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ryan s jist a skivinwasterhis ghetto blaster cracks the
wan ester hjoland an wanwasterhjoland [laugh] but for the
tae git throwe til baithwasteran aister yillmuir traffic hed
tae siclik effeck ay forenenstwasteryillmuir hoose an onsteid wis
daein sum wurk ithin thewasteryillmuir hoose juist afore ma
it kam on the merkitwasteryillmuir whan a stertit it
hoose an onsteid ae newwasteryillmuir wis biggit on the
he s made of thiswasterthat your virtuous community has
is da horn aff dawasterayre nor da tocht at
stack shaped like a hornwasterlying towards the west tocht
wullie tait whae bade itwasteryilmuir a mynd on his
gao the braw for awasteran he thocht ti hissel
an here it s yonwasterthe fuitbaa player gao the
seek a bield wi awastercried big liu at keepit
virtute ward o meiklebrig awastera back street keelie cried
the rain and when thewastermrs beaumont s half brother
speaking of her brother thewasterof the family he was
him john mrs laing thewasterbeaumont is john with you
be a bit of awasterf632: mmhm f646: but angus

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