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seemly proper dignified and almostvictorianattitude towards marriage by a
clerk maxwell over his scottishvictoriancontemporaries only robert louis stevenson
and hate 12 like hisvictoriancontemporaries smith inferred that polar
and dignified was a bitvictoriani wonder how you would
dignified which has a somewhatvictorianring to it i feel
church a fine example ofvictoriangothic architecture has much to
an exhibition of landseer svictorianpaintings a large no of
oil paintings of local scenesvictorianportraits and rampant plants a
reception in the magnificent marblevictoriancity chambers english town hall
thousands more he was avictoriangentleman amateur botanist writer artist
to london clubs the enterprisingvictorianartist c c gordon cummings
is very different from latervictoriansentimentality and piousness the emotional
and a great deal elsevictorianscottish authors in particular like
is scrievit fully in thevictoriannovel tradeetion influenced by novelists
palm fringed entrance the mockvictorianlamps is lady lavinia s
replaced it has retained itsvictoriancharacter up to the present
unlike any prison with avictorianhall that i have ever
1770s matthew arnold s midvictoriancomplaint that burns could not
society still steeped in traditionalvictorianvalues led the book to
s been made by avictorianenglishman f718: yeah m017: the
a a a an almostvictorianquality f718: mmhm m017: but
at the cutting edge ofvictorianthought and critical discovery a
s father voices the genteelvictorianopinion of sex sex is
were taking aim at thevictoriansentimental cult of burns and
one would expect an oldvictorianprison to smell michael matheson
we have moved on fromvictoriantimes now but the principle
brought in the days invictoriantimes of all the wide
go back to so calledvictoriantimes we have moved on
father s sock dressed invictorianblack permanent fixture family almanac
might now be seen asvictorianschmaltz it ran to eight
de rigueur among modernists againstvictorianforefathers a revolt charged with
the great ecclesiastical divide ofvictorianscotland and fated to have
agree that it seems slightlyvictorianbut i think that it
in new houses although oldvictorianpiping has been our overarching
was like being on avictorianparty of exploration the food
paterson mary scanlon s1m 1475victoriandundee lodged on 14 december
it henrietta suggested sandra toovictoriani objected you can t
is it the sort ofvictoriansea front thing there stucco
a piss into the famousvictoriantoilets before getting back on
which would resemble a giganticvictoriangreetings card its own christmas
ankle was an outrage tovictoriansensibilities in the triumph of

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