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and voted kilroy [laugh] yesvotekilroy for more chat shows
but it was just likevotekilroy he s the only
[laugh] you know it svotekilroy you know for dictatorship
i will exercise my castingvoteagainst the amendment in both
have to use the castingvotei will do so to
as possible through the castingvoteof the convener that we
option of using the castingvoteto support the status quo
when the convener s castingvotewill come into play i
was no need for avoteof thanks after the dinner
delighted to be giving thevoteof thanks as she and
the zcf code for crawfordvoteof thanks before the vote
as cover for resistance meetingsvoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] gave
with no lessening of standardsvoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] in
holiday memories [censored: forename] [censored: surname] millportvoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] proposed
of thanks in giving thevoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] said
of thanks in giving thevoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] thanked
by miss [censored: surname] s commentaryvoteof thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] was
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] in giving thevoteof thanks complimented dr [censored: surname]
the honour of giving thevoteof thanks fell to the
sheets [censored: forename] [censored: surname] gave thevoteof thanks he congratulated largs
father of the spy correspondencevoteof thanks in giving the
others these were well representedvoteof thanks in giving the
is unable to give thevoteof thanks it was agreed
mr [censored: surname] and attached herewithvoteof thanks mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
cachets from regular visiting shipsvoteof thanks mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
available in the united kingdomvoteof thanks mr [censored: surname] had
1872 1947 the shipping magnatevoteof thanks mrs [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
great enthusiasm by mr [censored: surname]voteof thanks mrs [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
parliament [censored: forename] [censored: surname] latvian bookletsvoteof thanks since he hadn
thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname] proposed thevoteof thanks the diversity of
upon himself to give thevoteof thanks the diversity of
who gave a most deservingvoteof thanks the members endorsed
vote of thanks before thevoteof thanks the president announced
[censored: surname] early russian postal stationeryvoteof thanks the president took
introducing the proportional single transferablevotefor local government elections in
the possibility of extending thevotein community council elections to
polling cards when going tovotein local elections s1w 6052
for children and young peoplevotein the elections how can
for bairns an young fowkvotein the elections staund for
hae yer say ye canvotein the scottish pairlament elections
have your say you canvotein the scottish parliament elections
with the proportional single transferablevotesystem for council elections boost
the election fowk in scotlandvotefor candidates an the candidates
the election people in scotlandvotefor candidates and the candidates
if he loses tonight svotedemocratically he will unequivocally announce
minister whether if tonight svotegoes against the labour executive
if he loses tonight svotehe will announce another review
will come if the rightvoteis cast tonight i want
liberal democrats over tonight svotethe first minister john young
there is an open recordedvoteon every occasion including the
we have an open recordedvoterather than a secret ballot
can have an open recordedvoterather than a secret ballot
alliance might allow me tovotefor the president for whom
now has the right tovotein the president of the
throu bills in detail anvoteon amendments tae bills ye
at bills in detail andvoteon amendments to bills you
in edinburgh tae debate anvoteon bills an issues o
in edinburgh to debate andvoteon bills and issues of
of all women gaining thevoteacknowledges and applauds the women
the right of women tovoteand believes that the best
s1m 3846 the right tovotefor women 75th anniversary lodged
johann lamont the right tovotefor women 75th anniversary that
did not give women thevotewhere does tradition stop and
liberal scotland make everyone svotecount with the proportional single
based on the single transferablevotesystem lodged 21 november 2001
members should feel free tovoteagainst the endowment the endowment
that it is a freevotefor the other parties these
issues this is a freevotefor the snp i hope
free and democratic assembly everyvoteis in a sense a
will be allowed a freevoteon the watson bill this
in a sense a freevotepeople like iain smith might
who support amendment 38 shouldvoteagainst amendment 4 if they
in multilateral development banks tovoteagainst providing funding for the
group that we shall notvoteagainst the budget that should
whatsoever for any member tovoteagainst the motion in the
party whip in which thevotehas gone against the predictions
aye jist the yince thevotewis against switchin on fir
fairness a chance they couldvotefor a motion that is
have spoken today i cannotvotefor any motion that would
many members seek they shouldvotefor the original motion because
swinney i expect a unanimousvotein favour of the motion
for a full debate andvoteon a motion that the
nations security council and avoteon a substantive motion in
there will not be avoteon this motion let us
motion on which we willvotetoday and they do not
idea that we have tovotealong party lines i hope
it certainly my party willvotefor it i commend the
the electorate the right tovotefor the party or individual
and in addition undertake tovotefor the political party of
parliament who were able tovotein the house of commons
parliament who were able tovotein the house of commons
parliament who were able tovotein the house of commons
16 will be able tovotesupported by mr kenneth gibson
open democracy but our firstvoteis to be a secret
who support amendment 4 shouldvotefor it members who support
members will break ranks andvotefor my amendment angus mackay
phil is not going tovotefor my amendment anyway members
told about it he mustvotefor the amendment this is
her previous amendment to avotein committee because she agreed
press the amendment to avotethe deputy presiding officer the
i anticipate will be avotethe question is that amendment
remaining in which members canvote14 43 dr ewing the
that members of the committeevotedifferent ways when the bill
conservative members speeches not tovotefor it that is a
remind members that they shouldvotefor one person only 16
within 15 minutes of thevotemembers may nominate from 3
heresy donald gorrie if membersvotethe wrong way there might
the council prior to thevoteon this issue further notes
to obtain in a majorityvotesituation in the european council
the council for a unanimousvotethe new approach has been
could even be bothered tovoteon an issue which crudely
debate this important issue andvoteon it we welcome the
the congregation was asked tovoteon the issue of having
of lords and entitled tovotein the house schedule 2
the opportunity to debate andvoteon any new quota cuts
received i am willing tovotein support of the bill
benchers prove me wrong andvoteto give justice and fairness
the commissioner the parliament mustvoteby a majority of two
the scottish parliament intended tovotefor if the liberal democrats
minutes there has been novotein the parliament on a
which the european parliament willvoteon next month refer to
two people the youth parliamentvoteon whether to accept the
knows that the parliament mayvotesomething down so it behaves
parliament and directs that anyvoteto be taken shall be
when the result of thevoteis announced john young west
the committee should have onevoteand that the committee shall
voting booths where they shouldvoteby marking an x on
should there be a yesvotein the glasgow housing stock
there might be a furthervoteon holyrood soon of course
chamber he will accept thatvoteand try to implement the
i will use my deliberativevoteas i deem appropriate if
subject to a qualified majorityvoteas will visa policy residence
will often lead to avotedebates are usually held in
will aften lead til avotedebates is hauden for ordinar
will be old enough tovotei think its all part
time to time we willvotein the morning if it
38 is taken if thevoteis tied i will exercise
has gone through without avotethe convener you will provoke
it will specify from whichvotethis funding will be allocated
statement and this evening svotewill vindicate the decision to
press the matter to avotethe deputy convener on the
campaign for a yes yesvotein the historic 1997 referendum
the strength of the yesvotein the referendum reflected the
be a matter for avoteamong the state parties 10
annul the census we cannotvotefor an annulment of the
the dixie chicks on thevotefor change tour encouraging the
mr mcallion or even tovotefor it dorothy grace elder
person can be compelled tovotefor it i do not
care for the elderly tovotefor it not only is
would you be prepared tovotefor it or not the
they were apparently intending tovotefor later today it calls
find someone who used tovotefor margaret thatcher in scotland
authority housing debt after thevotefor the executive s preferred
some independence of spirit andvotefor the inclusion of a
addition to its right tovotefor the investiture of the
radio thing listeners had tovotefor their top twenty books
for ye suppose ye didnavotefor them gin ye contack
even if you didn tvotefor them your msps need
miss this historic opportunity tovotefor warm dry houses rejuvenated
i have set for thevotein other words there can
but if they want tovotethe voting period for the
until two minutes before avotein which it was staring
before it prior to thevoteon the school closures and
in his resignation after avoteof no confidence at an
after the outcome of anyvoteon this section a lack
wrong if they lose avotei have been consistently right
can take part but notvotein any committee meeting i
to push it to avotemr ingram my suggestion would
looming people with disabilities dovotemr paterson let me write
is what the chamber mustvoteon mr stone rose mr
how i am going tovotechristine grahame first i want
me immediately to want tovotesnp because at that at
on this important historic firstvoteof our first ever democratically
deputy presiding officer miscalled avotebecause neither he nor the
minute remaining in which tovote16 13 the presiding officer
which pronunciation to choose avoteon it iv drama music
not a whip on thisvoteand i appeal to those
a lee we hae avoteivery time dynasty is on
of scotland to use theirvoteon 1 may 2003 s1m
were asked to take avoteon whether we wanted tomato
do we simply have tovoteyea or nay on the
we hope in the forthcomingvoteas angus mackay indicated this
are putting it to thevoteat least this way there
have assured me that thisvoteis absolutely untraceable and the
pushing the matter to avoteadam ingram i think we
took them with me tovoteand explained all about how
childish to be allowed tovoteat that age i was
and invite them to thevotecounting table in the well
and invite them to thevotecounting table in the well
obviously i would lose avotei would still like to
of europeanism would be tovoteno to the euro that
is much more likely tovotethan other sectors of the
regard to the holyrood projectvotethat was taken in june
explained all about how tovotewhen they are old enough
a convention but we cannotvotewe do not have the
i suspect that when wevotethat the bill be passed
glasgow underground outcome of thevoteat 2nd reading in the
and the faroes said hisvotein favour of measures imposed
get the result of thatvoteit is important that we
george and mother getting thevotegrown ups have boring secrets
twis gladstone fa cairried thevotebit i did learn frae
buildings f1144: that s avotef1054: [inaudible] f1143: the pavement
awa yer tory drum anvotealliance ___ dingin knocking hinner

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