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student nineteen year old wlatislaovyborniat kiittemberg vyborni remarks juan
old wlatislao vyborni at kiittembergvyborniremarks juan march had perfect
tyskiewicz from a naples dealervyborniwas donatello s david mann
that at a naples carnivalvyborniwas not allowed to mix
george sand luis salvador andvybornicatalina homar and captain singala
s miramar had ended withvybornis death now catalina homar
monks later vives would takevybornis place as salvdor s
returned to mallorca accompanied byvyborniwhere they found antonio vives
there a sinister side tovybornis death as juan march
in juan march s versionvyborniseems to have been well
be the same though aftervybornis sudden death in 1877
palma society but by 1877vyborniwas chafing against his dependence
were others before and aftervybornibut vyborni was the passion
before and after vyborni butvyborniwas the passion of salvador
at miramar enraged salvador threwvyborniout salvador brought forward his
long before catlalina there wasvybornisettled on the miramar coast
the theatre salvador and watislawvybornihad been the toast of
commandeered to transport salvador andvybornion a journey of mythological
it was with salvador aftervybornis death it is said
salvador s secret memorial tovybornisomething far more esoteric than
for las baleares salvador andvybornithe archduke and his secretary
sa fordadada salvador bereft ofvyborniwas listening enraptured to birdsong
to this day for salvadorvyborniwas the beautiful boy of
be a memorial pavilion tovyborniviewing it from a distance
the toast of palma societyvybornitook on the role of
day after that july 25thvyborniwas found dead from sunstroke
sail round the coastline withvyborniand artists collecting data watercolours
palou was closed up aftervybornis death accessible only to
in 1878 the year aftervybornis death perhaps he aspired
beauties must have been overwhelmingvybornicut a perfect figure appeared
disapproval of the affair forcedvybornito keep it secret until
trip to america in 1876vybornis need for freedom had
there was nothing to representvybornino photograph no momento even
he had chanced to seevyborniwalking in the borne in
he offered the statue depictingvyborniat the feet of an
eyes half shut i seevybornistanding there the flowers on
march relates in s arxiducvybornis body was dealt with
body went by train tovybornis home town k├╝ttemberg the
cypress and olive groves withvybornilater in the day they
transport back to palrna tovyborniwho was determined to return
then fanned the flames ofvybornis new love a young
house i could confirm thatvybornihad been whitewashed further and
extent that he vetted whovybornicould associate with as cocteau
as it is to imaginevyborniin frock coat and stovepipe

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