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no cummin ah m raelvextaboot that ye see natasha
to guests ah m raelvextaboot this dirdum ah dout
bairn jek ah m raelvextaboot this maister ah aye
in an she wes raelvextat hir son for ill
nanse mither ah m raelvextat the wey things haes
bi nou roderic wes raelvextfor hir but he wes
frein an she felt raelvextfor thaim as thay aw
tae an she wes raelvextfor the lassie an hir
gomeril forby a m raelvextfor ye puddok spare me
gomeril forby ah m raelvextfor ye the puddok luikit
thaim macbeth a m raelvextnou a slauchtert thaim in
aw wutch ah m raelvextti hear that broun ogre
me pepper ah m raelvextti hear that broun ogre
me nanse ah m raelvextti hear that mither ah
s waesum a im raelvextti hear that puddok pathetically
warld ringan ah m raelvextti hear ye say that
grund pepper ah m raelvextti see ye lyke this
maister rintoul ah m raelvextye hae been keepit kickin
o russia ferapont ah mvexta canna tell ye ah
a wunner ferapont ah mvextah canna tell ye that
late he is waesum anvextthat he plowtert his wey
n alley verra a veryvexta sorry vyce n voice
uncommon utmaist utmost verra veryvextsorry virr energy vyce voice
wark richt an ye rvextfor fowk jek maister it
whein malcolm ye maunna bevextfor hir jek ye canna
behind curtain ye l bevextae day nanse to herself
ah say ye l bevexteftir nanse awa ye skunner
day an ye l bevextye turnt me doun nanse
wunner that murdo wes sairvextat this an thraetent again
that ah ve aften beenvextaboot it eftir ringan looks
maister she says she svextfor whit she did she
maister ah ken ah mvextfor ye malcolm shona ma
syne ah stertit ti bevextfor him syne ah stertit
the wrang wey ah mvextaboot that ah soudna spoken
ah canna help be invextat the wey ma faither
a queer burd ah mvextfor him in a wey
ease yeir dule ah mvexta haena a sweetie for
on aboot it ah mvexta tryit ti kill hir
at the tyme ah mvextaboot it whit mair can
mair nor aince ah mvextah didna manage ti bring
we warna kynd ah mvextanent yeir tyauvin that wul
in fact ah feel mairvextfor him nor fasht ah
ma sleep ye l bevextfor it ah can tell
again or ye l bevextfor it pompitie ah aye
een as gin it wesvextfor me ah wes nae
richt doun gin ah warvextfor shona even but a
for me no ti bevextfor the wumman whan ah
aw the same ah mvextma youth is ower an
s different awthegither ah mvextti hae ti say vershinin
ye juist said ah mvextti hear ye speak lyke
moula ay shona ah mvextti say ah did whit
hir than ah wul bevextti see it awa in
me ah uist ti bevextwhyles ah didna gie thaim
ah hear ye ah mvextye iran cumfie ye see
ah hear ye ah mvextye irna bien ye see
oor wee sister is sairvexthou lang soud she haud
whatnalyke thing an hou itvextmacbeth did he no strecht
laddie bairn awbodie said houvextthay war for hir but
thaim that is blyth isvextat the shortness o the
this but he wes thatvextfor hir he feinisht up
as he thocht she wesvextin hir mynd she gaed
no yet spent i mvexttae say an i hae
een for aw he wesvexthis sairvant suid believe in
ir ye sayin ye irvextfor yeir ill set til
the muin ir ye novextye stale the herb o
yeir sin a wur affavexttae tent at the borth
it bade he s ayevextgin he cuts a wurm
onie grudge knicht ye rvextaboot it he shakes his
oot he ll be richtvextcome oan noo eve it
hous o song he wisvextat the five dynasties yon

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