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pursued vigorously margaret nicol howvigorouslycan you pursue a question
those issues were being pursuedvigorouslymargaret nicol how vigorously can
we would have pursued itvigorouslythere is no doubt about
committee on monday is howvigorouslythose concerns were being pursued
with a view to opposingvigorouslyany draconian cuts in fishing
to think however we arevigorouslyopposing these moves we petitioned
building societies and money lendersvigorouslyencouraging people to borrow more
the higher still developments wevigorouslyreinforced those points but it
past fortnight and has beenvigorouslydefended by government lawyers in
galluses braces yont beyond starkvigorouslygraith possessions wealth kizzens cousins
steady stream continuing to beatvigorouslyadd remaining lemon juice to
his own life history wherevigorouslyrepressed feelings of hostility towards
exchange should be publicised morevigorouslyand requests the scottish parliamentary
her knee and kisses himvigorouslythare a bonnie lad ye
dae afore than she worksvigorouslyat her spinning wheel curtain
government to resist these proposalsvigorouslyas being against the interests
scots would once have beenvigorouslyexcluded upper deeside teachers expose
spins for a few secondsvigorouslyenter malcolm an shona moula
like a restive mare andvigorouslybrushed back her long mane
wine vinegar olive oil stirvigorouslyto blend you can make

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