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discussion in the language ofvictorydefeat and entrenched positions and
of the executive but avictoryfor the elderly a victory
victory for the elderly avictorythat will make a real
had sold between 400 500victorycalendars proceeds to the restoration
mr mccabe it represents avictoryfor many people who have
by the giant represents thevictoryof the individual s primal
been hailed as a partialvictoryby those who campaign against
people this afternoon is avictoryfor the elderly people of
understood the price this minorvictorywas consolidated later in the
m941: well when we didvictoryharvest f940: [laugh] [inaudible] m941:
team to a 5 1victoryagainst a u s team
the country to commemorate somevictoryby some king difficult to
welsh language meanin land ofvictoryland of defence so teribus
s planning department scored avictoryfor public protest the other
quality of life and avictorythat will accord them the
a sense of you knowvictoryover other people particularly f965:
war children were given avictorybadge arch middleton remembers receiving
for the war wings forvictoryi ll be deein my
i won some kind ovictoryyet ma neive wis stounin
is any conservative prospect ofvictorythe matter must be put
from next april is avictoryfor scottish pensioners let us
and yes we seek avictoryfor this parliament too one
is thanksgiving for a nationalvictoryye hypocrites are these your
struggle ashore to place avictoryflag on their personal mound
that it is also avictoryfor the independence and perseverance
jim sillars govan by electionvictoryhave just arrived a 33
would have been a hollowvictoryif we had a clutch
the morn bessie magnanimous invictorythat s a richt gladys
football club on its excellentvictoryin the ovd scottish junior
brave the onslaught confident ofvictorytorridon disdains drab battledress strutting

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