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of the temporary line arevisibleback at the embankment follow
the low embankment is fairlyvisiblesome little distance along the
concrete or at least avisiblefield such as texture or
a pall of whins andvisibleonly if a passageway can
habitable its foundations are stillvisibleas foundations for the chalets
the concrete though not sovisibleas it was even ten
stream is easily fordable justvisiblehere the line next crossed
a mile away and easilyvisibleis an appealing puzzle the
but somewhat untrustworthy it isvisiblefrom the road above keep
the parcel the tracts arevisibleat the end that s
through cheese cloth insecurity madevisibleas a rubber hose through
ll find me ur youvisiblesteve steve aye faint as
substantial increase in police officersvisiblein our communities and recognises
ridden areas a constant andvisiblepolice presence our police officers
wreck north of the jettyvisibleat low tide is not
in a courtyard garden wasvisiblefrom the kitchen where alice
on the kitchen table arevisiblemy evening altar in the
to do something constructive andvisibleto meet that challenge kay
you and all your veryvisiblebone structure is elegant so
roll off the island isvisiblestill far down the river
traces of it are stillvisibleon the level ground beside
lack of synchrony is morevisiblein the centuries preceding the
various ships broken up immediatelyvisibleare the ruins of the
stone circles more or lessvisiblefrom that one on mains
away in a glass kistvisiblebut never fully kent niven
infinitely small ball of barelyvisiblepocket fluff i ve got
in sun because hilltop becausevisiblebecause men the poem questions
where two tiny lumps arevisibleamongst the loo paper bye
lip these were the onlyvisibleparts of her anatomy she
temperature doesn t make muchvisibledifference but there s more
cannae be frog greens tovisiblestew jist caw me kermit

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