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universities of stirling strathclyde heriotwattand dundee were established in
avec l université de heriotwattil y a 20 ans
which hector currie and heriotwattuniversity are involved we will
association prof george stylios heriotwattuniversity colin clarke capitb michael
step of making the heriotwattuniversity course a degree course
retail consortium robert mather heriotwattuniversity john wilson british apparel
i was associated with heriotwattuniversity s court about 20
run at weekends by heriotwattuniversity the course fees are
scottish borders campus of heriotwattuniversity where there is really
boy s own yon nathanwattbides up oor stair his
t clype about this hundredwattbulb i saw her looking
s still the same hundredwattbulb that fiona nicked from
in thicket toilet squat buddhistwattcalomine lotion tuk tuk motion
fur ae wheen ear auldwatts son mark tamson bade
bob tamson anither o auldwatttamson s sons bade wi
dain ae hey tyme furwattdavies it girnwud hei hed
ma maimorie sers mei richtwattdavies wis the ferst tae
eet at ae day whanwattan his men wur abreid
oh a ll cut eetwattnou kent thit his gress
borland roderick buchanan and alisonwattglasgow graduates all the people
ferdinand or james macmillan alisonwattor jack vettriano or david
at the reisk croft charliewattthen was the driver and
anenst the girnwood burn yonnerwattkent thit yid wisnae taen
an yid did sae anwattmade machts tae maw the
hills for the late johnwattstewart cotton street the frost
she saved carrier bags fromwattand grant that temple of
be held in the jameswattbuilding on the main university
shod in leather sheen fraewattan milne jyned loons frae
dead repairing button boots jameswattdenhead 1878 joiners alexander gove
in the forces include williewattfrom the gobbs he was
ae stack o hey anwattwis reputit tae hae sayed
21 august in the jameswattbuilding papers a programme of
accounts se 2002 27 jameswattcollege of further and higher
haundle him richt sae affwattgaed doun tae the burn
o the notour border reiverwattscott o harden whae i
the clothes were originally fromwattand grant so it was
playing the cornet and leswattsinging with the big kilmarnock
to your rememberance wee peterwatta native of the corsehill
allan mr a reid mrwattand mrs a jeans ably
fordson tractor up borth ickwattwis keen on mechanics an
anerlie tae read aboot houwattan his wife eikit til
oot posts with the namewattstamped on the foot rest
s and stephens f718: waswattbros there at that time

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