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cleckin and her weans theweanssall ding yer heid and
atween yer cleckin and herweansthe weans sall ding yer
fiery pillar wi wives anweansdoos hens and bestial they
through girnin wives an ailinweanshe kept awa frae nuptial
mind jobs money wives orweansyou knew you were a
yes f1009: weans yes yesweansi i would think of
same i think yes f1009: weansyes yes weans i i
wee button nose we dweansthat were plain and we
were plain and we dweansthat were vain and some
ll need to teach theseweansone of my happiest burns
used tae teach we saidweansso i used tae say
she ll be wi hurweansbeth enters she looks appealingly
to gordon beth bathing theweansyit gordon i think she
they cosset ye lik wabbitweanso the lassies bak the
hard til it soundet likweansplowterin in the burn then
stappit wame for wife anweansan happy hame we thank
in back court life withweansand stars and washer wife
wife an a hantle oweanstae keep on benefit tho
lang delicht wark wife anweanswere aye negleckit when risin
the school mibbe the itherweansif yeese aw say gordon
an hou it learnt britishweanshou tae be guid imperialists
is sadie helpin wi theyweansah d gie a haund
beer on the table sadieweansgo doon aw right agnes
huv tae stey wi yerweanssadie laws tae say ye
a slovenly housekeeper neglectin yerweansa secret drinker a slut
man but no tae yerweansye kin dump them withoot
court jinkin stops and usweansstands aside and gawps as
tae speak tae these threeweanswhaur did ye think ah
a few bob for theweanswhaur s the net demandit
while a comfortable couple watchingweansplaying round back of the
peace while he took theweansto see the special window
an skeely surgeons sit likeweanswhile ian lectures on oor
i ll maybe gie theyweansa bath settle them doon
efter a hoose an twaweansan dae his ain job
hoose right evrythin cleart theweansare dead feart shoogly steps
cries o bare scud doukinweansnou wae s the herts
awa domestic strife or takweanstae a fitba gemme tae
he haed left as infantweanswar nou weill growne lads
they tak their places shilpitweanswi peaky faces transport of
gravey an the the theweansaw play in the gravey
when ah saw mrs menziesweansbrekking aw the windae panes
the dishes aw redd theweanspit tae bed he s
she aw right aboot theweansyou think agnes och aye
float a whale then clartyweansfrae heid tae fuit aa
naituredly ye ve tholed oorweanswi dignity an grace wi
is temptit to leave herweansan guidman bi the daemon
recognised and yaised bi schuilweansand students this still neglects
used tae speak aboot theweansan athing i used tae
of pyrotechnics to keep theweansinterested mibbe it was a
wi a hantle o steirinweanstae feed that she an
there are nae men anweanstae muck it up again
ma name merry shiftin faeweansvyces tae auld wimmens wi
oan we ll git theweansdoon sneak yeese oot the
dugs and cats and weeweansand then there wis the
m1055: uh huh i supposeweansis wee ones m1007: same
wee occasional gemm for theweansyou know f785: mmhm m055:
her in front o theweansas the auld dutch but
wair spring laverocks tweedlin twaweansvizzy the lift gowpin larks
papers watchin tv wi theweansan me that s jist
we ve [inaudible] nowadays theweanswould say they re doggin
an the fancy man sweansaa ganged up on him
him the schulin o yourweansfor clever deils he ll
anglo american school for diplomatsweansso after a bowl of
their drouth or waur stillweanshaein an early douk five
mother s pride ma fowerweansis at the skweel the
disgraceful you know [inaudible] maweanstellt m741: mmhm m605: an
an aiblins o weemen anweanswhit yuise wis there fir
would skive an an theweanswould skive wouldn t they
appraisal o the wey wirweansare generallie strippt o much
days o the prattik theweansaye chowlt thair chafts at
hissell the ouk eftir theweanswes waatchin a program o
f1006: [laugh] m1004: but theweanswill call her that [laugh]
[laugh] would you dress yourweansin this no m608: [laugh]
been in sicht perhaps theweansare drawn by licht bothwell
the wean what are theweansdoin or kids which is
just the proportion of englishweansin the area has cowped
be nice no hud oneyweansin since afore you came
sacrificing all for husband andweansit made women s realm
lad brokes arti chokes turbannedweanscurried beans quines in sahris

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