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n weather wattir n waterwauchtv quaff wauken a waken
a westerly wattir n waterwauchtv quaff wauken v waken
struggle wastrie extravagance wattir waterwauchtswig wauken waken waukrif wakeful
n rainbow wauch a stalewauchtv swallow waukrif a wakeful
the strains o the sangwauchtroon his lugs the transplant
she gied the duik awauchti the forenicht ti gar
the duik o norroway awauchto guid wyne that wad
waucht heich an cauld cloudswauchtheich an cauld birks are
sky braid sun caller cloudswauchtheich an cauld clouds waucht
nae mair o t ahwauchta gless o the wyne
drogs better bi ferr tiwauchtguid wyne an cleid oorsells
hae brocht ye a byusswauchto gowden wyne the whilk
trig an spry muckle leaveswauchtben the breeze michty me
steer an mozzies heeze flagswauchton flagpoles in the breeze
micht weill fesh back thewauchto oor puzzint chalice til
tyme ti fesh me awauchto yill afore ah gae
the easier it is tiwauchttwae glesses but the waekest
merrymatanzie o mochs bricht dragonfleeswauchtben a temple that s
heid sidiewyse his reedy noteswauchtfae his bamboo pipe the
aboot girned wullie efter anitherwauchto beer an whit s
git the chance ever tiwauchtanither stirrup cup ye say
the fairies taen turns tiwauchtout it an the page
ye wul mak reddie awauchtfor ma guidson cormac wi
spunk syne sooks a langwauchtin hoasts aince an pyocvhers
isie tho wis like awauchto thistledown fariver she gaed

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