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don t mean the wascallywabbiteither [laugh] just wabbit m1021:
wascally wabbit either [laugh] justwabbitm1021: well we would have
wabbit m1012: i d m1010: wabbitan aw fa- fair fair
fair wabbit mm f1024: fairwabbitaye f1027: mmhm f1054: it
m1055: lacking in energy wabbitwabbitf1009: wabbit mmhm m1055: alastair
an aw fa- fair fairwabbitf1011: wabbit or knackered m1010:
aren t we [laugh] m1022: wabbitf1018: wabbit m1020: aye f1018:
i m shattered f1025: wabbitwabbitf1023: aye i know that
ve said i m fairwabbitf1025: wabbit [laugh] mm fair
f1054: mmhm m1004: knackered ayewabbitf1054: wabbit wh- why would
had knackered as well anwabbitfair wabbit yeah that s
john m1004: wabbit is morewabbitis more eh mentally tired
those different words john m1004: wabbitis more wabbit is more
i m fair wabbit f1025: wabbit[laugh] mm fair wabbit mm
whacked oot f1011: uh huhwabbitm1012: i d m1010: wabbit
we [laugh] m1022: wabbit f1018: wabbitm1020: aye f1018: aye i
wabbit oh god i mwabbitm1022: yeah f1054: that s
f1025: wabbit [laugh] mm fairwabbitmm f1024: fair wabbit aye
in energy wabbit wabbit f1009: wabbitmmhm m1055: alastair m1007: poorly
aye i d still saywabbitoh god i m wabbit
fa- fair fair wabbit f1011: wabbitor knackered m1010: fair fair
[inaudible] m1055: lacking in energywabbitwabbit f1009: wabbit mmhm m1055:
say i m shattered f1025: wabbitwabbit f1023: aye i know
m1004: knackered aye wabbit f1054: wabbitwh- why would you use
as well an wabbit fairwabbityeah that s f1054: that
that s an interest- m1020: wabbitand knackered oh aye aye
or knackered m1010: fair fairwabbitif you re tired m1012:
you say tired we saywabbityou say lacking in energy
unwell and tired might bewabbitwhich is a ehm word
me says he ah mwabbitfiador ilyich ah m fair
a saet ah m fairwabbittoozenbach smiling whan ye cum
ah canna ah m thatwabbittoozenbach knocks on the floor
a very wab n webwabbita exhausted wae n sorrow
hingin luggit an he swabbitan he s wae he
weel fine day bit ferwabbiti div feel friday 30th
some sin an rain ferwabbiti feel friday 11 temp
aye sultry as weel ferwabbitlike a weet cloot i
uses ehm m1008: yes f1009: wabbitm1055: i think that s
koolyghin kisses her ye rwabbitlass juist you rest here
went ti sleep she swabbitpuir lass to anfisa coldly
as weel poorin o sweatwabbiti div feel be efterneen
noo oor be oor mairwabbiti div feel saturday 18
mirk the princess airtit hirwabbitsell til it an whan
ma dear ah m thatwabbitah can haurlie byde on
it is ah m thatwabbitolechka ma dear ye ken
aistern skerrs whan he iswabbitor hungirie ah aye ken
been there and i mwabbitworn out in english first
haw by wattirs lown mawabbitsaul tae bigg ma wa
till the fish war fairlywabbitfin the gale deed doon
wi rags his heid isnaewabbitfae chloroform criggie s no
his chiels were wormed anwabbitand drumrossie moor was cauld
ti finnd himsell growin uncowabbithis eelids drappit owre his
a puddle it makks mewabbitwatchin his ceaseless rinnin his
bit she luikit trauchelt anwabbiti ll see tae brian
the bare bou for thewabbitmappie the unborn lamb ye
lanes they cosset ye likwabbitweans o the lassies bak
been plankt by laddies owerwabbittae cairry it further or
wey hame he felt thatwabbithe lay doun on a

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