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okay you wash his hairwashand wash f1114: wash see
the hoose an wash ev-washeh seven bairns claes by
f828: tae the hoose anwashev- wash eh seven bairns
wash his hair wash andwashf1114: wash see teddy f1113:
else have i have towashf1121: erm you could wash
f1121: [censored: forename] quick wash quickwashf1122: i didn t wipe
to wash it out firstwashf1123: tell me what colour
his hair f1113: okay youwashhis hair wash and wash
wash stand and begins towashhis hands chebutykin glumly the
wash house they kept thewashhouse fire on for the
f1040: ye know when yewashhouse they kept the wash
a wash we d taewashin the sink an it
t ye f1124: got towashit out first wash f1123:
f1113: i ll pretend towashit there we go wash
wash yourself and i llwashmyself f1112: no [inaudible] f1111:
my dock f1121: [censored: forename] quickwashquick wash f1122: i didn
there we go wash washwashright i ll dry it
hair wash and wash f1114: washsee teddy f1113: da da
round then goes to thewashstand and begins to wash
i wash the window iwashthe window f1125: wash the
i wash the window f1125: washthe window f1126: aye where
f1125: right [humming] f1126: ohwashthe window i wash the
i wash the window iwashthe window i wash the
oh wash the window iwashthe window i wash the
wash f1121: erm you couldwashthis glass f1122: okay which
it there we go washwashwash right i ll dry
wash it there we gowashwash wash right i ll
nothing if we wanted awashwe d tae wash in
aye [raspberry noises] f1097: right youwashyour hands go and wash
wash your hands go andwashyour hands m1098: i do
washing you f1111: no youwashyourself and i ll wash
first f1093: i have towashall the dishes first m1094:
as a wallie draigil tiwashdishes an tak oot the
mrs p [censored: surname] volunteered towashdishes and other committee will
an says i ll jistwashthe breakfast dishes an we
eh will we go andwashthe dishes go and help
the seat here [inaudible] nowwashthe dishes m1094: exhale it
the empty dishes and helpedwashthem at playtime children ate
f1124: uh huh i betterwashit out f1123: i ll
sorry can you go andwashit out f1123: right you
f1123: sky f1124: i justwashit out this it s
you using first f1124: justwashthem all out first f1123:
okay f1123: anyway i llwashthem and then you can
first f1123: right i llwashthem okay f1124: okay f1123:
slide it over there firstwashhands you don t touch
splashing but he forgets towashhis hands do you want
to give your hands awashin the basin watch yourself
flour give my hands awashm1108: ew f1107: you re
skin it makes fish toughwashthe scales from your hands
your hands m1098: i dowashthem [inaudible] look i did
think we ll hae taewashwir hands will we cause
s okay darling i llwashyer hands aifter ye re
you re nae wanting towashyer hands are ye oh
you re cooking f1122: alwayswashyour hands always f1121: [running tap]
first you ve got towashyour hands before you do
best plan hurry up andwashyour hands dinner is mince
wipe [toilet flushes] f1103: you gonnawashyour hands f1104: no f1103:
gonna like so can youwashyour hands first f1122: uh
right i need you towashyour hands first okay f1122:
disconcerting or do you justwashyour hands of it m954:
f1121: first you have towashyour hands okay you rub
cause you have to alwayswashyour hands when you re
that you ve painted f1124: washit in water in the
what colour now f1124: justwashit out mam just been
know f1117: [?]another there aye[/?] f1118: andwashher hair f1117: whaur s
snail f1114: i need towashhis hair f1113: oh right
feet f1114: yes i llwashhis hair f1113: okay and
right f1114: [panting] we needwashhis hair f1113: okay you
f1114: yes i need towashhis hair i need yes
no no no no f1113: washhis hair well push it
right okay f1114: i llwashjake s hair f1113: when
one morning i tried towashmy hair and felt the
to hae a bath andwashmy hair f1102: mum will
plaster was i could notwashmy hair or get the
f1097: eh is it hairwashtonight aye right right [inaudible]
jist weemin an ye shouldnawashyer hair fin yer nae
no daddy s learning towashyour hair look [laugh] you
daein come on a quickwashand then you can go
wi watter wi watter theywashit ower wi watter till
be a stane sae theywashit ower wi watter wi
wis milkit ye hid taewashits teets wi warm watter
a gweed name watter winnawashyon stain frae it nor
because ma was in thewashhoose an there was a
ye all shared the samewashhoose an ye had onybody
an be oot o thewashhoose before your hubby gaed
e set up for awashhoose biler wi a fireplace
was bilin awa an thewashhoose filled up wi steam
you had to licht thewashhoose fire she points into
the coal shed an thewashhoose granny s hoose wis
their favourite trystin place thewashhoose something wis wrang jim
d tae ging intae thewashhoose wi half a dozen
dee and efter that thewashhoose wis oot o boonds
say yer stamach needs awashas weel s yer face
a cup f1111: we llwashour face okay make our
a cup with water [rubs face in hands]washour face [rubs face in hands] don t
face o thunner we dinnawashwir fool linen in public
s right as rain gowashyer face an get your
s a magic time gyangwashyer face wi dew ne
we ve to go andwashyour face and brush your
crying come on we llwashyour face f1142: no no
come on we need towashyour face m1096: [sob] f1095:
no no no no justwashyour face [rubs face in hands] f1112: lovely
i want to get awashand a bed [censored: forename] m1098:
that s it m1098: herewashthat bit f1097: [exhale] m1098:
now now now mam willwashyou properly m1098: [child noises] f1097:
shampoo come here i llwashyour heid m1098: my heid
nose now you ve towashit oh okay sorry f1118:
it f1122: mm i llwashsomething and that f1121: okay
ba ba i need towashsomething else f1121: okay what
icing f1126: okay and iwashthat table f1125: [inaudible] in
them all and then wewashthem okay m1094: is he
ll have to go andwashyour handies okay f1122: oh
a bit okay i llwashyour yogurt pot for you
bottle brush look see youwashf1122: a bottle f1121: look
s your next one towashf1122: this ain this ain
washed f1122: i ll justwashit dub be dub dub
just like this and youwashit in like that f1122:
chocolate f1122: we have towashit nice and clean f1121:
ll have to go andwashit now f1122: aye f1121:
washed that f1121: did youwashthat f1122: do we need
pee do i have towasht- f1121: wait till i
something else we have towashthis f1121: do you know
midden for rubbish the sharedwashhouse and place for drying
of our past is thewashhouse in the basement of
the fire f643: the auldwashhouse it was an auld
drums and prison cells inwashhouse lums we ve poles
house it was an auldwashhouse wi a boiler m608:
the audience to where thewashhouse would be in a
he put it in thewashf1111: no he was using
you out some things towashf1112: eh f1111: i ll
f1111: we ll need towashher again f1112: oh i
i m just going towashthat f1111: what are you
your plates and that towashhere you are tell me
take a drink doon f1141: washit doon wait till your
right now we ve towashit put your spoon in
oot i ll need towashoot your bowl as weel
go get some water andwashthis filthy witness from your
froggie f1105: right let swashunder your arms m1106: no
no no no i llwashyour back rub a dub
it come on we llwashyour facie f1142: [sob] [sob]
spring day whose tears willwashyour feet strange converse conversing
in my class i dwashyour mouth out with carbolic
else have we got towashm1094: the cups f1093: eh
else have we have towashwhat else have we have
f1091: he ll need awashm1092: uh huh f1091: sure
that clothes will need thewashm1106 : [noise from toy] f1105: i ll
spiders knit nae need taewashor iron flimsy threids made
on f1125: now mummy llwashthis bowl we need this
working again i need towashwhich was less than ideal
she stands i ll jistwashoot my gless and my
they ll come out andwashtheirself and brush their teeth
man oot m642: when yewashyer claes there was an
start bringing water fae thewashhooses she breaks off suddenly
that f1154: i have towashit out with salt water
het water tae hae awashit wis then intae the
fixed it what did youwashit with m1092: mm water
got water tae hae awashthen doon tae the breakfast
get hame an hae awashafore they sat doon tae
f1141: and have a drinkwashit doon f1142: mum f1141:
f1141: take a drink andwashit doon first f1142: take
have a drinkie then andwashit doon [note: addresses baby] are you
from beside her chair peggywashit doon wi this just
fuskers tails an heid anwashthem doon wi ratten s
f1113: [inaudible] f1114: you gowashyou- i did i did
right you can go andwashthat one then that s
go to the sink andwashup i sponge the fellow
go for a big cleanwashwould that be a good
stain that ma ma cannywashoot he used to work
my time to finish thiswashoot the gless an pit
his denner he hid awashrigged himsel oot in gweed
f828: sheep s stomachs taewashthem oot f606: mmhm [tut]
cam oot an threatened taewashwir moos oot wi soap
you let it slip rightwashit up wi the cloth
he going to get awashis he happy now m1092:
we ve still got towashthat haven t we now
now we ve got towashthe rest of our bodies
toon an wi a gweedwashan twa ir three cups
ropes wi the wikk swashcrossed her fingers that the
be day e weemin widwasheir clyes beatin em wi
wi the windae did youwashmy gloves wi the windae
t half come down andwashaway the snow and ice
f1099: come and get awashf1100: [child noises] i ve got
then up you get wewashnecks next up you come
us eh f1102: did youwashmy my h- my erm
fin ye did a bigwashor aan aboot e new
pottered around and did awashtied some string from the
letting the tide of peoplewashyou out we did a
thay sang on monanday wewashaw day on tysday we
an play on monanday wewashaw day on tysday we
thay sang on monanday wewashaw day on tysday we
an play on monanday wewashaw day on tysday we
good instead our grandmothers wouldwashchairs and tables every day
she aye wis on awashday an didnae hae time
can remember on a mondaywashday an it all had
day sae his mither michtwashhis sarks her faither strode
tae the trinklin burn taewashthe stoons o day fae
i d use them taewashawa aa the warlds pain
of them has had awashso i m certainly not
the banana into slices 2washthe apples then peel them
with the sharp knife 3washthe oranges then cut them
m1094: uh huh f1093: youwashthem and you dry them
huh is he getting awashcause he s all dirty
m1092: hi- him having awashf1091: uh huh is he
huh they re gaun towashhim f1091: mmhm is he
ve got black mum justwashout i got black mam
immortal shame he s deidwashout when trina s taps
taken out and given awashunder the tap before being
give him self a goodwashthen there were old jock
often had to fill thewashbath before going to school
it had shrunk in thewashor had been bought before
no m1042: oh ye cannaewashfish ower much just a
us tae a dorm justwashoff the dust and lie
that needed to get awashdown grannie eest take mak
the marischal get up anwashhissel clean buskit in fresh
if the rains don twashaway all we ever had
washin my ma used taewashon a monday an we
are you going away towashmy back oh that s
why do you have towashit f1129: that fish isnae
word of camp site sowashdown scullery after dinner finish
sitting room till spring awashdown will do it fine
sweet tea and managed towashsome clothes i struggled down
oh clever f1126: i canwashthe table i do this
look f1049: no m1048: easywashoff remember i put in
was one of those easywashoff pens f1049: no it
s in a meenit taewasheez hans in e caal
only really to do awashread some russian and feed
own if i wanted towasha chair had to be
old myself i managed towashthe curtains that came with
thinkin bit mair jist lettinwashower ye an aye ere
personal jeez rab ye nivverwashthat simmit yir hygiene s
lassie kneelin there sae blatewashawa it s late ower
git a pikkil wattir anwashthis dichtie taiken frae yeir
an ingin poother fur thewashwullie s needin new sheen
frae bein steepit in thewashshe hid bin up sin
and was a nuisance towashand put together again a
the coast too a shiftingwashof greens and yellows and
pancakes and she learned towashsow nit and darn and
the waur o a guidwashah m thinkin c mon
a row of traditional ancientwashhouses the maids from the
s traisure fur daein awashis mah mam s greatest
s goanie froon she cannaewashbut dis she fash naw
brocht warm wattir for tiwashthe auldest lassie s feet
the door with their rigmaroleswashbleach or bile stumpet stamped
quynes hoyin hame frae thewashin the linn reishil back

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