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shite bites his nails ahwantiti ken what you re
the group decide if wiwantisteve beam me doon scotty
nails stew decide if yiwantijoin me join the others
on stool bj sure yiwantiti dae this jilly silence
a few hospitals steve ahwantimelt right inti a dream
laughs long silence steve ahwantisay something pretend ah m
stop the pain cammy ahwantistop the guilt steve if
stopping each other steve youwantistop the pain cammy ah
stew locks the door stewwantiti be seen steve steve
be saved pat di yiwantiti be pat shouts it
how the fuck kin yiwantiti be like stew yi
but but stew when yiwantiti git stoned git pissed
teacher auld berna pause ahwantiti hear yi read they
an wid a mithir nohwantimind ur ain son zeb
back there oany time ahwantiti mah laddie zeb uh
dimps fuck sake ah deywantiti hear aboot cammy an
ma lee why wid hewantiti dae that pat laughs
nawwwwwww dinnae tell mi deywantihear boot jilly dad how
starts boxing lee ah deywantiti upst you bj aw
leave go oot there ahwantiti git clean git clean
punch bag long silence cammywantiti ken what ah think

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