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i could hae teen yonwanfittit an kicked him up
time that he shood giewanfittit his beets back bit
or three meenits left finwanfittit let fustle at the
playin centre he simply ranwanfittit ragged hardie tackle suggested
bounced tae the lad wearinwanfittit s auld beets an
stockin soles on hearin thiswanfittit took a hand fit
soles an says size tenswanfittit wis oot tae his
gweed player he wis brilliantwanfittit wis playin centre half
you beth swallows pill sadiewantae me takes a pill
then continues drinks swallows sadiewantae me takes pill drinks
for another pill sadie nowwantae you beth swallows pill
she does this sadie encouragingwantae you the next pill
succeeds drinks swallows sadie andwantae me as sadie picks
ma ain heid back rawana hid wiz thumpin right
realizt a could only openwaneye middy a wiz jist
state ma face wiz inwaneye wiz shut an eh
days she wiz open anwanor two creel boaties were
wiz shut an eh itherwanwiz hardly open ah couldna
fae glesgo as his auldwanwiz knackered every nicht for
aa it every lastwanan da last wan wis
dey gaered da eart tillwanbi wan da cogs an
da eart till wan biwanda cogs an wheels laek
by baith in burra islewanester hjoland an wan waster
isle wan ester hjoland anwanwaster hjoland [laugh] but for
last wan an da lastwanwis me for i widna
her sadie ye stey alivewanday at a time beth
but bangs iron agnes wantwansadie nope bangs iron agnes
cross examine the wife lessonwansadie to carolanne tatty jeans
blindfauld him tell him losinwansense sherpens the ithers sadie
back sadie course ye daewanstupit thing d no be
can take another sadie okaywantae you quickly picks one
day at a time bethwanhour at a time minute
snorled til whan he dwana guid twa thrie mile
she gaed on whan ahwanback ti the heid o
an fash but whan hewanback ti the hous he
fand it an whan shewanback ti the kitchen thare
lane weill whan the thriesomewanback ti the strenth an
the wattirsyde an whan hewanhame he dernt it abuin
onlie yestrein but whan hewanhame he suin saw hou
she wes an whan shewanhame here she fand the
is sounded an whan ahwanhere ma wyfe wes here
the kitchen but whan shewaninti the kitchen thare on
he ti dae whan thaywanthare he didna weill ken
o caermoulis s whan shewanthare here it wes a
cairrie him an whan hewanthare the war a thrang
o a hous whan hewanti it profunditas seen it
abune the door whan hewanti the smiddy door he
gait hamewith an whan hewanti the steidin he gaed
the wattir an whan hewantil its tap he wad
ti dae neist whan thaywantil the place thay didna
o ha in at laestwanarticle writin i da dialect
did them a service anwanawa lu da flang li
mam da vet whin deywandere trivvelled aboot smootie soonded
supply o winter fish anwanhame safe against da gale
da sea in eichteen fortywani helpit raise his faider
book o poems is onlywanproduct o da project der
aa roondaboot me as iwanta da banks broo da
i hears dem shoutin dawantae da tidder an some
athort the wattir or shewanhame again but never a
wha she wes an shewanhame an taen aff the
an didna dauchle till shewanhame tae ballater strangely eneuch
in ay gaed an niverwanhame they hap aa the
mither as suiin as shewanhame ti the pailace wi
it was hame frae hamewanyear ye got a passport
streets o it or thaywantil a bakstar s shop
lang derk througang or thaywantil a mukkil haw that
no be back noo wantwancarolanne no thanks beer fills
this give us a smoochiewanhandsome mock kissing carolanne enters
if ye dinnae gie themwanthat s excuse enough carolanne
he only leeved til hewanhis manheid nae suiner haed
or at the gloamin hewantil a thick mirk shaw
flex it rowed or itwantil the dure ai but
freeze ti daith or ahwantil the ither syde the
worthieburn county o faithlands theywanor lang gaed by ti
bonnet an set out shewanti the craig gaed inti
the thriesome gaed or theywanti yon namelie dramshop ablow
liu shouthert his pock anwanawa he tuik the rounabout
fower an twantie an twawanawa hou micht that be
syre fleance joukit us anwanawa macbeth holding his chest
for the wastlin mairches anwanawa our tale tells naethin
his airn flute as hewanawa owre the braeface the
run home m642: and thiswanday it ran awa and
awa nae even scrattit naewanhair o its heid as
auld jin an his dochterwansmertlie awa an out the
o the sklimmar an awwandoun again sauf ti finn
jin an the thrie capitaneswanfree ye ll need ti
the neibours auld an youngwanstraucht ti the stewartrie buildins
the eastren capital whaur hewanstrecht ti dong s the
letter in his breist anwanstrecht ti prince duan s
ti the capital as theywanti meiklebrig toun they heard
then bi time ye vewanti the capital he ll
henwyfe s nou as hewanti the hen wyfe s
micht as suin as hewanti the mair he haed
an it wisna ti hewanti the strenth o the
walcomin afore an convoyin ahintwanti the thriefauld sublimitie haa
thummil but at lest hewanti the toll wi his
sair aw owre but hewanti the wutch s biggin
still in ayr till wewanower the brig o dee
driver s wheel till wewantae stranraer wi a hert
o a skurrie they likewysewanaff bein as sleekit as
looked lek hid came affwano eh northern scottish omnibus
got it was he thewanthat got a doin aff
up in merr weys thanwana whist a wad waken
thrawart craitur an aince hewanin here he wad be
wad would waesum sad waewansad waff odor waird guard
his mither myra finiver hewantae her bi sniffin her
hawaaian burd sounds jist likewanah think it s a
s jist a clone owancried polly polly s life
oan his neb jist taewanside each time he looks
brush haunle the poker anwantime jist fur a laugh
f960: yeah f961: took doonwano de gables cause dey
them ah took the goldwansqueezing the glitter on ma
wifey brung them in thewanthat took us for two
i thought they were furwanae us the noise gaun
fur ae wrang fit wiswanenyoch tae fin him flottin
rib afore she coulda brokewanfur me elbas lik knittin
s room doon here furwanmair pome tae mak fu
them look you can havewanninety three fur two ah
fur whit a terrible weddinwanuncle fried tae fuck and
life mate jenny sangster hidwantae his hoose wi her
is said fin he hidwantae the ocean s strand
man dinna luik sae waewanhou monie tymes dae a
didnae dae it aw inwani done the half a
that love fear that swanthing deein ye dae that
stairs wi that an getwanae us by mistake gordon
kicked and punched me faewanend ae the toon tae
wir wrocht in weeks everywanat wis able aald an
or wull or billy everywano us ye don t
left wis nicer than thewanah d made deliberately the
clearing drains but hector sayswanday ah m sure ah
think it is providence anwanday ah will see ye
the mornin eftir nor thewaneftir that nor am ah
time ah ll tell yezwanhing but ther only ever
and ah birled roon onwanleg laughin they claes are
of four and ah hudwanninety three in ma purse
a thing wabbitie or ahwanthe lenth o kinloch rannoch
ah didnae think ay danuwantime an ah wis fair
watch this space this iswanhot wummin headin oot tae
happened tae you yir thewanlooks like caspar the fuckin
in tae be used bywano eh oiyle companies for
tae ma napper an anitherwanroon the back then a
hope tae god that naewansees us bare facts melanie
size o a egg anwantae match it roon the
you quickly picks one upwantae me puts it in
man wis made an wisnawantae murn whit wark eence
ootside wark weel kent aswantae tak a toit he
steady tramp an they dwantae the neuk o logie
gie is bad ten taewanthe fowk get mad an
there i says just thewansays she that s a
jessie see that felly thewanablow yon umbarelly he cannae
spencer shoutin oot he hudwanan aw when the troot
ower the pig was leapinwanhe trampit on an ashet
this this guy who waswano the owners an he
but he never shifted awano wir markers i never
cunt well was he thewanthat got stung wi a
healed aw bar the lastwanan it s knittin up
blessin the twae o uswanfree o the mishanter at
wha s wife walked ootwanday withoot a word long
the girdil brak an shewanfree oot the dure inti
gargling noise check it ootwanoaf them tims is a
take oot the baddie wiwanshot while the air round
warder doon the jile thewanthat smuggled oot a file
but ther only ever wiswanset a girnin gates an
scaur o meal an nowansingle slap wis run frae
dat noo if der wiswanwarnin dat smootie s midder
withoot a soun like hiawathawanaa the time frae doun
around at that time withwanfaces and weak knees occasionally
plunge [inhale] at at timewano eh boaties at used
coupin yoursel up in thiswanwee place the whole time
pull her strings pause oneyweywanworry at a time eh
huv aw yir buiks butwanahv lost the rights of
up fae eh sooth onwano henderson s lorries eh
near the fuckin thing likewano thae wee islands whit
a well not a habitablewanthe original hoose was doon
ye his mammy duntit imwantell the man whit happent
s really a fine sizewano de rooms is braalie
wunnert if a d takenwano thae serialized hemrages naw
clype but jean mcpartan iswanstripe short o ony tartan
o m865: mm m952: butwanteacher in particular clarky well
you ll fly it inwanaway ye go an bile
ferm in inversnoddy yesterday robertwanay they red an blue
an a ve juist newwanhere king renzong gied his
fuck thi lohta thim naewanlanguage hiz an inherent superiority
skinklin wi fairy lights andwanlyin deid an daurk in
northern scottish omnibus drivers thenwanday disaster struck dan buoy
the day before did seewanfar on the horizon but
never been at a countrywan[inaudible] f960: no nedder am
in the head of thatwanally was well into his
oan top in embra naewangies a toss when chips
cause we just had thewana but and a f643:
maybe no but de braewanis a is a big
is scabby but jessie boastswansaving grace a cheerful smile
i m goin ta gowanyear but [laugh] f961: [laugh]
the morn a fire newwanwi braw bricht licht wull
hinner end yeir grace wewanduncan sic gledsum wurd ye
in the oven efter thatwanwouldn t ye aye eddie
a good laugh phonin forwanright enough givin them directions
thoosand simmer seas at wewangeneration hed riven in favour
a crack it was juistwanenormous great big ston in
alder that s a weetwanyou can grow [laugh] f1073:
like miss troy emaciated andwanlike dried up straw the
to vary by family thiswanf1025: mmhm f1027: uh huh
totally fucking ridiculous that swanterrible tongue yiv goat oan
dat so uh huh f961: wanand it was when i
i would just hae thatwanlanguage comin through and hae
24th treed thread owre overwanone hed had riven torn
struck m1090: [?]it struck[/?] wa- f1089: wanthe clock struck one the

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