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category of land do youwant20 per cent or more
[censored: forename] stop it do youwanta banana f1134: [inaudible] [inaudible]
in the bucket do youwanta banana then [censored: forename] stop
f1121: okay then do youwanta bangle or a necklace
it f1114: mum do youwanta bite mum f1113: sorry
hair f1114: no i nowanta clasp f1113: what do
no a f1113: do youwanta clasp or a bobble
no more water do youwanta d- that s warm
birthday f1089: no i dinnaewanta dragon do you want
want a dragon do youwanta dragon m1090: mmhm yes
rubbish oops [long period of silence] do youwanta drink [inaudible] [cough] [exhale]
s warm water do youwanta drinkie f1126: aye f1125:
can you erm do youwanta drinkie o juice [inaudible]
i canna see do youwanta f1126: right there f1125:
there and we don twanta fine now do we
your nose okay do youwanta hanky f1114: yes [sniff]
yes f1113: aw do youwanta hanky for your nose
yes [sniff] f1113: do youwanta hanky for your nose
f1103: oh aye do youwanta jigsaw f1104: she can
yer like no do youwanta job [laugh] m811: and
nuh [laugh] m941: do youwanta loan f940: so they
the box f1135: do youwanta lollipop f1136: they re
[inaudible] f1135: right do youwanta lollipop you goin to
my paint- f1123: do youwanta new bit of paper
on the middle do youwanta pen f1112: mmhm f1111:
[inaudible] paint f1118: do youwanta pink f1117: do you
executors that they do notwanta post mortem to be
mr swann i do notwanta reiteration of the very
wash his hands do youwanta rock bun calls mother
this things back do youwanta shot o the duster
are you ready do youwanta shot on anything else
out the school do youwanta shot on the swings
going to do it f1112: wanta song just now yes
aye f1121: aye do youwanta sweetie oot the box
m1098: [child noises] f1097: do youwanta t shirt on m1098:
f1116: five five ta- iwanta tattie f1115: do you
s a watch do youwanta watch f1122: mm no
back will i do youwanta wee pink rucksack f1136:
ask for fitt do yewanta wooden chair for m1128:
f1134: fitt f1133: do youwanta yogurt f1134: no f1133:
word restricts do not wewantan outright ban on any
five minutes f1122: don twantand do some baking f1121:
you can do whatever youwantand don t touch these
s slipping f1093: do youwantanother bit of my swiss
all if you do notwantanother charge to be placed
go oh look do youwantanother one f1114: oh yeah
will do we do notwantany more of the delay
november 2002 c 3690 iwantas do many others to
sausages and tatties do youwantbeans or spaghetti f1116: erm
we can do what wewantbut the response that we
it although we do notwantcrises votes of no confidence
now what else do youwantdo you want toast f1114:
kind of sandwich do youwanter banana sandwich f1134: no
ve got [inaudible] do youwantf1103: oh aw it s
clippies f1111: pardon do youwantf1112: i don- f1111: to
how many stories do youwantf1114: all the stories f1113:
see what else do youwantf1114: er something else f1113:
f1113: which story do youwantf1114: i want i want
f1113: which ones do youwantf1114: i want the stripes
don t know why peoplewantf746: [cough] f745: to do
your break do what youwantf963: mm oh yeah no
it oh what do youwantfor your dinner f1114: [laugh]
your dinner what do youwantfor your dinner f1114: soup
t know fitt do youwantfor your dinner m1090: ehm
[child noises] f1121: what do youwantfor your tea f1122: can
f1097: so fitt do youwantfor your tea m1098: fitt
f1037: [inhale] f1038: do youwantfour [laugh] and we re
do you think you mightwantfour you rascal m1098: [laugh]
u turns we do notwanthastily drawn up letters to
[laugh] f1049: i didn twanthim to do my sudoku
way to do what theywanti have no idea how
it [laugh] f1122: mum iwanti just want to do
do you want f1114: iwanti want the see the
clasp f1113: what do youwantin your hair the day
f1133: and fitt do youwantin your softie f1134: well
next thing f641: do youwant[inaudible] m642: i m up
f1113: that ain f1114: iwant[inaudible] you do the dance
that perhaps they do notwantis there a desire among
t cleared it do youwantit cleared okay now we
one for you if youwantit do you want that
that for m1090: but iwantit f1089: what do you
one that one i nowantit f1091: do ye have
again f1135: what do youwantit fast again right hold
you mean why do youwantit for weddins christenins and
badge erm okay do youwantit in the tweenies plate
s see okay do youwantit kissed better m1098: no
sadie so how do youwantit sadie big ivana trump
course that i do notwantit to be included in
mr swinney but do youwantit to be successful mr
reasonable but we do notwantit to go on ad
in particular we do notwantit to spread to new
in the way you dwantit to you can do
if we do something iwantit us to do it
yes [child noises] f1133: do youwantjuice f1134: aye [singing] f1133:
[inaudible] f1121: what do youwantjuice or milk f1122: juice
[?]as i say[/?] f1038: d- do youwantknow what they taught me
are you what do youwant[laugh] f1049: i m used
no f1091: what do youwantm1092: me know monkey f1091:
how many chips do youwantm1098: t- eh [cough] [inaudible]
oven how many do youwantm1098: want two f1097: how
same and aa do youwantmacaroni f1142: no no f1141:
that s it right ohwantmammy to do it is
you m1092: want me youwantme do that f1091: okay
aa of them do youwantme to brush aa them
that the convener do youwantme to check with the
you want me to climbwantme to climb up do
want my bed do youwantme to climb want me
come right what do youwantme to cut out for
at me what s hewantme to do go up
huh f1111: in her bodywantme to do her oxters
the one they didn twantme to do so that
tae carolanne annoyed do youwantme to do this sadie
anything red then do youwantme to draw a big
pr- f1113: what do youwantme to draw f1114: no-
doing for time do youwantme to f606: we re
glasses aye m942: do youwantme to get it for
get camping tickets do youwantme to get you one
you managing or do youwantme to help you nae
oh no f1097: do youwantme to help you will
for [censored: forename] f1121: do youwantme to make [censored: forename] s
one f1113: what do youwantme to make for you
that f1113: or do youwantme to make it flat
er f1121: do you notwantme to pay you f1122:
go to me do youwantme to redistribute you a
blast f835: what do youwantme to say f834: just
fitt hap- f1107: do youwantme to set them up
ll tickle you do youwantme to tickle you f1142:
aye f1097: alright do youwantme to unstick you m1098:
she comes do you reallywantme up there ma as
you f1091: no you m1092: wantme you want me do
press and we do notwantmembers running to the press
f1099: [trotting noises] and if youwantmillie to stop what do
more f1089: eh m1090: iwantmore f1089: do you want
want more f1089: do youwantmore m1090: can i this
isn t it do youwantmum to get some cream
can do yellow do youwantmum to help you do
are you stuck do youwantmum to help you m1098:
you what do you mu-wantmum to make for you
it is f1126: aye f1125: wantmummy to do it haud
me see it do youwantmummy to open it for
f1107: is it do youwantmummy to read you that
bed m1092: no him wantwantmy bed do you want
nappies [laugh] f1105: you dinnawantnappies on do you [laugh]
movement because they do notwantnato watered down or rivalled
there s nemo do youwantnemo do you want to
f1122: no i don twantno i want to do
f1126: no i don twantokay f1125: do you want
f1104: hm f1103: six youwantone wi six spots do
want okay f1125: do youwantone with lots of sprinkles
census because they do notwantothers to know their income
room because i do notwantour employers to think that
tattie f1111: [laugh] do youwantover a bit to plouter
like that do you justwantpa- er chicken soup f1118:
policy older people do notwantpatronising assistance they want dignity
to me i do notwantpeople opening my mail listening
s point i do notwantpeople to fall through the
care however we do notwantpeople to fall through the
me carolanne what do youwantplease may i leave the
any differently they do notwantpreferential treatment what they want
for the minister do youwantpuk to be successful mr
like right what do youwantso she said she d
f1114: what f1113: do youwantsome cream for your nose
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1117: do youwantsome er right do you
f1107: yummy m1108: do youwantsome f1107: eh no thanks
do kill me do youwantsome milk she asks no
some er right do youwantsome tucs wi your f1118:
not disturbing us do youwantsomething harry no i just
warrington of course do youwantspecific figures for scotland brian
to climb up do youwantspiderman to climb do you
spiderman to climb do youwantspiderman to climb f1091: okay
mind fitt jigsaw do youwantstop touching that thing f1104:
is that we do notwantstructural upheaval and top down
magic f1089: okay do youwanttae dae any of the
right fitt jigsaw do youwanttae dae m1092: erm let
m865: mm f948: them thatwanttae do it i think
m1016: if ye do yewanttae do the kids one
in too f1121: do youwanttae f1122: aye f1121: okay
good [inaudible] ian do youwanttae get your pen m1012:
no no f1054: do youwanttae give us as much
of peter there do youwanttae put those on now
richt peggy patiently do youwanttea bessie i m a
f1103: aye and we dinnawantthat do we f1104: no
a ball you don twantthat do you f1122: no
i want that an iwantthat f1089: what do you
you want it do youwantthat one do you want
m1092: okay [inaudible] [inaudible] iwantthat one f1091: right do
want that one do youwantthat one you can sort
m1110: [rustle of crisp packet] i don twantthat ones f1109: do you
meaning of family do wewantthat to be in the
t do that [inaudible] iwantthat want that f1091: that
further afield we do notwantthat we have said repeatedly
s your turn do youwantthe boy playing football m1094:
of entry i do notwantthe committee to return to
with that i do notwantthe executive to close its
that s it do youwantthe lid put on the
it for ye do youwantthe light off m1092: no
them they certainly do notwantthe local pay that is
act 1982 we do notwantthe paternalistic approach that all
get the colours do youwantthe pink ones and the
when i do that iwantthe stick now farr else
do you want f1114: iwantthe stripes f1113: the stripey
are out lilian do youwantthem lit again beaumont no
re not what do youwantthem to be deana i
more clearly what we wouldwantthem to do as- and
on board we do notwantthings to be set in
you you use do youwantthis ain div ye f1133:
chess m1090: do you wantwantthis f1089: i dinna ken
choose f1122: i want iwantthis [inaudible] f1121: do you
that ones f1109: do youwantthis ones then mm m1110:
from or why do youwantthis or f965: that s
m1098: mmhm f1097: do youwantthree four will i gie
like that what do youwant[throat] m1048: he s got
do any of your colleagueswantto add anything richard grant
encourage important debate do youwantto add anything stephen stephen
question that i do notwantto answer which is what
applying treatments we do notwantto apply treatments every fortnight
health consequences i do notwantto argue against the flexibility
to do so but iwantto ask about resources i
obtained the convener do youwantto ask anything else christine
press conference do all memberswantto attend or will there
you meant it do youwantto be anonymised ta ta
will not people do notwantto be blamed for not
movement because they do notwantto be drawn into a
which those people do notwantto be judged as cruel
yeah m804: what do youwantto be m805: i want
occasion is people do notwantto be married by someone
should be limited do wewantto be more explicit so
european heritage we do notwantto be only observers languages
innovative strategies i do notwantto be over enthusiastic but
be horrendous i do notwantto be pontius pilate the
report and we do notwantto be too far out
who are deaf do notwantto be treated any differently
do you know what youwantto be when you grow
okay f1113: right do youwantto blow your nose there
current performance i do notwantto bore the committee but
build it f1091: do youwantto build it on top
bruce crawford i do notwantto cause any delay unless
will do that do memberswantto change the wording in
why on earth do youwantto change us m815: yeah
office responsibility i do notwantto claim that we have
your ears now do youwantto clean out your ears
coming in [inaudible] do youwantto climb on this f1136:
f1114: [child noises] f1113: do youwantto come down get a
you all pretty do youwantto come down now and
to the chinese do youwantto come f1049: yeah m1048:
you know he doesn twantto come home and do
ve got do you nowantto come in to shawlands
shops this afternoon do youwantto come to the shop
given by ash do youwantto comment on that jim
implementing the scheme do youwantto comment on that ken
f1122: okay f1121: do youwantto count them then right
rates however we do notwantto create anomalies i am
favourite subject f834: what dowantto dae [censored: forename] when you
go clever oh do youwantto dae it again f1126:
see mm what do youwantto dae next week when
to do that bittie iwantto dae that bittie [exhale]
don t you do youwantto dae that right put
no f1103: no do youwantto dae the princess ains
s boring f1103: do youwantto dae this ain f1104:
boring f1103: do you naewantto dae this ain f1104:
so [censored: forename] fit do youwantto dae when you re
looking strangely strangely do youwantto dance he said way
for it we do notwantto dictate from edinburgh what
johann lamont i do notwantto diminish the importance of
do not know whether youwantto discuss this now convener
try right listen if youwantto do a beach you
about britain and whether iwantto do a phd or
mmhm it depends what youwantto do afterwards you wouldn
operate across different jurisdictions wewantto do all that we
i want and don twantto do and about what
is not biking that iwantto do and then we
are experienced from what theywantto do and what they
it depends on what wewantto do and where we
is f1113: oh do youwantto do another one in
mum f1103: aye f1104: iwantto do another one you
i thought i don twantto do any of these
are used to clearly wewantto do as much as
i understand why we mightwantto do as the convener
to find work that theywantto do at the times
that most of us wouldwantto do but in reality
the top f1104: no iwantto do cinderella f1103: oh
answer was that young peoplewantto do cool stuff the
mummy f1121: what do youwantto do do you want
let them do what theywantto do during break time
i ve star- no iwantto do edges wi you
i thought maybe i justwantto do english so i
said it s what youwantto do f1038: [laugh] f1037:
f1113: no what do youwantto do f1114: a a
the kind of history youwantto do f745: [?]and and no[/?] f746:
do nemo [censored: forename] do youwantto do finding nemo or
do finding nemo f1113: youwantto do finding nemo right
sleeping beauty first f1104: iwantto do her first sleeping
sort of thing i wouldwantto do i feel that
a lot more that wewantto do in the second
need but what i reallywantto do is blow it
accountancy and what they actuallywantto do is f1151: mmhm
the decision on what wewantto do is one that
the last thing that wewantto do is to put
the last thing that wewantto do is to separate
far remember or do youwantto do it again f1126:
do it again f1113: youwantto do it again okay
again f1126: yes [?]that[/?] f1125: wantto do it all again
f963: mm f965: and theywantto do it all the
do at the times theywantto do it and in
it m1092: i don twantto do it f1091: does
granda f1121: granda okay youwantto do it f1122: uh
in here f1126: no iwantto do it f1125: then
shame that not more peoplewantto do it f746: i
didn t f746: [inaudible] f745: wantto do it in the
there f1091: well you youwantto do it m1092: i
in a do the peoplewantto do it m741: yeah
lift your leg f1142: iwantto do it myself f1141:
is done they do notwantto do it they felt
activity do so because theywantto do it they have
no which way do youwantto do it this time
thought that somebody else mightwantto do it this year
this yes f1113: do youwantto do it with your
mum i want i justwantto do my baking noo
you want nemo do youwantto do nemo [censored: forename] do
hey which one do youwantto do next f1114: er
good idea fitt dae youwantto do noo now leave
then so what do youwantto do now do you
one which one do youwantto do now f1126: mmhm
just two or do youwantto do one for granny
later on right do youwantto do one last one
f1124: no f1123: no youwantto do one more picture
way because we do notwantto do otherwise in assisting
physically up to what wewantto do secondly do we
should indicate now that theywantto do so christine grahame
indeed i did not particularlywantto do so in advance
in their language should theywantto do so the convener
mmhm f1123: right do youwantto do some blue on
car [?]that's[/?] hey f1089: youwantto do some colouring m1090:
when they decide that theywantto do something about it
s not like you youwantto do something else i
f1150: if you decide youwantto do something else you
train dolphins but they actuallywantto do something radically f1151:
f1049: just like do youwantto do something this weekend
because i already thought iwantto do something to do
members cannot discuss whether theywantto do something we will
sort of person who wouldwantto do such work on
mm m762: i didn twantto do that again you
don t want no iwantto do that ain f1121:
there and there no iwantto do that bittie i
a pink f1117: do youwantto do that boxes o
child or young person towantto do that i do
f1112: i just don twantto do that just now
got o- well do youwantto do that noo jimmy
afterwards but i do notwantto do that now ms
add some f1112: no iwantto do that oh f1111:
oh one f1113: do youwantto do that one f1114:
ain f1126: yeah no iwantto do that one f1125:
do one then f1126: iwantto do that one first
i m taking [inaudible] iwantto do that one first
still there f1126: and iwantto do that one first
buses and rockets do youwantto do that one m1092:
yes this f1113: do youwantto do that one then
not think that members wouldwantto do that the convener
doin the dog green iwantto do the dog green
do the dog green iwantto do the dog green
that pen the penc- iwantto do the kisses [sob]
f1139: look f1140: [sob] iwantto do the kisses [sob]
next f1114: er f1113: youwantto do the man there
with you on what youwantto do the question is
i made the snail f1113: wantto do the snail right
to do eh do youwantto do the tarzan ain
in that one do youwantto do the winnie the
among conveners they did notwantto do the work themselves
and other things that wewantto do the working group
in edinburgh they seem towantto do their economic work
mum f1123: what do youwantto do then f1124: red
lot more than we stillwantto do there are a
these f1126: [inaudible] right iwantto do these [tut] [exhale]
it there m1090: no iwantto do this ain f1089:
look m1090: [laugh] now iwantto do this ain f1089:
done eh f1104: i dinnawantto do this ain then
a elephant m1090: now iwantto do this ain you
right which one do youwantto do this one or
biting which is what youwantto do to him right
literature like him what iwantto do today is fit
good afternoon erm what iwantto do today is to
what i did not particularlywantto do was to duplicate
i what i didn twantto do was write an
do the things that peoplewantto do when they have
to do exactly what wewantto do which is to
hands what does the committeewantto do with the ssis
yeah f807: what do youwantto do with them f806:
on [laugh] what do youwantto do with them f807:
we f1121: right do youwantto do your mallows now
that s fine thank youwantto do your own ones
t they f1071: do youwantto draw it m1070: i
a second what do youwantto drink f1122: orange juice
not know i do notwantto dwell on that too
muck f1113: what do youwantto eat for your dinner
bill and we do notwantto encroach on that committee
bones however i do notwantto encroach on that territory
know that whatever i dowantto end up doing that
defamation of character do iwantto end up like them
remember that i do notwantto end with a flurry
time to do that iwantto ensure that all members
forward mr ingram do wewantto ensure that the sga
that we do not necessarilywantto establish a tighter deadline
are maintained we do notwantto establish differential standards in
night possible f718: do youwantto explain the concept of
think m1106: mum do youwantto f1105: [?]beat you[/?] better m1106:
do a master if theywantto f806: really f807: yeah
do we f1122: no iwantto feel the s- t-
in fact i do notwantto finish as i have
listening government would do iwantto finish by saying in
and things but i dowantto get away i don
gordon jackson i do notwantto get bogged down in
good question i do notwantto get in the way
boyack i certainly do notwantto get into a debate
do next year i stillwantto get out of eng
one f1121: we don twantto get wet do we
it gets better do youwantto give it a wee
marilyn livingstone i do notwantto give simon wakefield extra
it out whee do youwantto give your hands a
fitt we see do youwantto go and choose one
dinna touch it do youwantto go and get a
want what about do youwantto go and hae yer-
and do that if youwantto go and pull out
got i- f1101: do youwantto go back home the
happy gang f1121: do youwantto go back to happy
contract but we do notwantto go back to that
park [inaudible] f1135: do youwantto go back up the
that times or do youwantto go ben to your
reserved but i do notwantto go beyond some of
money first like i dowantto go but i might
jackson why do you notwantto go down the route
he said we do notwantto go down the welsh
horsie look there do youwantto go f1122: here f1121:
in f1113: right do youwantto go first f1114: yes
can do i don twantto go immediately into a
has so i do notwantto go into that in
said to [censored: forename] do youwantto go let s go
f1121: whe- where do youwantto go now f1122: can
f1135: over there do youwantto go on them [inaudible]
the bike f1113: do youwantto go oot on your
ll be like do youwantto go out and i
that point i do notwantto go over the ground
[laugh] f1097: so do youwantto go round and see
bubble f1112: ho- do youwantto go s- swim f1111:
mr davidson i do notwantto go that far i
but why do you reallywantto go there since i
smuggling aside i do notwantto go there with this
a whilie or do youwantto go to granny s
f1135: watchin boats do youwantto go to the park
right which way do youwantto go up the way
to grow up do youwantto grow up and get
f1103: aye maybe do youwantto grow up do you
and gentlemen how do youwantto handle this michael russell
something that we would allwantto happen do members agree
really good so do youwantto have another nut m805:
do anything you don twantto he breathed huskily dimly
so what else do youwantto hear about [clap] m804:
pigs said maclaurin do youwantto hear about monboddo or
got phobias right do youwantto hear about my phobias
so and also do youwantto hear about something m804:
or something you don twantto hear but i do
any time i do notwantto hear from him we
that you probably do notwantto hear them so i
although opposition members do notwantto hear this that the
well f1103: unicorn do youwantto help as well f1104:
is it f1124: no iwantto help do my paint-
s abc m1108: do youwantto help me f1107: can
a jigsaw or do youwantto help mum m1094: but
dear f1097: [exhale] do youwantto help mum m1098: no
conviction and an interest theywantto help they certainly do
you not and do youwantto help us f1104: yep
age if they do notwantto however we should be
inward investors who will notwantto invest because we do
to grief do you reallywantto join in the struggle
scale because we do notwantto jump the gun in
made at playgroup do youwantto keep aa these magazines
s good toots do youwantto keep that f1122: look
ain f1121: do you justwantto keep that one for
at this magazines do youwantto keep them f1122: mmhm
this [inaudible] f1121: do youwantto keep this ain out
interested in and do notwantto know about standards des
i know what do iwantto know what have i
s tail but do youwantto know what it all
with the jigsaws do youwantto know what it is
enterprise budget we do notwantto know what would happen
john young i do notwantto labour the point but
piece erm so do youwantto leave it like that
for those who do notwantto leave or who are
recommend but i do notwantto leave the petition because
you know why do youwantto leave your job and
f1121: [laugh] okay do youwantto lift it out f1122:
a wee while do youwantto listen to elvis later
stock that people do notwantto live in the programme
clarify matters and those whowantto lodge amendments can do
activity and we do notwantto lose that ian jenkins
in the bottom do youwantto mak belle because she
[laugh] f1103: ehm do youwantto mak mair jigsaws f1104:
right fitt ain do youwantto mak noo f1104: erm
f1103: fitt ains do youwantto mak noo [inaudible] brak
f1103: fitt jigsaw do youwantto mak or do you
princess ain f1103: do youwantto mak that ain f1104:
a little bit do youwantto mak that ither ains
beat you right do youwantto mak that other jigsaws
to mak or do youwantto mak them aa f1104:
me see f1103: do youwantto mak your little pony
premises again we do notwantto make double or triple
the net i do notwantto make promises to people
do that the convener iwantto move on michael russell
go right i do notwantto offer a catalogue of
open the door do youwantto open the door do
or a skirt do youwantto open the door f1114:
open the door do youwantto open the door m1098:
working group i do notwantto over politicise the working
the dishes right do youwantto p- pop in the
the deputy convener do youwantto phil up i mean
he said well do youwantto phone and and i
in chocolate okay do youwantto pit in the smarties
way as us do youwantto play at my playschool
shuffle shuffle shuffle do wewantto play [inaudible] f1111: go
the flags again do youwantto play it again f1104:
okay right [censored: forename] do youwantto play kerplunk f1114: yes
[inaudible] aye fitt do youwantto play noo will we
this one f1103: do youwantto play spotty dog game
that s washed do youwantto pop it on the
religion question i do notwantto pre empt consultation on
of organs how do memberswantto proceed with that and
showing off we do notwantto promote ourselves too much
didn t we do youwantto pull up a chair
s it right do youwantto pull your chair over
see shaking heads do youwantto push it to a
it there right do youwantto put a smartie on
in there so do youwantto put aa these back
that [censored: forename] right do youwantto put aa this things
middle aboot here do youwantto put him up a
right what else do youwantto put in it then
dishes f1121: yes do youwantto put in the fairy
the top f1101: do youwantto put on a different
okay so what do youwantto put on your plates
the problem we do notwantto put the farms in
blue f1103: well do youwantto put them aa in
biscuit mm f1121: do youwantto put them on it
got two pairs do youwantto put them on no
but yeah i do reallywantto read that one cause
what about you do youwantto recover a sense of
next 10 years do wewantto reduce the target to
s fish stocks do memberswantto refer that petition back
parliamentary session so do memberswantto refer the petition to
to come i do notwantto rehearse the arguments in
i do i do notwantto rely on the state
the convener john do youwantto respond john patterson simply
thought the convener do youwantto rethink and let david
be f1121: okay do youwantto rinse it wi some
on as i do notwantto run out of time
this time we do notwantto rush bald headed into
other amendments i do notwantto say any more about
convener the convener do youwantto say anything margaret margaret
door f1121: right do youwantto say ta ta to
that care i do notwantto say to people that
paper however we do notwantto scupper that important point
clear that i do notwantto see any cover ups
look f1121: what do youwantto see at the beach
see it f1121: do youwantto see it dinna go
a big horse f1122: iwantto see it f1121: do
pooh f1122: aye do youwantto see it f1121: let
you m805: yeah do youwantto see me m804: yeah
pyjamas m1106: mum do youwantto see my [inaudible] mum
m1106: mum mum do youwantto see this that s
structural support i do notwantto seem evasive as those
it the convener do youwantto send them a copy
the agenda we do notwantto set a precedent for
reached now or do wewantto set a target that
hamilton i do not particularlywantto sit on planning committees
put in here do youwantto sit up on this
granny gave me do youwantto sleep in my bedroom
vehicle although if i dowantto smoke in an enclosed
one f1091: right do youwantto sort out aa the
joe s who do youwantto speak to can i
[shouting] f1097: [censored: forename] do youwantto speak to your dad
being careful right do youwantto spread it for me
a- attractive duncan do youwantto start m1146: stotter nothing
f1054: okay so do youwantto start millie f1018: eh
document later i do notwantto stop right now but
do not know whether wewantto suggest a timetable but
s mither ronnie do youwantto tak her hame chrissie
do the trolley do youwantto take a trolley doonstairs
oh okay f1091: do youwantto take aa the pieces
up the sleeves do youwantto take it off f1112:
too hot f1101: do youwantto take off your jumper
good [censored: forename] f1122: do youwantto taste f1121: mm that
f1122: truffles f1121: do youwantto taste one f1122: no
very bonny so do youwantto taste that we ll
one helluva trip do youwantto tell me what happened
do that ain f1121: youwantto tell me what s
that care i do notwantto tell people that they
be delivered i do notwantto tell someone that they
wee poem f1054: do youwantto tell us the rest
mm mm f1121: do youwantto tidy oot your toy
want to do do youwantto tidy the bedroom sort
to do now do youwantto tidy up the shoppie
dinna touch that do youwantto try m1096: i can
over there so do youwantto try the other penguin
not going in do youwantto try the other penguin
to do that but iwantto try to get that
political agenda i do notwantto turn the debate into
before i do that iwantto underline the points that
scotland although i do notwantto undertake or undermine the
simply spectators i do notwantto use inflammatory language about
parliament but we do notwantto use scots when we
in europe i do notwantto wait and watch i
so far we do notwantto wait another six months
me too f1121: do youwantto walk down that way
do your things and iwantto watch something on the
a sign [laugh] do youwantto watch them playing golf
wear troosers f1139: do youwantto wear your denim skirt
f1121: mm well do youwantto will we take through
the amendments tommy do youwantto wind up tommy sheridan
f1139: well do you justwantto write from [censored: forename] then
do you want do youwanttoast f1114: yes toast f1113:
heard it we do notwanttrial by the press and
and butter or do youwanttucs and cheese sauce cheese
many do you want m1098: wanttwo f1097: how many m1098:
it wishes i do notwantus to assume that committees
bill aitken who does notwantus to do anything here
the letter i do notwantus to miss anything out
permit it because i dowantvery badly to go but
your bed m1092: no himwantwant my bed do you
s chess m1090: do youwantwant this f1089: i dinna
at beddy time if youwantwhat about do you want
of all parties do notwantwhat is proposed for the
s fishermen we do notwantwords from the minister we
splashing f1097: look do youwantyou and me to fall
you f1111: i do notwantyou in that cupboard you
f1111: [censored: forename] i do notwantyou near that cupboard f1112:
[?]rile[/?] you cause all theywantyou to do is shout
used them we do notwantyoung children to have to
and do what you reallywantyour face was getting more
mum [inaudible] f1135: do youwantyour fleece or your jacket
going o- f1135: do youwantyour jacket on leave that
when you go do youwantyour milk now f1114: [inaudible]
the rolli- f1113: do youwantyour play doh f1114: it
cook the supper do youwantyour supper f1116: smiley faces
pull it in do youwantyour till there f1122: uh
f1121: which cup do youwantyour yellow or your purple
mum i think i dinnawanta poop no f1105: you
you losing i- i dinnawantall my shells washed m1106:
shouldna ask if they dinnawantan answer next time i
the safe side i dinnawantanither sicht like yon put
the stairs f1099: if youwantbut dinna lose it f1100:
m1090: i want i dinnawantf1089: fitt s that on
are we cause you dinnawantf1104: no f1103: to go
the barrow pompitie ah dinnawantfor ti be a bather
open it but ah dinnawantfowk skliffin up the green
leave him alane ah dinnawanthim mankit dis the queen
merkit maister malcolm ah dinnawanthir merkit the nou jek
finished now darlin m1090: iwanti dinna want f1089: fitt
or [censored: companyname] m1090: i dinnawanti dinna want my f1089:
m1090: maybe maybe i dinnawantit f1089: no right ju-
wo- i dinna maybe iwantit f1089: turn roon a
o it an ah dinnawantit lyin aboot in here
s falled again i dinnawantit on f1089: look no
the no gin ye dinnawantme ti thrappil ye ye
go f1103: i dinna kenwantme to help you a
me dod dod ye dinnawantme to spend the rest
yer face m1090: i dinnawantmicrophone f1089: right come here
i am no no nowantmine f1091: you dinna want
i dinna want i dinnawantmy f1089: we re nearly
s it m1090: i dinnawantmy microphone f1089: this is
wurds moula ah juist dinnawantoniebodie ti suffer that s
aw buggert up ah dinnawantoniething nou ah l caum
tae the circle we dinnawantscabs in here his face
wi then f1134: i dinnawanttae dae it wi this
greet noo bessie you dinnawanttae dae that stop it
ye m1106 : i don twanttae f1105: well dinna poop
f1141: why f1142: i dinnawanttae f1141: is that right
na na na you dinnawanttae hear me neil yes
wecht he said i dinnawanttae overload my car of
piggy that f1134: i dinnawanttae tae dae it wi
are m1090: but i dinnawant[?]that[/?] f1089: [censored: forename] an mammy
t they no i dinnawantthat bit f1103: aye no
huh m1096: [child noises] ah dinnawantthat on [child noises] f1095: uh
yer knees m1090: i didnawantthat on f1089: right dinna
f1107: yay but you dinnawantthe white in the pooch
chips f1102: no i dinnawantthem f1101: you hae to
loon dod an i dinnawantthis een gesturing with the
sky m1096: [child noise] i dinnawantthis on f1095: aye but
[singing] hey hey i dinnawantthis sandwich f1133: how no
the nou binna ye dinnawantti aggravate that fuit malcolm
sheep demn it ah dinnawantti be a sheep ah
tak a tellin ah dinnawantti be owre sherp wi
ir daein needle ah dinnawantti be sherp wi ye
deeply here puddok ah dinnawantti fecht wi ye wad
whitlike they are ye dinnawantti gang ti gloresheddae says
bairns at aince a dinnawantti glif ye lyke this
again ah dinna think ahwantti growe up ah want
dinna say it ah dinnawantti hear it mercie he
aunsir frae hir ah dinnawantti hear it wes moula
hir tae but ah dinnawantti hear this ye can
nanse fancie ye ah dinnawantti hurt yeir feelins but
ails ye that ye dinnawantti mairrie wi yeir ain
fair worn oot ah dinnawantti say anither wurd with
hir frae me ah dinnawantti see hir no ever
never sees whit they dinnawantti see she wad be
lyfe afore ye ye dinnawantti spend the lave o
morag groans queen ye dinnawantti spend the lave o
yin but gin ye dinnawantti tak tent ti whit
unnerstaun ye or ye dinnawantti unnerstaun me she canna
dinna suppose your mither wouldwantto encourage you nae if
ower muckle eh i dinnawantto ging to my bed
a home if you dinnawantto go bessie they can
mmhm f1140: i don twantto go f1139: you dinna
to go f1139: you dinnawantto go f1140: no f1139:
the sticks the sticks dinnawantto go in f1114: here
m1096: no cause i dinnawantto go out f1095: no
the vests f1105: i dinnawantto go up to the
fit s mair i dinnawantto ken a sip on
yeah f1103: and we dinnawantto leave a mess f1104:
isn t it i dinnawantto let folk think i
not f1093: well we dinnawantto lose them we won
flair the day you dinnawantto mak a mess o
okay f1117: and you dinnawantto mak this trousers a
the parcelie [sob] f1141: dinnawantto open it f1142: aye
play [censored: forename] f1113: you dinnawantto play wi him okay
m1090: [rustling noise] f1089: you dinnawantto put the phone off
onie denner here ah dinnawantye drawin in yeir chair
why f1107: cause i dinnawantyou to burn your fingers
s right cause we dinnawantyou to get any chocolate
present georgie if she doesnawantyour stockins dinna prig wi
want mine f1091: you dinnawantyours well i ll hold
you want fitt m1106 : iwanta toy f1105: a toy
toy f1105: mm m1106 : iwanta toy f1105: you want
t have the latin whowantaccess to power want access
who want access to powerwantaccess to the written language
will we restart [cough] m1098: wantan- want another car f1097:
thinking some about what iwantand don t want to
in the scottish liberal democratswantand why we want the
shout i want andy iwantandy i can hear my
legs with my fists iwantandy i shout i want
want andy i shout iwantandy i want andy i
restart [cough] m1098: want an-wantanother car f1097: you want
want another car f1097: youwantanother car m1098: aye [exhale]
fitt m1090: black- aah iwantapple f1089: hey i want
the sea mm f1124: iwantblack f1123: you want black
i want green this iwantblack on here mam f1123:
i want black f1123: youwantblack well that s not
not want patronising assistance theywantdignity the fact is that
want apple f1089: hey iwantdoesna get in this house
s on m1106 : don twantdon t want f1105: [?]put them in your dinner[/?]
want f1089: [yawn] m1090: youwantdragon for your birthday you
only two thousand words wewantexcerpts and we want ranges
[inaudible] m1090: yes um youwantf1089: [yawn] m1090: you want
don t want don twantf1105: [?]put them in your dinner[/?] m1106 : two three
want a toy f1105: youwantfitt m1106 : i want a
of us want that wewantgreater equity and higher quality
just like this this iwantgreen this i want black
i just want i justwanthow about if we put
aye f1104: tinkerbell doesn twanti don t want to
one f1122: no i justwanti just want how about
the cupcakes f1118: yes iwanti want that f1117: mix
see you choose f1122: iwanti want this [inaudible] f1121:
s quite a few iwanti want to go over
like i like f833: iwanti want to go to
now you know and iwanti want to kind of
enough for me f1104: iwanti want to stay in
the dentist f1112: no iwant[inaudible] i don t want
upst you bj aw ahwantis noh want need aw
want preferential treatment what theywantis recognition of themselves and
want it he didn twantit f1121: are you sure
come on then you nowantit f1136: mmhm i want
f1122: when he didn twantit he didn t want
your bath m1092: no nowantit i want this f1091:
i want it off iwantit off f1135: hold on
watch your feet f1136: iwantit off i want it
bye m1090: bye bye iwantit off i want it
i want it on iwantit on book [inaudible] f1091:
not want it on notwantit on f1135: right wait
that sound m1092: but iwantit on i want it
the house [inaudible] f1136: notwantit on not want it
m1092: uh huh i iwantit want this f1091: and
i want that one iwantjust that one spoon the
he wants him back againwantlongley he shouts want longley
longley he shouts want longleywantlongley mum rushes forward picks
again want longley he shoutswantlongley want longley mum rushes
want you to [inaudible] youwantme f1135: right right go
i want you cause youwantme f1135: we should have
would doubtless want me towantme to clarify yes i
as fergus ewing would doubtlesswantme to want me to
on no i don twantmine on don t want
want mine on don twantmine on i don t
kept just like screaming iwantmy mum i want my
i want my mum iwantmy mum they couldn t
want your money sadie iwantmy own money both freeze
aw ah want is nohwantneed aw ah need is
that want o tocher anwanto awnin has made this
concerns aboot want o materialswanto awnin in the formal
improved there aye concerns abootwanto materials want o awnin
this want o tocher anwanto research could be attributit
oot intil scots but thatwanto tocher an want o
mony contributors felt that thiswanto tocher an want o
f1103: you want three youwantone with three f1104: three
want pink erm pi- iwantpink and blue f1103: well
oops f1104: no but iwantpink erm pi- i want
we want excerpts and wewantranges and diversities and diversities
if you if you wantwantsomething you ll say gonnae
mmhm m1090: [inhale] an iwantthat an i want that
that i want that iwantthat and that a lot
i want that too iwantthat f1089: yeah m1090: too
that [inaudible] i want thatwantthat f1091: that s a
f1118: yes i want iwantthat f1117: mix them in
that i want that iwantthat i want that and
go i want that iwantthat i want that i
like kids just go iwantthat i want that i
no ready yet f1118: iwantthat one i want just
aw that m1090: yeah iwantthat too i want that
think that all of uswantthat we want greater equity
i want this yin iwantthat yin m939: what s
the hospital recognises that mumswantthe dad there want their
democrats want and why wewantthe executive to make a
want f1114: i want iwantthe see the mak a
mums want the dad therewanttheir husbands there in some
huh i i want itwantthis f1091: and fitt aboot
no no want it iwantthis f1091: well you can
that an sayin oh iwantthis yin i want that
one s got f1103: youwantthree you want one with
want ti growe up ahwantti be wi ma mither
pains her eyes tess disnaewantti scream disnae want ti
disnae want ti scream disnaewantti see oany mair horrors
want to be if youwantto assimilate and sort of
mum f1121: erm f1122: iwantto bake f1121: you want
want to bake f1121: youwantto bake right we ll
can kind of if youwantto be if you want
wi us silence doll iwantto be re born want
want to be m805: iwantto be the thing and
want to go whether wewantto draw up a report
i want to no iwantto f1107: no wait no
going to m1098: want wa-wantto get a sweetie f1097:
beautiful shrubs f1112: want towantto go on the bus
t want i don twantto go out in that
a few i want iwantto go over for the
want [inaudible] i don twantto go to the dentist
like f833: i want iwantto go to university but
better idea of where wewantto go whether we want
i want to hide iwantto hide i m like
voices going ah no iwantto hide i want to
know and i want iwantto kind of explore other
want to sell insurance iwantto make more of myself
to jump up m1108: iwantto no i want to
want to play mum iwantto play f1105: the water
oh oh oh want towantto play football f1113: [inaudible]
want to play football iwantto play football f1113: well
know f1114: i- no iwantto play football i want
[inaudible] f1105: hmm m1106: iwantto play mum i want
want to tell barney iwantto play with the balls
f1114: [panting] want to seewantto see see f1113: watch
oot the drawer f1114: [panting]wantto see want to see
morning neil only if youwantto sell insurance i want
want to show you iwantto show you [exhale] no
f1112: no it's- no iwantto show you i want
me f1104: i want iwantto stay in the house
want to be re bornwantto take a break break
the clouds f1114: no iwantto tell barney i want
flowers and beautiful shrubs f1112: wantto want to go on
[inaudible] f1114: oh oh ohwantto want to play football
was she going to m1098: wantwa- want to get a
s if you if youwantwant something you ll say
i want white f1123: youwantwhite aye i know but
painting this time f1124: iwantwhite f1123: you want white
in the harbour f1136: iwantyou cause you want me
want it f1136: mmhm iwantyou to [inaudible] you want
i want your name iwantyour address and i want
right carolanne i don twantyour money sadie i want
door right she screamed iwantyour name i want your
want your address and iwantyour number right noo nope
it f1112: i don twanta bath no i don
don t i just wouldnawanta formal m865,: mmhm mmhm
often comments i don twanta free television licence i
you m1106 : i don twanta poop f1105: aye i
version cause i don twantactors voices not so much
to howl i don twantajab of shark i d
i don t understand iwantandy i say quietly but
thank you i don twantany she sits down to
just what you don twantat the back of your
er and you don twantever to spoil anybody s
her own i don twanther to think i m
bath no i don twant[inaudible] f1111: well you ll
though i don t reallywantit it converts my saliva
eat but i don twantit lift me up f1141:
pause no i don twantit she exits the others
thank you i don twantit tea perhaps even tea
now f1114: i don twantit to rain f1113: no
auld nonsense a don twantma man workin she says
mine on i don twantmine on f1111: okay don
[inaudible] f1112: i don twantmine on f1111: well it
free range i don twantmy eggs in one basket
no no i don twantmy hair washed f1105: why
a shrink i don twantmy parents to see even
mind yirsels ah don twantnae aggro at mah furst
you apply don t youwantout of here agnes defensive
trainers f1145: children don twantsandshoes m1146: [inaudible] f1145: any
oh fuck i don twanttae talk tae those bastards
please m1106 : i don twantthat chair there f1105: no
you f1126: i don twantthat first f1125: oh f1126:
strawberry f1136: i don twantthat kind o strawberry i
f1112: no i don twantthat on no i don
all think i don twantthat yesterday i received an
scared f1112: i don twantthe dentist pulling out my
good f1122: i don twantthe marshmallow f1121: oh well
the video i don twantthe video on f1121: it
f1145: but they don twantthem now [inaudible] f1143: and
tell them i don twantthem to take it i
s just f1037: [laugh] youwantthem you don t need
now m1110: i don twantthis ones f1109: they re
needin one thing don twantthis thing or this [inaudible]
this all don t youwantto add more a garden
costs i really don twantto ask you to continue
you oh i don twantto be a grubber that
hate myself i don twantto be a man like
you really don t particularlywantto be around children f963:
i mean i don twantto be be kind of
to be i don twantto be cheeky but i
oh no you don twantto be doin that f643:
yet and i don twantto be for a while
a family i don twantto be going off on
re do- we don twantto be held responsible for
perhaps the staff don twantto be honest why should
i just i don twantto be i don t
chance again you don twantto be in here forever
couch f810: i don twantto be late out tonight
to cry i don twantto be pecked by a
this and you don twantto burn the pasta salad
way i really don twantto come back to the
you don t understand iwantto come now [laugh] and
ought to i don twantto contribute a poetry of
f1113: no i don twantto dance to postman pat
how i feel inside iwantto die sadie don t
and frustration i don twantto end up fuelling someone
you know we don twantto end up gettin our
subject is that how iwantto end up i don
away i don t reallywantto f1037: yeah i think
plans if you don twantto f1038: yeah and you
already if you don twantto f810: that s what
mind but i don twantto follow there yet instead
like that i don twantto get into the i
don t know that iwantto get involved in this
f1104: i i don twantto go in that [?]blizzard[/?]
that i definitely don twantto go into a phd
the hook i don twantto go on but something
no but i don twantto go on holiday with
it but i don twantto go on my own
sometimes you just don twantto go out and run
mm f1104: i don twantto go out flying f1103:
again i don t reallywantto go out tonight but
in oh don t youwantto go see the rain
i don t know iwantto go to uni but
coat and ah don twantto hear another word aboot
even when i don twantto hear he s my
for i don t reallywantto hear what bjork s
isn t sure the peoplewantto kill her don t
mm i don t reallywantto know at the moment
that quarrel i don twantto know he d be
ear and i don twantto know i creep back
[tut] well i don twantto know [laugh] f806: cause
yes no we don twantto leave a big mess
hundred reasons i don twantto live in scotland any
next year i don twantto lose him back off
i don t think iwantto lose my accent i
forget f1112: i don twantto make a parcel for
to but we don twantto me and beastie are
i don t think iwantto meet them andy so
feb and i don twantto miss two weeks of
f1126: no i don twantto play a jigsaw f1125:
oh well i don twantto read anything erm at
s logical i don twantto read it over all
the telly we don twantto read my ladybird book
remembering things i don twantto remember they play in
well but i don twantto say it that s
one that i don twantto say [laugh] ehm f1006:
f1122: oh i don twantto see a crab f1121:
sook f1121: i don twantto sook it f1122: ah
god no m642: don twantto start ro- credibility is
aye m642: i don twantto start roll back m608:
money but i don twantto stay here it s
too but i don twantto steal him he belongs
did you f745: don twantto suddenly discover i ve
out and i very muchwantto take it don t
myself that i don twantto take literature further than
i i i don twantto talk about it actually
no no i don twantto taste f1125: oh fine
eyes i don t reallywantto tell him out with
here f1122: i don twantto the video i don
essays implying i don twantto think what he s
[laugh] but i don twantto throw it oot cause
i wish to be iwantto wander don t leave
f643: no we don twantto watch it [laugh] i
i thought you didn twantto why don t we
this and i don twantto you know f1187: [laugh]
manage now i don twantyou jammed in come on
a game i don twantyou playin at any more
fiona says i don twantyou staring at my bruise
mummy cause we don twantyou to get wet f1122:
on baby i don twantyou to scuffle now you
we all don t youwantyour breakfast yessir but sir

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