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macbeth distraught ai what awaesumsicht l macbeth a daftlyke
daftlyke thing ti say awaesumsicht macbeth a heard sumbodie
sauchs i the gairden waesumwaesumthe leddie i the touer
the sauchs i the gairdenwaesumwaesum the leddie i the
scotland 22 1999 24 awaesumwumman li po 701 762
li po 701 762 awaesumwumman up the merbil steps
it is a sad anwaesumstorie ah m fair worn
it is a sad anwaesumstorie syne pompitie hoyed awa
kennawha ca 600 4 thewaesumfish do 5 whit ails
of kennawha ca 600 thewaesumfish the fish greits in
n woe waek a weakwaesuma sad wal n well
a exhausted wae n sorrowwaesuma sad walin n choice
energy vyce voice wad wouldwaesumsad wae wan sad waff
wes cryin out in awaesumvyce wha wul gae an
ma ain kintrie wi awaesumhert inby ai ah wush
inby the pailace fowk gaedwaesumtil thair beds the yungest
thing morag puddok that swaesuma im rael vext ti
bed owre late he iswaesuman vext that he plowtert
ye wul onlie mak yeirsellwaesumdinna forder the mukkil chairiot
jek ay she s awaesumsicht nou maister she s
ye til himsell a maistwaesumsicht yeir grace ah m
a favor for a puirwaesumauld craitur lyke masell ah
peitie for masell ah imwaesumfor the years that is
nou ah im wabbitie anwaesuman waebegaen for hae ah
eild ye l hae awaesumhert an nocht but dule
laddie but it s awaesumweird ti be left aw
the verra houss yett bashowaesumlassie cat that thin an
ingil he haird an uncowaesummaen outby the houss dure
on that nicht tae thewaesumwee princess didna git speakin
wes content wi never awaesumthocht bi day or nicht
cam here ti tell mawaesumwurd a heard that monie
on she traikit wearie anwaesuman lyke ti dee for
ye look sae yung saewaesumlyke a pause irena ah
its traivels haes made mewaesuman a fell feim nou
an what s the latestwaesumnews ross it s ill
the tyles aw throu thewaesumnicht o ma saul from
she hae wrocht syne thewaesumselkies at haed aince been
the atlantic she saw hirwaesumbairns staunin begrutten on the
ye coud pit asyde thewaesumlyfe ye ve leeve areddies
ontil his back in thewaesumhowp that the fairies micht

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