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length an braidth o wellingtonwaukat the first hint o
aff the bus at wellingtonwauktae get his ee powked
o the new street wellingtonwaukthe cooncillor fa d named
brikk biggins that wis wellingtonwaukthe street wisna caad efter
bit macinnes didna sikk taewaukkate hame efter the setterday
gavin macinnes ll sikk taewaukye hame on setterday wi
wis a fortnicht efter thewaukor ronald appeared hame oh
gang wi ronald fa widwauktae new deer an back
twice ower fin the sponsoredwaukwis held far should ronald
warned fowk that a sponsoredwaukwis in progress it wis
fower bowls three hindu priestswaukforrit tae the altar heids
haud ma hauns noo anwaukaroon the caunlelowe wi me
aroon relationships like roads yewaukon bye nae seein the
hiz an wes about tiwaukm bak ti the houss
yet a pub young maswaukby wringin their ringless hauns
quo he we ve taewaukthe length o the hale
an brian gaed fur awaukbi the beach throwe the
auld ye are i wadwaukthrowe fire an flood afore
skweel ye ll hae taewaukmiles an miles tae anither
an strife the path yewaukbe clear as larksang ower
freemit bluid an furreign creedwaukbrither like wi brither ye
eck went awa for awaukalang duncan brae he couldnae
ken morrice this nicht iwaukma lane alang the brig
his feet war destined taewaukat the tail o the
cudna daunce or sweem orwaukshe jist grew fat an
we ll jist hae awaukup yon stairs da telt
the steer aboot she disnaewaukthe street she niver lifts
the pleisur park first synewaukdoon thegither myne ye maun
stoory road that aa maunwaukfrae first day brakk each
minnie wis auld eneuch taewaukan toddle ower tae the
an roost an hid awaukower tae see fit wis
warmth in the air fowkwaukahoot withoot a care friday
er gaen tae me iwaukben the byre noo far
shoppie door far even awauktae the food dispenser at
that needit a stick taewaukan da s mowser s
fermhoose he d anely taewauknbeist door dod mathieson s
oh i ll dee thewaukbit i ll need some
bumbazed the man begoud tiwaukby thaim ti the inglish
on the eird they dwaukabeen it she kent thon

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