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he wants some s- hewantssome some dominoes f1103: he
some dominoes f1104: no hewantsto eat some chicken dominoes
some some dominoes f1103: hewantsto eat some dominoes f1104:
wants the building altered orwantsa different style kenny macaskill
to do it if hewantsher and she wants him
he wants her and shewantshim let them have each
get a bad name orwantshis ain back or wants
a it s what shewantsif she wants sadie there
[child noise] he wants it hewantsit [child noise] [child noise] f1089: turn
oh m1090: [blowing] [child noise] hewantsit he wants it [child noise]
what she wants if shewantssadie there s naebody hame
want to eat f1104: hewantssome s- he wants some
are being replaced because somebodywantsthe building altered or wants
wants his ain back orwantsye tae tak on all
presentation which may if anyonewantsit serve as a pattern
face is that anyone whowantsto get broadband in their
don t think anyone reallywantsto go into something that
as it is unless anyonewantsto push the matter mr
has the paper if anyonewantsto see it as part
of councils none of uswantsto take away anyone else
is hard f1104: the horsiewantssomething to eat f1103: oh
hillside to eat and shewantsthat blade of grass cried
m1108: why f1107: because hewantsto and they ll eat
just now f1104: [inaudible] shewants[?]a look at that[/?] neigh mum can i
f1104: i think sh- shewantsher one on so and
edges f1104: yeah the unicornwantsto do this as well
mmhm f1104: i think shewantsto look in it oh
f1104: [child noises] i think hewantsto oh no tom- f1103:
tommy goes f1104: mum somebodywantsto swim in the water
sea f1103: oh f1104: shewantsto take off her booties
f1104: wee skirt well sparkleworkswantsto talk do- f1103: does
she f1104: mum but shewantsto watch f1103: aye but
you will f1104: the unicornwantsto watch f1103: mm f1104:
f1104: yep i [inaudible] [inaudible]wantsto watch f1103: oh does
scared agnes ach she jistwantsa week or twa sadie
now arguing carolanne my husbandwantsme sadie crippled same wey
if i do what hewantssadie he s oot there
truth ll work but naebodywantsthe truth to sadie cause
scotland with that friendship itwantsto sit back and watch
you friggin tart dimpsy hewantsyi ti watch the doll
is called lila she alwayswantscarrots f1103: does she just
sparkleworks her reflection f1103: sunsparklewantsus to put her wee
boys oh whit a noisewantsa wee cheeper pit his
aboot him gettin whit hewantsagnes sheltered fae whit carolanne
tane has whit the titherwantsand the tither has the
she disnae ken whit shewantscarolanne she needs looking after
o whit the scots leidwantsfae govrement a m shair
of the handout whit scotswantsfae govrenment sae nou a
oan still daen whit hewantshe micht as weel be
while he takes whit hewantsoh an ma guid man
shona that s whit shewantsshe s a massielyke besom
aye ask whit bit hewantstae slice aff next beth
truibils a dout this leddiewantsa priest mair nor she
is that what the ministerwantsdoes she agree that what
one on so and shewantsher [inaudible] hey dora dora
and baby beastie says shewantsit i tell her not
out what ones she actuallywantsm939: [laugh] [laugh] m941: an
the petitioner about what shewantsmeanwhile because the petition covers
and hamlet very festive shewantspascal to play hamlet but
her teeth into something shewantsshe s a real terrier
at her wondering what shewantsteenie looks as if she
dae a jig della shewantsti berna yis uh ll
bj kept lee if shewantsti come hame why noh
ur ticht tess bit shewantsti dae a jig della
naw naw naw naw shewantsti hear wicked music noh
shoulder ay ay jek shewantsti see me dis she
a meinit maister malcolm shewantsti see me jek ay
for meg ah think shewantsti skreive sumthing hae ye
as she d miss whowantsto be a millionaire there
she knows somebody that shewantsto be put in place
does she know what shewantsto do after she finishes
f1148: mmhm f1149: and shewantsto do primary teaching at
t know really where shewantsto go but f809: uh
well that s where shewantsto go but then she
brankin has said if shewantsto make separate representations to
we [baby in background is crying] and [censored: forename] shewantsto see what you re
don t know why shewantsto stay in town to
him she likes andy andwantsto steal him i like
well she does it shewantsto talk to erm s-
finish ch 3 and shewantsto write some short stories
gabbles and makes signs shewantsto write something down knicht
getting angry wi you shewantsyou to move f1122: aye
get the answers that hewantsbut that does not stop
he f1122: mm he alwayswantsto do the dishes does
dishes does he f1121: hewantsto do them no he
does the man mean hewantsto marry you stupid but
something like this happens hewantsa new barrel fae s
a noisy fuss if itwantssomething sounds like eric any
to item 3 arthur midwinterwantsto clarify something for members
properly considered perhaps richard grantwantsto say something about it
princess what the princess reallywantsto do is play at
and nobody his own agewantsto play with him because
play aw the jigs hewantswhen we hae the celebration
the information that irene mcguganwantsbut if that information lacks
considered carefully if the ministerwantsevidence that nothing has changed
hell sae if faust stillwantshis raip o saund he
the problem if the sqawantsmarkers and the scottish executive
compromising on this if johnwantspeople who have wrongly been
scotland if sir john wedderburnwantstae send him back tae
further details if the committeewantsthem about each of the
in his cell if hewantsto and i can have
must register only if itwantsto be recognised as a
not sure if he reallywantsto catch up with her
his mother as if hewantsto do a space walk
substance therefore if john scottwantsto go down that route
development group if the ministerwantsto hear a soundbite i
of a building if itwantsto it may also remit
little pest says my daddywantsto know if andy is
of tremendous use if onewantsto learn a third or
a long time if hewantsto legislate in an ideal
any lower if that characterwantsto murder you like you
is helpful because if onewantsto pursue an issue perhaps
amendment if any other memberwantsto raise a point of
boxes however if the industrywantsto reinvestigate and reinvigorate that
christmas recess if the committeewantsto seek parliamentary time for
f1142: two nights if hewantsto sleep two nights he
one foody fad if itwantsto stare all day at
snp s tail end charliewantsa couple of minutes he
saying harry just that hewantsher to gaun to america
doorstep and instantly decides hewantshim back again want longley
level noticeably but he stillwantshis mother as our eyes
says you know that hewantshis poetry to be read
clean dirt mither aw hewantsis a guid skoosh doun
done naething wrang all hewantsis tae be let alane
can t read french hewantsit in scots so he
o the hous an hewantslearnin hou wad it be
jack can hae whitever hewantslilian oh yes you offer
me sending the flowers hewantsme to leave i d
caird like as no hewantsthe new machines tae get
mr mcclure and he nowwantsthe scottish parliament to intervene
we gee um what hewantsthen he ll be awa
her eldest son that hewantsto be an engineer so
no matter how much hewantsto cause that s like
not sure about what hewantsto do f1150: has he
s [laugh] you know hewantsto do it but they
he never gets sunburned hewantsto go to the bathroom
m805: cause he just l-wantsto have that m804: [tut]
do not think that everybodywantsto hear everything that he
uses the other when hewantsto hit a high note
the room not that hewantsto leave geordie who is
that a aboot teenie hewantsto mairry me chrissie fit
stourie warld sae nou hewantsto quit the warld an
come writing a letter hewantsto scare me sending the
balls are for kicking hewantsto shout fatty at her
thing has them whenever hewantsto stamp on any guard
know the reason why hewantsto stop silence stew fuck
work [inhale] but he alsowantsto tell a good story
to do anything here hewantsus to pack up and
programmes every drug user whowantsa life without drugs should
of string the student whowantssay to look at the
could the witnesses indicate whowantsto answer first you may
you were preparing for whowantsto be a millionaire m1163:
since 1993 any european whowantsto can exercise that right
voice of a critic whowantsto correct a mistake in
voice of a critic whowantsto correct a mistake in
not s- m819: wh- whowantsto go for a chinese
my admin burden though whowantsto pick up an armful
not a cry baby whowantsto run home to mummy
is any other person whowantsto say that we should
less text than one whowantsto search for a fairly
has an interest and whowantsto see changes there you
important that any tenant whowantsto take up the right
voice of a person whowantsto write about her feelings
voice of a person whowantsto write about her feelings
it also says that itwantsthe new framework to settle
says that a state thatwantsto secede or pull away
massive majority in the parliamentwantsa different policy i do
fund the changes that itwantsandrew wilson how do the
this area match what businesswantsthe convener do members therefore
committee to decide what itwantsto do about the issue
it can decide what itwantsto do about the petition
had the choice and itwantsto do as much as
onto the drama idea butwantsto do excerpts from king
the parliament decides that itwantsto do that as a
the majority of the parliamentwantsto do the right thing
to do with david davidsonwantsto stay with the planned
do not recur unless somebodywantsto take a stronger line
ah think ti masell happinesswantsmair nor juist be in
hey stew mibi dimpsy boywantssome fantasy time how ti
him yit moula ma faitherwantsti caw him seumas eftir
n na no me whawantsti ken tea wyfe the
devised tess it s mewantsti ken when the story
naethin like a bodie atwantsti quit the wrld this
ferapont frae the cooncil officewantsti see ye anent sumthing
be an awfu jaud naebodiewantsti veisit me naebodie kens
shaw up some o thewantsin scotland s haunlin o
place to be annabel goldiewantsto ask some questions on
some merit and that itwantsto produce another negative instrument
of the reason why tommywantsthis bill to be passed
same wey beth s manwantsher carolanne duncan would never
them a real mother ayewantsher dochters tae grow up
pictures up f1089: because mummywantsthe pictures up in the
a lottery grant because itwantsto explain local culture to
has a just aim itwantsaccess on equal terms to
that we operate the industrywantsit to be made clear
markers and the scottish executivewantsit to have markers they
is it saying that itwantsits representatives to be trained
carole has written again andwantsme to learn a letter
anything just yet but johnwantsme to put you in
issues the parliament i hopewantsor should want to have
[inaudible] though apparently the governmentwantspeople to what th- what
as to whether the committeewantssuch work to be done
in scotland none of uswantsthat work to be jeopardised
the councils main concerns everyonewantsthe bill to go through
of delivering more the executivewantsthe voluntary sector to bring
it seems that the executivewantsthe zonal management committees to
the public sector whether itwantsto ask for puk support
examine when judging whether itwantsto back projects will be
project is one that pukwantsto back rather than taking
to america this summer davewantsto be able to go
is awash with philanthropy andwantsto be fair traditionally that
the request part of mewantsto be genuinely helpful but
verbs arnae ensaumple 6 davewantsto can go to america
see that dorothy grace elderwantsto comment that is a
i know that the committeewantsto consider strategic rather than
strategy as i said onewantsto convince people and to
future work and what itwantsto cover are we agreed
with allotment societies the lgawantsto encourage all local authorities
coming in and the industrywantsto ensure that standard features
of information that the governmentwantsto get out of the
that even when the executivewantsto give away money it
that is help that nobodywantsto have to ask for
investigating the tobacco industry whichwantsto keep its customers smoking
them the taxpayer in scotlandwantsto know that we all
committee ask questions gil patersonwantsto make a point mr
the local twinning association itwantsto obtain a lottery grant
unclear the national osteoporosis societywantsto open up a debate
james macmillan an american choirwantsto perform it authentically i
will decide itself that itwantsto reconsider an instrument is
that the public petitions committeewantsto respond or to have
dub dub dub f1121: [censored: forename]wantsto see what you re
officer as no other memberwantsto speak i ask the
committee must decide whether itwantsto support sportscotland in that
m1048: erm but now alanwantsto swap with [censored: forename] [laugh]
any organisation or business thatwantsto take a step up
week however the association alsowantsto use the week to
that s what the maisterwantsyou to hear andy the
health and community care committeewantsand what the scottish liberal
opposite of what everybody elsewantsoh well nowt wrong with
they will try though sharpwantsme deid and when ma
then on tae singin jesuswantsme for a sunbeam they
big area m822: whether [inaudible]wantstae dae it themselves or
ec has stated that itwantsa decision that will clarify
parliamentary bureau that the committeewantsa short parliamentary debate we
a knife it ma throatwantshauf a million a helicopter
grue there s naebody thatwantsthe flu here in ma
social deprivation which no- nobodywantsthat but it s everybody
wul lyke the cat thatwantsthe fish but s feart
the whale place at catwantsmair lebensraum than hitler ever
the final brew it justwantsa wee bit time tae
negro case a fellow thatwantstae be free of his
wark o the pairlament anwantstae ken yer views anent
wi strife an tension anwantsye juist tae gie a
o sindrie preemitive ettles orwantsaw buchan s heroes is
fulfil the needs or thewantsof scots enthusiasts m055: no
awa up the hoose dellawantsyis move you scabby tess
at this stage that itwantsits own legislation however we
chrissie it s you thatwantsthe perm so stop complainin
brither is a mandarin thatwantsaye for naething his horses
the health service that everyonewantsin the 21st century we
of our minds that oberonwantsthe little indian boy for
of social development that irenewantsthere is a great danger
bring alang onybody else duwantsin dat line a ll
an they soud meet yeirwantsinby yeir ryal policies yeir
syphilis is going blind andwantsjanie released from the orphanage
wi nae thocht of thewantso oor brithers ye mind
thinkin anerlie o oor ainwantswi nae thocht of the

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