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room an inner rain aweepinghaar like dauchau skin the
am the goose skimming theweepingsky i am a the
with hawthorn scent a womanweepingin glesca toun a piper
sister bends and lifts theweepingbundle places it tenderly onto
float overhead the sky isweepingday s agendas drown balquidder
a net greetin is cryingweepingmurnin is mourning skirlin is
the hem of the infiniteweepingto see the goodness of
d like to borrow yourweepingrobes and walk unseen a
had cried through the silenceweepingits grief across the stubble
despair and he sat thereweepingas he played his amazing
wicked of you betty exitsweepinglilian poor betty beaumont appears
hold mags reflected elena wasweepingon big tom o farrell
to my astonishment many wereweepinga quick cigarette seemed to
this country loud was theweepingthe wailing and the gnashing
to i ve taken toweepinginstead thinking about my very

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