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weel the dishes were nivverwashedey were thrown intae a
the breakfast dishes hid beenwashedhalf a dizzen times jonsar
butter dishes the churn waswashedout with hot water as
right to know you vewashedthe dishes too what right
all the dishes done nearlywashedthem all m1094: we have
clock an nae a dishwashedweel the dishes were nivver
your clothes can all bewashedand dried here i ve
luggage because clothes can bewashedand dried here i ve
stitch is going to bewasheddried and ironed i said
it all had tae bewasheddried ironed an put away
washed f1091: he s beenwashedand look at his face
there m1092: now now himwashedf1091: he s been washed
aye or washed oot andwashedoot and there was still
washed oot f1018: aye orwashedoot and washed oot and
one is done in andwashedoot f1018: aye or washed
the fire clothes were notwashedas often as they are
a hat clothes were notwashedas often as today normally
got some food blessed bathwashedclothes hair and slept more
with the clothes she dwashedfor him see ye monday
shortly afterwards i got upwashedsome clothes wrote a letter
shaved his hair hid binwashedan caimbed forbye s the
don t want my hairwashedf1105: why get your hair
pink candlewick robe her freshwashedhair is tied up into
get your hair aa nicelywashedm1106: no [sob] f1105: oh
better m1098: aye f1097: hairwashedthe night oh you re
[child noises] f1097: need your hairwashedtonight m1098: aye f1097: right
boy right is it hairwashedtonight m1098: broken i broke
wasn t having my hairwashedtonight uh huh i think
then f1112: i- [inaudible] youwashedyour hair f1111: now monkey
salad 8 oz bean shootswashedand drained 12 oz button
drained 12 oz button mushroomswashedand quartered 1 red pepper
2 oz butter 6 ozwashedunskinned finely sliced mushrooms 2
o t the butter waswashedin the churn with good
the butter came you justwashedyour hands and lifted it
in the bath and getwashedbehave yourself m1098: you get
down i ll get youwashedcome on m1098: [splashing noises] i
behave yourself m1098: you getwashedf1097: [censored: forename] keep the water
i ken f1097: you getwashedthen m1098: that mine that
[child noises] f1097: right you getwashedthen okay m1098: aye [child noises]
ve just realised i neverwashedmy hands after down below
we ll get your handswashedoh you look up farr
rushing down headlong have youwashedyour hands yes mother he
rain of coorse sees snawashedawa stronger an stonger gruws
country that smelled of rainwashedclover and looked like paradise
window that had tae bewashedevery day hail rain or
rain today patrol at falklandwashedout 2 monday holiday go
them okay m1094: is hewashedf1093: give him a rinse
that we need to getwashedm1094: plates f1093: plates m1094:
oot and there was stillwashedoot today erm you know
on the phd today iwashedsome shirts attempted some more
those dolls have already beenwashedtoday right i think it
inspired by the painting seawashedby marian leven aberdeen artists
micht the deep reveal seawashedinspired by the painting sea
blowing and striding and seawashedsky and ran as hard
after the children were fedwashedand put to bed unable
we ve we ve justwashed[censored: forename] s bed that s
nothing on the bed justwashedthe bed [inaudible] now oops
meg the cook fin shewashedcoo s liver oot afore
wi aw ma shitey skirtswashedoot an leein oot in
would say oh i mwashedoot f1054: er some folk
look the lads margot awashedoot lily at fifteen publicly
an were a wee bitwashedoot och that wis a
much she says cause yewashedthe good oot it no
every impurity within would bewashedaway and the face behind
weet like he d jistwashedhis face his sister in
i did it f1099: youwashedyour face f1100: no i
a big hose and wewashedaw the walls doon an
athing abody could think onwasheddoon wi a suppie barley
a doremoose for yer teawasheddoon wi flamingo bree vulcan
muffins fruitcake an scones aawasheddoon wi glesses o beer
brakfast flechs for tea aawasheddoon wi hornygolloch bree stauns
and plum duff then wellwasheddoon with home brewed ale
tam an een tae himselwashedit doon wi a can
sundays tae get their sarkswashedan cleaned bi their mither
f1144: an liked to getwashedan to go up the
f1111: this is to getwashedas well come on what
just used to get wass-washedin the kitchen at the
ll have to get themwashedthe night gosh what a
nothing they had to bewashedto get the flour out
dark green bits get allwashedup in that water there
it s time he waswashedan beddet isobel i dinna
dinna want all my shellswashedm1106: oh f1105: you want
that [censored: forename] i ve justwashedthat [inaudible] now dinna touch
oh dinna dae that dadwashedthe flair the day m1108:
tatties neeps and crops werewashedaway and we couldn t
o happy day when jesuswashedour sins away now the
paintwork that she had jistwasheddown and buffed up not
for the second day runningwasheddown by green bubblegum tasting
had fish on pasta tubeswasheddown with sweet white coffee
walls chimney lintel it haswashedthe masonry down with one
this ain this ain needswashedf1121: that cup f1122: rub
that f1121: okay is thatwashedf1122: i ll just wash
f1121: oh it s naewashedproperly look it s still
s dish f1122: no iwashedthat f1121: did you wash
we ve f1112: wa- youwashedi saw you washing your
it there that ain swashedokay what s your next
my frien john i vewashedma lugs an ma teeth
now have you have youwashedmy neck f1112: [inaudible] no
they need is thur ersewashedaw they need is keepit
i got up and handwasheda couple of shirts in
pebble on time s shorewashedby the tide up in
tumbling up the beach awwashedsparkly clean pause gentle breeze
of four one was awashedup coke addled game show
right m1014: if you dwashedup in a foreign country
so if a body waswashedup in the auld days
boat marooned in a cabwashedup near nelson s column
a soon over pleasure allwashedup on the rocks a
i sit like a pebblewashedup on the shore sit
past and other figures werewashedfrom rafts his radio signals
in some cases samples werewashedin others they were not
the horses feet were sometimeswashedin persil to make the
several days and probably neverwashedat all his breath stank
the bibbies cause they gotwashedin the machine but all
out this it s allwashedout f1123: what colour next
out the kitchen windows neverwashedthem at all kitchen windows
[laugh] it was pink itwashedout an kinda went m944:
listless f1009: mmhm yeah m1008: washedout m1007: [inaudible] m1055: lacking
johns good crowd there bowlingwashedout tuesday 9 funeral at
s cause it s newlywashedisn t it m1090: yeah
right i think that swasheddo you want to pop
cargo became detached and waswashedinto the scuppers blocking some
bit a laundry wummin fawashedthe orphanage sheets telt them
eyes fur the tears hadwashedthem clean and clear a
fae the house and yewashedthem f637: a hanky f640:
lazybones f1102: [sniff] have youwashedthem noo fitt s that
ahin at we got wirselswashedbit it wis a filie
anyont the herbour bar twiswashedback ontil the shore bit
as if they had beenwashedat home and not ironed
finely shredded 1 bunch watercresswashedand sprigged 2 tbsp sultanas
yes would you like itwashedas well f1114: yes f1113:
as if you hadn twashedfor a week and you
stibble an his mowser wiswashedan caimbed as gran as
at half past ten hewashedhis trowel an headed fur
he noticed it hid beenwashedfin he went inside the
that half drowned me andwashedeven more mud into the
on e furniture an hidnawashede fleer willie was a
the milk an the skiffiewashedher an soothed her an
most beautiful place we atewashedat a nearby rudimentary banho
at a fitbaa match therewashedthe goalie the baa and
its heid tae its flukewashedashore by the tide it
mither was supposed tae daewashedyer claes cooked yer tea
danny who wore moleskin trouserswashedtill in the distance they
body of a long manwashedashore in the locality and
to the risk of beingwashedoverboard and thus the party
fisher s f638: and iwashedthat sh- these sh- eh
that the animal should bewashedbefore it is tested i
over infill storms that winterwashedthe infill through the rubble

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