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he ettlt tae stey alivewadbe daur suggest that she
at wad tak them whaewaddaur gang up an get
or the flesher s warkfowkwaddaur step forrit an hinder
lu da wha amang themwaddaur step forrit an stop
neibours or the dizzen warkfowkwaddaur step forrit an stop
by sae efter this naebodiewaddaur ti say a thing
never let bug for hewadniver daur gaun seekin his
leg as a bairn hewadniver daur yaise it hissel
they daur the gallus yinswadtak a dive heid furst
a rewaird ti them atwadtak them whae wad daur
hameawa at the gallop houwadthe fencibles daur advance they
mock o me whit weywadus puir priests daur lichtlie
yirsel says the barman houwadwe daur gar them greit
the cloister s houses houwadwe daur sell ye drink
thinkin a d nae sillerwadye a wadna daur maister
daur ti brek an aithwadyou daur ti be cryit
orm ay ah wul thorfinnwadyou daur ti brek an
ferr anaith ma statioin ahwadbe gled ti mairrie hir
wad mairrie hir an graundwadbe the waddin wi that
prood as yeirsell for ahwadbring masell doun ti mairrie
thocht a wee for whawadettil for ti mairrie thaim
be the main thing ahwadmairrie a cobbler gin he
fekless limmer that nae manwadmairrie ah l no aye
she did awthing weill hewadmairrie hir an graund wad
suid cum whan a lassiewadmairrie me as a puddok
soud cum whan a lassiewadmairrie me o hir ain
slipper on hir fuit hewadmairrie sae aw the leddies
aboot the tyme whan thaywadmairrie the auldest princess kuist
a siccar bergain that shewadmairrie the puddok an haed
verra nicht afore that shewadmairrie wi the reid bul
paction wi me that hewadmairrie ye gin ye did
fill ma flesk binna ahwadpromise ti mairrie him queen
canna mairrie ye b butwadye gie me a pikkil
hou aboot you morag whawadye lyke ti mairrie morag
frae ferr or near aiwadah no be gled o
richt awa monie a anewadbe gled for ti gang
richt awa monie a anewadbe gled for ti gang
juist richt a hantil menwadbe gled o a wyfe
bairn in her wame anwadbe gled o her brither
dounhauden bodie monie a anewadbe gled o thaim ah
am macbeth if no awadbe gled o yeir guid
tell ye anither thing ahwadbe gled ti help at
soup but he said yewadbe gled ti ken he
we ir aw tapsalteirie wewadbe gled ti obleige ye
spinnin jennie gied back ahwadbe gled ti obleige ye
whyte peiticoat an said shewadbe gled ti wurk at
mysie mysie ma jo ahwadbe rael gled gin ye
warld o men for ahwadbe richt gled o him
thrie o thaim ma mitherwadbe richt gled o thaim
gled o thaim an yewadbe sae guid as ti
be rael gled gin yewadcum an see me sum
gled an a face thatwadsoor milk pompitie wha can
gled aboot it irena aiwadye olga olga crivvens that
see aw that knicht itwadbe kettrens verra lyke macdougals
never heard the lyke itwadbe lauchabil an it wesna
ah aften wunner whit itwadbe lyke ti stert yeir
ye lyke this but itwadbe mair cruel gin a
no monie lyke hir thatwadbe ower mukkil ti ask
lyke ah m shuir itwaddae me guid to the
a ploum yeir hieness ahwadfair lyke a ploum queen
aw the warld pepper ahwadfair lyke ti hear aboot
ma mukkil stick ai ahwadfair lyke ti kill sumthing
said finn ai man ahwadfairlie lyke ti see that
the snell wund nou yewadflie lyke a faucon but
wad lyke fyne gin thaywadhae a dander thegither in
gether masell lyke gin yewadjuist be patient ah l
be in a christian shewadken whit that wes lyke
ma faither cums in ahwadlyke for him ti hear
ay mebbe she said shewadlyke for me ti veisit
ferr awa but gin yewadlyke for ti byde here
lykit ye weill an wewadlyke for ti dae sumthing
aw this he declared hewadlyke for ti tak his
try an think whit yewadlyke for yeir denner malcolm
mysie telt hir man shewadlyke fyne gin thay wad
me ah m shuir moulawadlyke fyne ti be hame
is born the faimlie forordnarwadlyke it ti be smertlyke
gin the r oniething yewadlyke juist tell me gin
up for ye oniething yewadlyke sortit ye juist hae
ye think broun ogre yewadlyke ti byde for a
wul please ye eilidh ahwadlyke ti hear it moula
wes the princess nanse ahwadlyke ti ken puddok glaumerie
jaggin ither fowk mebbe youwadlyke ti ken whit it
the toun an syne ahwadlyke ti see sum o
whaur he leathers hir ahwadlyke ti see the man
o sumthing eftir nou ahwadlyke ti sing ye a
me the fowk at hamewadsee him lyke a lamb
bunnet at hame syne itwadskinkil lyke the sun itsell
best bonnet sae that itwadskinkil lyke the sun sae
mair lyke sum braw callantwadwant ti mak a bryde
dinna lyke this road hamewadye be sae guid as
dinna lyke this road hamewadye be sae guid as
want ti fecht wi yewadye lyke an aipil ah
puddok whit can ah daewadye lyke anither clap puddok
think weill nou whit rewairdwadye lyke nou the war
pome aboot ma wee britherwadye lyke ti hear it
oot whit ails me rintoulwadye lyke ti lat me
ye r a growein laddiewadye lyke ti pit yeir
me nou whanever ye lykewadye lyke ti try morag
ye naebodie richt kens weillwadye no lyke ti beirie
state of conflict here sonwadye no lyke ti gie
an a hale digestion lennoxwadye no lyke ti sit
eftir ye wadna lyke thatwadye pompitie na nae fears
him nae guid but houwadyou lyke aw your teeth
lipperin fou o it itwadbe a fyne thing gin
a bairn valgerd gin yewadbe a wumman ye maun
as deid areddies jek itwadbe better for hir gin
an stravaig ootby gin yewadbe blyth ye maun dae
awricht ah promise ma faitherwadbe brukken hertit gin he
thocht hou pleisant his lyfewadbe gin he coud hae
himsell whitna awfu thing itwadbe gin he haed liftit
an thocht hou fearsum itwadbe gin hir mither did
ye whit a peitie itwadbe gin ye war skunnert
braw but a dout itwadbe ill convenient gin marischal
a winsome sicht gin yewadbut yer faiples dicht wi
a dae o gin naethinwadcheinge see but bide like
ti daith gin onlie sumbodiewadcum for ti help me
wunnert til hirsell whit shewaddae gin habetrot didnae help
neuk an wunnert whit thaywaddae the neist mornin gin
name s da an whitwaddy name be brither gin
is duin that a masellwadfaither a hantil keings gin
uphauid an mynes ah doutwadfaw richt doun gin ah
warst dree wis that neilwadfind his birth mither gin
dae ah m shuir whitwadfowk think gin ah coudna
gin bappy deed auld judewadget sae mony thoosan as
the luim an that hewadgie this til hir gin
lass greit whan she swadgin she finndsna a man
eftir ma faither ma faitherwadhae been geyan pleased gin
dochter gey ill an littilwadhis guidwyfe loued him gin
tae wyle oot impurities aswadhis wife s eggs gin
cless o fowk gin yewadjuist watch that ill tung
taes i ken that iwadkill him gin i cwid
gin wishes war seas iwadleave wi the tide gin
hae tint ma needle yewadloss yeir heid gin it
speirt nice like gin hewadmak up a scran o
suid be hirs gin shewadpit aff the waddin yit
spiert at him gin hewadplay his pypes for thair
his head shona gin thatwadplease ye malcolm wumman hou
gin wishes war shelties beggarswadride gin wishes war seas
whit a saw gin yewadstop an listen but sin
fergal spiered gin the streingerwadtell thaim aw a storie
capital i da mornin houwadthat be gin it wis
this til hir gin shewadtry ti dae better as
out the mirk gin yewadwin ti the castel door
o a life an houwada hide sic a faut
forby lentren mait sae houwada no be hairt eident
misreckont lord clerk for houwada repay ye whae spak
kynd eilidh hou the mischiefwadah ken that ah ken
aye sayin hou grand itwadbe for him ti meet
but govey dick hou ahwadenjoy an oor or twa
abbeymaister he says you aneswadhae hinnert me but hou
an then twae men houwadhe e er hae gotten
benignitor juist the ance houwadit aa cam ti be
an he wants learnin houwadit be for me ti
guidwyfe didna ken hou shewadmainage for the girnal wes
an the thrie capitanes houwadshi jin e er hae
ti sauf us benignitor houwadthis day hae come ti
scots language hou mony elizabethanswadunnerstaund the modern meanins o
ah canna think hou oniebodiewadwant ti dae sic a
for yon desperate ploy houwadwe hae come out alive
benignitor says auld jin houwadwe juist lea ye gae
marischal thocht on t houwadyon bairn ken aa about
finn the wyce said itwadan again thay sailed on
whit wes befawin thaim thaywadbe as dowie as men
weill that suin aneuch thaywadbe mairrit an leeve thegither
thaim as he expekkit thaywadbe thay seemed weill pleised
frae dayset til dayset thaywadfinnd a forelaund unkent bi
maun gang an mebbe thaywadfinnd oot whit ti dae
fairies an at nicht thaywadhaurlie cross the muir ava
whit thay eat naither ahwadit wad gar ye bowk
thay war wurth whyles anewadluik up an syne mysie
in thair skerlet graithin thaywadpush the dish owre til
brekkin bewtie the yung quyneswadsech for whit thay kentna
thair ain fairie herbs thaywadsend for hir an ae
bi mortals an here thaywadshauchil aff thair selkie skins
thay aw haed faces thatwadsoor milk an seemed tio
selkies she wusst at thaywadsoum throu the sea foraye
wee whyle eftir thay warwadthe knicht haed business o
an finnd the bairn thaywadtho thay maun hunt the
s mynd that the saumonwadaiblins hae seen callum an
uise the quickest wey yewadbe gret ye hae th
ye hae sum notion shewadever herm wee seumas ye
d niver hae thocht itwadfaa out sae s deep
jag jag intil him hewadfain hae hung back ahint
suiner or later yeir mitherwadhae a fee ti pey
hir she telt me yewadhae a sair fuit bi
deid she telt ye ahwadhae a sair fuit mebbe
again or you an mewadhae a score ti settil
their caur i thocht iwadhae a wee luik tae
o daein onythin amiss theywadhae acceptit the rice an
made ooto spit an iwadhae an ostriche fa wad
kent ma sang an yewadhae barred the door agin
an bidden at hame itwadhae been a better thing
style aboot hir an shewadhae been a rael bonnie
e en monie leiditness scotlandwadhae been a sicht better
lang rin a pause ahwadhae been awfu fond o
here vershinin the haill tounwadhae been burnt doun an
you ah m shuir ahwadhae been deid an in
in sae wee pepper ahwadhae been feart richt aneuch
saft still july nicht anwadhae been lichter had it
hae stuiden it pepper itwadhae been owre mukkil for
bid hir wha but yeirsellwadhae been sae bauld ye
bodie wad hae thocht shewadhae been the pryde o
civvies an the airmie fowkwadhae been uninterestin the r
in law brian sangster thonwadhae bin a thing ower
on a quine s educationwadhae bin conseered a waste
they war gey genteel anwadhae bin fair scunnered that
the pairish o coull iwadhae bin five year auld
new calfies normally sally brucewadhae bin here makkin the
roon whitwashed staas far beastswadhae bin keepit an luikin
hid bin a reed iwadhae bin the pearlin dyew
me cauld aneuch an graenswadhae birsilt ma hair on
degree like thon bit thatwadhae brocht a twinin frae
ye yeir aunsir yerl thorfinnwadhae brocht up his dochter
wi the needle pompitie hewadhae but he didna see
harns on him mony quineswadhae caad him handsome she
speired at masel fit disraeliwadhae daen an strippit oot
frae the heid as gladstonewadhae daen an the hinnereyn
reels jigs an strathspeys thatwadhae daen justice tae neil
boddom lip nae ordnar snaabaawadhae daen thon luikin doon
yer pattle twa guid spankswadhae dispatched me an thank
me in his steid ahwadhae duin as mukkil for
the r no monie lassieswadhae duin that ye hae
the r no monie lassieswadhae duin that ye hae
they were leanin against theywadhae fand me lyin ahint
frae the watterside or iwadhae gaen richt by them
frae nocht tae ten hewadhae gien it five deed
about bodie sae that naebodiewadhae kent hir syne she
a joyfu guidwyfe nou anwadhae kisst the verra hem
bit her new fand frienswadhae leuch at her if
been in a dwam hewadhae lowpit til his feet
owre thegreen common syne hewadhae lykit fyne ti hyde
duration o the war geordiewadhae makit thon sacrifice an
a moat eird hoose iwadhae me an eird hoose
again afore ma uncle hewadhae mebbe ained tae a
in the jynin a bullwadhae mountit a heifer wi
maist scots speakers the daywadhae nae bother at aw
dochter s licht houanever jenniewadhae nane o the auld
an i dinna suppose itwadhae onythin tae dee wi
dee afore yer time folkwadhae peyed ye little heed
his groin s dictates poemswadhae poored in torrents frae
ye desyre sae mukkil yewadhae richtlie no play it
a kinno bird king birdswadhae ruled ower humans frae
ah richt heid case ahwadhae run awa frae a
thocht a new born bairnwadhae saftened the auld laird
him the thrie heid aneswadhae screivit a letter but
place i wis feart theywadhae skedaddled by the time
the stretcher a suppose awadhae slid aff itherwyse we
at the verra stert yewadhae spared the baith o
the edge o the watterwadhae stoppit the need for
kilrogie schule the nicht shewadhae tae chaunce the beasties
efter thon the twa britherswadhae tae clean the cans
prime meenister like disraeli iwadhae tae luik farrer intae
o thir heids but govrenmentwadhae tae pit thaim in
wure on hir heid mysiewadhae taen hir for a
if it werena sae iwadhae telt ye i gyang
someither chiel an his wifewadhae the trauchle o keepin
naethin wad suit bit shewadhae them bit the chiel
an the biggest battleships whaewadhae thocht aicht year auld
at it ye ne erwadhae thocht it likely that
in hir weys a bodiewadhae thocht she wad hae
wi thaim vershinin but ahwadhae thocht that in a
vershinin is that sae ahwadhae thocht ye haed a
that pechilt he felt hewadhae ti gie up but
an forby he kent hewadhae ti mak a move
aw the doctors in scotlandwadhae ti pit up the
whan skraichin in the nichtwadhae turnt me cauld aneuch
wumman ah m shuir ahwadhae turnt oot a hure
noo an again a neeborwadhae yon knap at the
a wee bairn pompitie ahwadhaurlie hae kent ye pompitie
tae dee jenny an neilwaditherwyse hae bin resattled in
it is pompitie sum fowkwadjuist hae keepit it ti
wantit him tae dae hewadjuist hae tae dae it
stert ower agane said theywadjuist hae tae try it
they wurnae comin back awadmaist like hae the edinburgh
i jalouse yon southron bencheswadne er hae suited willie
him or morag an mewadnever hae been born queen
naething ah im saikless ahwadnever hae duin oniething ti
ma riddil an that yewadnever hae fund the aunser
the lykes o whilk hewadnever hae haird afore nou
whit ah ken nou ahwadnever hae killed hir for
the tyme or ma faitherwadnever hae taen til hir
said til him yeir mitherwadnever hae wrutten sic letters
bandara s daith ma auntiewadniver alloo yon traivellers hae
been uisin submerged nets thatwadniver hae been seen in
o the shrine the priestswadniver hae suspected a wee
d bi shair his mawadpawnd them an hae him
ah micht hae kent yewadpit yeirsell first me me
ye dinna gree wi anwadraither hae chynged juist let
an new schule claes hewadraither hae gotten a shelt
buy the jewels fur naethinwadsuit bit she wad hae
wad hae an ostriche fawadsweesh aroon superior tae dicht
surveyin a hoose the laddiewadsyne hae the keys tae
is this ye hae itwadtak me a guid whyle
tae the toon faith fitwadthey hae daen withoot jock
an chen da speirs whaewadye hae uis speir at
sense mair bricks nae straewadye hae us workin nicht
the barman says whitna maitwadye hae wi yir eattocks
auld bodie at a amwadye no hae been taen
wumman coudna tell whuther itwadbe a laddie bairn or
dreel a meenit s restwadcheer the bairn fa hyters
mean that moula or eilidhwadever herm the bairn shona
coud ye ever think ahwadherm an infant bairn malcolm
cairriein ma bairn malcolm ahwadhowp sae ye mean oor
sweir ti think that shonawadkill hir ain littil bairn
me ti think that yewadkill yeir ain bairn shona
fareweill ma bairn gunlöd yewadleave me ahint ma lane
thochts are thrang her bairnwadlike tae climm intae her
liein jaud says he yewadmurder ma bairn wad ye
ma bairn wad ye yewadmurder ma bairn yeir ain
to the cradle malcolm whawadsteal the bairn shona ah
bairn that souks me awadwhan it wes smirtlin in
ye wad murder ma bairnwadye ye wad murder ma
an the queen kent hewadaye tell hir the truith
that the lykes o hirwadbe better on sum glaurie
ti tell ye malcolm thatwadbe in hir naitur richt
hir ain ill faured dochterwadbe lyker mairriein ane o
never see hir again itwadbe ower suin ye can
hir richt sortit hir mouwadbe the better o a
turnt hir haud til itwadbe weill duin sae the
hir haunds an wunnert whitwadbecum o hir an she
hir ti gang whaur shewadbinna the chaumer the ferr
as fest as hir legswadcairrie hir up intil the
me that naebodie but hirwadcoud pou the skelf an
see whit the wee fairiewaddae for ti help hir
aye hir ain dule shewaddauner dowie hir lane bi
anent hir unco frein whawadever think ti meet up
warld an syne the queenwadgang hir road hame again
the swaws an whyles shewadhear hir freins cryin hir
she ti dae nou whitwadhir crabbit mither say whan
or haird hir say shewadkeep it a saicret frae
in ma mynd that moulawadmak better uiss o hir
ti gang an said shewadmak the denner for hir
ti the kirk an shewadmak the denner for hir
perswad yeir nece ruth tiwadme o hir ain frie
o hirs sae that jenniewadnae langir staun in hir
gaed wi the kies thatwadopen ilka dure til hir
haes peyed hir dues naebodiewadquarrel wi that eilidh ah
that shona maks oot shewadraither caw him eftir hir
at the warld s endwadserr hir tho she cuid
ti tell hir mebbe shewadshare olga s chaumer for
wes gey near tuim whitwadshe dae nou for hir
a face on hir thatwadsoor milk an it wesna
for she kent hir manwadsuin finnd oot she wesnae
in hir poutch sae whitwadthe lykes o him ken
the mill an that hewadtruist hir ti gang an
whan she saw him whaurwadye be says hir man
nicht but murdo thocht itwadbe best ti sklim up
and sun a thocht lifewadbe grand a kindly fermer
the efternuin he thocht itwadbe ower late or he
cheerie whae thocht owremuckle pleisurwadbring on sorra i the
up sae he thocht hewadcry in tae his hoose
an siller tree thocht shewadgang again ti see the
ae day she thocht shewadgang aince mair an see
a niver thocht the tinkswadgrow sae big they re
thocht the students an yerselwadlike tae see it if
thocht the bairns an yerselwadlike tae see it if
sea at she thocht shewadnever ken nae mair ai
ma name is andrae ahwadraither ye thocht o me
ti cum a thocht awadreport this til ye dearest
the ae ane o themwadsell him drink he thocht
bin saved fa thocht theywadshairly droon ae day a
thocht it best tae askwadthe laird fin faut dae
ah dinna ken wha elsewadangrily weill ye hizzie coud
eftir him nanse nastily thatwadbe morag s job wha
is no houss trained whawadclean up eftir him nanse
wes yung an blyth whawaddae siccan an ill thing
richt sair hert shona whawaddae siccan an ill thing
leather me ah ken whawadgit the leatherin i the
ilkane o thaim son whawadhang thaim l macduff mercie
plentie wullin lassies an whawadken what hochmagandie gaed on
wha could tell whiles hewadlet ye stroke his fur
o a fiddil ah lwadshe s claen dementit wha
no the queen wha elsewadwrap us roun her finger
the fire irena weill whawadye git ti perform in
or ill an sae theywadanely pit in the een
no keepin ye here thowadbe an ill affront for
he wan in here hewadbe gey ill ti shift
in oor houss banquo itwadbe owre ill a thing
physician ay ma lord itwadbeen ill for me no
or a rabbit aa thonwadbring ill luck on his
cam twa demons an gweedwadcam oot o ill weel
the meikle ill ye daewadderken the verra lift daith
d kent foo ill shewadgrow nurse mackenzie bathed her
insnorled ma hero for thatwadme ill convenient we d
that he didna fur brianwadtakk ill wi acquirin a
it ll come ill butwadthe marischal tak tent they
wad suit me whit uisswada herp be ti me
wad be accusable an yonwadbe a kittle thing for
speir uis out for yewadbe accusable an yon wad
them that wad be workinwadbe aff an them oot
that wad mak them chyngewadbe if ower many fowk
ye re willin owrancer itwadbe me at wad pit
wad lichtlie me for awadbe nae hero the auld
glesca fair an them thatwadbe workin wad be aff
nou the keing o norowaywadfain mak peace nor wad
eat naither ah wad itwadgar ye bowk thare she
braw lad i the landwadlichtlie me for a wad
the only market forces thatwadmak them chynge wad be
styte ye cruel jaud yewadmurder ma son wad ye
double tragedy mebbe the meenisterwadpit aathing richt wad undae
it wad be me atwadpit out aa the siller
m no shuir a herpwadsuit me whit uiss wad
meenister wad pit aathing richtwadundae the unchancy wark she
wad fain mak peace norwadwe lat him buirie aw
ye wad murder ma sonwadye ye bitch that ye
for aw ye say itwadbe a guid idea the
wisnae guid the fertileezed eggswadbe aborted if twis braw
in ma mynd that hewadbe as guid a man
deserr it at aw oniethingwadbe guid aneuch for the
wunnerin an aw if yewadbe guid eneuch tae come
as a dirk tae itwadbe guid for stickin inti
the kittlin saftlyke an yewadbe sae guid as ti
haed a guid hert thatwadbe the main thing ah
fier deed its ain kinwadcannibalise it makkin guid eese
guid luck tae the newlywadcouple may the sun wi
guid gear tae the newlywadcouple may their kist be
guid health tae the newlywadcouple may their merriege be
guid crack tae the newlywadcouple may they mver be
ah dinna suppose the wattirwaddae ma mither onie guid
soud ye try whan itwaddae ye nae guid the
a richt guid greit ahwadfeel the better for it
a guid killin whan hewadgae hame an lay hauf
o this the kintrie fowkwadgang a guid hauf myle
waucht o guid wyne thatwadgar him sleep soun the
2001 guid mistress [censored: surname] awadlike tae confirm oor buikin
ails this blissit kintrie yewadshuirlie dae sum guid aiblins
place sae it is itwadtak me a guid whyle
wi yeir guid looks fowkwadthink ye a richt chairmer
rael pairtial ti craw piewadye be sae guid as
on pirns reddie for weavinwadye be sae guid as
tea wyfe an ye pleasewadye be sae guid as
ti ma toun yett ahwadfain gang hame but the
wush ah did ken ahwadgang an confess it an
the meditation bink his nebwadgang like thunder i the
him ma faither ye kenwadnever lat me gang out
needle no that wey itwadplease me ti gang til
ti gang awa hame butwadthe number twae lea them
time wis a stair thatwadunrowe as you d gang
gang intil yeir parlor anwadye credit it dae ye
war ti dee the nichtwadye gang in peace thirlman
about whit kin o chielwada be says gao the
like yir joke freir whitwada joke wi ye for
a micht win til whitwada no dae quo lu
awbodie tells me but whitwadah dae wi an angel
sutten here aw day whitwadah ken aboot it broun
jag can ye needle yewadbe surprised at whit ah
the road wunnerin whit yinwadbe the first tae be
tae whit graund fun itwadbe ti shew a whein
aneuch whit graund fun itwadbe ti shew a whein
ti see whit neist fortuinwadbring awa throu the wee
whit beguiles there s somewadcaa it weemin s wiles
if ye war yungir ahwaddae it ah ken whit
haep o nettils whit itherwadhe dae but burst open
the guesten hous whit weywadhe lea us gae great
speirs the gresslouper will yewadme ay whit fir no
kentna whit an the cailleachswadmurn for thair lost youtheid
aye think ah think ahwadnever ken whit season it
whit coud you dae thatwadroose god moula ah dinna
ti dae sic things whitwadshe want ti herm the
nanse shuirlie ane o thaimwadtak ti ye whit ails
til the tither andrey whitwadthat be for a wunner
ae thing prince an whitwadthat be morag morag promise
needit here but whit weywadthe reivar wun up ti
see whit the auld wutchwadwant wi sic a gret
dae is tell uis whitwadwe lack cries lu da
rain an macleans an whitwadye be eftir littil ane
here anither lassie an whitwadye be eftir littil ane
philosophisin ye cry that whitwadye cry it nou ask
sell his physick mixters whitwadye ken o martial leir
ye oot an whit weywadye leave a m tauld
cam afore the yett whitwadye say ti me he
s on yir knees whitwadye say ti me he
say sumthing irena mercie whitwadye want me ti say
hissel wis waurit whit weywadyou daunton the man there
nou the marischal rairs whitwadyou priesties ken it s
na nae ither wey moragwada kiss no dae puddok
oniething ti herm ye whitforwadah want ti dae onie
thing she could ay daewadbe tae let him doon
it tae dae thon theywadbe weel wyced tae pit
him wi promisses that shewaddae better syne murdo telt
in the howp that megwaddae better wi the pig
woo for the spinnin naethingwaddae but that the bryde
the bryde an an naethingwaddae but that the bryde
moth etten pianie frae tullyswaddae fine fur minny tae
even the keing o ulsterwaddae me an he haed
but a wee kid onwaddae nae herm an there
three sweir words whan yinwaddae onywey jock went on
streinger leuch an said hewaddae that gledlie an the
daffin dirlin noise some chielswaddae the back stroke while
it s awricht pompitie yewaddae the same for me
aunsir ti deleiver lennox macduffwaddae weill a think ti
posie o forget me notswaddae ye l no forget
a douce an cannie naiturwadever dae sic a thing
gunnar dae ye think ahwadleave ye nou me that
dae that faither maist fowkwadsay ye canna soum at
chaunce an promised him shewadtry ti dae better an
coud we dae thegither yewadwant me ti dae sumthing
dae l macduff puir birdwadye no be feart for
yeir fuit ti dae itwadye raither they sawed aff
hear aboot it pompitie saewadah broun ogre ay it
on buird sae faur wewadbe gey behauden if ye
day tho leirsman sae itwadbe grand thing for him
an aiblins the shops tharewadbe shut bi then sae
ti obleige ye sae ahwadbut ah im cowpit owre
ocean sae wi a steirwaddeave a miller sheltered tween
a richt chairmer sae theywadeven the best cless o
ryse an even the weimenwadfecht they are sae sair
kills thair faithers an saewadfleance tae a ve said
mukkil for him sae awadfrom the chinese kennawha first
tink he s fou whaurwadhe cadge sae muckle siller
wadna be here an aawadhe sae intil the waatoun
the sun itsell sae itwadhere ah coud uise the
a bevvie hous sae carlwadlear o maitters in this
a phd except maist fowkwadlee includin me sae fit
dochter an sae the bulwadnever ken the difference mukkil
coud see that naething itherwadpleise the queen sae he
line sae that a rugwadroose him waukened ware an
jock s wyfe sae ahwadsae ah tryit it on
forsay thair guilt sae awadsay macbeth did weill an
sae he soumed awa anwadsay nae mair the queen
hunder an fortie sae ahwadsay that twa men ir
dee an fient anither wirdwadshe say sae the keing
onie answer back for whaewadspeir at that an sae
or guessed that greenock menwadstoop sae low to strike
she wesna sae proud anwadtak help gledlie wharever she
ti tammas sae he cuidwadthe rid douglas an ruth
o ma man sae ahwadtoozenbach to soliony ye speak
hugs an whiles a skelpwadwarm ma lugs an sae
bodle frae him sae whaurwadwe seek the siller ti
speir at him whase houswadye be frae sae gao
thaim ayont aw this thewadbe a braw castel biggit
uist ti grein that hewadcum seekin thaim but he
the slipper on but itwadfirt nane o thaim an
at the table thair mitherwadgit on tae thaim wi
men at onie mercat sonwadye buy thaim ti sell
literature the pynt o twadbe tae mind fowk o
for stickin inti fowk itwadbe the verra thing for
the kinna thing some fowkwadcry a klaxon an he
sowp o cauld wattir whiteverwadfowk think but the puir
sowp o cauld wattir whiteverwadfowk thuink mebbe morag wul
the warth o nocht fowkwadgie muckle siller tae traivel
ither fowk speirit the marischalwadhe tak a bit turn
conceit o yirsel he atwadhirsle fowk mauna rin them
war nae dout that fowkwadjuist lauch at a lassie
but ah im feirt fowkwadlauch at me for aw
squar the buiks if fowkwadlowse their spayver far they
mony fowk likit him joewadsay he wis that gweed
away puir hameless fowk whaeverwadtrauchil roond the cauld streets
an never heed the fowkwadvex or fash ye or
ti our ain toun itwadbe like haein ma faither
his faither nyaakit afore therewadbe orra guffs an pain
ma faither s fundin itwadbe sair strugglin ye ll
tyme gunlöd but ma faitherwadcaw me a couart an
wull ai faither faither ahwadfain kiss the clouds frae
say oor faither in heivenwadluik efter the innocent young
mercie faither malcolm furiously yewadmurder yeir ain flesh an
cam tae its eyn faitherwadniver be ootdang tho in
chaunce offert him an itwadbe a graund yairn ti
it s cawed bestialitie itwadbe a rude thing ti
dinna want ti see shewadbe as sweet as hinnie
winna be muckle gear gloresheddaewadbe better ti tak for
fasht she wes feart shewadbe expekkit ti spin a
the selkie skin an shewadbe free ti soum awa
want an angel fliein abootwadbe nae uiss ti me
lea us gae by itwadbe naitral ti see ye
thing ye d want maistwadbe no ti repeat yeirsell
war monie tymes as mukkilwadbe smaw wecht ti wye
stertin ti think his wyfewadbe the ruination o him
the r aye tyme yewadbe weill advised ti mak
o cunyie ti him atwadcleik us in trowth a
a wush sum halie angelwadflie ti the coort o
she dee d that thiswadhappen ti me she telt
thinkin ti jouk ma willwadhe he ll juist be
macbeth thair caw ti airmswadkittil up the deid angus
for ti see whatlyke itwadluik but whan ah woke
ye l can affuird tiwadon hiz dochter an uphaud
say ti me meg shewadsay a richt princess disna
ti the sheriffdom o stentsauchtwadshi jin let him gae
a skelf an ma fuitwadstert ti beil an that
stap luikin for him shewadstravaig the haill warl ti
o cunyie ti him atwadtak in thae thrie caterans
yir respecks ti yir dominiewadthe laddie tak tent mair
think ti hissel he wondertwadthe number twae mebbes come
up ti the denner hourwadthe number twae o the
be quo shi jin synewadye be willin ti tak
aw the best fiodor illyichwadye care ti cum alang
twisna kent foo stable itwadbe as he d bin
awa minnie kent that fireswadbe lichtit in puckles o
nem tae it but nanewadcome he kent it wisnae
oot we kent the manwaddee an thare an end
as she kent that shewadgrow tae loathe sic dogged
grue brian kent his dawadluik like thon he d
an there ye kent itwadremain till the next spring
wis too weel kent andwadstay oot o sicht while
kent fine that nae sunerwadthey win hame frae the
historic an brian s hamewadbe a life cell inno
o the kin carers anwadbe keepit at hame till
wi ava afore the tounwadgrant ye a hame o
the ornar pleased wi himwadhe let him gae hame
any passin sea myaa thatwadlisten on the ferry hame
the reenge hame awners quarrytowerswadperch like an erne abeen
an he soumed awa anwadsay nae mair awa hame
nettin an odd times iwadsee them walkin hame throu
gamble maybe steal nae lasswadshare his clarty hame for
hame o the fairies thatwadsort onie mortal that wes
an geordie kept howpin hewadwin hame tae his gassie
tae mak submissions the slrcwadcirculate an electronic version o
hid fund an thinkin itwadmak a better rifle nor
o the waddin feast thatwadmak callum an the auldest
gr eed that the groupwadmak efforts tae continue wi
an ither foreign leids thiswadmak it easier for writers
bamboo fluit whas chairm wewadmak oor awn chance heard
chun besocht him sair butwadhe tak tent he buckled
micht finnd a pad thatwadtak him throu it but
wey a m feelin itwadtak mer than teeth ma
hands on him and hewadtak nae tellin in the
mair he besocht them butwadthae twa tak tent there
it mauna be shiftit butwadthe marischal tak tent the
by takin it awa hewadbe awfy pit oot if
come oan then lads thatwadbe great pit oan yer
the sale o cairds wewadhowp tae pit tae the
o the earth or eejitswadpit cyanide intae a puil
tae a sowl an katewadpit the hale business ahin
o friens fower o themwadsune come by she pit
o yours that matched noowadye pit a soak in
by the clachan the daywada juist lea ye gae
a steive back oniewey itwadjuist be a waste o
the thing sic a thingwadjuist be aathegither grand says
whan een cam on hewadjuist cowp hissel doun on
puddok for a frein awbodiewadjuist lauch at us we
that kynd o thing itwadjuist upset me jek ay
thenkless job for free anwadraither juist be fishin the
clachan nor mercat toun whaurwadthey seek a ludgin juist
toozenbach it s haivers ahwadagree masha absorbed in her
ma bit webby tho thatwadbe an awfu waste ah
happit on ma back ahwadbe as braw as jock
ah aften say things thatwadbe better no said at
ah m no shuir thatwadbe in keepin wi ma
caller air an sunlicht ahwadbe lyker masell again ah
mukkil cauld houss naither ahwadbut cum you an meet
nae mair ai but ahwadfain be back wi ma
d suiner be deid ahwadfain skreive a letter an
ma dear fallae ah fairliewadferapont the ither day at
nikolai lovovich ah wush yewadgae awa toozenbach laughs ach
wi me ah think shewadgie ye a bit taiblet
m shuir ye winna ahwadhowp no malcolm ah d
teeth a bonnie sicht youwadlook nanse ah think ye
bickles on ma shuin thatwadluik rael smertlyke ah think
wee lassie ah wush yewadmynd ah m growne up
doun ah felt than ahwadnever git ower his daith
year auld ah dout yewadnever ken me but never
me she telt me ahwadpick up a skelf an
ah m thinkin mebbe ahwadraither be a heathen gunnar
s ma gowden door ahwadraither follae the sie maw
in byordnar pyne moula ahwadraither he haedna duin it
the back o nyne ahwadraither they didna cum andrae
eilidh huh ah daursay shewadsay onie mortal thing nou
gives up the attempt ahwadshaw ye but ah can
pompitie ye wadna ken nouwadye at ah wes aince
ah daursay malcolm oniewey whaurwadye finnd anither job jobs
m shair the rulin classwadexploit them tae gie them
blichtit gum a fooshtie fangwadgie a verra deil the
s urgent need fur herwadgie her power indeed she
o the wardenrie onie atwadgie him concealment ludgin or
drink the wyne the queenwadgie him cormac thenkit his
ledder whangs an the thunnerbirdwadgie rain tae aa the
be gey behauden if yewadgie some conseederation tae sellin
design a prototype supercuddy thatwadgie thair country the best
a pint o vernish hewadgie the door an windaes
pairlament biggin an admeinstration thatwadgie the leid a richt
him spierin at the weidaewadshe gie him beild that
ye credit no monie mitherswadask for mercie whan thair
front oh ye ken thatcherwadback them tae the hilt
ye olga olga crivvens thatwadbe a different thing awthegither
caw the luivseik major yewadbe a lieutenant then war
nanse a smaw loss thatwadbe sobbing ye soud think
sky that the hairsters prayedwadbide clear ye cudna girn
like it fine an yewadcome an stop a wee
ye dirk or broadsword itwadend up the same wey
fleg the weel aff fawadettle tae pooshun ye yer
herm the bull in yewadfill a ferm o losh
a coorse illnaturet breet anwadgore ye as quick as
hurt wi a wey atwadlea ye siccar an bieldit
faw intae it aiblins yewadmicht droon tae liver the
weill he micht but hewadnever lichtlie me gunnar ye
nae langir or ma feelinswadowrehail me ye wadna want
but naebodie wi onie sensewadsay ye war a mukkil
feart for the sicht yewadsee thorfinn lat the past
touches ye here nae bummerwadstang sic a deintie wee
coud satisfy ma radgieness naethingwadstaun in its wey ye
hyne abeen her sector iwadtakk ye masel she wheezled
think for a meinit shewadtell ye a pack o
ye for the rewaird anwadthat no gar aa the
the place for poachers yewadthink an so did i
a new gorgon the sichtwadturn ye inti stane at
me a feast whaur yewadwant a rat at least
foo auld ye are iwadwauk throwe fire an flood
blinnd ye d lichtlie mewadye an ye winna thole
shaggin get sweirs lu dawadye answer back tae an
be apent whan a comewadye aye hinner uis cry
whitna wecht o meditation staffwadye be wantin an the
he s in this wardenriewadye brither says owrancer lu
dunt affa jinty s elbawadye hod yer wheesht she
be sherp wi ye butwadye kyndlie obleige me bi
knives ready fur the stooshiewadye like a cure fur
mean that it disnae existwadye like a sweetie i
afore wir tea a winderwadye like tae see the
nor weeds a glimpse noowadye like tae snatch o
tails o aa ma gearwadye luckie li did him
nae excuses disobey ma orderswadye oot ye gae fae
we l aunsir 1st witchwadye raither hear it frae
the same wi men whaurwadye rate yeirsells a wunner
ir ma hert s bluidwadye see that the clatter
ye a message efter whaurwadye sen uis leirsman quo
s shurt says she noowadye shut yer gub wanst
enter andrey and ferapont ferapontwadye sign thir papers please
by the tide i llwadye tae ma youngest son
wine an olives latin odeswadye wanner in the gloamin
tae thieve tammy tod foowadye wyle the days awa
anither twa fit an itwadbe richt roond the back
jaloused richt awa that hewadbe shuir tae be at
it koolyghin sighs ay butwadit be quite the richt
wi glaur wi gleefu yellswadlowp richt in an splash
cuid he ly richt naethingwadplease him the broun princess
m no shuir yeir lyfewadbe safe as lang as
upon yeir face for thatwadbe wanchauncie leave aw the
bonnie weimen aboot me megwadyou moula an yeir son
o you in scotland nouwadgenerate an airmie the haill
he wes fair duin anwadbe brocht til his lair
the follaein areas an invitewadbe gien til the depute
be here he said hewadcum til the gairden yett
an as she gaed shewadsay til hirsell mercie me
wan til its tap hewadsee spreid oot forenent him
an unfylt says shi jinwada bemean the bodie ma
again in august ma borderwadblossom an then the winds
a m shuir that moniewadfecht ma cause his grace
me for naething sobbing shewadkaim an brush ma hair
wes awa she said shewadnever leave me ma haffets
michaelmas daisy tae nail itwadpuzzle the deil ma indolence
his accursit haund lord awadsend ma prayers alang wi
ma uncle said that awadwin a medal or a
iain mair muisic an hewadbegin again he played awa
wi sum o his menwadcairrie jennie awa whan she
s only a haufwut thatwadkeep lashin awa wi the
there wis less chaunce itwadsail awa tae unkent waters
syne he soumed awa anwadsay never a wurd mair
steen an the ploo bladewadsheer awa frae the rig
awa frae here nae gowdwadwyse me back again they
tuith tae cry the blashwadbe uncouth ken lads there
they werenae tae ken itwadblaw a force ten an
tae ken fit kinno beenswadgyang inno sic a cultural
git the nettil threid hewadken in his hert that
wounds the balm o sympathywadken nae bounds did buttons
i didna ken whaur itwadlead me nixt the zig
discussin the marra a bodywadneed tae ken fit kinno
won the fecht his sowelwadbe saved frae the birsslin
myra didna leave his benefitswadbe wheeched frae unner him
their denner than her mitherwadclean the hoose frae tap
an in places they evenwadcross frae monday tae friday
doun frae the sky theywaddrap wi that wild dirlin
frae sneezin terrifeed jock dowwadfind her oot efter the
as others see us itwadfrae monie a blunder free
plaque and sacred flair foowadsome peely wally nyaff frae
the wattir in the oceanwadsynd this bluid frae af
dougal s room aunt florencewadtakk doon a buik frae
tap frae tither bit neitherwadthe tossers dossers an minkers
in gangrels an wasters anwadwalcome siclike dirt frae onie
the mediciner says the whuskiewadbe the verra warst thing
craetur an shuirlie the puddockwadunnerstaun whitnalyke thing he wes
as fest as his legswadcairrie him an whan he
he lued true his mitherwadbe wi him bit he
as fest as his legswadcairrie him but his feet
its mooth but nae nemwadcome tae him in the
aneth his sark blaik fuzzwadgar him scrat an flech
grippit him an halsit himwadhe let him gae he
be din aboot it naebodywadlisten tae him an he
micht faw that the saumonwadmeet up wi him in
as braw as disraeli naebodywadmiss him ooto the pages
no wi him the keingwadshuirlie gien me tyme for
he traivels see an whaewadstent him think lang on
an five times mair butwadthe bodie sell him drink
him ai deirie me whaurwadyung callum finnd siccan a
fat smooth capitalist faces jilewadbe better than a cauld
la fillette puella caileag cailleachwadbe even better yet bit
baron anaw or mebbe hewadbetter sleep in the ballroom
an sterts aw fanton fearswadbetter suit sum auld wyfe
thinkin mebbe the fresh airwadmakk her feel better isie
better leuk for the planewadsuin be ower thair heids
mair twa clours an itwadbe deid he strikes the
o the thriefauld sublimitie abbeywadbe mair nor tongue micht
the airt o scrievin gavinwadfinn oot mair anent the
mair e en allan massiewadhiv tae accept that maist
soupçon o transvest ic ismwadmibby sell even mair o
at his dochter but shewadsay nae mair nor afore
onioething anent his tree shewadsay nae mair notr this
free wird no that wewadturn doon a donation mair
see the day forby hewadbe cumpanie for me in
harebell an forget me notswadbe dauncin far the rowan
it she cryit oot itwadbe the daith o me
the bizzin o bluebottles thatwaddraw me neb furst tae
heid anes o the strenthwadlet me gae for hauf
mither says nae wycelyke callantwadluik the road o me
mowdie skin the pitmerk blinwadring me like a gird
aye hittin iz whyles shewadskelp me owre the heid
schule tae speir if theywadtrain me up tae be
planned that nane but mewadunderstand a product suited tae
far her aunt lotty menzieswadbe gaitherin eggs fur an
qho isie bit my moneywadbe on jock fur winnin
minnie s favourite eenno hewadbe whinneyin fur his meat
cheers tae cry a tostwadbide fur years come owre
steek her moo fur synewadcam twa demons an gweed
tae cam oot wi anwadcoorie thegither fur warmth an
fur his meat sune jockwadfeenish his piece an gyang
bowster fur fear that isiewadflatten betsy isie bein nae
seemed like ol man riverwadflow serenely on fur iver
for aa that the meenisterwadgar aabody pray fur the
fur his labour matthew brucewadlen them his binder an
said fur aa that hewadpoor his neebors oot a
joe s bedmate lang shewadrype his pooches fur a
the new year fur kinsmenwadtramp roon fur days seein
estate war eesed tilt anwadtakk the bairnies in till
traps or cages son whatwada be feart for mither
mornin gittin up on timewadbe a doddle he got
clooties sype wi bluid fawadbe a fisher quine guttin
like a bunker shot itwadbe a peetie tae spyle
a day or twa itwadbe aa feinisht an ready
greigorie s complaint ae sowpwadbe aneuch for that nanse
o darg nor yeirsell thiswadbe aw in a day
sheughs the wild fite rosewadbe bloomin and the lea
the rig an the airwadbe blue wi sweirin up
sweet pink clover the dykeswadbe brichtened by yalla broom
pairish cottar an ferm bairnswadbe daein the same hoosaeiver
clour wi this an itwadbe deid he brandishes his
neist meetin the neist meetinwadbe efter the pairlamentary recess
o the sun the laddieswadbe enjoyin themsels takin heiders
bloomin and the lea rigswadbe fillin wi buttercups an
heard o frangipani likely thonwadbe foreign flooers an fit
an care o the warldwadbe forgotten awthgither for a
wis gr eed that itwadbe free tae jyne the
claus of course the reindeerwadbe free tae makk a
bi chippin a wife beaterwadbe gien a chip implant
fower hunder year but naebodywadbe glaikit eneugh tae threap
tae the kirk dyod hewadbe gyaun tae the kirk
an nest biggin his spunkwadbe hairstit efter his waddin
the fyres o hell awadbe here aw day more
ross he promised syre hewadbe here he is at
hasty wi bickerin brattle iwadbe laith to rin an
an a chappin an thewadbe lauchter an blythness an
jin s i the morninwadbe liang s bi nicht
lairds neither an the officerswadbe maistly lairds loons the
treasurer the group s secretarwadbe michael hance fae the
glossary daes he think therewadbe mony english speakers cuid
on the road an yonwadbe nae baur nae wonder
that a vickers machine gunwadbe nae match at aw
that feart at shi jinwadbe owre handie for them
wul shuirlie see that thatwadbe owre hie a chairge
wir that feart the marischalwadbe owre weill infitten at
soss o kilrogie the menzieswadbe roupin oot efter the
the unco wee auld wummanwadbe roused at be in
as oor nyaff tho rarewadbe s retrait fae edinbro
fliein says he or naethingwadbe sauf that she coud
o fish ava an saumonwadbe shair tae staw but
ain jenny wren very shuinwadbe sharin that glory july
lord clerk a dout therewadbe some sair heichs an
bunnets fa i dinna likewadbe stung bi their ain
o the paternoster sometimes itwadbe the guff an the
it wis steenhillock s thatwadbe the wye they d
early flouer the hey parkswadbe thick an sweet wi
nor spikk it or shewadbe torn limb bi limb
tae the young lassies itwadbe unrealistic tae deny it
an them oot o warkwadbe wantin beer money onywey
slippy ootby the streets desertitwadit no be wyce for
an licht the binder twinewadneed tae be adjusted tae
doon the tapmaist steen dandywadseen be set tae mend
piggy snugglt at my feetwadshuir be sairly misst for
tae be re plenisht wewadsubmit an invoice tae cover
boat the bits o wuidwadthen be yaised for oars
owre yonder answers the teamaisterwadthere be a leirsman wang
nae priest here puddok whitforwadwe be wantin a priest
kiss which as aabody jalousedwadbring tears tae a gless
breeks yon wummin s weirinwadbring tears tae a gless
caad a skreichmakker they taewadcairry the donor s physog
or lindsay s cattle floatwadcairt us aff tae mony
the treasurer group secretariat slrcwadcontinue tae perform this role
kind friens tae the newlywadcouple may sorra and tribble
the beasts yersel sic flytinwaddrive mony a man tae
ablow the tree clad glenwadecho tae the trill as
gr eed that the groupwadettle tae forder the cause
the day cam that hewadettle tae sikk her oot
wud roarin heilanmen syne theywadflit tae the music room
three lads an said iwadgae ower tae the faur
on the age serum didwadguilt lat it slip tae
anaa faith the hale clachanwadgyang tae the kirk that
morph screens in yon dayswadidentifee a wumman tae pair
as jed an fit eesewadit serve tae let neil
msps had indicated that theywadlik tae jyne the group
quaich competeetion 2002 scots tungwadlike tae invite aw the
that didna win but wewadlike tae praisent the quaichs
the [censored: placename] cluster said theywadliked tae hiv taen pairt
turned tae a littlin fawadlisten joe sangster s bairnie
lyin in the ben roomwadlisten tae the maens an
broon quines manned perfumed noowadmark antony boo tae the
planned beauty wis eeseless nanewadnoo boo tae the queen
efter yon nane o uswadspikk tae norman campbell even
wye o speirin if chaewadveesit nancy tae fin oot
strangers passin through the toonwadvisit her in haste tae
nae reprieve my secunt dawadbooze an grunt i wish
glaumourie nae tuin but itwadcome oot fushionless there in
oot a bonnie sicht youwadlook a wumman wi nae
there s nae a manwadlook at her there wis
the door nae gaun backwadshe thole an she gart
we win throu oor faeswadthole nae consummation here they
americay americay cried jed ohwadwe nae like thon i
fae that day forrit neverwadbran quut his maister s
us the orraman swure hewadnever tell a leevin sowl
an the laddie says awaddee afore a d sell
says shi jin for itwadseem like a d been
she haes a tung thatwadclip clouts moula she s
aff she sayed a manwadcome roond the streets birlin
o saft glisterin paerls shewadfinnd lyin thare the auldest
touch her peenie an shewadfollae them fariver they led
if she likit them jennywadgar the chiel sit doon
heid were she no therewadhe miss her an aft
trees is that bonnie shewadsay that bonnie but a
an blot her oot shewadset tee wi her wyvin
times as likely the lordwadtakk tent o fit she
or burst or nuchin shewaduv floatit the kingston bridge
ilka noo an again hewadgit catched oot this denner
the wattir an syne hewadkeik his fish heid oot
packs they dish oot slapswadmakk even a mammoth dirl
his fingers intae it hewadpou it oot in a
a bag o monkeys anwadaye buy a ticket for
braes o wyvin girse theywadbigg an underpass we d
her rude unpolish d strokeswadblot thy brilliant shine an
an oorie cauld ae wolfwadcatch the sun an anither
a wis feart yon tinkwadcome efter us an us
as he liked an itwadcome on at the set
dwine an the midgard sarpintwadcowp up pyson ower the
the phone an his lugswaddirl wi a lang langamachie
anither the meen the starswaddwine an the midgard sarpint
meat an canna eat somewadeat bit wint it bit
an ee in thair heidwadever middil wi the lykes
an simmer lang ilk daywadfin oor wee troot thrang
an fit the sorra wyewadforeign flooers thole the caul
the nicht the frost itwadfreeze us an the snaa
his ain flicht car anwadgae daffin in the stranlowper
fear the son o heivenwadhear o t an faut
an haud back information thatwadhelp trap poacher john the
an ilka tyme the princewadhumf the kist up again
baith brose an bed fainwadi but i ve faur
pairlamentary recess an the slrcwadinform memmers o the date
this wes that the ettinwadleeve on foraye an the
electrifeed rat disjaskit mr mcewenwadlift the phone an his
wis jist a quine anwadlikely get merriet a waste
raired out youse anes atwadmurder an burn at herries
wadna an five times hewadnay say but prince duan
stanes an a gleefu glenwadring wi cries o bare
an airmie the haill kintriewadryse an even the weimen
nicht an hersel an isiewadsee t a wee whyle
see the rikk furl bairnswadset alicht the breem an
a lassie in your conditionwadsoor the milk an the
the blocks intae which fishwadsoum an get snared by
the warld an the troutwadsoum slawlie up the wattir
an wish that the deilwadstock wi asbestos fish het
its dowp whyles the ploowadstrikk a steen an the
o burst grain the knackerwadtakk her an cut her
an far atween his mitherwadtakk her glaisses ooto their
an targ wi yon iwadterrorise the hale o albert
an trauchlin agin its faeswadthon theme fae the clarinet
than wan a whist awadwaken up an fine the
an wanton terrible in spatewadwed withoot the blessin o
a septile an ilkie septilewadweir the doctor s physog
if deid afore his bodywadyark an flail like a
deep clairt o t atwada deen three or fower
birsslin lowes o hell itwadbide ootside the yetts o
slanders the hoose o daviotwadbin a shield wi a
then the winds o septemberwadblast it a m no
the exercises o merit atwadborrow the auld maister s
a pyntit beak whyles theywadfin hale populations o human
lown nicht his auld freinswadhear the sound o his
that the wab o claithwadluik braw on ane o
they got the offer theywadnane o them decline a
wikk ane o the cuddieswadneither boo nur bend twadna
wi ither scots sangs awadrecognise maist o the words
horses that hauled the cairtswadrest in the cweel o
o hairt thirlt frein atwadsee throu this wiss o
thair mooths thair mooths itwadseem haes a mind o
are appropriate for politicians owadsome pow r the giftie
o you like dugs hewadspeir a pucklie hauns micht
908 the color o lyfewadthat we micht haud on
a raither think the bluidwadturn the haill o the
while ither nichts yer heidwadbirl philosophisin wi blair mackenzie
d raised as his ainwadfaa in wi his birth
jock s gee gaws lecterwadfeast wi slivverin jaws on
meikleburgh hid grave robbers hewadstert in wi a tale
the watter front thegither wewadcockle hunt he vowed he
prince said ay shuirlie hewadset doun the thrie kists
at it at least itwadshow he still cared oh
adoration sic servile luve hewadtrail ahin her aawye like
naething the princess cuid saywadgar the puddok chynge his

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