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rise through sun tanned sandwavestopple like dynasties tonnage of
hunt tuna round the baywavestopple like skittles down the
it can of air colombowavestopple like skittles down the
reishle ay winds blatter thewavesa ll wesh ma hair
reishle ay winds blatter thewaveshurlin in ma watter cairtie
in winds which whip upwavesin the bay and tease
you like sitting watching thewavescrashing over the harbour wall
waa maw flees gaes naeweywavescrashing over the harbour wall
harbour wall m1106: some bigwavesf1105: that s right and
wis guid january wis specialwavesslammin intae the harbour waas
inno pit mirk puils fitewaveswallop skelp inno pit mirk
peat weet glaur clag fitewaveswallop skelp inno pit mirk
shelter a large wave orwavesburst open the rear doors
more powerful and makes biggerwavesthe wave patterns of scots
near half built emerging citieswavesare a thousand flash bulbs
mouth makes music for thewavesdancing up from a thousand
s back they ride thewavesso bright so full of
s back they ride thewavesso bright so full of
here in the gallery pebbleswavesgulls blisters of pebbles rise
deserted territory bit gin thewavesshould rise an swey the
furly the watter walloped thewavesaboot till the fish war
watters ay smaa be yirwaveslang watter o yangzi see
watter stem doun in thewavesthe puir sowls were droukit
shaped and that makes thewavesbigger morag pretty much had
steve when uh ll thewavescover mi up cammy ed
wantin a sound cammy crashinwavesseagulls spades an pails bairn
needin a fire laughs dimpswavesthe axe at doll cammy
fro steered it beneath thewavesgrey ferns conceal a catch
downstream like hair grey scuddingwaveslike fins of salmon race
wis cauld an sautie thewavescam creepie crawlin up ower
kistit banes lie cauld atlanticwavessair pairtin the new warld
kistit banes lie cauld atlanticwavessair pairtin the new warld
land protected from wind lashedwavesby steel plating held in
fronting the wind and thewaveswith nothing but a jimp
faain leafs see on dongtingwaveson white seggans steppin ay
the irish sea an itswavesclappit time tae him as
ben he coud hear thewaveslaipin saftlie on the sea
north sea crinkles like tinfoilwavessmack at the rig s
sea voluminous skirt far outwavestoss and crash red flags
ll be hitting the airwavesagain on dec 22nd at
trainers cycles past his airwavesplugged into peace overtaken by
tae the slipway we ranwaveslickin at oor feet if
down from a heavenly fissurewavesrush to my feet thick
how kind the greeting ofwavesfolding their black shawls round
flows round the church likewavesthe whale in the boatie
its wattery reest the sweeshlinwavesflew ower like a flicht
its wattery reest the sweeshlinwavesflew ower like a flicht
scarce believe his een thewavesnear tummlt him tail ower
rinnin ream o dreams inwaveso licht poored ower wir
hungered wames ice surfs thewavesblack spires luik doon icicle
mm f902: plucked fae thewavesas you would say but
same inside an oot faewavesbatterin the walls on the
aye spuckled in spray faewavesthat ripped san aff protective
please whit s the guidwaveshis hand at him deprecating
made that yin anaw andraewaveshis hand impatiently and walks
head back to the turningwavesand with a brass bowl
toll man shakes his headwaveshim goodby and goes into
staun stinch an quaet rochwavesaroon them knell some like
reed cutter loads his boatwavesfroth like small volcanoes the
the creaky doorway of decemberwavesgleam like midas gold everything
weight of the tide wherewaveslike a cat o nine
like tadpoles up through mudwaveslike bobbing buoys exhuberant seals
a footpath gleaming on itswaveslike paw prints left behind
larick prancin it gars thewaveslowp by like lang tint
up and they ripple likewavesthere are signs all the
snell win that walloped thewavesup roch like a dragon
left for home the witchwaveshim goodby then goes into
trailing over the tilting drunkenwavesa donkey drinks from the
ca d robbie over thewavesa maist apt title ye
monsoon into coils of mudwavesrolled over hotly in the
catarrhal a skinhead crop ofwavesis slapping the beach down
right under my nose andwavesit back and forwards with
their tracks dykes comb backwavesof green to let road
canute and holding back thewavesof indignation and concern she
pelt its roar is stormwavesleap ashore a hunting pack
wis sendin doon its ainwaveso heat tae keep thair
historical pattern is one ofwavesof innovation moving through society
axe from his belt malcolmwaveshim aside that wul be
up on the rock thewavescan juist rax til fresh
up his face belches andwaveshis hands and arms about
plash skimmers fracturin white crestedwavesthat instantly sealed again lik
if you blow and makewavesm1106: mum it s going
and social relationships then thewavesmake contact and interact one
me downs plucked by thewavesfrom pondicherry maybe or madras
nots watched blankly from thewavesi could have been a
an e swoosh o ewavesan a feelin inside ye
on an openwark o gengswavesat shaded ta inky blueness
s secrets hidden beneath thewavescleopatra priestess o isis seed
o forth aa aa thewavesgrew gurly as a roller
mossy steens wi spray embossedwavesmirl in pirls o hinney
then the area has hadwavesof incomers bringing their own
the herbour tae gie thewavesa reel syne wi the
are thae the regal amangwavestae split atlas a mairched
meikleburgh spring bit noo thewavesturned rocher an threatened tae
foundations are braced against thewavestoday i seek no more
inquiry in which we hadwavesof evidence we should require
pylin even on anaith hetwavesbasho here a dreich muir
leaden lid of the scummywavesa jogger pants towards a
of hot rocks froth scaldingwavesand molten splatter across the
they ca t the shockwavesat s it weel the
the wat sands whaur thewaveshaed run owre thaim the
single leaf drapt on thewavessits glentin green on broon
got the wrang een hewavesthe tracts parcel in front
to do with carolanne andwavesto her to hide the
this can distort the radiowavesunderstandably it was decided to
ploums awa wi ye shewavesdismissively and ringan bows and
means that you re makingwavesmm if it s wobbling
treat for my erse shewavesher tissue papers in triumph
been subjected to three mainwavesof influence scandinavian and french

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