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muir treelipin hem bi theweetylinn drawn bi the skelp
blae mochie ben misty braeweetysmirr fyaachie day fire i
plastic cup the tide isweetyas dolphins grey an skyty
o san the tide isweetywi dolphins grey an skyty
plastic ponchos raindraps dreep throwweetygirse the broon dubs seep
langs fur a shooer oweetysmirr if ghaists creep back
schule the worsit wis suneweetyan stervin wi the snaa
wreaths o bloom a thoosanweetybirk trees greet forget me
wid without gettin sypit onweetydays an fit aboot aa
ye gin een o yonweetygales blew up an liftit
tae manage the warm anweetytea plantations o ceylon it
e time haad awa faeweetywither iv coorse it wis

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