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sanya over a bottle ofvodkaand pickles sanya arraigns me
a bewildering assortment of maltsvodkarum a bacchanalian paradise the
a birthday party and champagnevodkagin cognac and even amaretto
t make contact with thevodkawhisky or champagne that lay
s the half bottles ofvodkaand i was like er
pint 2 90 bottles 3vodkadash 2 90 cocktails from
re buying six bottles ofvodkathey might say f963: [laugh]
in a bottle of lemonvodkaa plate of meatballs and
to share a last lemonvodkawith james [censored: surname] who is
we bought a bottle ofvodkaand drank it in someone
out of a bo- avodkabottle f963: cause you had
of multinational drink whisky martinivodkaa well oiled vietnamese chap
huv been in mommy svodkasoaked womb might huv been
cold and bananas flamb├ęd invodkavery pleasant we were supposed
people many smelling strongly ofvodkaothers just of people after
immediately got totally slaughtered onvodkaheavy bloody marys in the
cheap but very sweet andvodkaincluding an extra strong kind
the way to give thisvodkato another woman m1048: uh
a couple of dolls andvodkabecause of irritation with the
them were already steaming onvodkaand oranges in the airport
hae a drap this derkvodkaslainte to olga ah feel
my old dear s invodkatherapy when i stick my
fruit juice laced with somevodkaone of our group had
and expensive i had onevodkatwo orange juices and blinny
for wine and a firstvodkaand then went down to
scoot back inside for avodkaand lime he was just
clishmaclaivers an boozin doun thevodkaan gamblin an litigation the

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