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fae streets that i vewalkeddoon tae ehm [tut] ither
depths of hell then wewalkeddown the narrow streets to
a real man who oncewalkedthe same streets as she
at the harbour then wewalkedthrough the icy streets of
walked out the school andwalkedback to the nursery which
i walked through there iwalkedf643: uh huh ah we
out to play i justwalkedout the school and walked
fire goin [inaudible] and iwalkedthrough there i walked f643:
purchases and from there iwalkedacross the main square and
edge as alice and iwalkedaway from the square it
once they d passed wewalkeddown across red square where
elder sister in the afternoonwalkedmiles in the wrong direction
if they couldn t havewalkedmiles indoors a surprisingly small
find what one wanted wewalkedmiles looking for tea mugs
on landing number two shoeswalkeddown shag pile carpets settling
your shoes f1104: i justwalkedout of my [inaudible] the
shoes which appeared to havewalkedround the world once and
couldn t couldn t havewalkedin these an she broke
pass at me the fellawalkedaway up the bus mumbling
herself from the bus andwalkedbriskly across the road as
packed the rucksack then iwalkeddoon tae the bus stop
their bus he and iwalkedin front and as we
bus out from belyaevo andwalkedthrough snow and subzero temperatures
merged intae yin an wewalkedan ye walk in an
ah d known since ahwalkedintae the hoose but when
m941: [laugh] f940: an wewalkedintae this room [laugh] an
photograph of me must havewalkedstraight up the stairs intae
intae ma room and justwalkedto the end of the
our goal after lunch wewalkedback down meandering tracks through
seed around the edges wewalkeddown an avenue of fountains
a contagious paranoia as wewalkeddown by a noxious dried
time sweltering but tonight iwalkeddown by the river and
that s it f638: yewalkeddown f637: no that was
[censored: forename] and jo and wewalkeddown into gorky park having
left alice s flat andwalkeddown las ramblas where the
night ye went and yewalkeddown the high street f637:
orwell s 1984 as iwalkeddown the institute corridors however
counting his strides as hewalkeddown the length of the
here stuff sadly as iwalkeddown the quadrant and saw
the sun disappeared as iwalkeddown the road to the
her large wicker basket andwalkeddown the road towards the
but afterwards when we allwalkeddown to the finchley road
night the big round moonwalkeddown to the loch carrying
top of gorky street andwalkeddown to the post office
bridge at bervie the childrenwalkedfrom the school down to
have a fly cigarette shewalkedup and down opening all
believe it he s justwalkedit round bobby brown celtic
sofa stay and listen hewalkedround and round and round
as they were built someonewalkedround and round tramping the
it to fetch the dogwalkedacross the water picked up
laden coasters after that theywalkedthe dog fathers on the
owned a large dog thatwalkedthe floor most of the
said the other she thenwalkedacross and blamed this on
picked up the stick andwalkedback across the water to
of a pond fishing wewalkedin a circle past another
of game he liked deirdrewalkedoff past a seagull the
nose and beckoned again iwalkedout past him catching a
[censored: name] cause i ve neverwalkedpast that place without one
s extra show when iwalkedpast westbank quadrant on wednesday
f718: mmhm m734: [laugh] justwalkedstraight past them er er
if you ve ever ehmwalkedalong the street listenin tae
like a mini kremlin hewalkedon into argyle street mourning
room on sunday morning wewalkedalong the coast and later
was a nice day yewalkedalong the shore at ayr
thumped shut as the manwalkedback into the living room
shut behind him as hewalkedinto the room and reached
you and said tard andwalkedout of the room [laugh]
that [laugh] an then youwalkedthrough and another room was
competition tomorrow so paul bunyanwalkedagain last night until stopped
horror the night she dwalkedby to gino s chippie
on all fours the constablewalkedforward cautiously close up the
and head turning whit shewalkedforward hands on hips eyeing
stare but more intensely thenwalkedforward his hands grabbed for
dream and a- and hewalkedonto the road and a
ony case at least hewalkedthrough this world wi a
he closed the lid andwalkedthrough to his kitchen humming
soon turned black if hewalkedthrough wet grass and even
sailor to take home wewalkedaround the park for a
e susans skip work slackwalkedaround yard wish there was
by the time she hadwalkedhome and back to school
school in 1941 we allwalkedthere and i always had
no school transport and childrenwalkedto school in all weathers
juice from cuba then wewalkedback to the universitetskaja a
f978: walking of course everybodywalkedeverywhere then f746: oh of
we freshened up and thenwalkedinto the centre of the
the ink and then shewalkedon it and then she
let someone out and hewalkedout as well then they
it to myself i thenwalkedout to the universitskaja to
looked at his watch thenwalkedsmartly downstairs to the public
the dung he then pompouslywalkedto the cab and asked
my heid f1101: cause youwalkedinto me f1102: no you
into me f1102: no youwalkedinto me i m getting
i remember when i firstwalkedinto the european parliament hemicycle
from the moment that iwalkedinto the first hall i
cleaning and one day shewalkedout of her slippers in
lock the gate i justwalkedout of the gate erm
quarrelled with his teacher andwalkedout on leaving the mackie
but he just knew shewalkedout on the fire escape
you know the guy practicallywalkedout on the interview cause
queerest feeling and as iwalkedhome tonight 20 below wrapped
squeak father patrick hadn twalkedmum home from the bingo
in mother s arms andwalkedaway no wonder he runs
sae he turned aroon anwalkedback tae whit was left
alex told me as wewalkedback that s he s
stopped by itself and wewalkedback to the car holding
feelin a bit uplifted ahwalkedoot o the glen an
prood ae yer feet youwalkedoot oan them pit yer
there wasna much and iwalkedoot the hoose ye found
awa wi thirsels as theywalkedoot the yett efter thair
the community wha s wifewalkedoot wan day withoot a
ah lifted the pack andwalkedto the check oot much
could even knit as youwalkedabout with the aid of
time for dancin later johnwalkedeven taller when they eventually
at men at biggit chapelswalkedin silence someen man a
fairly recently the gentleman concernedwalkeda mile each day up
to reach the mackie hewalkedeach day to drumlithie railway
lived there one day iwalkedup by the widdie to
came tae a loch wewalkedawey up a heather brae
and we actually we actuallywalkedfor about quarter of a
this thing an we vewalkedin to face a massive
nicht we d watched anwalkedtill efter twa o clock
we f1111: i see f1112: walkedto elgin f1111: did we
birds did sing as wewalkedto the sovincenter the plush
disgust et wur ignorance wewalkedup a burn that came
maur ways than yin wewalkedup the watter wi niver
didn t break anything justwalkedfunny for a wee while
he f1136: uh huh iwalkedall up i walking i
house is clean and hewalkedover to the cupboard opened
date of his marriage hewalkedthe twenty five kilometres under
was aged 3 4 hewalkedto see his granny at
must hiv kent somebody hewalkedwi a stick an noo
filt filled laachter brood tippitwalkedjauntily shö she apö upon
object quite unbelievably she hadwalkedright on to it rather
two elder half brothers lesliewalkedover the hill from bloomfield
from the embassy via mewalkedover to oktoberskaya to meet
travelling about people from arbuthnottwalkedregularly to bervie and fordoun
by a mr bell whowalkedthere from drumlithie it is
tell the elect because theywalkedin the way of god
something growing wild as theywalkedon the way they would
bit an a stranger whaewalkedower him on his way
hid behind grannie as theywalkedin the kitchen door but
so ah turnt roon andwalkedtowards the shelf tae pit
fae heid tae foun theywalkedbit didna drap a luik
plants needin watterin fin iwalkedin bit granda wis sittin
twa laddies an they awwalkedaboot singin livin doll jist
f943: [laugh] m944: and iwalkedoff and they guy was
by the time they hadwalkedthe long distance and when
kennedy and his fellow residentswalkedpredictably the burgh possessed a
handles within which the manniewalkedand a chain and hooks
on a hard chair sighedwalkedto the desk and laid
it grew especially them whowalkedhand in hand with them
railway ken sleepers how yewalkedon them to the signal
talkin silly women i neverwalkedbelow ladders either f632: no
to work legs sore maybewalkedtoo far tuesday 10 car
have been found guilty havewalkedfree recently because of technical
the peg tried it onwalkedabout in it got the
wee scran o herrin anwalkedat a guid lick awa
tess sings joseph an marywalkedthru an orchard green thur

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