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idea f1112: no what aboutwatchingmonsters inc f1111: watching monsters
about watching monsters inc f1111: watchingmonsters inc you d- you
crawl f1091: crawl crawl crawlwatchingmam s paper now m1092:
that telly there s nobodywatchingit switch it off f1112:
my life i ve stoppedwatchingthe news on the telly
never does when she swatchingthe telly i speak louder
are you clever are youwatchingthe telly so fitt s
was watching that he waswatchingf1103: i dinna ken fitt
was that ain he waswatchingf1103: where was he watching
watching f1103: where was hewatchingit at f1104: doon the
f963: watching when you knowwatchingit while i was having
f1104: yeah and he waswatchingthat he was watching f1103:
bemused watching them for bethwatchingthe door relief is instant
maggie enters and stands bemusedwatchingthem for beth watching the
you know m762: yes f963: watchingwhen you know watching it
spent a quiet evening inwatchinga tv movie about a
tv i think dad swatchingcasualty or something it s
he was home he waswatchingthe racing on tv and
to the world service andwatchingtv 1 nov tuesday i
either f1130: no f1129: nowatchingtv again we ll [?]shot[/?]
day was spent walking andwatchingtv football and eating a
peaceful night writing letters andwatchingtv on saturday morning we
bar we spent most eveningswatchingtv the 9 channels available
it s funny i waswatchingtv the other night and
bus m830: something we werewatchinga video o the bairns
s hope you will enjoywatchingour video the questionnaire you
in the in the glenelgwatchingthis video of joey dunlop
i canna jist sit herewatchingtelevision for the rest o
my slippers on or ofwatchingthe afternoon television and all
and the public can enjoywatchingtheir teams on television supported
use lip reading techniques arewatchingus on television and will
the birds see the catwatchingthe birds cats don t
him and away under therewatchingthe birds is he aye
milk f1131: oh it swatchingthe birds see the cat
jilly stands to the sidewatchinglee and bj lee come
to ring stands on edgewatchingpat jilly and bj all
to the side of stagewatchingpat and bj bj see
carolanne freeze as she enterswatchingbeth s progress as she
on and on agnes sitswatchingbeth walk agnes she is
re inhabiting so i waswatchingenglish programmes with portuguese subtitles
be teenagers and they rewatchingprogrammes like friends and that
that the people who arewatchingthese programmes tend to be
i don t really enjoywatchingher show but you know
at the side of stagewatchingpat pat crawls on his
he d have had mewatchinghim sitting on a rug
m sitting in the loungewatchingt v channel 10 and
and did you like sittingwatchingthe waves crashing over the
we had a peaceful eveningwatchinga long tbs promotion of
evening preparing lessons and thenwatchinga russian teach yourself french
so we sit in cafèwatchingt v but rain keeps
rbc dance cancelled quiet daywatchingt v rain sunday 27
do 14 tuesday stay inwatchingt v studying 18 saturday
it deaf jonsar eck satwatchingthe t v ae nicht
f1104: no but i waswatchingit f1103: oh we can
it f1104: i saw somebodywatchingit the last day f1103:
day f1103: oh you werewatchingit when we was at
erm phil [inaudible] daddy waswatchingit yesterday last night f1103:
other night and i waswatchinghave you ever seen that
last night and i waswatchinglike this richard dawkins like
watch this f1126: aye f1125: watchingf1126: okay i give you
see watch this are youwatchinghis hair look [phone rings] oh
watch how close he swatchingit salute tae twa makars
bottom of escalators people sitwatchingyou enter a block of
the growing cold and darknesswatchingthe rain beat down and
to stir very gently [?]while we're[/?]watchingf1112: [inaudible] f1111: no you
not on we re notwatchingthat just now darling f1112:
go in f1135: you keepwatchingand we ll walk round
been asked to keep awatchingbrief on the instrument rather
the need to keep awatchingbrief on the matter the
[laugh] yeah f1150: i waswatchingi was on youtube last
mast at every given turnwatchinglast week s flurry of
s room down in belyaevowatchingthe parade through red square
up to fill the roomwatchingthe stars drop down on
up in the moonlit roomwatchingthe stars drop onto the
over the railing she waswatchinga sleepy honeycreeper peck at
one over like this rightwatchingf1126: and tha- f1125: just
just splashing over the pierwatchingf1136: let s go in
we left mount caruso afterwatchingthe sun rise over the
one day and we werewatchingwhat was coming over the
work stops down the drivewatchingthe house to see if
and we were standing therewatchingthese bikes comin down and
is up stage of themwatchingangelica is approached by dod
lord beaverbook it was funwatchingall the people in their
internalised it all i waswatchingit i enjoyed it too
i canna mind you waswatchingit i was doon the
everything else it was likewatchingsomeone half drowning then swimming
he was on his kneeswatchingthe blood from his nose
be so ageist i waswatchingthe enforcer when you were
please there was no hurrywatchingthe procession of the city
s like when i waswatchingthe rugby i got so
bike as well i hatewatchingthe adverts we don t
outside their area of lightwatchingthem they don t notice
s nae [censored: forename] he swatchingthat bird in that tree
f1121: look [censored: forename] s justwatchingyou f1122: mummy need a
doin well and [censored: forename] swatchingyou i think she would
offences if the police werewatchinga fox s den they
of the public who werewatchingfrom the gallery or on
they were inches from creationwatchingthe earth being born the
and his sisters were firewatchingthey did a lot o
in the local folk werewatchingthis going on they said
f1125: aye we re naewatchingcartoons just now do jigsaws
oh dear you re naewatchingwhat you re doing let
i dinna ken i wasnawatchingit i just heard wee
lovely just to be aroundwatchingit i sometimes feel jealous
at that golfers all standingwatchingthem take their shot f1122:
the game they came alivewatchingthem you d have thought
things and they ll bewatchingthem you know so erm
eat you with my dearwatchingthe threads on the carpet
that m1110: mammy are youwatchingthis f1109: now is this
it feels like fur mewatchingyou bein sucked dry pause
a- anyone nowadays everyone swatchingyou know the big bollywood
pop her in right youwatchingyou pull it quick f1118:
fork when there wis robinwatchingme oot o his bricht
t bear that geordie iswatchingmiss wood and chewing openly
stay up till about 9pmwatchingbarney miller and a happy
the film we d beenwatchingon sunday about the doctor
about richard s history projectwatchingour funeral limo snake the
looking out and and andwatchingthinking about the angels and
to shower naked whole teamwatchinghearing their snorts and laughter
tory party i have beenwatchingtheir progress since the inauguration
handle andy who has beenwatchingintently starts to scream like
hand holds mine we arewatchingoyster catchers mincing in the
the thistle we ended upwatchingthe latter in a small
today s debate with scotlandwatchingwhat we do next the
o a ye d bewatchingthe sky the whale time
n american cultural experience namelywatchingthe oscar awards live all
on hindley s sister madewatchingfeel less sordid one fact
on your lorry okay m1110: watchingme driving the van until
and took the opportunity ofwatchingthe european committee on the
opens with robby and tesswatchingzeb lie sleeping on a
f1054: ehm m1004: he swatchingthe dog [laugh] sorry f1054:
the majority of the peoplewatchingus eat so i stared
pamela faces the front againwatchingher andy notices that her
put it s a beastwatchingher get her knickers in
way i ve learned bywatchingfiona she ll come back
back to mummy mummy iswatchingme crossly from the window
a while a comfortable couplewatchingweans playing round back of
bark daisy chain i amwatchinga tiny daisy in the
i dinnae really mind fowkwatchingdynasty fir it s proof
my son and i arewatchingfiona washing herself at the
punters became politically aware bywatchingfluck and law s rubber
steps picking your nose andwatchingyour precious clothes rotating in
a sense of nagging discomfortwatchingedwina currie and michael heseltine
working of course but anxiouslywatchingthe entrance chrissie appears and
out f1135: eh f1136: orwatchingeh the boats f1135: watchin
strongly the sense of somewatchingsinister presence the realisation of
have noted that westminster iswatchingthe commitment to provide free
eyes of the terrible starswatchingthe earth for signs of
slowly to catch the scenewatchingthe little lights flash by
grass of an old pasturewatchingthe summer light cross cross
puncture superman saw a mermaidwatchingthe world cup in a
the ascent of puig tomirwatchingwaiting for an opportunity to
london remembers with painful claritywatchinga mother with a young

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