuch although the old heart
i said this has beenverymuch an update and i
really be able to doverymuch an you know the
going he enjoyed the holidayverymuch and he was talking
mary scanlon i appreciate thatverymuch and i am sorry
ve never thought about itverymuch and i didn t
carole going alone to egyptverymuch and i know she
remercies i have enjoyed myselfverymuch and i look forward
that the russians are stillverymuch annoyed with the labour
cresseid amongst others i wouldverymuch appreciate your sending these
managers past and present haveverymuch appreciated your fairness and
re no confronted wi thatverymuch are we m1016: no
the content of the codeverymuch as we did with
morning i still miss himverymuch as we had been
mm f643: i i feltverymuch at home here and
their usual sources we wereverymuch at odds i remember
the scallop industry who areverymuch at the forefront of
shepherd erm and he wasverymuch aware of my gaelic
that quickly that i wasverymuch behind the project i
oriented world of the schoolverymuch bound up with the
was 87 i miss herverymuch but as they say
s my understanding of scotsverymuch but interestingly in my
i didn t like itverymuch but she must have
the evening newspapers have lostverymuch by not having the
we were taught and itverymuch carried on throughout our
legislation of particular interest theyverymuch chime with the committee
courses so it ll beverymuch collaborative work with the
idea but [sniff] i wasverymuch conscious that i certainly
what is proposed here isverymuch consistent with the eu
got it and that notverymuch could be done about
towards particular brands that isverymuch determined by price a
will end up will beverymuch determined by the way
gardens although the standard wasverymuch down on previous years
aye f643: they were alsoverymuch ehm if you re
girl at school it wasverymuch ehm not the thing
the woods i m stillverymuch enjoying being abroad and
but i didn t knowverymuch er gaelic erm [inhale]
to the old english periodverymuch er grammatically simple and
know it s it sverymuch erm again scottish f963:
s amazin m1146: right thanksverymuch f1054: yeah enjoy your
shakespeare s time english wasverymuch f718: yeah m017: the
at all to four meaningverymuch f951: i feel i
f718: [laugh] m734: er itverymuch fits in and is
okay jim mcgonigal thanks forverymuch for er coming in
m608: okay erm well thanksverymuch for talking to me
for other alternatives meantime thanksverymuch for the newspaper clipping
the red davis and thanksverymuch for the tapes nostalgia
a letter that says thanksverymuch for working for us
in which things have gotverymuch got better including free
over 29m dimensions which wereverymuch greater before nine centuries
for the auc though iverymuch hope it comes through
prosecution after 1 may iverymuch hope that that will
be finished somehow and iverymuch hope that the means
should test that hypothesis iverymuch hope that the project
lothian libraries each month iverymuch hope that you will
welll joan once more thanksverymuch hope to hear from
and have enjoyed the experienceverymuch i am more and
with devolution we say notverymuch i give an example
should support one another andverymuch i think the message
they approach and that sverymuch i think the strategy
and 724 return i doubtverymuch if i ll be
good the part rewritten isverymuch improved then he added
that lyndsay saw himself asverymuch in a scottish tradition
pack it was [laugh] stillverymuch in evidence m1055: [exhale]
registrars of scotland we areverymuch in favour of it
such a practice i amverymuch in favour of maximising
believe that our approach wasverymuch in line with the
being over engineered they wereverymuch in line with those
to betty and she wasverymuch in love with you
war still seems to beverymuch in people s memories
spirit of the question isverymuch in the spirit of
huh m734: because he wasverymuch into the rock side
officer and tom mccabe wereverymuch involved in setting up
alang at we werena sayinverymuch jist lookin lettin things
the art school stuff wasverymuch kept for ye know
i am familiar are allverymuch labour party supporters tricia
justice has does not giveverymuch leeway for imposing a
interviewed people and has actedverymuch like a select committee
that kind of question isverymuch like being savaged by
i i mean i feelverymuch like [laugh] i feel
system which the nationalists wouldverymuch like to create will
and window boxes but wouldverymuch like to see many
nice earrings nonetheless and iverymuch liked the card m944:
begin in 2004 05 iverymuch look forward to discussing
dreamlike but we re bothverymuch looking forward to the
yes m1007: either sex yeahverymuch m1008: uh huh m1055:
tea aye m608: anyway thanksverymuch m194: thanks for it
so f606: [tut] well thanksverymuch m845: so is that
i really missed ehm shetlandverymuch missed lerwick an f746:
you don t go backverymuch mm f828: no not
soul he must no haveverymuch money he must no
that she had not spentverymuch money in any of
writing a scots that isverymuch more a regional literature
female vocals er which isverymuch more an operatic thing
i would be an orcadianverymuch number four [laugh] [laugh]
that we never really didverymuch of at the school
but shona couldn t understandverymuch of what he was
touch wi you m1146: thanksverymuch okay f1143: an especially
ll see that it sverymuch on becoming more effective
not m741: mmhm m605: workedverymuch on contemporary scots language
the subordinate legislation committee wasverymuch on its toes and
and therefore the emphasis isverymuch on language learning skills
ellis 1889 astor 1971 concentratingverymuch on vocabulary the science
from it but that isverymuch one of my responsibilities
links between the three sectorsverymuch quality teaching and learning
different scale yeah m608: wasverymuch religious mm that s
surprising that there s notverymuch scots in there moreover
by what happened to graemeverymuch so he said i
ehm but it all changedverymuch so it s far
yes m1008: yes m1007: yeahverymuch so m1008: i think
as well m642: [click] ohverymuch so m608: mmhm m642:
had you will miss himverymuch so many of our
made the meal swell upverymuch so that it went
of disability iain montgomery yesverymuch so the experience is
saying cathie craigie well itverymuch sounds like it tricia
committee attended them we wereverymuch speaking to ourselves the
we do it f963: noverymuch still yes yeah mm
1996 it impressed me thenverymuch that certain individuals could
m1161: [inaudible] there isn tverymuch that s in welsh
[inhale] but it s alsoverymuch the continental model [click]
preference shares that is notverymuch the convener it may
of the poems irony isverymuch the keynote of the
regrets your departure regrets itverymuch the officers i can
was younger mm m1007: yeahverymuch the same and ehm
own younger days m1007: yesverymuch the same ehm i
languages and it- that isverymuch the thrust of what
the scottish executive it isverymuch the view of the
their labours it was neververymuch the yarn merchant was
coal and peats this wasverymuch their diet and as
t have to move aboutverymuch they can just wheel
they didn t really haveverymuch to do with it
our approach and we wantverymuch to listen and to
member states did not doverymuch to realise it but
be assured those points areverymuch to the fore in
directs its resources and activitiesverymuch towards disadvantaged areas and
first century so it sverymuch trying to and it
and third year they reverymuch trying to erm hold
the idea she said vehementlyverymuch two weeks later she
egypt obviously it s allverymuch up in the air
of the year this isverymuch up in the air
in english so we reverymuch up to date with
the software the development wasverymuch user driven mr macintosh
things work out and iverymuch want to take it
the letter does not sayverymuch we are inviting a
behind the figures although weverymuch welcome the one year
and enterprise on transport weverymuch welcome the recommendations of
the time and it isverymuch welcomed as christine grahame
in verification that will beverymuch welcomed by the construction
you find that there sverymuch what we call in
i cannot recall they wereverymuch working meetings papers were
it is it more f978: verymuch yes yes yes yes
much mm f828: no notveryoften it s expensive i
off the tongue in averysatisfying way much more melodiously
ower much tae ask averysma request ye re welcome
starts to read but notverywell he is much better
much else m017: well noverywell yeah we we had
t much fun it wasverywindy and turbulent we were
wednesday which was really niceverycivilised did you know by
were unmoved oh it sveryclever and incredibly nice and
awful nice girl i mveryfond of her f889: aye
nice neighbours and also averygallant butcher hope chrissie is
town liberal club c dverygood nice crowd plenty of
nice run i would beveryhappy if we just said
afternoon tea in garden cafèverynice 28 monday arrange eye
thursday to port sunlight eveningverynice 7 friday jim phem
a [censored: surname] but molly isverynice and normal alastair s
jets came in everyboady isverynice at the airport an
lee here that s nohverynice bj bj mah patience
see caroline colin s cottageverynice but a bit remote
don t think they reverynice but f1126: it s
enjoyed it but it wasnaeverynice but that that that
i hope you have averynice christmas and em w-
is it f1121: it sverynice do you see any
o that noo georgie unenthusiasticallyverynice dod bit nae as
were mercifully given tea byverynice english speaking car attendant
and seventy five pounds m608: verynice f638: mmhm f640: so
a start it s notverynice f963: mmhm f965: and
b a chrissie that wisnaverynice georgie lizzie in fact
in which people could beverynice great controversy at the
my erm danish translator ermverynice guy who goes to
a nice thought pei isverynice indeed low rolling farmlands
s charges the maggie isverynice inside with its own
s right it s naeverynice is it m1108: no
re gaun tae veesit averynice lady the day she
i m sure it sverynice [laugh] cause in the
canoe f1148: [laugh] yeah notverynice [laugh] [laugh] f1149: it
mmhm m1008: look at theseverynice looking young females do
other members that was averynice lunch but it will
been to your holidays ohverynice m1014: cyprus yes lovely
m1163: er er it wasnaeverynice m608: no m1163: yeah
s milestone so it wasverynice m608: that s nice
[laugh] [laugh] that was averynice m944: up i can
f833: uh huh [laugh] f835: verynice man ehm [laugh] well
s perfectly sane and averynice man really except that
old number and got averynice man who answered i
i m told they reverynice marinaded and served on
for unattractive f1011: well noverynice mmhm f1054: that s
terrible you seem to haveverynice neighbours and also a
what i could see lookedverynice nicer than halifax and
y- appear yourself in averynice novel 44 scotland street
doon f1103: well that wasnaeverynice o them was it
pile of drinks yeah f746: verynice of you f947: i
f1107: ew that s notverynice ooh you better nae
jacket is it down isverynice or another of my
them i ve had someverynice roses i think they
tea aye that would beverynice she starts to take
white flowers which have averynice smell i don t
dear joan i was soverynice to hear your voice
inches thick round about hereverynice to look at but
instructs them say it isverynice to meet you you
the queen said it wasverynice to talk to somebody
nip mind it s noverynice to ve to rummage
f965: and there was averynice wee boy erm with
of canberra too it looksverynice well the curling starts
i ken but that isnaverynice when you re playing
[laugh] [laugh] f1113: [laugh] nowverynice where you going out
f963: mmhm f965: and averynice woman said oh were
nice for a baby f890: verynice yeah f889: oh aye
do you he s beingverynice you see f1054: what
your nice letter i mverypleased to hear about how
nice cause it seems seemsveryyoung to be leaving home
community he lives in lilianverycommendable and it s good
good sower could make averyeven job of sowing a
did you dae yours dimpsveryfuckin good answerin a question
category e g speaking discussionverygood 15 and this contributes
the lyceum with mary alecverygood a fine production by
true my colleague gave averygood account of himself and
drookit glaury road to eupverygood and a great feeling
boats you know weren tverygood and f746: mmhm f978:
christenings the intourist guides wereverygood and full of information
the student travel service isverygood and i ll try
there that like aren tverygood and i ve got
or icecream the icecream wasverygood and russians eat it
their tails behind them f1121: verygood and what one s
service singing by the boysverygood april saturday 1 bad
well done [censored: familiar form of forename] they areverygood aren t they f1126:
advice there is apparently averygood article in holyrood magazine
kelty musical kiss me kateverygood as usual excellent company
about because he wasn tverygood at conversation said ricky
huh f960: yeah smirk isverygood at da uh huh
it m1070: i m notverygood at drawin squirrels either
f1071: no she s notverygood at drawing and she
s cause daddy s notverygood at drawing is he
can do i m noverygood at drawing squirrels at
plumbers labourer which i wisnaverygood at i mind a
are aware i wasn tverygood at math m1055: [laugh]
your baby i am notverygood at saying sorry to
right and i wasn tverygood at skipping and i
at katie morag she sverygood at sorting things out
bit as good which wasnaeverygood at the best o
they were regarded as beingverygood at the skills required
f1112: [inaudible] oh it sverygood barbie you want in
by er lallans is averygood basis f718: mmhm m017:
on what is generally averygood bill which is supported
at 9 consisting of yoghourtverygood bread cold soft boiled
excellent the scottish research wasverygood but did not have
which would which literally meansverygood but ehm the other
makes green that s rightverygood but i dinna think
did i did they wereverygood but i had to
actual recovery period has beenverygood but i still never
know fuck all eddie ayeverygood but i take your
wednesday country style c dverygood but pestered by spastic
polished red wood he looksverygood but the truth is
well done f1122: [ha] f1121: verygood can you manage f1122:
tuesday 18 rbc ladies concertverygood caroline back to aberdeen
believe that they can twoverygood cases fell because there
8 thursday liverpool philharmonic concertverygood catherine i enjoy it
heid be it georgie ohverygood chrissie i ve never
[censored: forename] well done that sverygood clever is that that
you this has been averygood committee which has contributed
are any issues we haveverygood communication with teachers my
a case makes him averygood cop but it means
tuesday 9 funeral at 11amverygood crowd fine meal at
lovely one you re averygood cutter now f1112: look
birthday party ma pa hepsverygood december 8 sunday presentation
it s f1037: yes f1038: verygood department but they chose
my string picture f1121: mmverygood did the teacher say
eyes for my snowman f1121: verygood do you know what
uk pharmacy strategy is averygood document if not one
didn t think it wasverygood don t know [laugh]
voluntary activity takes place toverygood effect perhaps it is
dinna think it would beverygood eh fa tellt you
s another one f1115: oneverygood eh fitt s the
that in a minute [laugh]verygood ehm m952: yeah [laugh]
called f1122: a triangle f1121: verygood erm right what s
english [inhale] you know oneverygood example and this was
awfu good m1012: great m1010: verygood f1011: [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
free o charge an f606: verygood f1039: we ve also
the copie divi [laugh] f1054: verygood f1043: [laugh] f1054: spikkin
good m1070: is nana notverygood f1071: no she s
s this ain f1113: ohverygood f1114: that s his
done mm this one rectangleverygood f1122: a rectangle can
tiger called f1122: cubs f1121: verygood f1122: and that s
put them put them f1121: verygood f1122: back in the
it in the basin f1121: verygood f1122: erm there s
f1121: you are you reverygood f1122: hope the fudge
it up f1121: that sverygood f1122: i can t
f1121: it s the weekendverygood f1122: look look i
there f1122: leaves f1121: leafverygood f1122: purple a flower
that s sparkly and cleanverygood f1122: that s all
f1121: that s a leafverygood f1122: want to see
say plimsolls f1143: mmhm m1146: verygood f1143: i is that
uh huh f746: really f947: verygood f1160: mmhm yeah f746:
so f810: yeah that sverygood f809: that is pretty
doon but it s noverygood f961: well it does
that and i wrote averygood film script for it
putting another uh huh yeahverygood for braking with f718:
meditation m816: quite good erverygood for calming the mind
f961: weel it-it-it- hit sverygood for gettin ony vehicles
yeah for destressing you knowverygood for that m815: yeah
to me that fish isverygood for the bones however
mindset [laugh] it s notverygood [?]form[/?] but they ve
many of the soundbites soundverygood free personal care is
and then finally a averygood friend of mine said
you seem to have someverygood friends to take you
under the wing of averygood gaelic teacher there and
be allocated to a categoryverygood good satisfactory unsatisfactory poor
er and hit s averygood hall hit seems to
constituency its regeneration is inverygood hands the member makes
in adddition there were someverygood hockey results and the
bunking off we were allverygood i mean i f1026:
of a mocker f965: ahverygood i never heard that
[laugh] [laugh] m941: it wasverygood i thoroughly enjoyed myself
say so that is averygood idea and would ventilate
i think it s averygood idea [laugh] f1038: [laugh]
[audience laugh] that s a g-verygood idea m954: er well
f1054: i m gettin averygood impression of you [inaudible]
mmhm f643: but she sverygood in intuiting whether you
s egg judgment it wasverygood in parts and could
a good job mum f1117: verygood [inaudible] [inaudible] f1118: i
overdraft extension which isn tverygood [inaudible] m819: yes m818:
does it that s notverygood is it f1071: no
i f1121: yes you reverygood is that what you
london london might do averygood job but the scottish
oh it s not averygood job f810: when mike
that she will do averygood job she will certainly
the council has done averygood job unfortunately at a
[laugh] aye f010: it sverygood land actually it s
sometimes but i m notverygood [laugh] i just play
happening here we had averygood lecture at the geographical
slow and enormous though notverygood lunch was usually salad
is but nana s notverygood m1070: is nana not
why s that nae lookverygood m1092: [?]cause it's not good[/?] no [inaudible]
aa the piggies that wasverygood m1110: and [censored: forename] has
hold of it f947: ohverygood m1161: been in to
mmhm mmhm f643: it wasverygood m608: how do you
the cover design which isverygood m608: it is it
again [laugh] this is likeverygood mammy this wasn t
for scouts by fr leonardverygood man a real success
interested he gave them averygood map for which they
and it is also averygood marker of social change
yeah so f1148: that sverygood mmhm f1149: quite like
curious features unusual colouring averygood model in fact a
you obviously were not averygood mother [inaudible] f812: no
present and wishing them averygood new year apologies were
of my cough it wasverygood of you to think
f1121: that s bella sverygood oh milo s nae
aye f1122: yeah yellow f1121: verygood oh you re good
f1121: that s just rightverygood okay so fitt colour
such like you know f1054: verygood okey doke now is
bit f1121: that s rightverygood one piece yey well
thrown in for good measureverygood or what happened to
a painter she s averygood painter [censored: forename] and er
for posterity they weren tverygood pictures but we had
a few others who wereverygood players at cricket so
the convener that is averygood point i hope that
original all russian artists someverygood portraits a few modern
down f1054: that s greatverygood pregnant f1144: expecting that
the year we heard averygood presentation from an employee
they don t enjoy averygood press do they madam
and ayrshire life are ofverygood quality all in all
muir russell that is averygood question i do not
in their estimates for theverygood reason that if the
know it was established forverygood reasons i have followed
it is clear that forverygood reasons most subjects of
mmhm m1036: i had averygood relationship with people i
centre it is not inverygood repair or easy to
wobbly it s on f1121: verygood right can you tell
seven eight nine ten f1121: verygood right if i point
m just fifty twae f1054: verygood right let s start
three four five six f1121: verygood right you choose one
got all these schools erverygood schools watson s heriot
were fortunate to get twoverygood seats a man was
well it wasn t averygood shop so you ve
obviously challenging authority has averygood side to it otherwise
seven eight nine ten f1121: verygood so i think we
disciplined and when it worksverygood some teachers intuitively develop
to alex he really isverygood speaks well in three
taken we have heard someverygood speeches from members and
oh it disnae look averygood squirrel does it that
although an awful lot ofverygood strategic planning was undertaken
i need lot [inaudible] f1105: verygood take off your slippers
and he said you haveverygood teeth but you want
in the industry we enjoyverygood terms and conditions of
personally regard that s averygood test of how successful
give it back today f1121: verygood that s a good
squeak it clean f1121: ohverygood that s it you
a loveheart a oval f1121: verygood that was really clever
the two tongues it isverygood that we are trying
yes i think it isverygood the part rewritten is
cooked with various salads wasverygood the rooms in the
mhath m1007: mmhm yes m1008: verygood they re both they
the environment those are allverygood things we also support
yeah but [censored: forename] s actuallyverygood though she s got
using peter as an illustrationverygood though you re lookin
the weather hasn t beenverygood through june until now
good new conductor charles blackverygood thursday 28 rbc bingo
step daughter john g isverygood to her saturday 28
to travel they ve beenverygood to me listing various
park ann s family wasverygood to me took us
the corner they have beenverygood to us between lending
that scottish homes has averygood track record of carrying
independent sector and had averygood track record when it
a circle f1122: aye f1121: verygood two circles f1122: that
one f746: [laugh] f947: yeahverygood uh huh i think
by its membership and madeverygood use of external expertise
is maybe no just averygood use of their time
people such elections are averygood vehicle for young people
huh no f961: hae averygood view right oot ower
a reporter would be averygood way of ensuring that
of reflects that in inverygood ways yeah m762: mm
red yellow and blue f1121: verygood well done f1122: they
f1122: rinsy rinsy rinse f1121: verygood what s next f1122:
but they are still notverygood when people were asked
shoving as swedes which isverygood when the bell would
f1122: aye f1121: well doneverygood who s next to
were a bit ehm notverygood with your hands you
out m942: i have averygood work ethic m941: [censored: forename]
scots verse competitions and producingverygood work in scots throughout
local authorities already do someverygood work in this area
cause that wouldn t beverygood would it f1071: and
were two other writers thereverygood writers and they they
know when there have beenverygood writers they ve they
right well we- we reverygood ye know f1054: ehm
college f1148: mmhm that sverygood yeah f1149: so tha-
s stoatin stuff it sverygood yeah m1022: it s
right f1054: one too manyverygood yeah oh is it
long it ll last f606: verygood yeah uh huh yeah
i f1121: you re daeinverygood you re a good
that there f1122: look f1121: verygood you re doin well
minister is responsible for averygreat deal of the good
a good change carole sveryhappy with it i only
children considered europe to beveryimportant and a good thing
one [?]it is[/?] f1054: that sveryinterestin it s a good
good good satisfactory unsatisfactory poorverypoor on the basis of
good room [laugh] [laugh] f1023: veryrarely used as my husband
already established good standards inverysheltered accommodation but as hector
a good read they reverystrange [laugh] and unlikely stories
wis really good hit wisveryweel done i tink it
quite right most visitors wereverywell pleased with good country
f1109: you re daein itverywell that s good what
although those numbers often representveryacute cases brian adam i
reveal a contradictory personality oftenverydifferent from the public perception
to bring up kids underverydifficult circumstances m1022: i often
aye m999: oh aye f1001: veryoften a lane an i
through to the right sideveryoften a picture would be
open the door you haveveryoften a simply beastly style
that the voluntary sector isveryoften ahead of the agenda
t get to see themveryoften and f963: mmhm m762:
mmhm mmhm f643: so iveryoften asked people for money
eh you trust other peopleveryoften by the way they
and strange to say theyveryoften came with a clap
for walks in the morningveryoften deana oh aye but
one of the things weveryoften did was we wore
impression in his fancie thatveryoften distracted with sudden affrightments
of one s life isveryoften done in expiation of
adverts we don t goveryoften etc or if i
what my grandfather did butveryoften he was never at
in yer heid f1001: anveryoften if somebody hereaboots is
by draws ½ pennys eachveryoften it was try again
we didn t get homeveryoften just holidays one weekend
know [inhale] m1008: it sveryoften little expressions like that
developed within meaningful contexts thisveryoften means writing about events
outsider attended an interview thisveryoften precipitated a switch towards
doesn t give it outveryoften she kind of she
that that contemporary chinese ehveryoften tend to sort of
those instances where the authorveryoften the poet uses unusual
about knowing the full pictureveryoften the source is the
is some scots spoken ehveryoften the the broadest scots
school it doesn t happenveryoften well i ve something
don t remember being illveryoften which was perhaps due
aye livin in f1001: becauseveryoften you ll say to
their undertakings often present averypositive view of womanhood as
people having a scrap f965: veryquite often m964: mm f965:
smith s stories are oftenveryrevealing a turriff lassie laura
flexibility because there are oftenveryrigid ideas about how to
through the response was oftenverysarcastic the convener three members
so often reduced to averysmall part of the training
she kind of she sverysparing about how often she
do mental arithmetic teachers wereverystrict and often resorted to
love davidson often betrays averystrong puritanical streak as in
mmhm m017: er often becomeveryunpopular and they become seen
break a small bottle ofverycheap champers over the steps
core thinly slice apples cookverygently in small amount water
in a small country townverylittle is known about the
small in every way sheverynear felt sorry for him
with a small p theverynotion of decorum develops as
him he had read thatverypoem at a small literary
adopted its membership would beverysmall and could comprise those
dad s hand and beingverysmall and looking up and
choir dunf high school averysmall audience here but the
in carnegie hall but averysmall audience monday 26 a
on the rock would beverysmall cause most o them
not a large coin averysmall coin at the bottom
loading in the minch isverysmall compared to that from
[inaudible] f814: was penny theverysmall do- oh what size
is not needed at thatverysmall geographical scale the required
one clump there is averysmall green creeping plant with
fact that it s averysmall group and that was
ll see it s averysmall group those are the
the modernising government fund isverysmall in comparison with the
circle is beginning to becomeverysmall now a days it
to use them because averysmall number create problems as
report also states that averysmall number of authorities provides
we re starting with averysmall number of children it
hundred pupils as well withverysmall numbers at that time
persuade him to take averysmall packet of edinburgh rock
signing for a percentage averysmall percentage of certain programmes
day the bill is averysmall piece of proposed legislation
lot of fuss about averysmall pin the more the
that tobacco advertising provides averysmall proportion of newspaper revenues
an outdoor fuchia with averysmall red flower it has
to say when they wereverysmall so the name stuck
enormous lecture hall and averysmall student room which apparently
that we re in isverysmall the playground is minute
goes to organic farming isverysmall the total agricultural subsidy
s ginger wine and averysmall tot glass i m
is that the projects areverysmall which makes them unsuitable
but the latter is averystrong candidate from a small
in this country which isverycrucially important i think you
of the two languages areverydifferent they are equally important
techniques such as fallowing areveryimportant a panel of different
cathy jamieson teaching quality isveryimportant and i am aware
our involvement in that isveryimportant as a devolved administration
they re going to beveryimportant because we re looking
s important f810: it sveryimportant but it s ridiculously
as well it- it sveryimportant for for us as
everyone knows the agreement wasveryimportant for scottish education it
if i- if it wasveryimportant for to you use
committee will appreciate that isveryimportant ian jenkins it looks
is obvious that women wereveryimportant in shakespeare s life
gave the european union somethingveryimportant in terms of wider
contracts being awarded that isveryimportant it has become clear
aboot it well it sveryimportant it s the most
from their honeymoon so averyimportant item had to be
me you stupid woman iveryimportant man her patience finally
mmhm f643: accreditation is becomingveryimportant now m608: yeah mmhm
a minority language but averyimportant one for scotland so
experiencing the language and averyimportant one i think that
we must work at thisveryimportant partnership with respect to
speech arty farty cards forveryimportant people boxed assorted asda
the parliament has considered averyimportant piece of legislation at
a week as having averyimportant place in the development
david elliot this is averyimportant point from last summer
morrison mrs grant raises averyimportant point two weeks ago
colleague gil paterson had averyimportant question to ask i
committee on tuesday that severalveryimportant questions need to be
perspective and that has beenveryimportant that is partly because
area of search it isveryimportant that that area is
on treatment and it isveryimportant that we do not
that mr quinan it isveryimportant that we examine the
responsible citizens and it sveryimportant that we look carefully
for that intervention it isveryimportant that we should have
12 those bridges will beveryimportant the convener i have
or questioned which is obviouslyveryimportant the treaty has also
i mean that s anotherveryimportant thing so f963: right
f66: of course it sveryimportant to be expressing yourself
industrial dereliction however it isveryimportant to have regard to
religious side of it wasveryimportant to me at christmas
not at all it wasveryimportant to notify the parliament
with overall responsibility it isveryimportant to say that i
submit that it is alsoveryimportant to take account not
these are areas that areveryimportant to the development of
views the pharmacy issues areveryimportant to the older people
a prisoner this passage isveryimportant to the poem as
should be however balance isveryimportant to the police force
as taking staff off otherveryimportant work and putting them
design of these areas isveryunsatisfactory but it is important
listening time is important likeveryyoung children learning their first
to him with an outcomeverydifferent from what either might
i mean shetland dialect sverydifferent itself isn t it
necessarily a single language averydifferent language is spoken in
erm but that s averydifferent question f606: [audience laugh] yeah
that the legislature now entertainsverydifferent views for experience has
aberdeen different from glasgow f643: verym608: mmhm f643: colder ehm

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