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the officiars o the inbyewardsan baillies o the outlan
an baillies o the outlanwardsti double an treiple their
ain interpretations ontae mere wardswardsdream t up bi john
wur ain interpretations ontae merewardswards dream t up bi
nurses on medical wards surgicalwardsand in primary care throughout
perth and nurses on medicalwardssurgical wards and in primary
insufficient number of fully staffedwardsand medical teams and about
and stress of working inwardsthat are not fully staffed
autistic spectrum disorders in psychiatricwardspe496 the scottish executive s
autistic spectrum disorders in psychiatricwardspe538 definition of autistic spectrum
autistic spectrum disorder in psychiatricwardsin scotland pe453 petition by
hospitals still have mixed sexwardsbroken down by nhs board
of ending mixed sex hospitalwardsby april 2002 s1w 24762
appropriate phase out mixed sexwardsgood mental health one in
of eliminating mixed sex hospitalwardshow much was spent and
deliberately languish in inappropriate acutewardsin hospitals we can and
they were moved to acutewardsthe orkney crisis could be
services and accommodation single sexwardsa health board shall provide
reinstatement of the four anguswardsexcluded from the revised assisted
crys for help duncan yeirwardsan wounds brings honor baith
doors and targeting areas orwardswhere hmos are expected to
hospital in charge of tenwardsi can t tell you
keep track o faar eirwardswis even in e dark
tae german psychoanalysis acks nowardscures the mind that s
the level of local authoritywardsfor example indeed data are
ti say sic wumman swardsthey winna help me enter
local authority councillors elected towardsin the cairngorms area a
fine an drochty aye taewardsnicht friday 8 temp 2
should monitor the cleaning ofwardsimproving and expanding local care
and the corners o thewardsfar the cleaners hadna teen
that the proposed closure ofwards15 and 6 at strathcathro
the scottish executive how manywardsare in the western infirmary
croke daes weel tae speakwardstae leithen an palliser yeates
see me gan roon thewardspointin oot the sheets that
the rank ordering of allwardsin scotland which meet the
ll your sexiness fantastic malewardsyou mean be serious for

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