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fun at granny s thisweekendf1136: am i sleeping at
about next weekend sleeping nextweekendf807: [laugh] sleeping [laugh] f806:
the library how about nextweekendsleeping next weekend f807: [laugh]
sunshine f807: oh the theweekendlast weekend mm f806: mm
oh the the weekend lastweekendmm f806: mm f807: mm
the weekend there s aweekendschool m608: yeah m1174: er
take place er at theweekendthere s a weekend school
spirits i enjoyed a relaxingweekendand i ve finished off
hope you both enjoyed yourweekendat aunt anne s i
transformed hope you enjoyed theweekendat dunblane and are feeling
m glad you enjoyed yourweekendin embro i can just
i ve had a busyweekendhaving classes on both mondays
didn t do much thisweekendi ve been kept busy
we ve got a busyweekendin prospect tuesday 11th october
busy not to say hecticweekendon friday i gave classes
do some speed writing thisweekendf806: has she not started
find an excuse for nextweekend[laugh] [laugh] f806: hmm i
won t be here thisweekendso f806: [inaudible] f807: i
don t shop on aweekendf807: no that s just
will ye be hame thatweekendaye he answered then definitely
should go back for aweekendor something [laugh] f1148: definitely
phones she is definitely comingweekendsend off birthday card flowers
feeling a lot better thisweekendafter feeling low all last
was over for the wholeweekendfrom friday till sunday evening
it s been an interestingweekendon friday i got the
it s been a quieterweekendon the whole on friday
quebec on friday for theweekendwith julian ann and helen
for children s hearings includingweekendand evening detention restriction of
to protect and enhance eveningweekendand rural bus services pilot
be home for a longweekendat least before he starts
linny s been home everyweekendbut i just never see
in my last letter thanksgivingweekendeverybody went home for a
so were you home lastweekendf1155: [cough] i went home
travel facilities to have aweekendhome in ireland while another
to come home for aweekendsome of my fellow exiles
his old home for theweekendthis was enormous looking after
come home and at theweekendwe i worked either washin
blue bird jazz club lastweekendevery day is a new
for the interpreters benefit lastweekendgil paterson attended the launch
all your phone calls lastweekendgood to hear your voices
someone had a fight lastweekendsmashed the glass the door
hasn t replied yet lastweekendwe had the maggie house
will you come back nextweekendi asked we can sit
auntie mary is coming nextweekendie 16th for scott s
will be looking forward allweekendto seeing you next week
as usual there s everyweekendand the holidays when i
britons who use it everyweekendat risk of criminal prosecution
self and not joe sweekendfantasy virgin but every bit
hell means whole helly meansweekendand helli as in helli
yet in fact over theweekenda guy from england nick
didn t write over theweekendas usual so now it
to the minister over theweekendassuming that the minister signed
more than just over theweekendbut earlier on milk supply
we had had over theweekendf718: yeah m1078: would be
islands especially over the whitsunweekendfollowed by stage 1 debate
ti lest me or theweekendhe hands over a coin
commissioner bill but over theweekendi thought about our difficulties
haul t oot at theweekendan see fit s fit
fit i m daein thisweekendeh nothin planned i m
fit healthy after a wildweekendwith the [censored: surname] i sent
to the north at theweekendafter she left daniel considered
collapses the first full drinkingweekendafter the government s anti
after press coverage at theweekendthere was a series of
d hoped to take thisweekendoff but instead i d
her parents had only oneweekendoff in the year this
they ugly i spent theweekendplus finishing off ch2 of
want to do something thisweekendand stuff so i said
to dunblane hydro for aweekendor something you deserve it
sides sir something for theweekendsir cammy why s stew
a burns supper at theweekendi got so carried away
mark s gone away thisweekendto dunblane hydro what am
to get away the oneweekendto shediac and helen [censored: surname]
some lovely days at theweekendand had three short afternoon
including those days at theweekendthere were issues about that
only lasted days thisweekendwas as i mentioned i
me about that top secretweekendand how you d had
stay in shediac for theweekendand we had a great
anniversary dinner somewhere at theweekendbut he had forgotten and
was posted out during theweekendi had a problem receiving
i had quite a goodweekendi went to see edward
sinister unlike mr scott whoseweekendon duty had made him
it was just an octoberweekendthat the school holidays had
it was an just thatweekendwe had in october and
provide an outreach service thisweekenda group will travel to
out for the count thisweekendbut i m hoping it
i m gonna clean thisweekendf810: i mean it won
you doin f835: what thisweekendf832: mmhm f835: i don
what did you do thisweekendf834: we- weel [laugh] eh
talking to fiona about thisweekendi could pretend to write
my own work done thisweekendi have been taking some
been nice to relax thisweekendi ve been working steadily
reasonably well this is thanksgivingweekendin america i e u
as well [laugh] f963: thisweekendmadam [laugh] [laugh] f965: to
i m doing that thisweekendready to be typed on
first draft of that thisweekendso i m well on
our furniture c tercentenary reunionweekendthe exact accounting for this
what are you doing thisweekendthen [censored: forename] f832: ehm i
my at my grandparents oneweekendthis was like when i
robert has been here thisweekendtoo he goes back on
ll come doon at theweekendan hae a look noo
got mine done at theweekendand i got a pedicure
the sun shone at theweekendand there are rumours of
the moment and at theweekendas the european committee s
hope you enjoy ed yourweekendat the hydro with the
up to her maybe aweekendat their brattleboro inn right
to take football at theweekendbecause if the bairn breaks
fence up there at theweekendbut i mean f606: mmhm
probably see you at theweekenddanny but come saturday morning
posted to members at theweekenddid all members receive it
sleepin wi you at theweekendf1118: erm i don t
sandstorms at e fettes avenueweekendfairly pleasant around most districts
you come doon at theweekendfin jonsar eck drew in
in the clockwork at theweekendfor the first time in
in the press at theweekendhe now accepts the arguments
their golf clubs at theweekendor during the week and
was in shetland at theweekendpeople said as they do
lanarkshire council officials at theweekendthat the consultation document for
them up say at theweekendthe monday mornin he came
take a day at theweekendto move their stuff up
get that done by theweekendlaughter i have no doubt
actually would be a goodweekendi ve never been out
so everyone have a goodweekendnothin happened i was just
[inaudible] f1121: it s theweekendvery good f1122: look look
an on- only on aweekendm944: i don t f943:
he only stayed for aweekendoh it was horrible f1155:
robert fergusson it was theweekendbefore christmas the start of
about 1 400 on theweekendbefore the certificates were issued
very often just holidays oneweekendi think we managed to
me about that mysterious lostweekendi d almost forgotten you
d the rest of theweekendto worry about it jimmy
he s been him aweekendo im wadder wise but
o the broch by theweekendthey d ken o t
walrus on your sofa eachweekendsince the visit to dr
her family in moncton someweekendso i can see some
summit of mauna loa butweekendafternoons they let him do
tae keep him freendly awweekendan still get him oot
the start of a culturalweekendbut i ll have to
the local deliveries be theweekendthings were back tae normal
wanted to go for aweekendin london but they were
truck wi peats ower theweekendan decided tae gang up
except that writing up myweekendis far more important to
up the booze cupboard forweekendsustenance he also picked up
a suggestion that our reunionweekendbe moved from founders day
go to london for aweekendand we re thinking well
for the 1999 ne philatelicweekendcentury of cinema a celebration
residency jeanette was available forweekendcommunity workshops in feltmaking techniques
he s awaa fir theweekendjimmy was saying the depute
there was like a aweekendkind of racing event happened
as it was apparantly thanksgivingweekendwith you barbara and john
how is fiona spending theweekendthere s another mad thought
same oan seturday a haleweekendhe never hut me wance
on saturday it s maggieweekenda group from the house
and sunday cause it sweekend[inaudible] f1121: it s the
s country towns does theweekendinvasion of palmesanos which spreads
fur smootie s antics datweekendmagnus an freya wir trang
to cram weeks into aweekends serious gaiety it s
can surely wait or theweekenddeclared timmer tam fin the
as a can tell yerweekendpoet disnae hae the wit
dh fhàs alright fad aweekendtha ah aidh f980: uill
black yersel lad as theweekendof the aberkinnie harvest festival
declared timmer tam fin theweekendcame roon timmer tam gaed
of christmas in moscow theweekendcertainly drained us of energy
that we followed throughout theweekendis that we are absolutely
materials and organisation two popularweekendworkshops took place in the

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