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three great big boxes owashinpooder een o em half
in the clear hir whitewashinpooder s hir hoose froo
your scrubbin brush and yourwashinup brush and your wee
i mean ev- aa thewashinwas still taen up tae
in germany hingin oot thewashinwallop wallop fite as skurries
hid bin busy aa eveninwashinminnie s faither an dressin
an used tae smell thewashindryin oh my god oh
weekend we i worked eitherwashinbo- eh they had bottles
m608: mm f638: dairy wa-washinthe bottles which was in
machine sorry it s mawashinf1006: [laugh] m1004: she s
cause we never had awashinmachine my mum would particularly
as much as buy awashinmachine on tick let alane
coaster carnival ride or awashinmachine sae furly the watter
she maun hae laid thewashindoon fur a meenit an
meenit s syne preenin thewashintae the towes strung frae
the hoose ere wis awashinhingin on the claes line
beach she hid a hailwashintae tak doon tae the
wis near ready she wiswashint wi caal watter oot
brocht in het watter forwashintheir feet wi the auld
an cairtit awa the foolwashinan brocht it back bleached
lift yer mither s aywashinclaes wi ma mither thon
feet skyscraper faimily dis yerwashindry dis yer mither peg
an ma mither hid ewashinoot e line wis in
s breistie an ower thewashingreen the snaa hid laid
line it wis the wifieswashinfit jonsar seen he coodnae
doon wi a line owashinhoosaeiver a shout frae the
on the line but mywashinwent oot on the line
for things like monday waswashinday an ye always got
there wis yer fine mondaywashinfor aa tae see hawkers
as well you know likewashinon a monday you went
at the fit o itswashingreen in the park hard
as she raxxed ower thewashingreen tae cowp the derk
sae there wis nae heavywashintae dae like meg ramsay
i did it onywye likewashinyer face in the mey
into reminiscent mood i lovedwashini didna like ironin though
bessie i did a goodwashinmysel but i didna waken
in law didnae believe inwashinfish too much she says
yeah f1143: to do thewashinyeah f1054: i think fish
lighted candles an dae theirwashinat four o clock in
ve got tae dae thewashinfrailties of the flesh a
you goin to dae thewashinup f1122: no f1121: no
oot an ye got awashincloot a pail o water
oot tae pee ower thewashinpole afore ma d tae
oh no i did thewashinlike but it never went
e door an start bewashinma heid followin e simple
know y- you did yourwashinmy ma used tae wash
a sunday to do mywashincause we never had a
so who did nick swashinf1025: [laugh] f1027: oh no
was rainin the the thewashinhas tae be taken intae
aboot brushin their teeth anwashintheir hands an things like
was still helpin you knowwashinnappies for her various you
the dizzy drap jig likewashinony blaw sets flappin ilkie
at the ingil for thewashino the claith whan aw
a stoor in sight thewashins aw done a ve
eerily wearily rins the tidewashinthe shores o a norlan
we d hang out thewashinbring it in before the
fate ye ll end upwashindishes ilka time the burn

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