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a wakeful waw n wallwechtn weight weill adv well
wakeful waur worse waw wallwechtweight wechtie weighty weidae widow
s got baith walth anwechtahint him frae the verra
haill walth an the fullwechto aa your promises throwe
o ye an leant yerwechttee till e fly wheels
an cairry a sicht mairwechto graith nor the wey
s academic impruivment lends graithwechttil whit a read ae
as gin he cairrit thewechto sum fell saicret houanever
gaun on an aw thiswechto coorseness an smaw myndit
as mukkil wad be smawwechtti wye agin the monie
a hunner pund ane somewechtdominie a can mak it
boat an meal six hunnerwechto tatties an fourteen dizzen
ve guid steel ay whitnawechto meditation staff wad ye
big treble heuk an leidwechtinsteid o the paternoster sometimes
staunin up itsel wi thewechto fower sugars tarry bree
heavy look here s thewechtticket fae the saw mill
breid keipis na pais orwechtthe reduced form farl much
he d bin a sairwechtaroon his auntie s craig
he left ahin a heavywechther hairt is stane nae
that tea is wurth itswechtin gowd the toll man
upon e men throwin ewechtin e cornyard an tellt
wi masel hid far mairwechtlike e piece ma mither
an cam back haiglin thewechto a mukkil braw siller
forenent ma winnok the sairwechto the passin days never
auld an hae kent thewechto ilka dule the ir
tho he wes ane awfuwechtbrocht him hame wi the
at cuid muve ae hivviewechtmr mitchel the faither selt
maun shift is the grytewechto impyre i this cace
a tyauve lordsake fit awechtye maun hae steens in
this net s a fairwechthing it ower my stick
declare he was six punwechtaye maybe mair i knelt
cam and hasna taen thewechtaff her fit frae skreigh
moss he kent be thewechtthat the basket wisna teem
hasher wi a roon coonterbalancewechtat ae eyn an e
ye ll len yir illustirwechtti this fair be the
herself gey trauchelt wi thewechto the bairn in her
o thaim ti tak thewechtaff his shouther the lassie
hid jist aboot as gweedwechtlifters on e fairms in
the latin wild till wiwechto years an a rowth
wes boud ower wi thewechto the bogils at wes
ban burns cause o thewechto his verse an his
incawin is steekit whiles thewechto life and the mystification
hir she d feel thewechto ma belt ah d
be clean duntit by thewechto popular opinion rumour s
it is evident that awechto work has been done
try an pit yeir fulwechton it for a day
i m alive an hiswechti d hae said was
saumon heaved wi aa hiswechton the feathert huik an
ah m juist tryin mawechtoot on this fuit it
they pecht at tossin thewechtheilin dancin an three leggit
trimmilin sap i the leafwechti the wame ye are
on ye havenae got awechtproblem that s obvious oh
a time tae get theirwechthe said i dinna want
folk in our society layingwechton how important it is

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