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primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
primarily for meps covering theviewsof the uk government on
didn t eh express anyviewsabout anything but he wouldn
different interest groups express differentviewsabout the nature of the
a chance to express theirviewsand concerns the first sitting
enabling them to express theirviewsand otherwise contribute to society
young people to express theirviewsand to participate in the
ye want tae express yerviewsanent a bill gaun throu
you want to express yourviewson a bill going through
an opportunity to express theirviewson those matters we could
we supposed to express ourviewsor to find out what
be able to express theirviewswith a bit more discretion
housing officers to express theirviewswith confidence on the other
local communities and their expressedviewsabout services s1w 10707 mr
three petitioners to have theirviewsexpressed and acted on in
instance i strongly support theviewsexpressed by both unison and
harmful exclusion agrees with theviewsexpressed by mps maria fyfe
the more radical and novelviewsexpressed by smith which inspired
its position is on theviewsexpressed by the deputy prime
also taking into account publicviewsexpressed during the exhibitions the
have taken cognisance of theviewsexpressed yesterday and today especially
he also refers to theviewsgoethe expressed to eckermann in
european year of languages manyviewshave been expressed and opinions
expressed homophobic racist and sexistviewsnotes with disdain his recent
future europe day events furtherviewson europe expressed by the
the conveners group has someviewson that members also expressed
detail we certainly echo theviewsthat have been expressed about
into account the range ofviewsthat have been expressed across
all committee members share theviewsthat have been expressed so
the sga to outline theviewsthat members have expressed today
concerned about some of theviewsthat we have heard expressed
which is based entirely onviewsthat were expressed at the
i take it that theviewsthat were expressed to you
it is understandable that strongviewswere expressed for and against
committee however i seek yourviewsdennis canavan the petition was
the scottish executive i seekviewsfrom members on the progress
ways in which to seekviewsfrom some of the key
european community we seek membersviewsin response to some of
appropriate but i seek theviewsof other committee members 14
that i should seek theviewsof the conveners liaison group
we agreed to seek theviewsof the executive and south
we agree to seek theviewsof the executive on the
but they must seek theviewsof the major stakeholders affected
local authorities might seek theviewsof voluntary sector organisations but
the petitions i seek membersviewson how we should deal
to seek the petitioner sviewson the actions that were
stimulate discussion and to seekviewson the future of europe
stimulate discussion and to seekviewson the future of europe
throughout scotland to seek furtherviewson the future of scottish
to seek the executive sviewson the issues that it
scottish executive to seek theirviewson the legislative status of
to seek the executive sviewson the petition no information
issues paper and seek theirviewson the three bullet points
kenneth mackinnon then because theirviewsare comparatively well known the
view known until i receivedviewsfrom stakeholders the process in
the eu and make theirviewsknown about how europe s
adequate means to make theirviewsknown and prepare and keep
tanks etc to make theirviewsknown http www europa eu
matter and to make itsviewsknown i appeared before the
equality who have made theirviewsknown in the light of
a chance to make itsviewsknown richard simpson has lodged
will want to make itsviewsknown the inclusion in the
in them and make theirviewsknown there is a loss
the public to make theirviewsknown to the scottish office
through scottish ministers making theirviewsknown to westminster if the
but we could make ourviewsknown we do not require
evidence on the uk sviewson the work of the
fully take into account theviewsand needs of the local
structures and ensure that theirviewshave been taken into account
designers properly to take theviewsof disabled people into account
must take account of theviewsof parliament they cannot just
into account all the diverseviewsof the eu s people
discussion takes account of theviewsof the scottish ballet s
her department which rubbish theviewsof local government are an
of the french government sviewson an exemption of scottish
come along and give theirviewson europe and what it
the scottish parliament with theirviewson what europe means to
being in europe in theirviewsthat all the member state
listening to young people sviews2 long term participatory structures
choices i recognise the differentviewsabout the impact on young
local youth sip challenges suchviewsalthough young people are seen
have an interest in theviewsand needs of young people
young people questions get theirviewsand say thank you very
scheduled for 14th november 2001viewsof children and young people
others to have regard toviewsof children and young people
should have regard to theviewsof children and young people
a channel for raising theviewsof children and young people
be able to feed theviewsof children and young people
would be informed by theviewsof children and young people
text setting out the variousviewsof the young people 8
young people jargon free theviewsof the young people of
amongst many of gaining theviewsof young people research for
that model to allow theviewsof young people with disabilities
young people to give theirviewson assembly policy an initial
do members have no strongviewson the paragraph john young
of establishing young people sviewsparticipatory structures are currently very
minded to bring forward ourviewsearlier than i originally thought
open to debate and suchviewshave been honestly put forward
the document puts forward theviewsof the scottish youth parliament
did anyone come forward withviewson the financial aspects of
at are some of theviewsput forward by several different
to listen carefully to otherviewsthat have been put forward
is willing to listen toviewsthat members put forward which
consultation process seeking people sviewsand engaging them more fully
in the initial consultation theirviewsmight have been influential on
changes took place despite theviewsof individuals in consultation exercises
consultation we now know theviewsof the clg and must
consultation paper snh asked forviewson alternative ways of raising
sector the recent consultation soughtviewson scoping that work further
also write down their variousviewsand comments on flip charts
the committee to present theirviewsand to hold an additional
i i think both theirviewsare correct actually i don
and in the councils theirviewsare critical i am well
want to ensure that theirviewsare heard when the committees
access and ensuring that theirviewsare taken on board and
in scotland asking for theirviewsby the end of the
think the fowk pitten theirviewses early in the letters
many people will revise theirviewshaving said that we must
various people will submit theirviewsin the course of that
of age to ask theirviewson a ban of hunting
the other schools about theirviewson closer european integration the
procedures committee to ascertain theirviewson enabling public petitions in
in order to obtain theirviewson ombudsmen that is a
are here to give theirviewson particular petitions the first
scottish local authorities regarding theirviewson the adequacy of current
local authorities to establish theirviewson the issues raised in
the opportunity to give theirviewson the matter and that
bodies to find out theirviewson the matters under discussion
highland council to hear theirviewson the need for continuing
across scotland to discuss theirviewson the scottish parliament and
people to feed in theirviewson transport issues and to
may have helped shape theirviewsspecifically it is claimed that
heard and to have theirviewstaken seriously article 12 has
to advance their own particularviewstempered that admiration with numerous
cbi to give us theirviewsthe response may not have
involved locally then feed theirviewsthrough those structures i have
european committee thus allowing theirviewsto be fed into the
groupings explaining and justifying theirviewsto others would be the
radical changes and communicate theirviewsto the new executive which
on saturday 11th july theirviewswere reported thus on the
we have not received theirviewsyet so i suggest that
to the executive seeking itsviewsin relation to the issues
parliament needs to know yourviewson these issues issues such
pairlament needs tae ken yerviewson thir issues issues sic
the wide range of membersviewsthe pharmacy issues are very
the executive s key policyviewswe must focus on issues
november to ensure that membersviewsare heard in time to
before i ask for membersviewsdoes maureen macmillan as our
the convener we will obtainviewsfrom members and try to
was able to hear theviewsof many members of the
be useful to have theviewsof members for example if
to meet quarterly thereafter theviewsof the forum members will
improvements do members have anyviewson that point helen eadie
members on a call forviewson the application procedure for
example members will have personalviewson the merits or demerits
is interested what are membersviewson the procedure and the
starting point ask for membersviewson the process and the
to put the committee sviewson the record if members
received do members have anyviewson this section colin campbell
committee members who share thoseviewsthe convener is it possible
members the fact that teachersviewswere neglected is an important
can hear the committee sviewsabout the petition s progress
day was to hear theviewsand comments of the school
those meetings to hear theviewsof local people on the
particularly keen to hear theviewsof other europeans across the
more opportunities to hear theviewsof the people of scotland
it wanted to hear theviewsof the stakeholders we are
to hear a variety ofviewsto allow considered assessment to
will have regard to theviewsand best interests of children
provided in the room theviewsand comments of the children
the children from the variousviewsgiven by the school children
to the rights interests andviewsof children in making decisions
parliament and listened to theviewsof the children in each
in there and put ourviewsacross further i remember when
instrumental in putting across theviewsof the scottish parliament on
of the world s greatviewsout across the lake to
beginning to formulate your ownviewsabout what you have heard
our inquiry we heard theviewsand concerns of an incredibly
ensure that the sga sviewsare properly heard and consulted
talked a bit about theviewsthat you heard at the
the eu to give itsviewson the debate using the
and give the scottish ministersviewson the strategy s implications
is to give any subsequentviewswhich we would be happy
reduced although there were differentviewsabout how that should be
legislature now entertains very differentviewsfor experience has fully evinced
commitment to listen to differentviewsi point to the right
we may all have differentviewson that but the executive
different and very strongly heldviewson the issue which is
to find out people sviewsbecause the ssis deal with
opportunities committee it reflected theviewsof black and ethnic people
trust to ensure that theviewsof the people of monklands
and units what are yourviewson that people have mentioned
from local authorities were theviewsof local authorities sought richard
on local authorities so itsviewson implementation are quite important
environment committee on telecommunications developmentsviewsthe inability of local authorities
have already dealt with myviewsall of which are on
the market but on theviewsand experiences of those involved
elsewhere we have our ownviewsand have insisted on acting
writing a personal response expressingviewsand opinions on the topic
he intent on defying theviewsof the conservative group the
choose to rely on theviewsof the minister fergus ewing
while to ask for theviewsof the nfus on the
is and on what theviewsof the other relevant bodies
useful platform to air theviewsof the sp on the
carefully to jim wallace sviewson an open and democratic
sergeant maybe even asking hisviewson c n d and
i need to know herviewson c n d and
s poems i laaek herviewson da wirld by da
of the vernacular horace sviewson decorum strongly influence chapter
the executive are there anyviewson enforcement individuals often tell
we would like to gatherviewson fiona hyslop s timing
weren t my own disgustingviewson girls and on raquel
favour in principle but offeredviewson how the details might
where an injustice has occurredviewson how to enforce the
epilepsy scotland what are colleaguesviewson how to proceed with
with or about why myviewson it were deemed to
trying to do share ourviewson life and love and
seem to be slightly conflictingviewson moratoriums robin harper referred
s name sarah boyack sviewson our efforts to engage
be when she considers herviewson personal care will she
mood boethius has very strongviewson pre destination which must
he was giving me hisviewson school which were thoroughly
prime minister s recently publicisedviewson scottish beef in relation
enjoy smoking tobacco about itsviewson smoking i know what
in scotland what are yourviewson that area of the
bp and shell had clearviewson that imagination enthusiasm skills
problem erm what are yourviewson that m017: well my
what are the minister sviewson that secondly will the
always we will listen toviewson that the convener i
train someone what are yourviewson that tony gallagher i
the committee on call forviewson the application procedure for
for scottish tourism formulate itsviewson the basis of the
the opportunity to outline ourviewson the bill and to
plans it has to submitviewson the biosafety protocol to
of aiming for excellence forviewson the case for allowing
needed i disagree with hisviewson the euro it is
would be appropriate for itsviewson the extent of application
sea lice what are yourviewson the issue should sea
alliance to ask for itsviewson the matter if the
i appreciate tricia marwick sviewson the matter that said
right wh- what are yourviewson the new scottish parliament
to the petitioner with ourviewson the petition the suggested
with a particular request forviewson the possibility and merits
the eis has submitted firmviewson the proposal but i
no inhibitions about expressing hisviewson the proposal he hurried
bins if you have anyviewson the proposed plan please
described as changing and unusualviewson the question of a
listen to alan stewart sviewson the question of sporting
in june 2000 asking forviewson the scottish executive s
however i have no strongviewson the subject professor richards
and want to know yourviewson the subjects they discuss
has been circulated inviting ourviewson the venerable dish alas
in which we outline ourviewson the white paper you
us to ask for yourviewson them i appreciate that
that freud recognised smith sviewson totemism as more fundamental
the committee to share itsviewson why that was necessary
concordat on international relations bviewsthe involvement of the scottish
steer on the committee sviewsthere have also been on
to and acts on ourviewstherefore although the process must
have taken on board thoseviewswherever possible in some cases
him in writing with ourviewsin response to sylvia jackson
today especially the sincerely heldviewsof our colleagues in the
the opportunity to input ourviewsto the scottish executive but
s view however whatever ourviewswe do not think that
made public mr mcaveety ourviewswill be clear i intend
we must ask for theviewsof cosla the association of
probably endorse david eaglesham sviewswe must consider the problem
be aware of as manyviewsas possible i wish first
so many concets opra prahvateviewsbk launches scotland s netional
that the executive has firmviewshowever many of the representations
and it still influences theviewsof many adults who pronounce
post notes with concern theviewsof many students of glasgow
opinion polls that take theviewsof scots are significant many
and represent the committee sviewsto the many groups that
designation in advance of anyviewsand recommendations from this committee
number of the committee sviewsand recommendations however late they
to address the committee myviewsare almost irrelevant brian clark
full and frank exchange ofviewsbetween the committee and the
up to date picture ofviewsin scotland the european committee
the parliament what are theviewsof the committee christine grahame
i made the committee sviewsquite clear to everyone at
sport committee to get itsviewsrhoda grant i suggest that
paper 3 committee reports minorityviewsthe committee will consider a
european committee will report itsviewsto the nominated lead committee
coast with its incredible chthonicviewsa jumble of grotesque rocks
civil society can feed itsviewsinto the draft whether the
points we had some lovelyviewsof the city its terracotta
strategy and it might sendviewsback to the local authority
officers can have very positiveviewsabout the private rented sector
and teachers we have takenviewsfrom all the key stakeholders
team and through written submissionsviewshave been requested by 31st
homelessness monitoring group cosla sviewshave therefore been reflected from
you see today with splendidviewsin all directions i have
not have regard to theviewsof a person mentioned in
have listened carefully to theviewsof organisations such as abbeyfield
and are not acknowledging theviewsof the groups that have
i welcome the exchange ofviewsthat we have had today
times they have very negativeviewsthey sometimes see the sector
non catholics have deeply heldviewswhich need to be treated
gave careful consideration to thoseviewsand the bill that was
and had even voiced thoseviewsdiscreetly within scholarly journals but
matters affecting them and thoseviewsshould be given due weight
unless any member has otherviewsis that agreed sorry i
us to feed in anyviewsor comments i understand that
it will respond to anyviewsreceived s1w 8772 kay ullrich
orders are there any otherviewsthe matter is complicated donald
is here listening to theviewsof the scottish parliament that
are also informed by theviewsof this parliament i read
report the scottish parliament sviewsto both her majesty s
in longriggend that the parliamentviewswith concern the implication of
the world he has strongviewsabout what is happening in
the evidence today i formedviewsabout where we might want
than information about the respectiveviewsof the devolved administrations chris
an wants tae ken yerviewsanent the subjects they are
scottish ministers request for partiesviewsare currently under consideration phil
should it feel that additionalviewsare necessary the convener petitions
m017: well my [exhale] myviewsare th- that that it
and critical schools the firstviewsi will look at are
this because these are theviewsof that group but the
councils we are representing theviewsof the convention of scottish
of language had abandoned suchviewsa long time before macdiarmid
of ensuring that we gatherviewsat first hand from the
distinctive way in which itviewsexperience however and because of
it difficult to separate hisviewsfrom mine fiona of course
society cws in surveying theviewsof consumers regarding food quality
reward as ever is incredibleviewsof craggy mountains and occasional
advice and information representing theviewsof customers making proposals for
opening to tease us withviewsof distant mountain ranges ahead
ideology the thinking behind traditionalviewsof grammar in schools has
of the function b theviewsof i the patient s
wildlife in scotland and theviewsof interested organisations in the
groups this section summarises theviewsof key interest groups in
designating national parks and theviewsof key interests in the
which seems to mirror recentviewsof language development it also
the minister will note theviewsof my colleagues at westminster
dissent at all from theviewsof my fellow witnesses higher
in libraries to attract theviewsof private individuals and we
having rather than the personalviewsof professionals no matter how
in the face of theviewsof senior legal advisers the
fullest possible consideration to theviewsof small businesses prior to
indicate changes in the worldviewsof speakers thus in oe
to the opinion that theviewsof teachers could be neglected
being assessed and of theviewsof the carer provided that
the child and ii theviewsof the carer provided that
creative writing approaches and leavisiteviewsof the central importance of
the mountainside with ever closerviewsof the city we joined
in doing so supports theviewsof the fishing industry fishing
peculiar rocky encampment and widerviewsof the grove with the
city to ever more impressiveviewsof the high andean peaks
lot of weight to theviewsof the main census users
fit i would welcome theviewsof the minister and other
the west highland way enjoyingviewsof the mountains and neolithic
was appointed to represent theviewsof the off trade licensed
do so of i theviewsof the parent or guardian
do so both of theviewsof the person whose needs
provided the group with theviewsof the scottish executive s1w
that they consider seeking theviewsof the scottish executive the
a legislative route and theviewsof the swedish organic sector
1994 the stf co ordinatesviewsof the trade interests in
long we had more stunningviewsof the urubamba river meandering
edge of town which promisedviewsover the town and lake
the narrator feels when heviewsthe death of helpless creatures
of an officer s ownviewsthe governor gives me a
curtains of mallorcan cotton andviewsto gardens beyond engraved or
islands and some of theviewswere rather similar as were
the rest of the academyviewswhat you re doin m741:
please contact us with yourviewsnew re cycling initiative for
at the port but stunningviewsvegetation and other worldly rock
in place to communicate theseviewsin detail to the executive
the executive setting out theviewsin the petitions option b
increased resourcing if the executiveviewsthe voluntary sector as a
want to override fire mastersviewsthey would not challenge whether
society which included seeking writtenviewsfrom major non governmental organisations
position which could address bothviewsis for us to write
up with nasty right wingviewsand let s face it
consciousness has been filled withviewsand senses similar to his
always agree with unison sviewsbut in this instance i
agree and disagree with differingviewsheld by others in society
a watch tower with goodviewsover the city there we
were indeed rewarded with spectacularviewsover the town and lake
totally with dr black sviewsprofessor richards i think that
that the cbi collected someviewsbut that should not detract
bastardised christian view that christianviewsshould be love everyone er
were so pleased wi theviewsfae the kirk an the
new in academic circles suchviewswere already entertained widely by
hair and ethnic clothes herviewswere interesting intelligent obviously sincere
to tell me what myviewswere seven years ago and
is a need to exchangeviewsand information the initial stage
to reflect susan deacon sviewsand the broad concern that
implications and without having collectedviewsfrom the various participants in
stoppin tae admire the bonnyviewshae a cup o tay
assessment having considered all theviewsi believe that we need
acknowledge but adapt smith sviewsinclude e durkheim the elementary
the public to influence councillorsviewsit would be useful to
fortress where we had marvellousviewsover the city there there
lyon i was reflecting theviewsthat the member mentioned john
a quandary aboot how heviewsthe world aroon him a
is that the development departmentviewstrunk roads as motorways in
the main attractions is theviewsyou get out over one
smith referred to my previousviewsi am happy to refer
who quite genuinely holds particularviewsand has pursued a particular
we created a website seekingviewsby e mail we placed
a d time d firstviewsi m goin t look
even challenge one s parentsviewsand beliefs davidson s sensuality
speak at this meeting hisviewswill be given through tommy
tea an tigers hauds orientalviewsfar richt o wye tae

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