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a fusker widlan smachrie awaspsnest tapsalteerie in the win
big lazy end of seasonwaspsstagger into buses and dodge
day ye cd see ewaspsrovin oot fae t maybe
of its tomb and thewaspsthat devoutly savour its resurrection
sizzens gird fowk steer likewaspsroon hinneypot here in the
ingin a smaa baaie wiwaspswirkin awa at layin mair
e maist respect gings taewaspsan aal freen o mine
bees bykes bit it wiswaspsnests as if ey deserved
aafa canny wi bees anwaspsthough i winna say i
corrugated perms an waists likewaspswar saved frae monsters foo
swatted a hale heeze owaspsbit i wis gien ma
terms at ere wis awaspsnest in e hedge trimmin
we steed afore e nestwaspstakin past wir lugs gaan
noticet ere wis an aafawaspsaboot again gin ye kept
fungi sprinted up my trunkwaspsseemed to be colonising my
ae ear a gang owaspstook up eir heidquarters atween

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