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hir haund she heard avycean here the vyce pypit
a vyce an here thevycepypit up haud on nou
fethers an the roch respinvyceo him soundit as clear
for him whan ane uncovycesoundit out the mirk gin
while ithers cry wi trimmlinvycean mouse like squeaks an
swam forrit then wi trimmlinvyceapologised guid sir i niver
scrieve mair in a malevyceas she partially did in
him syne a wee wheipilievycean that wes the vyce
vyce an that wes thevyceof the needle said ah
in cauld bluid wi avycecryin at me ai dear
the dure an a smawvycecryin heich mhairi braw wyfe
cryin out in a waesumvycewha wul gae an look
timeless sang wie a singlevyceholy holy holy lord god
cuid she see syne thevycespak out again ho ho
a lint wheel an avyceliltin a sang sae the
be him richt aneuch yeirvycehaes chynged a bit but
it is you prince mavycehaes chynged kis ah haena
very vext sorry virr energyvycevoice wad would waesum sad
o hir life kis yidsvyceroared oot o the mirk
a very vext a sorryvycen voice wad v would
soun o the hogney svycethat gart the callant dae
the soun o a ferrvycethe laich leims o the
lest in a deep rochvyceay dis he aunsert the
a ken that in masellvyceis sae dour an sae
nun spiert an unco squekkievycenearhaund hir up mysie banged
bluid syne she hard avycefrae the derk neuks o
a thocht a heard avycecry sleep nae mair macbeth
creckle an a faint furrenvycecried dere eez anodder yin
he cried ah ken thatvycei thocht then wi my
wi mukkil feelin i hisvyceyin kan bei whuppit awa
cuidna follae an hearin thisvycebrocht this thocht intil his
at the tap o hisvycehere it is wutch here
ti hae ti raise mavyceti ye again morag to
yew victor scowls an irishvyceintae the pay phone oi
said wi feim in hirvyceyou git oot o here
face glowers wi heuchs hurvyceteems a burn in spate
o their forefolk the humanvycebox bedded doon inno the
ye an here s hisvycenou orm goes out the
me thorfinn ah ken yeirvycebut ma een ir that
quo grannie in an uncannievycean sae i hid tae
she skreiched in a thinvycethere s a loon here
in the warld an hisvycewes louder nor the blowsterin
said in an uppitie bummievyceno lykelie ah l no
i said in a loudvycewe didnae hae ony radios
did she no hear thevyceo the wee droll auld
out the tassie cryit thevycean bedein twa littil fairie
bi the maucht o hisvycein his yung days fesh
om cam the lang deidvyceo dr bandara s quinie
a strang tale the narrativevyceemployed is in the nineteenth

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