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a committee took a unanimousviewbut withdrew after a deal
that was not the unanimousviewof the committee i accept
pso order recognises the unanimousviewof the community that any
pso order recognises the unanimousviewof the community that any
being ignored if the unanimousviewof the majority of members
picked up an almost unanimousviewthat an assessment of the
submissions were unanimous in theviewthat it is essential for
submissions wis unanimous in theviewthat it wis essential for
can also highlight our unanimousviewthat it would have been
to the unanimous cross partyviewwe do not know where
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
outstanding motions is available tovieweach monday in paper copy
huh m762: er point ofviewagain i i seem to
from a female point ofviewand it s quite different
a woman s point ofviewand it was actually a
a a male point ofviewand that often the males
from the teachers point ofviewassessment bank materials were being
resolved and we take theviewat some future point that
from aitken s point ofviewbad scots has to be
from a linguistic point ofviewbut not for the reasons
from a female point ofviewerm pressured internally and erm
another person s point ofviewf1187: mmhm f66: and you
f209: or anything point ofviewf606: mm f209: his family
good from that point ofviewi also got m608: mmhm
from a personal point ofviewi believe that the more
from my own point ofviewi have relished the energy
an equal opportunities point ofviewif that were to happen
from a price point ofviewif the consumer is not
from a police point ofviewif this bill came into
the government s point ofviewin the council deliberations he
to clarify that point ourviewis that it would not
business community s point ofviewis the message about developing
evocative of this point ofviewit could also be argued
from a scenic point ofviewit might not be very
from a policing point ofviewit might well sit quite
from the critics point ofviewit s a big ask
from a linguistic point ofviewit s like obviously kind
better fae wir point oview[laugh] but f960: yeah [laugh]
from a linguistic point ofviewlike i had i had
from a vocabulary point ofviewlike m741: uh huh m605:
henry mcleish s point ofviewlooks to industry and business
[cough] from what point ofviewm608: er from a family
them about their point ofviewm811: yeah f814: so i
from a justice point ofviewmembers will know that jack
that such a point ofviewmight indeed prove quite fruitful
from a constituency point ofviewmy main concern is petition
forward a fourth point ofviewmy reason for not wanting
lucky from the point ofviewof i seemed to always
saussure from the point ofviewof linguistics the key distinction
effective from the point ofviewof practitioners and the courts
to make that point inviewof recent media coverage to
1995 from the point ofviewof students and researchers in
services from the point ofviewof the employee the client
scots from the point ofviewof the equal opportunities committee
comment reflects the point ofviewof the likes of bill
correctly from the point ofviewof the operational director in
that depends on one sviewof the point of the
the point above a splendidviewof the shoreline the railway
buses from the point ofviewof visually impaired people although
committee giving your point ofviewon an issue an inquiry
code and may express aviewon that at some point
business community s point ofviewparticular issues would be for
form filler s point ofviewremembering that completion is compulsory
from a stylistic point ofviewsean harris might have filled
a family family point ofviewso y- so you were
is from that point ofviewthat i appeal again to
difficult to the point ofviewthat if you didnae do
political and philosophical point ofviewthat method of financing core
sort of economic point ofviewthat s i think the-
to advance the point ofviewthat targeting under 65s should
is from that point ofviewthat we must address the
the force s point ofviewthe convener i have a
holds the opposite point ofviewthe convener i would be
them from our point ofviewthe issue at the moment
said from our point ofviewthe key to this is
the sqa s point ofviewthe problem was perceived to
favour of one point ofviewthey normally have the following
presenting a particular point ofviewto entertain by presenting material
organic market s point ofviewto have targets it may
not conveyed that point ofviewunderstandably what we got from
forward only one point ofviewunlike discussion texts which consider
the child s point ofviewwe must ensure that the
seek the other point ofviewwhoever may hold it it
vantage point from which toviewyour work and your contribution
merely by rote 59 theviewexpressed as to why this
on i concur with theviewexpressed by other members that
end and also supports theviewexpressed in the millan committee
law and also supports theviewexpressed in the millan committee
juist by rote 59 theviewexpressed wis that this wis
final decision today but theviewhas been expressed that the
by fcam ii expressed anyviewin respect of fcam and
design we can share theviewthat has been widely expressed
some evidence to support theviewthat mike russell expressed there
of the scottish parliament theviewwas widely expressed by many
had and now take theviewthat advisers should be available
heritage museum in coatbridge toviewthe facilities available there and
paper most respondents took theviewthat the decision had been
if they took a similarviewof what was going on
jack well she took theviewreasonably enough that as i
he sort of took theviewthat er that somehow er
the joint council took theviewthat exploration of the former
same time i took theviewthat if members were not
the scottish office took theviewthat it was the responsibility
notice the executive took theviewthat it would not be
or gaelic it took theviewthat most members would be
giscard d estaing took theviewthat the final document could
it quite clearly took theviewthat the other recommendations would
on i increasingly took theviewthat the unit not only
outcomes the committee took theviewthat there should be a
open although we took theviewthat there should be a
another level we took theviewthat there was a need
this parliament will share thatviewthe following members took the
be held in full publicviewand registers its concern that
understood why they held thatviewi will not use the
there is a widely heldviewin the countryside that somehow
best value policies if thatviewis still held in another
from osteoporosis the commonly heldviewis that osteoporosis is an
percentage points that reflects aviewthat is held by many
present that evening held theviewthat leslie mitchell was not
schools do you believe thatviewto be commonly held and
we were told that thatviewwas commonly held in scottish
be political a frequently heldviewwas reiterated by j s
languages policy since the overwhelmingviewis that a co ordinated
languages policy since the overwhelmingviewis that a co ordinated
a policy but the overwhelmingviewis that a co ordinated
languages policy since the overwhelmingviewis that a co ordinated
leids policy since the owerwhelminviewis that a co ordinatit
a policy but the owerwhelminviewis that a co ordinatit
policy forby sen the owerwhelminviewis that a coordinatit systematic
leids policy since the owerwhelminviewis that a coordinatit systematic
policy des mcnulty tricia shouldviewit as an opportunity rather
and security policy particularly inviewof the situation that is
delivering policy i support theviewthat the voluntary sector should
policy and legislation with aviewto identifying new proposals for
they will take the sameviewand guarantee funding for projects
snp i take the sameviewas janis if we remember
or do you take noviewat all hugh henry to
has to take the largerviewbeyond his own parish various
members should take a balancedviewbut they should not be
icc to take a differentviewchristine grahame you said unwilling
others might not take thatviewi do not think that
in scotland take that sameviewis there postcode prescribing mark
take a much more positiveviewof bilingualism schools should strive
need to take a strategicviewof funding today we are
to take account of theviewof the subordinate legislation committee
committees have to take aviewon negative or affirmative instruments
the regulator can take aviewon practices in the registered
could not take a broaderviewon some of the issues
is reasonable to take aviewon that proposal if the
might want to take aviewon that stewart stevenson on
also asked to take aviewon the issues that are
enable him to take aviewon the length of time
committee want to take aviewon the opinions that he
standards committee should take aviewon the seriousness of the
icc which will take aviewon whether a country is
public petitions not take aviewor recommend further action in
i take on board theviewthat if the exercising of
des mcnulty i take theviewthat it is constituents and
mr rumbles i take theviewthat it is quite right
will require to take theviewthat it no longer has
m762: yeah f963: take theviewthat it s all kind
committee did not take theviewthat shooting or culling raptors
mr paterson i take theviewthat the committee drives the
passed and i take theviewthat the only cliff hanger
officer may well take theviewthat there is a risk
to take a greatly simplifiedviewthe process involved parliament calling
to take forward with aviewto being established as world
to take place with aviewto increasing public access to
should be free will thatviewbe resisted or accepted by
those staff the convener ourviewhas been that we should
of that at westminster theviewis that a line should
west of scotland snp myviewis that additional time should
s people the snp sviewis that the eu should
the other languages frankly myviewis that the parliament should
terms we cannot meet myviewis that we should agree
services to scottish organisations myviewis that we should be
should not be granted theviewof the registrar alone might
what is the committee sviewon whether the petition should
am not saying that thatviewshould be adopted on my
it s a bastardised christianviewthat christian views should be
the executive has formed theviewthat directives should be implemented
endorsed the royal commission sviewthat people should continue to
lewis macdonald i support theviewthat people should have the
jackson i sympathise with theviewthat people should know what
choose i certainly support theviewthat scots language should be
a crude 20th century politicalviewthat should not be imposed
to reflect the committee sviewthat some flexibility should be
if the parliament expresses theviewthat sutherland should be implemented
certainly include the committee sviewthat the organisation should as
opportunities committee is of theviewthat the petition should be
when the committee reached theviewthat the sutherland recommendations should
review is reflected in ourviewthat there should be recognition
to meet the committee sviewthat they should be abolished
reads we are of theviewthat this should be done
am grateful for his pragmaticviewthat we should consider the
is it the committee sviewthat we should pass the
i have come to theviewthat we should proceed in
issue i concur with theviewthat we should say that
helen eadie i support theviewthat we should try to
give them justice in myviewthe situation should have been
measured uniformly although in myviewthey should be dr black
should be instituted with aviewto eradicating the difficulties that
executive capacities 33 with aviewto greater transparency should the
the consultation on exemptions authoritiesviewwas that the scheme should
accent douglas also supports thisviewwhy should scottish standard english
are not discriminatory in ourviewalthough some people have different
case and asked for yourviewdavid eaglesham in our evidence
in that respect in ourviewfrom other methods secondly it
referring to someone else sviewhowever whatever our views we
be more effective in ourviewin terms of the mischief
things including taxation revenue ourviewis that a ban is
in the present circumstances ourviewis that scotland does well
access housing will increase ourviewis that the present stock
out over time in ourviewit depends on what will
expectation of reward in ourviewit is important that that
of mutual respect in ourviewit is not appropriate for
clearly does not in ourviewjustify an authorisation for intrusive
a subject that in ourviewneeds to be dealt with
an this can sour ourviewo arveragus the franklin s
er it rather tainted ourviewof aberdeen [laugh] f718: [laugh]
can give pupils only ourviewof how they are performing
was addressed to us inviewof our consideration of the
indication of john reid sviewof our position the letter
from our perspective and inviewof the executive s distinguished
committee will provide the officialviewof the parliament our response
adults as was once theviewthat is why our strategy
and the environment committee ourviewthat it would be appropriate
our fellow citizens in myviewthe 45 million that has
importance before we crystallise ourviewthe convener indeed that is
invasion of privacy in ourviewthe expectation of privacy would
culling of raptors in ourviewthe petition went too far
on that we reiterate ourviewwe need some impact assessments
floor flats what a tremendousviewwe would get from our
and to change our initialviewwhere convincing reasons have been
to be heard only ourviewwhich cannot be bound i
that would apply but ourviewwould be required to be
committee giein yer pynt oviewanent an issue a speirin
not in the chamber herviewis that the issue is
is just an individual sviewof the issue the convener
that the committee had aviewon any issue that has
liz has given me herviewon more than one issue
that there is a mixedviewon that issue i concur
this issue the parliament sviewthat clauses 53 54 and
this issue the parliament sviewthat clauses 53 54 and
this issue the parliament sviewthat clauses 53 54 and
uk have taken a similarviewalthough a sewel motion is
the spcb has taken thatviewbut its view is not
that we have taken thatviewdoes not demean the importance
executive has taken a differentviewfrom the european committee and
taken that view but itsviewis not the parliament s
perfect decorum people liked toviewsuch scenes taken from life
not premeditated this is theviewtaken by geoffrey barrow in
the name of dialects theviewtaken here however is that
targets we have taken theviewthat as the interim area
scottish executive have taken theviewthat it would be more
we have therefore taken theviewthat the most prudent step
over the medium term aviewwill need to be taken
doig takes a slightly differentviewand concerns post mortems mr
tolkien had a totally differentviewhe was saying that you
that britain has a differentviewhowever one must allow for
manson i have a differentviewif we consider the task
do you have a differentviewlindsay manson i have a
to highlight a slightly differentviewof events from tricia marwick
the directive s provisions inviewof the different nature of
right mm mm m762: differentviewof the universe you know
the committee takes a differentviewon free personal care i
other people have a differentviewon that but i was
committee could come to aviewand you convener could nominate
does the committee have aviewas to whether the additional
sector further confirmation of thatviewcomes from a senior committee
committee to get a genuineviewfrom a scallop fisher from
european committee could give itsviewif it was so minded
the petition the committee sviewis sought on how we
the committee has a roundedviewmr hamilton that would also
standards committee takes a dimviewof members going to the
is such that in theviewof that committee it could
it is very much theviewof the committee that those
or done it is theviewof the legal questions committee
the environment committee for itsviewon the executive s position
expresses the committee s collectiveviewon the situation as we
committee is to have aviewon whether the ssi is
the equal opportunities committee sviewthat census users will need
it is the committee sviewthat it is essential that
the committee will share myviewthat the extension of choice
committee i remain of theviewthat unless a radical change
if the committee takes theviewthat we can pursue that
account of the committee sviewthrough the bill i am
appropriate parliamentary committee with aviewto establishing an external inquiry
can input the committee sviewto the dti because of
trusted teachers is important thatviewarises partly from the positive
the 40 day period oneviewfrom a practical standpoint is
a rhododendron s pink flamencoviewfrom a six pane window
squirrels tapdancing through the leavesviewfrom a skyscraper the potomac
be the then minister myviewfrom informal conversations is that
bill aitken for giving theviewfrom st andrew s square
independent assessment but originally theviewfrom the centre was that
a very long time theviewfrom the window of the
f1122: it s a goodviewfrom up here f1121: it
to schools and colleges theviewfrom young people who contributed
such as having a niceviewfrom your house and access
but gentle then disappear fromviewi raced outside it was
s own contemporaneous and restrospectiveviewof her situation and from
hills you get a panoramicviewof the city from here
up affording us a magnificentviewof the city from the
science from 1992 onwards theviewof the scce bulletin could
from the liberal democrats inviewof yesterday s statement it
we never moved from thatviewso there was never any
from the snp and theviewthat if scotland had a
arises partly from the positiveviewthat the sqa and its
be practical someone needs toviewthe operation from the form
are broadly of the sameviewwill we hear from anglers
opinion pat cairns in myviewa failure to manage and
any other name situation myviewand that of others is
for home care services myviewand the view that we
people to consider although myviewas a christian would be
eadie i certainly support yourviewconvener the convener my understanding
limited scientific uncertainty in myviewdick shelton explained that well
m017: eh eh in myviewer you cannot escape er
the great difficulty in myviewexternal surveillance is required if
yeah yeah m762: in myviewf963: mm m762: erm not
situation unravels that is myviewi am perfectly happy to
on board their points ofviewi suspect that my kids
has a er in myviewin retrospect [inaudible] a f718:
the world salmon price myviewis like that of dr
have just got started myviewis that an internal legislative
on the roads side myviewis that considerable progress has
the 40 day period myviewis that if there is
m017: well my my ownviewis that it it er
give you their perspective myviewis that legal staff and
bigger and spread further myviewis that the future of
per cent the convener myviewis that we must push
at the petition in myviewit is not appropriate but
will consider shortly in myviewit is time to place
my chariot chundered in toviewmorticia who sought to travel
he s got in myviewneither flattering nor a fit
to the bottom line myviewnow is that the minister
cause that s always myviewof art school that it
think it was that myviewof whether [censored: forename] was right
never better delivered in myviewthan by the late bill
services my view and theviewthat we put in the
its original decision in myviewthe decision to have a
where to start in myviewthe difficulty with the bill
accessible enforcement powers in myviewthe jury is still out
to me to stand andviewthe old scene of my
rigidity and prescriptiveness in myviewthe scheme is so new
new primary legislation in myviewthere is no fundamental discrepancy
occur close together in myviewthere is no particular reason
to them but in myviewthose people are not lobbyists
about that what is yourviewallan allan wilson i agree
that was a short termviewand that the situation is
12 june made clear hisviewand that view is on
envisaged would give an authoritativeviewbefore european legislation is adopted
we have a difference ofviewbut that is not inconsistent
is the need not tovieweurope as a cash provider
get viewing permit 4 tuesdayviewhouse above but it is
of english this is theviewimplied in the cox report
on what fife council sviewis and on what the
who speak them while thisviewis becoming generally accepted aitken
manner i believe that thatviewis endorsed by the vast
clear his view and thatviewis on the parliamentary record
teachers for failures the secondviewis one that carries considerable
not mean however that thatviewis reflected among the electorate
reliable winter maintenance service thatviewis supported widely in the
scientific figure but sfha sviewis that given the overall
civil forum the convention sviewis that in order for
in cages allan berry sviewis that perhaps there is
ownership programme the executive sviewis that that is sufficient
put simply the group sviewis that the money is
productive way in which toviewit is as a potential
mark turley in cosla sviewit is good that the
personnel in the executive sviewit is right to consider
be needed what is yourviewjames smith it is for
is not the parliament sviewjohn young i would distinguish
the coaling stage is inviewmore or less complete as
convener if that is theviewof all members of the
a tear is an excellentviewof colombo s sweeping bay
mistake in the essay sviewof epistemology the other is
mistake in the essay sviewof epistemology the other is
martial s college bakhtin sviewof language is that it
is between dick shelton sviewof loch moratoriums and localised
that is positive in itsviewof past or present naebody
made much of the receivedviewof scots metrology is based
what is the minister sviewof that is there a
of cages what is yourviewof that proposal is it
operational expenditure what is yourviewof the balance between those
the budget what is yourviewof the balance between those
brian adam what is theviewof the chartered institute of
obliged to gain a clearviewof the costs that is
out subsequently what is yourviewof the mechanism that will
the convener is that theviewof the rest of the
it is suggested that inviewof the similarities between this
the statute it is theviewof the uk government that
lochhead touched on that theviewof the union is changing
mrs mcintosh it is theviewof the voluntary sector further
as british that is theviewof the world of younger
reality is that people sviewof the world shapes the
into another f963: mmhm m762: viewof things so music is
executive and ask whether inviewof what is happening in
but hers is a bleakviewof womanhood and especially of
cathie craigie what is yourviewon ring fencing alan ferguson
big loophole what is yourviewon that malcolm chisholm i
is the scottish executive sviewon that peter peacock i
on it what is yourviewon that you have touched
box it is important toviewpeople s actions as positive
5 14 guidelines supported thisviewsaying that there is need
of scotland is of theviewthat authorisations must be in
proceedings it is the judgesviewthat by dint of the
by law is it yourviewthat if products in the
scottish executive there is aviewthat is not shared by
however the industry holds aviewthat it is being placed
of magazine titles expresses theviewthat it is important that
bad feeling there is aviewthat officers assume that they
and scotvec there is aviewthat scotvec s bad practice
hundred years it is hisviewthat the collectors scott and
it is the executive sviewthat the courts ruled that
christine grahame is it yourviewthat the definition of to
there seems to be aviewthat the household survey is
clear that it is herviewthat the money that is
the executive is of theviewthat the next stages in
sepa supported professor richards sviewthat there is a case
for children and education sviewthat there is no evidence
primary pupils is of theviewthat they cannot fully engage
western ferries is of theviewthat this important order demonstrates
if the icc takes theviewthat what is going on
discuss further how in theirviewthe bill is progressing brian
turn it is important toviewthem as forming a coherent
it is more productive toviewthis challenge as a resource
national languages give such aviewvery little support it is
the executive s change ofviewwe believe that it is
to hold to its originalviewfeeling isolated like the convener
they re losing their christianviewer which i think s
we ve got the theviewof er people that eh
er or other er contradictoryviewthat it was worthwhile to
of er slightly tangential erviewthat they have of reality
if that s the onlyviewyeah m762: er and so
did not support sportscotland sviewon standards there might a
registrar general might have aviewon that registrars are council
local authority will have aviewon what might be seemly
i note des mcnulty sviewthat there might be other
told me that in hisviewa woman s place was
have some sympathy with yourviewabout the fact that ombudsmen
that does not offer anyviewabout the other languages it
persuade them to change theirviewalthough i realise that they
informed that a request toviewan enhanced criminal record certificate
and the reasons for thatviewand tell them to carry
that i had no concludedviewand that it was a
that s an utterly christianviewand yet these christians are
2 however to extrapolate thatviewas johann lamont has done
next was there a fixedviewas to the technology that
person who holds to thatviewcosla and the individual local
savings does cosla share thatviewdo other financial issues cause
measures to firm up thatviewfor the benefit of crews
alex easton yes the simplisticviewhad been that there was
it appears that in herviewher civil servants are right
happened in support of thatviewi enlist the aid of
an indication of the europeanviewi suggest that that would
whether communities scotland shares thatviewian williamson communities scotland members
have some sympathy with thatviewif the minister will address
this afternoon that in yourviewit was not cost effective
will attach importance to thatviewmarilyn livingstone kirkcaldy lab i
propaganda does not represent theviewof his government and that
let the petition drop inviewof that response mr rumbles
it was decided that inviewof the apparent impossibility of
that has gone ahead inviewof the death of mr
of the parliament particularly inviewof the fact that mr
performances in scots 7 inviewof the fact that scots
consideration of the petition inviewof the fact that the
and inverness west ld inviewof the fact that the
or extend it somewhat inviewof the fact that we
however i ask that inviewof the large number of
people of scotland however inviewof the legal requirement that
that we have a clearviewof the possibilities we are
industry that the parliament inviewof the present rundown in
day on which in theviewof the scottish ministers that
i entirely agree that inviewof the short life expectancy
hunky dory we hear thatviewoften and i know that
basis of having a clearerviewon how that strategy panned
have not reached a firmviewon that and it has
the audience who has aviewon that could write to
not to say that theyviewscots negatively merely to state
he welcomed it but thatviewseems to go against all
that depends on how youviewsuccess the success of a
it was in 1841 hisviewthat a government anxious to
1 they are of theviewthat although this category may
and his lady in theirviewthat ann thomson was a
imagery tends to underline theviewthat davidson in this poem
prisons in scotland acknowledges hisviewthat for reasons of safety
macintosh i share the consensusviewthat has developed round the
scottish executive to promote theviewthat having to face the
the feeling led to theviewthat higher still was a
talking verse she offers theviewthat i m afraid you
objection to the government sviewthat in determining the line
will be aware of theviewthat in order successfully to
glasgow city council takes theviewthat it had no option
attitude to dialect and aviewthat literary scots was a
was the first minister sviewthat paying for the personal
kingdom and firmly rejects theviewthat scotland can only achieve
kingdom and firmly rejects theviewthat scotland can only achieve
be repealed and affirms itsviewthat scottish society must not
be repealed and affirms itsviewthat scottish society must not
be repealed and affirms itsviewthat scottish society must not
westminster mps and expresses theviewthat scottish westminster mp levels
be repealed and affirms itsviewthat society must not disbar
unpack the presumption or ideologicalviewthat such people would be
was with this end inviewthat the author made a
conversion buckingham palace stated itsviewthat the bill of rights
the school system deficit theviewthat the language of nonstandard
functions snh are of theviewthat the planning system plays
country has led to aviewthat the private rented sector
little evidence to sustain theviewthat the sqa blamed schools
reasons george macbride on theviewthat the sqa blamed teachers
were taking the perfectly sensibleviewthat this was not a
hear the other points ofviewthat we have not heard
i also concur with yourviewthat we need to clarify
there was an almost universalviewthat we needed to ensure
a court agreed with thatviewthe better course therefore to
would help to have thatviewthe figure that i produced
away that before reaching aviewthe government of course consulted
most member states share thatviewthe nearest analogies to a
about that in taking aviewtheir concern was to ensure
lodged amendment 87 with aviewto complementing that the introduction
reconsider budget allocations with aviewto ensuring that local authorities
the home secretary with aviewto introducing early legislation that
the parliament can express theviewto the media that they
that house would have aviewto the sea the sea
state dermot scott ireland sviewwas that qualified majority voting
housing would you share thatviewwe have also heard that
that the chamber shares thatviewwe must find a way
pleased that day for theviewwis jist breathtakin jonsar eck
the kingdom of sweden onviewalso was a cover with
mountain cleft with its distantviewof palma and the mediterranean
good restaurant with a lovelyviewof the coast i had
up in bed with aviewof the sierras beyond the
long pier with the goodviewof the town i have
to do with imparting aviewof the world based on
consistent with effectiveness taking aviewon the most effective level
i have now with aviewout the window instead of
for her probably with aviewto a brief lecture on
casing some joint with aviewto a felony i was
31 december 2002 with aviewto accepting an amendment at
or other bodies with aviewto achieving a co ordinated
republic of austria with aviewto adopting a council directive
the current contractor with aviewto agreeing an extension of
of fishing vessels with aviewto ascertaining with whom the
of fishing vessels with aviewto ascertaining with whom the
relating to rights with aviewto assessing the adequacy and
exhibit root metaphors with aviewto comparing old and modern
teach oriental languages with aviewto converting the infidel founded
with the industry with aviewto developing a strategy to
of a case with aviewto discrediting an opponent whose
the fishing industry with aviewto drawing up proposals for
on consolidation licences with aviewto enabling operators to pass
medium term tenancies with aviewto enabling them to return
current planning system with theviewto establishing a more effective
scotland in particular with aviewto establishing a sustainable base
to local authorities with aviewto establishing pilot schemes in
the rfacs methods with aviewto establishing similar good practice
writing in scots with aviewto extending its use in
s data system with aviewto finding out if information
ta the noo with aviewto future corpus inclusion christian
on the matter with aviewto getting a greater degree
high level agenda with aviewto going further in the
the local authority with aviewto having the penalty notice
scottish local authorities with aviewto improving efficiency pe451 petition
and viewing sites with aviewto increasing their number as
were not written with aviewto informing a parliamentary inquiry
will be done with aviewto introducing legislation in the
31 march 2003 with aviewto its entry into force
sheriff principal mcinnes with aviewto making summary criminal proceedings
to be examined with aviewto modifying higher still despite
s fisheries council with aviewto opposing vigorously any draconian
of nursery nurses with aviewto producing a report and
action plan proposals with aviewto promoting a more comprehensive
or other procedure with aviewto providing edinburgh and se
the council administration with aviewto providing special borrowing in
scottish salmon fisheries with aviewto recommending a strategy for
install such barriers with aviewto reducing accidents and loss
rent free accommodation with aviewto reinstating this concession in
marked hopeful places with aviewto returning to them later
scheme in scotland with aviewto rolling out the service
raising the proceedings with aviewto securing the cessation of
the independent sector with aviewto signing a concordat in
facilitating new technology with aviewto substantial cost savings for
we do so with aviewto taking the technology out
current process fails with aviewto tendering again the future
service throughout scotland with aviewto the creation of a
westminster and cardiff with aviewto the foregoing being adopted
westminster and cardiff with aviewto the foregoing being adopted
relations but with perhaps aviewtowards developing improvements do members
1979 scottish speech a historicalviewwith special reference to the
de san marco though itsviewhas changed somewhat it s
awareness and a more sensibleviewof alcohol and its dangers
to the executive for itsviewon the implementation of current
to put residents points ofviewover multi letting and its
perfectly entitled to relay itsviewto the minister and report
was it asked for itsviewwe need to be reassured
the scottish executive what itsviewwould be on members taking
regularly to provide a dynamicviewof society we must consider
for a while admiring theviewand chatting to the other
government scotland act 1982 inviewof other issues affecting the
could justify the expense inviewof their other building needs
the ec to reach aviewon whether and how other
other people s points ofviewthe final theme of sir
at the minister s blinkeredviewof the matter she does
does the executive have aviewon how gats will affect
does the minister have aviewon how the guidance will
or tae express a definitiveviewo whit maks the scots
supporter o scots change hisviewoan scots sae decisively thi
but to obtain a properviewof north east scots in
objected to it fortunately thisviewof scots seems to be
or to express a definitiveviewof what constitutes the scots
a capacity to express aview9 amendment of 1995 act
be guilty of in oneviewa serious criminal offence until
on and and points ofviewand and then i hope
on board all points ofviewand to make progress as
i welcome the change ofviewannounced by the deputy first
they would all have aviewat the end of the
the right medicine did notviewcontrol of entry as a
purpose in life and tovieweverything in the light of
of tu mu 803 852viewfrae the hichts ah sklim
i dunlop takes the sameviewin her biography of bishop
know erm and you couldviewit as part of psychoraag
less bed and a nicerviewit s nice one of
of political philosophy or partyviewmembers across the chamber recognise
will scottish ministers give theirviewmore as a matter of
these recommendations represented a consensusviewof a representative group of
review which emphasised hecht sviewof burns as a european
needing to be updated inviewof changing events and circumstances
the proper place 2 inviewof craigie s age and
to assist farming communities inviewof current difficulties s1o 3185
was to provide an authoritativeviewof current knowledge by securing
male and predominantly print basedviewof eighteenth century scottish culture
wealthy bride and the romanticviewof his younger sister who
have a much more positiveviewof how the scheme has
native cultural heritage a globalviewof human relations has to
age i adhere to theviewof joan rivers who calculated
it out of site theviewof macchu picchu here was
35 274 5 the consideredviewof modern historians appears to
dipping occasionally to afford aviewof more distant snow capped
busy shipyard to give fulviewof port glasgow s eastern
earth which commands a fabulousviewof pure white rocks embedded
it extends the 5 14viewof purposes in writing along
time before macdiarmid s negativeviewof regional dialects as the
days lordy lordy a specialviewof relativity this country she
surprisingly pragmatic and non mysticalviewof religion which proved the
property rights whatever one sviewof slavery one cannot blame
via the household survey inviewof some of the points
a dwam or two briefviewof the alps below and
further than simply stating theviewof the care development group
day we had a greatviewof the city especially the
liliputian in a bubble eyeviewof the city he had
early years towards a broaderviewof the cultural and social
eadie dunfermline east lab inviewof the current world trade
six and had a lovelyviewof the dawn as we
scholar a bird s eyeviewof the development of the
and she describes the settledviewof the editors of the
whole situation changed dramatically inviewof the ferry s desperate
which presents a more balancedviewof the historical development and
iceland and norway and inviewof the impact of the
allowed to settle down inviewof the increasing drugs bill
treadmills exercycles and a stunningviewof the lake while outside
and the surrounding areas inviewof the loss of subsidised
petitioners and has an informedviewof the matter given the
ask the scottish executive inviewof the new arrangements to
time so had an interestingviewof the orchestra as well
perhaps you get a sanitisedviewof the outcomes for example
fairly positive response but inviewof the petitioner s direct
we have just discussed inviewof the pivotal importance of
imposition of these schemes inviewof the potential adverse consequences
who has given an inimitableviewof the problems of the
be extended a very similarviewof the process of grammar
[censored: surname] of greyfriars who inviewof the prospective attendance will
which gives a rare earlyviewof the relationship of trading
november 1951 craigie outlined hisviewof the requirements for an
in the overgrowth gives aviewof the rhins of galloway
language this put forward aviewof the role of grammar
therefore the snp endorses theviewof the scottish charity law
officer mr george reid inviewof the significant airing of
asked to provide an outsideviewof the subject in the
latin on this occasion inviewof the subject of the
do you have an optimisticviewof the system s benefits
in the scottish fleet inviewof the termination of the
in the scottish fleet inviewof the termination of the
so we had a goodviewof the various costumes some
what mrs mcintosh says theviewof the voluntary sector the
quadrant glasgow g12 march anviewof things to come [note: picture inserted here in original]
adjacent areas of perthshire inviewof those efforts can she
currie i have an optimisticviewof what the benefits would
rightly picked up the positiveviewof what was happening in
often present a very positiveviewof womanhood as we have
has the institute a particularviewon how the alleviation of
presidents and their points ofviewon international politics the invasion
of the the writer sviewor interest i mean welsh
language including grammar the formerviewsees the theory of grammar
no rational basis for thisviewsince all patterns of speech
kind of has the christianviewthe christian or the one
people in cumbernauld and kilsythviewthe linking of transport enterprise
certification process whether in theirviewthe part of the design
in the longer term weviewthe use of flying registrars
variety of the sector iviewthe voluntary sector more as
medium of poetic expression thisviewwas an echo of assertions
a capacity to express aviewwhether the needs of the
about the minister s blinkeredviewand although he did not
to internal assessment hmi sviewdid not reflect the reality
decided not to express aviewon individual planning issues i
not sure whether councils wouldviewsuch activities as helping them
more weight than an individualviewwould not it be possible
concern iain smith in yourvieware national standard regulations required
it all depends on yourviewcrabs and haloes i would
stamp exhibition were also onviewrussell closed the first half
came inti focus nicely ootiviewdoon here dimps need ti
we need to reach aviewon certain key questions i
incompatible people may have aviewon whether the joint future
in principle i have aviewon whether the market meets
more informed m762: yeah f963: viewas well which i think
socks she has come toviewthe mosque she s read
has it got a newviewtoo instead o streets an
mornings and people wishing tovieware asked to telephone for
for people to have aviewon but it was obvious
tu fu 712 770 desertviewa clear back end ah
tae wauken tae a heavenlyviewa crystal river clear an
picturs naturally hogarth wisna onviewa peety his gin lane
a purely financial pint oviewf785: mmhm m055: eh ye
finally reared a summit headviewfar down to the next
it gives one a grandviewfor miles around i may
the fan this close upviewgiving him a momentary jab
a hat an a winnerfuviewi dinna ett sweeties or
ye frae anither pynt oviewit disna maitter a demn
and the clouds obscure theviewit was a lot like
me to make a directviewknown until i received views
back i got a fineviewnae o e bird bit
an tak sic a dreichviewo lyfe kis we hae
aisle seat an a granviewo the hale proceedins a
buy do you have aviewon the extent to which
local authority in taking aviewon the housing needs in
industry put forward a specificviewon those proposals derek feeley
areas ministers came to aviewon what were the priorities
f961: hae a very goodviewright oot ower de harbour
state some may want toviewscotland as a constitutional region
when formulating a scottish executiveviewthe fisheries organisations were dissatisfied
personally conducted a tour toviewthe mural in the dining
a spin an soar anviewthe wilderness next door the
apricot veined marble gave aviewthrough plate glass doors onto
on to mummy what aviewup here f1122: aye f1121:
linguistics was a science aviewwhich was very influential until
poetry proper but such aviewwould ignore the gap between
jackson i have no concludedviewon the catch all do
rather than original work theviewseems to have become popular
would be very easy toviewthis incident as autobiographical even
who was asked for theirviewwould be prepared to stand
the minister will reconsider herviewat the moment we are
interest only in their ownviewms macdonald if we want
woman in the street sviewtreating art as if it
to accept the executive sviewas regards devolved competency rather
babies and i share herviewi confess to having intimate
to idealise knichtheid saicontly theviewo soveraynetee pit forward here
to find last night sviewobscured by grey clouds breakfast
2002 outlined the executive sviewon providing legislation to secure
their home waters in hisviewsuch action had yet to
marched through the gardens toviewthe fine flowers and fruit
lived when he came toviewthe original swampy site like
media will be invited toviewthe silc operation on 17
scottish executive to transmit thisviewto her majesty s government
inn an the queen sviewanen jimmie drapped us an
no linguistic basis for thisviewas the city dialects are
on the horizon cumin intaeviewas they pass ower the
stone walls drinking in theviewbefore setting off this time
on their fives the dominantviewcoming across at all the
the window gumming the stickyviewcut roses bloom in the
wo wth beating breast iviewd the bard all trembling
places and had an excellentviewfor the final two acts
chü i 772 846 24viewfrae the hichts tu mu
on the tenth floor theviewgave out directly onto the
the ring binder strolled intoviewi shovelled the contents unceremoniously
ideal i had an excellentviewin the first act but
food couldn t match theviewno food could but it
ben wallace the executive sviewon trickle down money being
border s kulter pynt oviewtae tent the wusdom o
honolulu museum one can stillviewthe beautiful music box given
tae the cairnie och theviewthe bonnie fields the woods
be contentit tho in maviewthe man s dementit fur
m here aince mair tiviewthe spring tyme bewties o
it tae the gallery taeviewthe wirks o miro mondrian
equal opportunities i believe thisviewwas articulated in the european
accurate yet the directly oppositeviewwas being put by hmi
invercauld an i dareasay theviewwinna be near as gran
em reached the tap theviewwis breath takin three thoosan
expoondit his poleetical pynt oviewyin cuid sei thit the
watter works an wir firstviewo e fowk in e
frae archie s pynt oviewas like tae an adorable
he gangs cross eyed rearviewauld erchie s nearly reached
male author s pynt oviewfaber his researched mair nor
richt frae ma pynt oviewit s juist gei hert
dyslexic boy solomon s ownviewmainly 1st person and present
fey hotel an inmate sviewo bedlam oh stigma oh
domain spreid braidlie ti oorviewocean o green billowin ower
pass between castle street andviewplace and slag nam mèirleach
4 94 at 40 [censored: streetname]viewpresent yvonne [censored: surname] joan [censored: surname]

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