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in writing her purring taxiwaitsto ferry her past delhi
pulls the bell rope andwaitsringan soon arrives and walks
o a fern watches anwaitsan auld jenny heron wi
stockin soles ir droukit shewaitsin vain gaes in at
the sundappled terrace where hewaitsa bearded piratical figure enjoying
dixons travelling alarm clock tomwaitslow on the jvc stereocassette
i d brought a tomwaitstape over we played it
can call me al tomwaitsthe piano has been drinking
over tonight it was tomwaitstubercular corruption of waltzing matilda
things come tae them atwaitsan in due coorse we
bloomin wifie of coorse timewaitsfor nae body an fin
parliament in europe one justwaitsa year and starts all
manage on your ain shewaitsfor bessie to speak but
here a flat topped daiswaitsto receive something significant it
o wind blowing up hewaitsfor a minute but there
somebody take a radge agneswaitsfor sadie to speak sadie
the wintry town a childwaitsto be born not of
prioritise the time a patientwaitson the basis of clinical
to the front door andwaitsquietly for her to open
does it matter where onewaitshere or there i d
whaur we ll be beaumontwaitstill they re out of

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