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beyond literary darwinsm women svoicesand critical discourse in the
beyond literary darwinsm women svoicesand critical discourse in the
beyond literary darwinsm women svoicesand critical discourse in the
beyond literary darwinsm women svoicesand critical discourse in the
ordinary name a railway manyvoicesbravo bravo rowland but this
material prosperity of our communityvoicesbravo bravo rowland mr beaumont
override the ties of bloodvoiceshear hear bravo beaumont allow
foundation stone of our communityvoiceshear hear bravo rowland but
dawn of a new eravoiceshear hear bravo rowland signs
45 7 tom leonard intimatevoicesselected work 1965 1983 devonshire
xv xxiii leonard tom intimatevoicesselected work 1965 1983 devonshire
45 8 tom leonard intimatevoicesselected work 1965 1983 devonshire
xv xxiii leonard tom intimatevoicesselected work 1965 1983 devonshire
mowdiewort sanderson what joukery pokeryvoiceshurray hurray hurray beaumont quiet
interested citizen may buy sharesvoiceshurray long live mr beaumont
following tom leonard s intimatevoicesin breaking down thi langwij
davidow writes there are twovoicesinside me answering answering to
davidow writes there are twovoicesinside me answering answering to
rights come to this townvoicesaye hear hear rowland this
work of narrow sectional interestsvoiceshear hear rowland it has
presence of one such agentvoiceswheesht wheesht rowland i welcome
a a critical panoply ofvoicesthat you need and beyond
there s a panoply ofvoicesthere s a a critical
where other voices were heardvoicesfrom the kids out- outwith
we hear all these quaveryvoicesold voices sing- givin it
all these quavery voices oldvoicessing- givin it precious jewels
went to secondary where othervoiceswere heard voices from the
were were interrupted by heartyvoicesfrom beyond the corner of
beyond his own parish variousvoiceswhat no no aye aye
the ring is repeated andvoicesand laughter are heard irena
gates through creative theory differentvoicesare allowed to be heard
believe that young people svoicesare being heard in a
is so important that ourvoicesare heard and that we
think about ensuring that theirvoicesare heard james o rourke
decide whit ti dae thanvoicesare heard saying guidby god
they are insisting that theirvoicesbe heard in a europe
nae langer exercised and differentvoicescin begin t be heard
but ye heard thae lowvoicescomin at ye and ye
people to feel that theirvoiceshave been heard and that
it s just that theirvoiceshaven t always been heard
about europe and have theirvoicesheard eurodesk and young scot
the convention can have ourvoicesheard inside it that is
young people can get theirvoicesheard most young people just
certainly there re mair scotsvoicesheard on on the wireless
of victims of crime theirvoicesmust be heard by policy
actively to ensure that thevoicesof our people are heard
communities and ensures that thevoicesof young people are heard
till ah d heard enoughvoicestill ken at id wiz
the widest possible range ofvoicesto be heard as the
the mechanisms that allow theirvoicesto be heard one of
involved and ensure that theirvoiceswill be heard by such
weekend good to hear yourvoicesagain i received a postcard
be hear is are negativevoicesand i think it s
effective people standing here tonightvoicesaye aye hear hear beaumont
that we will hear sirenvoicesclaiming that public expenditure has
you didn t hear anyvoicesexcept those within your own
really good to hear yourvoiceslast sunday good to hear
t er write in thevoicesof men women f1187: would
vocal tradition makes available thevoicesof the women of the
mr adam ingram s1m 1900voicesof women campaign lodged on
the faces but more thevoicesgettin inside my head f606:
the best of my abilityvoicesaye aye beaumont but first
been made by me alonevoiceswhat s he saying beaumont
he he has these threevoicesa very standard english voice
writing in that voice thosevoicesf963: mm mmhm m762: erm
proper english and public schoolvoicespublic school talking a voice
voice than to translate othervoicesthis concept of the individual
in the context of differentvoicesf963: mmhm m762: you know
m762: so all these differentvoicespour into my head you
m762: and and and thevoiceswould change again in some
ve met and obviously thevoicesthat are in my head
drawing on all these differentvoicesthat i have talked about
they couldn t disguise theirvoicesbit e tag didna come
come in what exactly theirvoicesdimmed ahind a closed door
at the top of theirvoicesgoing ah no i want
at the tops of theirvoicesit s not good for
did not even raise theirvoiceslet alone come to blows
girls played their interschool finalvoicesrose through the heat and
at the taps o theirvoicesshe might sing a verse
across streets at crossroads thevoicestended to mute their songs
voiced nation scotland has manyvoicesand many languages are spoken
many classrooms open to thevoicesand rhythms of local and
many new folk with newvoiceshad come to take over
devised 36 90 so manyvoiceshave expressed concern in relation
s some people with beautifulvoicesf978: the western isles nice
need to listen to thevoicesof older people however it
relating to disability but thevoicesof people with disabilities have
public and to make thevoicesof victims louder than those
curtains the babble of newvoicesand the day begins anew
the number of new poeticvoicesappearing in the 1990s and
on the muddy road novoicesfiltering through from the neighbouring
working class family through thevoicesof birth mother adoptive mother
cheyne found that scottish englishvoiceswere rated higher for wealth
world eh in fact scotsvoicesare appreciate the [inaudible] we
wilson she acknowledges that femalevoicesare the ones she hears
indeed and made in harshvoicesbut others are supposed to
there are words spoken withvoicesfrom somewhere else very soft
up from england the thevoicesin in glasgow are very
are designed to strengthen thevoicesof regional parliaments across the
nou orm goes out thevoicesof thorfinn and orm are
ve got access to thosevoicesi think you know f963:
out and then the heartyvoicesagain with perhaps a hint
after being half aware ofvoicesand lights and being lifted
and incongruously height whereas scotsvoiceswere rated higher for entertainment
complete tit yelled another thevoiceswere hurtling into graham s
on t spik mair abootvoicesin a peerie start but
i don t want actorsvoicesnot so much the faces
is goin t be abootvoicesso hit aunlee seems sensibl
at all height levels projectvoicesbuild up sense of panic
d to do all thevoicesmale and female the tv
she has a range ofvoicesand accents which she enjoys
thegither 27 90 sae monyvoiceshas expressed concern anent ongaun
eesed tae aa the irishvoicesaroon me they war bonnie
and then the sort ofvoicesaround me you know when
drive is towards storytelling recordingvoicesexploring ambivalences what attracts me
tumbling to the sea thevoicesof children played long into
in my room in lowvoicesconscious that my room just
i was writing in femalevoicesuntil recently it s just
from off the murmer ofvoicesthe door closing beth hides
m954: and interfering with thevoicesthat i ve got there
an noo an aan quairtvoiceswis e meesic o e
the tracks see you saturdayvoicessang down the phone but
with sea sound hedged withvoicesi wander further along the
the air filled with thevoicesof children and the barking
kind of gestalt series ofvoiceser that in order to
of a pinter play familyvoicesfor a future session on
one of her gruff malevoicesna na ye canna haud
king christian mammon s fathervoicesthe genteel victorian opinion of
learnt to be canny aboutvoicesthough a man could have
it was the bbc bbcvoicesyou know cause it was
and guests spoke in loweredvoicesas if participating in a
capacity to create characters andvoicesto construct a dramatic scene
ti see it an oorvoiceswul be forgotten an oot
at it now a dozenvoicessubs on the bench leaping
heroine a music hall singervoicesan opinion that could perhaps
fae da hoose bairn svoicesshö jumpit up on da
ma haun wi thair plummyvoicesan safty boadies which huvnae
f978: the western isles nicevoicesmm f746: mmhm yeah i

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