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leeve in a sair disjaskitwarlda forfochen warld a warld
sair disjaskit warld a forfochenwarlda warld o cark and
in this disjaskit and discomfistwarldliggs shairly wi ane bydan
waesucks in our ain disjaskitwarldmairattowre our ain kintra fowk
the mirk o this disjaskitwarldwi aa its trachles wi
leeve in a sair disjaskitwarldwi fowk discomfist by aa
leeve in a sair disjaskitwarldwi fowk discomfist by aa
bonniest queen in the haillwarldan she kent this hirsell
bonniest queen in aw thewarldan the trout wad soum
bonniest queen in aw thewarldan the wyce auld trout
bonniest queen in aw thewarldan the wyce auld trout
bonniest queen in aw thewarldan the wyce auld trout
bonniest queen in the haillwarldsumthing she wes aye gled
aw the wattirs o thewarldin nae mair nor nyne
athort the wattirs o thewarldin nyne days can shuirlie
the paerls o aw thewarlds wattirs an sairvants for
at the boddom o thewarlds wattirs cum you nou
place ferr ferr ablo thewarlds wattirs syne whit soud
an soumed aboot in thewarlds wattirs thay war that
at the boddom o thewarlds wattirs whaur the sie
he wants to quit thewarldan pit temporalitie ahint him
fowk at s quit thewarldfirst an foremaist lousna strang
re here ti quit thewarldhou are ye no meditatin
knees ye ve quit thewarldnou hou cud ye brak
s here ti quit thewarldwhit are ye sittin doun
bodie at s quit thewarldye wadna tak dug mait
1 the wal at thewarlds end a week later
1 the wal at thewarlds end a week later
frae the wal at thewarlds end an brocht me
ti this wal at thewarlds end richt awa monie
frae the wal at thewarlds end this is a
frae the wal at thewarlds end ti sort hir
2 the wal at thewarlds end twa weeks later
2 the wal at thewarlds end two weeks later
frae the wal at thewarlds end wad serr hir
fund oniewhaur in the haillwarldan he loues hir weill
hertit lassie in the haillwarldan no a bit lyke
cums hame til the haillwarldan syne fowk wul mynd
hertit lassie in the haillwarldan ye hae keepit the
the weidth o the haillwarldat lest he wes lowsed
snaw wul hap the haillwarldbut ah l gae on
graundest dream in the haillwarldbut it s no easie
at aw in the haillwarldbut ma bed an me
the weidth o the haillwarldcormac telt the knicht that
erdine doun ablo the haillwarldis in jizzen she is
whaur awbodie in the haillwarldlykes me fyne whaur naebodie
chaumer ring the haill lythewarldnou taks the play in
reid bul in the haillwarldseeminlie cum ti tak the
gretest sklimmar in the haillwarldshuir an ah im sae
it s lyke the haillwarldwes turnt ti stour for
brawest guidbrither in the haillwarldwi a kinrik o his
leeve in a sair belbevartwarlda warld o alagust begeek
ills and trachles o thiswarlda warld o saught a
faither s namesake in thewarldabeen the warld bit bi
in the warld abeen thewarldbit bi bit matthew bruce
til the dule of thewarldintil a warld o truibils
a sair belbevart warld awarldo alagust begeek and malacord
warld a forfochen warld awarldo cark and care lippen
a warld o saught awarldo justice for aa men
a warld o saught awarldo justice for aa men
trachles o this warld awarldo saught a warld o
the hallan atween them awarldo saught a warld o
of the warld intil awarldo truibils from the chinese
yer saucht til the hailwarldtak frae the warld the
connection wi the warld thewarldthat gars me tichten like
hail warld tak frae thewarldthe fleg o weir lat
sidestepped aa connection wi thewarldthe warld that gars me
waves sair pairtin the newwarldfrae the auld a seekin
waves sair pairtin the newwarldfrae the auld they seek
re latten out intil thewarldthere ll shuirlie be sair
whan he cums inti thiswarldah l be guid an
laddie bairn cam inti thewarldan a mukkil haund cam
wul gang oot inti thewarldan seek ma fortuin aweill
ye bring bairns inti thiswarldan ye git gey littil
war pigs putten inti thiswarldfor gin it wesna ti
inti the ruif o thewarldon the verra tap stuid
tho thay maun hunt thewarldat first licht thay gaed
in the wunds o thewarlddoun an doun thay gaed
mukkil sie wyde as thewarldgray thay war in the
him throu the weidth othewarldthay war mairrit that verra
is socht bi aw thewarldti me thay kyth nae
thay pour in the eftirwarldwul be the first from
twa kinna fowk in thewarldan he haes lat it
wis mair fowk in thewarldbar hissel his clients an
bein sae scant in awarldfar fowk was gey slaw
twa kinna fowk in thewarldfisher fowk an the ither
aw the fowk in thewarldhis sceptre is cawed luiv
for themsels certes but awarldmen share wi ither fowk
the wyce fowk in thewarldsae mynd you an mynd
atweesh bleck and white awarldwhaur aa fowk are ane
but sweir tae gie awarldwhaur fowk are gleg tae
wadna lyke ti leave thiswarldahint wi you mebbe thinkin
m no lang for thiswarldan no lyke ready for
shuirlie ti bigg a newwarldfor yeirsell a flat lyke
s lyfe leeved inouth thiswarldis lyke the byde ower
ah think awthing in thewarldis lyke ti chynge gradually
an sweir ti leave thiswarldlyke they ir nou vershinin
nou owre this ae haufwarldo nicht naitur s lyke
graundest dream in aw thewarldpepper ah wad fair lyke
runkilt haunds issa whitna lykewarldwhan lotus flouers ir ploued
nor oniething in aw thewarldah m verra near saxtie
aw the days o thewarldan a thocht cam til
aw the beiss in thiswarldan for us it is
fair naewhaur in aw thewarldan syne the queen wad
aw the days o thewarldan wi that the streinger
the war glaumerie in thewarldan wi the glaumerie aw
aw the riddils in thewarldareddies the r no mukkil
aw the happiness in thewarldawthing ye d wush for
nor oniething in aw thewarldbetter nor hir even sae
aw the days o thewarldbut she wes a sleikit
glorie faws on aw thewarldbut the lanesum lass thinks
ma days an aw thewarldcan faw apairt for me
or less in aw thewarldforby ye l be daein
the seas in aw thewarldfrae green ti crammasie enter
a care in aw thewarldif he onlie kent eh
aw the happiness in thewarldin the auld days whan
an wae yit aw thewarldis wapp t bi ties
clivverest man in aw thewarldit s different nou he
or less in aw thewarldlat it be it s
chynge wul dae me awarldo guid whan aw said
aw til itsell i thewarlds neuk richt aneuch it
lo ed in aw thewarlds regard immortal rabbie fae
waesumest puddok in aw thewarldsnek you aff ma heid
mang the wunds o thewarldspreidin wyde ah im aw
ither merksman in aw thewarldthat coud hae hutten that
yae sowl in aw thewarldthat coud possibly unnerstaun me
an naebodie in aw thewarldti care for thaim naebodie
or wumman in aw thewarldti me this is juist
we war aw born thewarldwes thrang wi gret lizards
wha in aw the yirdliewarldwi hauf an ee in
best reivar in aw thewarldye ir the proudest ane
wul caw me frae thewarldo men sae whan gress
year lyfe on this auldwarldo oors wul becum lousum
in the weidth o thewarldsyne ye wul shuirlie need
devaul an naething in thiswarldwul haud on for ti
on the dule o thewarldye wul onlie be trauchilt
on the dule o thewarldye wul onlie mak yeirsell
him birth an nou thewarldkens his worth a surgeon
the maister tellt him thewarldll be weill fettelt nou
at s for quittin thewarldnou he hes an ill
canna be lang for thiswarldnou me ah ve been
an pyne o this stouriewarldsae nou he wants to
ir hyne awa til anitherwarldthe thing is auld nou
anent his daith frae thewarld2nd murderer we l dae
immortal cam doun frae thewarldabune spunkie an bauld guid
rugged frae their meanin theirwarldan their time nae preservation
an the hallierackit o thiswarldfrae ahin her lace curtains
as a blink frae aewarldintae the neist naebody telt
box i bide in somewarldkent architect frae germany designed
the cream o scots anwarldliterature aathin frae the mediaeval
coontless nationalities frae aa thewarldr oon chorus oh the
an nobles frae aa thewarlds airts far s the
an music frae aa thewarlds airts wauchtit ower the
frae the found o thewarldsall be wantit frae the
laidder that raise frae thewarldtae heiven an a swan
plane he jaunts aboot thewarldthrough frae cronberry tae katmandu
ruthven frae cradle sang benwarldwars barehillock an newbiggin a
hinmaist crime tae set thewarldaflame an gin the deidly
man greins for sic awarldan gin it s no
as gin awthing in thewarldbecam clear ti me an
twid bi gran gin ewarldcuid a news awa an
that no gar aa thewarldlauch gin daith it s
an fair gin a puirwarldsterves ach havers rab i
british meenistry o information inwarldwar i is creditit gin
the ills o aa thewarldye d cured gin ye
in ilka country roun thewarldaa manner o men tae
craitur he claims aa thewarldas his ain dominion an
aa the kinricks o thewarldi m shair that ye
birdie cheeps an aa thewarldis weel midsimmer fan the
tae hame blottin aa thewarldoot she d staun in
tae hame blottin aa thewarldoot she d staun in
aa the time in thewarldtae dee it efter a
oh they re aa thewarldtae me the braes o
aa ma warssles wi thewarldwas fan we gaed me
preclair brugh in aa thewarldwe hae muckle waas palices
s puckles traivel aa thewarldyet niver move ava while
umquhile warks o wrang awarldin the whilk men are
soud gae back til thewarldo men for ah wad
an yird sumwhaur ayont thewarldo men from the chinese
o brotherhude and saucht awarldwhilk men yase for themsels
monie wycelyke men in thewarldwhitfor can ah think anelie
whaur a wes born thewarldclaucht me an yokit me
at random in space thewarldis the steid whaur ah
n welcome war v werewarldn world wastlin a westerly
v wrap war v werewarldn world wather n weather
war yit glaumerie in thewarldsyne the beiss an the
an affcome o the firstwarldwar altho archie awns at
everyday life in the secondwarldwar health e g diet
christopher harvie notes that durinwarldwar i in his role
at bank afore the furstwarldwar in days lang syne
weapon wappit tied war werewarldworld warsil struggle wastrie extravagance
ti see ye in thiswarldagain ye ir a sicht
seen nae mair in thewarldthe ir said finn nae
the grettest thing i thewarldand sae i speir whit
wearie weys o hauf thewarldfor sae lang ai but
sae we maun hae awarldfylit na by greed nar
that hid sae cheenged thewarldin the 2030s on his
he hid tae sae thewarldmicht be free i winner
sae muckle o the thirdwarldriddled wi orra smits like
win littlin climm easy thewarlds at yer feet sae
the blawn caff fae thewarlds merrimatazie sae lichtsome i
gies birth til a breirdinwarldsae autumn draks the nectar
naethin for naethin in thiswarldsae ilka sponsor gets their
did ye kyth in thiswarldsae late cummin ti me
sae admired the braw newwarldyer passions fired the liberty
celestial doun i the commonwarldan seiventy an twa stellates
fower neuks o the wydewarldan the prince lowtit doun
s the wey o thewarldis it no wrutten doun
ti gang hame til thewarldoutby the auldest fairie said
sing auld lang syne thewarldwears a kilt nane the
quarters kent in the auldwarldas beltane lammas mairtinmas an
auld an the new thewarldo the horse on ae
the ferr end o thewarldan the seivint man spak
the ferr end o mawarldfrom the chinese of su
at the end o thewarldmorag puddok ye r brekkin
at a place cawed thewarlds end at the ferrest
at a steid cawed thewarlds end at the ferrest
on a caird at thewarlds end sent me awa
at the end o thewarldthare she gethert a spirl
r owre guid for thiswarldah m shuir ah dinna
s ower guid for thiswarldah think a see hir
guid it did me awarldo guid ah wes gled
time o peace i thewarldwhan hairsts wir guid an
stoor abeen yer broo awarldawa far yer cauld clay
dearest tae me in thewarldbide aneth this reef yer
man wha comes intae thewarldheeze up yer een tae
man wha comes intae thewarldheeze up yer een tae
yer ain dour granite greywarldinno the growthie leys o
it on yer blad yerwarldis fashit wi its skaith
yer tenant niver brichtent thewarldlike a flicht o cockatoos
no here yet when yerwarldturns tapsalteery an the buit
the hale o the auncientwarldbi celt an roman alike
keepin twa luvers in thewarldoot sharny beets bi the
an whyles they wadna thewarldwis aye weeted bi a
ah hae naebodie in thewarldbut you ye r dearer
awa the sin o thewarldr grant us your peace
a sicht mair in thiswarldthe r aye a fee
iii citizens o a multilingualwarld22 an action group for
is oor lyfe in thiswarlda flaucht o gangrel geese
michtie barefuit immortal o thewarldabune whan he wis born
sen the stert o thewarldagain the princess gaed ti
the vainitie o the fleshliewarldah turn ma heid an
on the wunds o thewarldan finn staunin thare watchin
in admeinistration an the politicalwarldan fither the executive o
on his back ti thewarldat the boddom o the
o the keing o thewarldat the boddom o the
rael flouers o this dulefuwarldbasho 1644 94 the fishmongir
o that whae i thewarldcairries a hous about on
son o heiven soupit thewarldclean an muckit out the
pencil a map o thewarldhung skweejee on ae waa
a rowth o land thewarldis big o that a
gif its true o oorwarldits true als o oor
fin peintit indians deed awarldo black an fite a
by selfishness gart wersh awarldo brotherhude and saucht a
thegither agin the dreich onchancywarldo cheenge i hae taen
that man to man thewarldo er shall brothers be
genes tae bide in thewarldo los heich abeen grun
an fit wye iss furlinwarldo oors keeps gyan wi
an naething steers within thiswarldo stormy lift an troubled
see him alive in thewarldo the leevin get oot
horse on ae side thewarldo the machine on tither
hoch in a private weewarldo their ain wi nae
sacrificed fur ony king awarldo whisperin paths swirlin in
wur atavistic impulses i thewarldo wur imaginations is ane
hawk an eagle flee thiswarldo yird an ocean it
on the dule o thewarldor ye l never wun
the ferrest neuk o thawarldowre an owre agin an
draks the nectar o thewarlds maturitie hou dowf the
the midden o the hailwarlds rejects sum o the
bleeze christ licht o thewarldshed on this bairn we
am the licht o thewarldst john ix 5 the
the maikless wattirgaw o thewarldthe unco blue o the
s the wey o thewarldthis is no your tyme
o mynes ayont the thriepilwarldunthirlt unfasht from the chinese
cark an care o thewarldwad be forgotten awthgither for
wirsels jesus licht o thewarldwe tine your flame an
and mense tae bigg awarldwi nae deevision o politique
time o peace i thewarldwi no a steir in
o his verse an hiswarldwide renown cuidna accepp that
time the globe o thewarldwis seen he wis stottin
coorses is oot o thiswarldye shuid see thaim a
oor bluidie example ti thewarldcums back again ti fash
maun it be wi oorwarldgif we ettle tae get
accord fae distant ports thewarlds bree sweels roon oor
seek oor fortuin in thewarldthegither an whitever the tane
ti see is mair norwarlds gear or fee the
naething is fair in thewarldbroun ogre whan ah canna
yon sanct cam intil thewarlda reid scaum spreid owre
bosie tint its snaa thewarldwid cam tae its eyn
him awa throu the wydewarldan garred him forget his
was gie contentit wi thewarldand gaed awa tae ligg
darg awa an begowk thewarldwi yeir fairest face yeir
m no lang for thiswarldringan ah m rael vext
pyne for awthing in thiswarldsuiner or later yeir mither
a dae ti spyte thewarld1st murderer an a m
ti be alive in thiswarldfreinds that s whit gogol
ti lowp and the newwarldorder looks like tummlin in
ye micht growe ti flooerwarldwide 2 the great man
man new waukent in anitherwarldan it an unco ane
tree bit adam man thewarldis wide let s see
greet man dinnae greet thewarlds no comin tae an
the mukkil elephants in thewarldan his vyce wes louder
difference atwein the wey thewarldwes then an the wey
an mither back in thewarldance mair like mammie an
forby nae mair this wearywarldi d crawl och lat
much mair a mixter maxterwarldwhar fact and dream are
haun twa bairns agin thewarldwe staun diet bird quo
noo i plap aroon thewarlda skyrie dowie dyeuk wi
m sweirt tae say thewarlds still set wi grief
an cud hae traivellit thewarldwi a degree like thon
meevement i meeve throwe thewarldwi ma harns ma thochts
an the best in thewarldfor ah can trek the
durstna byde in the mortalwarldma lane an ah can
leevin in retirement ayont thewarldquaetlie enjoyin aesumness ah pul
wig quaet tint tae thewarldan aathin in t i
seek his fortuin in thewarldan his faither gied him
howf an clachan dirlin thewarldan his wife this day
like stalkin herons owerluikin thewarldan muckle cement mixers crunchin
an his aunt aroon thewarldas aabody thocht he wis
in a dreich an comfortlesswarlddid i miss onythin last
the mune wha set thewarldfirst birlin roon an spends
there s room in thiswarldfor baith us an the
stramash an hash is thewarldi ken hinna gotta hinna
him apyntit an rule thewarldif ye ve a mind
is that awbodie in thewarldis deid binna masell an
street tae sit amang thewarlds elite an meet hersel
names impress a gowk thewarlds ill pairtit nicht an
the pouers that shakk thewarldtae commerce an tae indusry
rin the safer throw thewarldtae win an open letter
an erne wheechin ben thewarldtwinty storeys up abeen the
the foonds for the newwarldwe tyauve an aye we
tae work again an thewarldwis a mess an there
feart for naething in thiswarlda servant enters the deil
bin seen again in thiswarldagain till on halloween they
alang brawlie issa in thiswarldeven the butterflies maun aern
maun mynd that in thiswarldill daein is aften weill
s check this blether thewarldkens fine ye were nae
hae her chaunce i thewarldlike onybody else game set
hidna a care in thewarldlike he d aathing tae
fit tae bide inno thewarlds life cycle aathin in
they hid aathing in thewarldtae luik forrit till a
littlin tae come intae thewarldwe thank ye for the
didnae ken whit in thewarldwis happenin tae him he
cursit sorner s heid thewarldcan breathe again looking at
reinge afore the wund thewarlds speirit throu me dirls
discomfist it was a tapsalteeriewarldand fient a care had
deep it s the halewarldi see noo nae the
her mither comin inno thewarlda queer thing thon fur
chi ho ca 750 awarldapairt the leddie muin is
atween you and the nextwarldbeaumont i cannot see a
first tuik the throne thewarldkept peacefu for seiventeen year
ony ither thing in thewarldlilian martha grips her arm
wab tends its prey thewarlds naitur is geyan sib
the pairk s cried thewarlds roun a wadna daur
the muckle mou and thewarlds wonder there have also
claimin they d saved thewarldstill weirin their groupie t
issa 1763 1827 a guidlykewarldthe kristal dew draps faws
modern transportation system in thewarldweel the comatee got yokit
wark your will on thewarldwide a better plan i
rannoch moor i thocht thewarldwud be white for iver
their life s darg awarldthat nippit their thochts that
hao 8th century 22 awarldapairt chang chih ho ca
haddin things gyan as esswarldturns roon fitiver fedder time

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