See this word as a collocate cloud

was doing at least aswellas holden would have done
that they have done aswellas they have in the
had done their jobs verywellat one point i found
had really done before aswellcause i mean there was
for your letters clipping etcwelldone al 3 out of
me f1121: that was goodwelldone and div you know
ye re young a jobwelldone and heaven back in
up and down and upwelldone and if you re
huh f1125: [cough] uh huhwelldone and one more piece
to dae wi your feetwelldone and she used to
lot of sprinkles on itwelldone and what about this
nine ten eleven twelve f1121: welldone another tweenies f1122: one
good girl f1112: [exhale] f1111: welldone are you keeping on
knew that was a starwelldone are you trying another
it on there f1107: verywelldone aren t you good
can clear it up sadiewelldone but wid ye say
oh that s a jobwelldone [censored: familiar form of forename] they are very
look you ve made itwelldone [clapping] m1094: [inaudible] f1093:
track f1107: and a trainwelldone [cough] m1108: and he
[whistling] here f1103: well donewelldone currant bun f1104: i
[sniff] f1089: that s itwelldone currant bun m1090: no
[toy says 'excellent'] f1122: orange f1121: goodwelldone darling f1122: do this
[toy says 'well done'] f1122: grass f1121: grasswelldone darling [toy says 'excellent'] right you
we break it up f1103: welldone eh f1104: i dinna
pull them both back waheywelldone f1100: [laugh] that s
that s a clever ainwelldone f1100: this is a
roon that way up waheywelldone f1104: [clapping] that ain
it f1103: i think sowelldone f1104: does this bit
f1103: oh she s beautifulwelldone f1104: i just want
them and one o themwelldone f1104: [laugh] ba- f1103:
that wey that s itwelldone f1104: mum can i
in f1104: mm mm f1103: welldone f1104: mum we ll
girl div they f1103: nowelldone f1104: no f1103: that
i think so maybe yepwelldone f1104: rainbow dash she
f1103: [inaudible] this bit maybewelldone f1104: see this ain
s a really good placewelldone f1104: sh- sure bridges
here it goes f1103: ahwelldone f1104: there a bit
bit go here yes f1103: welldone f1104: this bit go
you re very clev- ohwelldone f1112: hey think this
we keep the car okaywelldone f1112: you put in
that one there f1114: yeswelldone f1113: and that one
and that one f1114: yeswelldone f1113: good and that
there that one f1114: yeswelldone f1113: that s it
has he not f1114: yeswelldone f1113: what s that
a shoe f1121: that swelldone f1122: a [inaudible] and
rec- f1122: a rectangle f1121: welldone f1122: a kite shape
a clam f1121: a clamwelldone f1122: and that s
good did the teacher saywelldone f1122: aye do you
that one f1122: broccoli f1121: welldone f1122: carrot beans a
that s good and bambiwelldone f1122: don t they
s the rest of jakewelldone f1122: goes in the
that eh that s itwelldone f1122: [ha] f1121: very
we get that bittie togetherwelldone f1122: his ears his
for apples an apple treewelldone f1122: [laugh] that s
mousie at a party f1121: welldone f1122: let s go
managed to do a piecewelldone f1122: mum mummy mummy
and blue f1121: very goodwelldone f1122: they go round
yes yes it go f1125: welldone f1126: broken it again
f1126: mm f1125: [inhale] yeahwelldone f1126: did it myself
a mess f1125: clever girlwelldone f1126: erm f1125: now
f1125: mm sprinkles taste goodwelldone f1126: gaun aa ower
penguin f1126: mm f1125: yaywelldone f1126: how about oh
it s [?]lying[/?] f1125: yeahwelldone f1126: that s go
ooh that one f1125: ohwelldone f1126: that s my
round again that s itwelldone f1126: you missed one
paint them with aye goodwelldone f940: spray paint [laugh]
a tat tat f1101: [humming]welldone fitt other ain was
one two three four f1103: welldone four f1104: bone in
didnae hic either [laugh] m1012: welldone great m1010: [inaudible] m1013:
hubbard f1107: that s rightwelldone have you got postman
think this goes there f1103: welldone how aboot doon a
yes f1117: oh dear mewelldone if you re the
ll keep em f1099: ohwelldone [inaudible] f1100: oh that
justice committee on a jobwelldone it is especially pleasing
d c b a georgiewelldone jim we a feel
help you that s itwelldone [laugh] are you chuffed
it was that other bitwelldone m1090: i m getting
m1090: yes yes f1089: [inaudible]welldone m1090: [tearing noise] that s
in [?]castaways![/?] that s itwelldone m1094: and some more
f1093: now that s uswelldone m1094: [inaudible] [?]what is[/?] there
f1093: ah there it goeswelldone m1094: it was hiding
give yourself a clap [censored: forename]welldone m1094: they have to
game i think you havewelldone m1094: what we ma-
it f1093: well done yeahwelldone m1094: yes f1093: i
cups that s that [inaudible]welldone m1094: you can do
this ain s done f1093: welldone m1094: you going to
doctor when f1105: well donewelldone m1106 : it s a
and and and four f1107: welldone m1108: now what what
boy you take the bookswelldone m1110: what s this
four five that s rightwelldone m1110: where is five
s right that s correctwelldone m1110: where six where
the age of fifteen m1183: welldone m1182: em eh she
m805: reflection of her m804: welldone m805: [tut] [inhale] and
no other damage was donewelldone miss marple and her
cat s postman pat f1115: welldone mm how many cats
one f1122: a square f1121: welldone mm this one rectangle
it s a g m1108: welldone mum what s that
s a h m1108: yeahwelldone mummy f1107: oh i
does this bit go f1103: welldone nearly finished woo hoo
here f1125: that s rightwelldone now f1126: where s
look [?]see if i'll[/?] bring a panwelldone now fitt happens i
i think that s itwelldone now there s one
oh f1112: the top f1111: welldone now windows on the
f1126: and [tut] [exhale] f1125: welldone oh are you puttin
t it right this onewelldone oh i think ye
f1109: pinocchio that s rightwelldone oh m1110: it s
does this bit go f1103: welldone oh right come here
seven eight nine ten f1121: welldone okay that must be
to twenty now f1109: twentywelldone one two three four
for [censored: forename] keep going ohwelldone oof i don t
one f1125: a bird yaywelldone ostrich f1126: [laugh] look
her that her dance waswelldone perhaps she senses my
fit f1125: that s itwelldone push it down though
that s another one donewelldone put it over there
other lemon m1094: yes f1093: welldone right i m going
called for his fiddlers threewelldone right last one f1122:
need to close the plugwelldone right the other one
two three four five f1121: welldone right what one next
let me s- check ohwelldone right what video are
back to her newspapers sadiewelldone sadie huh agnes pit
hey how aboot that maggiewelldone sadie i better go
here you go look yaywelldone see that bit winna
encyclopoedia isa finds the pagewelldone sinclair she has found
f1118: seven eight nine f1117: welldone socks in there and
talk like a bairn edwelldone steve dimps dolly sounds
ten f1109: ye re rightwelldone ten trains aathegither m1110:
that one go there f1121: welldone that looks a good
go in m1108: uh f1107: welldone that s a cushty
doing it that s itwelldone that s a good
that goes cluck cluck f1125: welldone that s another one
that s colour yellow f1109: welldone that s colours green
head f1121: so you ohwelldone that s good [censored: forename]
this is my drawing f1121: welldone that s good though
face and a blue jacketwelldone that s good well
ehm a fish f1121: [toy says 'you are right']welldone that s good what
to clean this f1109: ohwelldone that s it dinna-
boohbahs the [inaudible] oops f1113: welldone that s it nearly
f1126: mm [laugh] [laugh] f1125: welldone that s it now
where is it seven f1121: welldone that s it right
a tomato a cabbage f1121: welldone that s it you
f1121: that s good [inaudible]welldone that s it you
that s a xylophone f1121: welldone that s right f1122:
of his feet f1121: ohwelldone that s right [inaudible]
window f1112: right f1111: okaywelldone that s the bottom
just something someone taks lilianwelldone that s the spirit
that s m for [censored: forename]welldone that s very good
i got it through m804: welldone that was really good
mm f1103: that s rightwelldone there we go f1104:
one goes there f1114: yeahwelldone this colour f1113: here
way f1103: there we gowelldone [throat] f1104: does that
hen lay f1122: eggs f1121: welldone [toy says 'excellent'] what does the
cow make f1122: milk f1121: welldone [toy says 'well done'] what does potatoes
that it f1122: aye f1121: welldone very good who s
f1093: right that s itwelldone we ve done them
f1104: [singing] [whistling] here f1103: welldone well done currant bun
it see doctor when f1105: welldone well done m1106 : it
f1109: okay here ye gowelldone what a duster you
drawing that s really goodwelldone what about if we
i got it f1111: ohwelldone what colour was your
make f1122: green f1121: [toy says 'excellent']welldone what does red and
here f1122: [cough] mmhm f1121: welldone what s colour s
that one here f1114: yeswelldone where s this ain
well done that s goodwelldone who s next to
s do another one f1093: welldone woo woo m1094: let
we re off to f1105: welldone would you like a
it that s a boywelldone yay m1094: now yay
it i got it f1093: welldone yeah well done m1094:
very good one piece yeywelldone you did it all
f1121: that s good [censored: forename]welldone you did them f1122:
f1125: mm f1126: mmhm f1125: welldone you got an itchy
mmhm see see f1093: awwelldone you got the game
[?]must be it[/?] f1091: that s itwelldone you re clever m1092:
up here that s ohwelldone you re such a
push that bit in awwelldone you ve did it
d say a skelp aswellehm that s us done
to be done someday aswellf643: mmhm m608: uh huh
m830: i have done f829: wellgeorge mackay f606: yeah m830:
done the other day professionalwellhairdresser ones f1154: oh no
five interventions he has donewelli do not understand the
in the intervening period f1151: welli ve done erm i
grow f606: yeah [laugh] f889: welli ve just done mines
that that should be donewellin advance of the committee
the parliament has done fairlywellin dealing with the additional
david seems to have donewellin his job interview down
that the executive has donewellin introducing the concessionary travel
balance and we have donewellin striking it for example
effect we should study howwellit has done and see
bible yince that s donewellkrista see here del wiv
clean clean all done f1121: welllet me s- check oh
about going to that pubwellnow you ve done it
interests the parliament has donewellon subsidiarity the local government
done this bittie yet f1133: wellon you go then i
could have done so aswellsilence and what happens now
an he s done itwellsince he was a wee
she was learning english aswellso we just done that
i didna ken that m1090: wellthat s aw done we
about immigration because i ho-wellthat s been done f963:
our bit of the worldwellthe training is all done
done with her brother ahwellthen maybe she could be
they ve done and howwellthey ve done it from
a pen some days maggiewelltry to get it done
firms that that have donewellye know canongate with the
ll dae it f1103: [inaudible]wellyou ve done the top
now hey you ve donewellyou ve tidied up loads
it as you like f1023: wella bidie in [laugh] that
fae england some are faewellaa different areas as you
something i wondered about aswellactually are there many kind
mmhm f1149: so iceland aswellactually i used to have
spoke tae charlton heston aswellah hear said bethia you
will suffer this disgrace aswellahead indeed stretch years without
hot as red chili pepperswellaloha there boy his name
uh huh f1144: mum aswellalthough my mum called her
i said your kit aswellan ehm yer gear is
f826: mm f902: glen aswellan margaret [censored: surname] was born
tae sail matchsticks doon aswellan oo played m1013: that
war language back french aswelland and even i i
finds you and arthur verywelland as for us i
and his own business aswelland further down on the
i would use these aswelland good looking would be
uni in the halls aswelland he had like a
of interest in language aswelland hopefully from certainly from
s in the police aswelland i mean even your
i live in scone aswelland i ve been here
be boiled for ages aswelland it had suet in
houses right beside it aswelland it must be a
f1025: a perth word aswelland ken ken f1026: and
how you define god aswelland that lots of people
issue of spelling variation aswelland that s it s
a powerful depressive side aswelland that the one is
of physics and chemistry aswelland then cause they change
for the following year aswelland then you could choose
bairns fowk were there aswelland there was tea and
he s from errol aswelland they re a different
was about three maybe aswelland they were in a
knowledge of other languages aswelland was never slow to
give us road traffic aswelland we won t do
jazz i like jazz aswelland what he does we
a wee bit teachin aswelland words tended to come
m941: it s soft aswelland you throw it at
the huge futuristic building aswellas 2 films on a
electronic data transmission service aswellas a back up paper
profit did you say ahwellas a business man you
have a sweater industry aswellas a canine chum our
the work of volunteers aswellas a chance for them
s a military word aswellas a i don t
process for obtaining consent aswellas a more consistent approach
visionary and a poet aswellas a musician and for
proposals from the commission aswellas a policy framework in
readable texts was suggested aswellas a project to produce
hard to believe and aswellas a registrar i want
to reach an english aswellas a scottish audience and
wanted an english readership aswellas a scottish one the
creates a visual effect aswellas a sound effect i
say in the organisation aswellas a stake in its
exploration biography and history aswellas a steady stream of
enlargement as an opportunity aswellas a threat will also
still a working monastery aswellas a tourist centre still
gear that was it m1021: wellas a tradesman we used
knowledgeable about english authors aswellas about the work of
vocational use of language aswellas academic study of language
doesn t come out verywellas acfe or anything so
certificates higher national diplomas aswellas all the examinations that
the incidents in 2002 aswellas all the incidents that
whatever they were er aswellas all those things and
its own economic assessment aswellas an assessment of many
text for live performance aswellas an easier and more
for an educative process aswellas an information exchange perhaps
board and shas reports aswellas an ombudsman that will
the second world war aswellas an unprecedented period of
a take hold meaning aswellas andgiet understanding intellect indeed
traffic i was terrified aswellas angry we were both
can bruce crawford appreciates aswellas anyone else that we
certain sentences or phrases aswellas asking for general understanding
furniture on his rounds aswellas assorted bicycles in good
and the scottish economy aswellas at a local community
course content and structure aswellas at the relationship between
at the uk level aswellas at the scottish level
are you all writers aswellas being erm storytellers and
in the public interest aswellas being one way of
peattie will know that aswellas being president of the
matters of strategic guidance aswellas broader tourism matters which
or regulations such groups aswellas builders and architects have
castrated by his knowledge aswellas by his wife as
raised by the registrars aswellas by the councils another
prevention and health promotion aswellas caring for those who
did we have anything aswellas christmas pudding f640: no
tatties from the farmer aswellas coal and peats this
pyjamas i feel defenceless aswellas cold the rest of
s iron in fiona aswellas comfort there always was
umbrella for numerous dalliances aswellas committed friendships conspiracies and
committee he said that aswellas consulting the health and
of english and irish aswellas continental traditions of the
language coming to scotland aswellas continuing the development of
took account of quality aswellas cost value for money
interactive teaching and learning aswellas creating enhanced facilities for
in the icc statute aswellas creating the offences in
i have missed some aswellas debates and discussions on
in the winter then aswellas did you used to
i as i write aswellas doing it beforehand and
scots adam smith rhetorician aswellas economist clearly intended that
spelling all stella produced aswellas electronic dictionaries oxford english
dealing with certain problems aswellas enabling patients to spend
dutch german spanish welsh aswellas english and scottish families
of england and wales aswellas ensuring compatibility between the
been hungry still eating aswellas ever i could do
work in the office aswellas external factors some of
and his smaller pieces aswellas extracts from the major
have an increasing role aswellas facilitating earlier intervention these
be taught at school m952: wellas far as i m
i think i sing aswellas fergus it has been
readings of the discussion aswellas focusing upon the reading
benefits for soil quality aswellas for general wildlife quality
are important for scots aswellas for people elsewhere in
and suffering of childbirth aswellas for the lack of
and astronomy were studied aswellas french italian spanish and
in his own language aswellas from reading about them
be showing up later aswellas grim facts about who
that income is growing aswellas having a large number
in the oil industry aswellas having the tools the
hoose used for cooking aswellas heating until things like
it was an offence aswellas highly dangerous to let
be his bad mother aswellas his good mother it
shall answer those questions aswellas i am able to
brother you know that aswellas i do but when
unexceptional which was just aswellas i had no money
that i speak english aswellas i speak french and
heard anything of norrie lilywellas i told you i
to manage it just aswellas i used to when
and the scots thesaurus aswellas in other dictionaries of
defective in that regard aswellas in terms of the
them in the towns aswellas in the countryside another
in any cultural strategy aswellas in the economic life
libraries and village halls aswellas in the homes of
sense of the word aswellas in the literal sense
do so market opening aswellas initiatives focusing on the
terminology of 5 14 aswellas involving the children in
all the more poignant aswellas ironic when a few
all the more poignant aswellas ironic when a few
scheme does not work aswellas it might for example
like er you know likewellas it was happening not
importance of the corridor aswellas its economic importance to
importance of the corridor aswellas its economic importance to
cost to local authorities aswellas lack of funding could
diversity of other dialects aswellas languages languages for life
and the scandinavian norsemen aswellas later dutch and the
and the scandinavian norsemen aswellas later dutch and the
church charters having scots aswellas latin elements and in
to learn about language aswellas learning the rudiments of
organisations to lobby msps aswellas lobbying companies themselves i
of addressing offending behaviour aswellas locking up people who
learn from their experience aswellas looking for innovative scottish
you munch the hostess aswellas lunch or with the
kind of pilgrimage there aswellas m078: yes m608: a
we cannot include service aswellas maladministration paragraph 50 of
be in current use aswellas many families from other
damaged tourism in scotland aswellas many other parts of
he owned son moragues aswellas miramar and by the
of probable pictish origin aswellas month the mountains of
admited 104 other cases aswellas mrs [censored: surname] s to
anything [laugh] f1151: yeah yeahwellas much as you might
and moosikies for mice aswellas much colourful scots vocabulary
recycled in this topic aswellas new language to be
board for community care aswellas new resources must be
a narrative of companionship aswellas of mutual kissing there
curious its twelve volumes aswellas offering a unique point
efficiency levels in homes aswellas on housing standards generally
detrimental impact on tourism aswellas on the environment and
detrimental impact on tourism aswellas on the environment and
evaluation i presume that aswellas operational issues some of
mitchell lewis grassic gibbon aswellas original artefacts of social
the data on income aswellas other aspects of the
we ensure that government aswellas others with an interest
relationship with the sector aswellas our commitments to the
several perhaps our football aswellas our language prospects will
on the contrary present aswellas past german writers on
i would say vennel aswellas pavement f1144: mm well
authors or on them aswellas people that you ve
in the traditional sense aswellas people who take up
distance from scotland psychologically aswellas physically and in the
that they were british aswellas pictish a w s
wrote scottish vernacular prose aswellas poetry virtually terminates with
pre council agenda setting aswellas post council scrutiny the
place to stimulate demand aswellas production that is why
time editorial assistant editor aswellas providing a number of
500 passengers and cargo aswellas providing sleeping accommodation for
to increasing their number aswellas providing them with the
try to be judicial aswellas quiet weeks ago he
of time in wales aswellas quite a lot of
understanding at varying levels aswellas reasoning skills assessment of
making notes in writing aswellas recording more detailed information
to include page numbers aswellas reference numbers on the
model himself on llull aswellas revive the island s
that they have responsibilities aswellas rights when people take
could baptise and renew aswellas satisfy thirst or put
in dialects only english aswellas scots it is an
debate the wider issues aswellas scrutinising legislation and holding
relating to the petition aswellas seeking a briefing from
greater value for money aswellas setting fairer rates and
and did not read aswellas she knows he can
we had shorter answers aswellas shorter questions they are
weep tears of relief aswellas sorrow she was holding
strategy which encompassed cash aswellas subsistence crops variety in
holiday in the winter aswellas summer when you were
are now many owners aswellas tenants in those areas
national parks covering marine aswellas terrestrial areas would be
the actor s face aswellas the animal s when
that the committee gave aswellas the assurances from the
of days gone past aswellas the atmosphere of the
that includes millennium events aswellas the bug there is
07 post boy jobsworth aswellas the crazies out on
will require ideological persuasion aswellas the creation of practical
s funny [inhale] but aswellas the end of one
and the devolved administrations aswellas the european commission the
that has been announced aswellas the extra bit that
way that benefits scotland aswellas the federation i have
with the policy issues aswellas the financial issues is
the prestigious venetian ducado aswellas the florentine florin and
are hosting the project aswellas the forestry commission they
is when the public aswellas the handler lose out
public from such manipulation aswellas the handler who sometimes
to protect the public aswellas the handlers intelligence is
of recent cut backs aswellas the impact which the
conventions of high romance aswellas the knight for while
in rates of exchange aswellas the main idea all
ministers official sources 11 aswellas the media seem to
pounds shillings and pence aswellas the new pounds and
learning experiences in context aswellas the outcomes so the
outcomes of our expenditure aswellas the outputs we want
the scottish european briefs aswellas the papers from the
of noun phrase patterns aswellas the patterns of simple
the letters and songs aswellas the poems and to
and the scottish ballads aswellas the poetry of his
is a fiscal depute aswellas the procurator fiscal each
include dutch and japanese aswellas the range of languages
is aware of this aswellas the recommendations for action
british sign language bsl aswellas the spoken written languages
have held me back aswellas the stifling heat and
the long rope souples aswellas the survival of the
duties of local authorities aswellas the traditional function of
in this short debate aswellas the usual passages of
think are the strengths aswellas the weaknesses of our
work of this parliament aswellas the wider community the
the process being described aswellas their awareness of various
confessions of justified sinner aswellas their other works and
have a shared heritage aswellas their own identity and
sleep which was just aswellas they put out all
in which they talk aswellas this imposition of a
ochil and stirling constituencies aswellas those from the west
ochil and stirling constituencies aswellas those from the west
policies reflect scottish interests aswellas those of england and
to use electronic methods aswellas those that wished to
making process to participate aswellas those who want to
anthropologists and theologians alike aswellas to the educated man
in handling the bill aswellas to the relevant scottish
was referred to us aswellas to the transport and
on the farm furniture aswellas tools there was a
supposed to be competent aswellas tough and that problems
from side to side aswellas up and down this
as an opportunity missed aswellas using scots in his
have to be portable aswellas valuable people have to
cressida hero and leander aswellas venus and cupid the
so he was crafty aswellas violent oh stick i
this i hear you crywellas we all wrap up
now hope you are keepingwellas we are love from
could be badly made aswellas well made like any
i ve just got nowellas well ye just talk
more in secondary school aswellas what we do we
down every single day aswellas what your lecture books
the guilty walk free aswellas when the innocent are
for specific european legislation aswellas wider eu issues the
and the scottish parliament aswellas with local authorities re
in the corselet group aswellas with the group of
a polished elegant thinker aswellas writer and it s
going to include speech aswellas writing and that s
within people s heads aswellas you know i mean
is kening yur strength aswellas yur weakness right an
cream on my face aswellat the hairdresser s this
use because as you arewellaware in burns what starts
meetings as richard lochhead iswellaware john farquhar munro and
have served as councillors arewellaware that particularly in the
as a councillor i amwellaware that you will get
are stuck they might aswellbe painting by numbers and
so similar they might aswellbe the same and i
found there i might aswellbe where the mountains of
yes now win him aswellbeaumont scart free is it
the time i slapped ahwellbeaumont she s awa as
development of certificate courses aswellbecause at the moment some
think it s good aswellbecause [cough] it s not
probably went to sweden aswellbecause his dad doesn t
would like another bit aswellbecause i m going to
one we would use aswellbecause i think it s
you have the disadvantages aswellbecause it s it s
it s really annoying aswellbecause it s sort of
are terrible for this aswellbecause like ehm like i
it which annoys me aswellbecause m819: the gorbals the
working just now just aswellbecause robert hasn t been
wants to do this aswellbecause sh- he doesn t
paper side of things aswellbecause we we felt that
your own knowledge base aswellbecause you ve got this
or hacked off [laugh] anwellbeelin i woulda said as
take down the zip aswellbefore you take it over
government has our health andwellbeing as their number one
the most teenage pregnancies aswellbig achievement f835: is it
but he s perth aswellborn and bred but where
there was karaoke burns aswellburns a go go he
sayin that m1017: ugly aswellbut an ugly in my
then at christmas time aswellbut ehm m959: you were
realise it s legitimate aswellbut everything has their place
to do it orally aswellbut i don t know
givin me some money aswellbut i don t know
in a holiday somewhere aswellbut i suppose you don
quite near the back aswellbut m959: aye i was
better at oor age aswellbut no m815: yeah i
i would say that aswellbut that s not what
them for irish lit aswellbut yeah i think most
son s a piper aswellbut you but you know
is my birthday today aswellcan i have a bit
do not work quite sowellcan still be discussed as
s daddy s one aswellcause daddy s got two
up after second year aswellcause it was just such
words that s fine aswellcause that tells us something
so that s good aswellcause they all remember me
we used tae say aswellcause we used tae get
i ve got thingummy aswellcause you started thinkin what
tae dae yer hair aswell[censored: forename] f1114: ah this is
of bookings for easter aswellchristmas and easter what about
is to get washed aswellcome on what else are
said that in july aswelldavid miller said i had
committee could look at aswelldavid mundell i have the
they see as obvious andwelldefined communities especially those in
eh is nowhere near sowelldeveloped as the tradition in
up the north east aswelldidn t you i thought
the girls say neigh aswelldivn t they no i
f745: yeah f746: might aswelldo something that you like
yeah m816: sydney might aswelldo the whole hog and
in kind of anger aswelldo you mean it for
such as this a goodwelldoing home where family life
ears to hear with aswelldon t they like that
cause you like them aswelldon t you do you
thinking about being bad aswelldon t you that s
all i ve got aswelldrizzle is all i ve
introduction to las baleares aswellearlier in the year the
are often portrayed as beingwelleducated in a midsummer night
classical greek tragedy as awelleducated man presiding officer you
cloth f1122: mum f1121: aswelleh that that ain s
have tae say bairn aswelleh the bairn cause i
that but good practitioners aswellehm a progressive but flexible
all got on really reallywellehm but as you say
in eh your vocabulary aswellehm f1054: is dunbar a
re actually in english aswellehm f606: yeah m954: but
history and language history asweller in the in in
this on your handout aswellerm and it s interesting
i ll do that aswellerm but i think if
we were broken into aswellerm by our neighbours which
opportunities for curriculum flexibility aswellerm some of the issues
have taken us on aswellerm the daily record have
far as it can m1174: wellerm what initially what was
you could use gangway aswellf1009: [laugh] m1007: as something
they played different sexes aswellf1018: aye m1021: but the
they brought back language aswellf1018: mm m1022: and a
pam mmhm got pissed aswellf1025: legless f1026: [laugh] not
ve always said close aswellf1025: mmhm f1026: i mean
i d say chuffed aswellf1025: now happy i ve
bairn for a baby aswellf1026: some folk would say
of change f1025: [inaudible] aswellf1026: [throat] f1024: with the
fabulously beautiful british columbia aswellf1038: yeah it s meant
or neebours or anythin aswellf1040: no just cousins or
was it f1040: [inaudible] aswellf1041: but yer ma an
an oil through it aswellf1054: an what did they
the children s shoes aswellf1054: aye well it was
loaded aye m1019: loaded aswellf1054: brilliant m1022: how about
that i would use aswellf1054: mmhm f1025: and the
i ve got down aswellf1054: [throat] cool em and
greengrocer s there now aswellf1054: what did you call
from what pam said aswellf1054: what did you have
the kids say hurl aswellf1054: would you hurl something
you putting this down aswellf1093: mm m1094: are you
you putting this down aswellf1093: mmhm m1094: are you
take this bit off aswellf1093: right take off your
is a clever ain aswellf1099: right here you go
sisters are home helps aswellf1103: are they f1104: because
f1104: i like cinderella aswellf1103: aye f1104: i like
dae mine like that aswellf1103: aye f1104: i m
can i make it aswellf1103: aye i ve been
oh can i help aswellf1103: aye if you want
f1104: i found one aswellf1103: aye that ain s
i hae a brush aswellf1103: aye your brushes are
toast for my breakfast aswellf1103: do ye f1104: and
is this a step aswellf1103: mmhm f1104: [raspberry] this
you want to help aswellf1103: unicorn do you want
put on a skirt aswellf1104: mm well she does
to make your sea aswellf1104: mm yes [tut] i
got aa messy hands aswellf1107: got messy hands have
d better check mine aswellf1107: no i ll do
wear a pretty necklace aswellf1112: we better throw that
you like it washed aswellf1114: yes f1113: okay are
he s got daffodils aswellf1121: has he f1122: he
do one for granny aswellf1122: aye f1121: and who
we aye f1121: towel aswellf1122: can we just go
do that for me aswellf1122: mmhm f1121: cause that
she would take some aswellf1122: she s too little
have to cover them aswellf1122: we ll have to
one s all messy aswellf1123: ah but i ll
leave one for daddy aswellf1126: no it s my
get a baby yogurt aswellf1142: and a pudding one
she really likes korma aswellf1142: ehm ehm if [censored: forename]
remember to say please aswellf1142: mmhm f1141: that s
that s your favourite aswellf1142: my favourite f1141: it
you like building things aswellf1142: yes [inaudible] [?]helmet[/?] on
brings in your one aswellf1143: oh aye f1144: that
the kids said that aswellf1143: uh huh and i
of hearing that before aswellf1144: yeah f1145: it s
and physics and art aswellf1148: mmhm f1149: and then
can take up german aswellf1148: mmhm f1149: but then
loads of other schools aswellf1148: mmhm mmhm f1149: and
we f1149: to do aswellf1148: we would like either
that s quite good aswellf1149: but you did that
sort of economic studies aswellf1149: uh huh f1148: i
be courteous to you aswellf1151: yeah yeah it s
see it called [censored: forename] aswellf1154: well oh f1155: so
see here as home aswellf1159: yeah you always call
influence the local language aswellf606: mm f826: mmhm through
which happened with morse aswellf606: mm m954: when they
in the new series aswellf606: oh m954: where one
sort o chocolate things aswellf631: mmhm f689: an you
sort o almonds out aswellf631: oh yeah f689: you
f637: i had her aswellf638: year you know how
yeah to feel [inaudible] aswellf639: and it s a
i was quite shy aswellf640: because it wasn t
from the dundee area aswellf718: mmhm mm m1078: no
i did english language aswellf745: yeah also there would
like paradise lost like aswellf745: yeah f746: i would
from chinese to english aswellf745: yeah yeah i mean
read books for enjoyment aswellf746: mm which i m
language in first year aswellf746: mmhm f745: so then
on a hippie commune aswellf809: oh right it s
thunderbirds thundercats m811: thundercats aswellf812: [inaudible] now you re
no i had that aswellf812: [laugh] [laugh] m811: i
all that kinda stuff aswellf813: and so i got
i had this doll aswellf814: love going to people
f812: i had them aswellf814: [music] there s a
in ehm tennis balls aswellf940: aye so they were
twelve pound for that aswellf940: but it s have
m944: with that guy aswellf943: yes and he s
official papers in scots aswellf948: [laugh] i don t
of rules for that aswellf963: and it could get
the whole vietnam thing aswellf965: anti vietnam demonstrations and
supposed to be lucky aswellf965: red hair s not
ah i remember that aswellf965: so when polly s
down for the war aswellf965: that s ri- well
was more employment then aswellf965: [tut] [exhale] i don
ll eat your fingers aswellfor breakfast urgh okay coming
the language as well m1022: wellfor hot i ve got
jotter which is just aswellfor i m writing like
i think it fits verywellfor places like glasgow as
as they are fit andwellfor the job that is
that i m sure aswellfor the sqa m605: right
act which is just aswellfor us so you see
gray as christine grahame knowswellfrom previous exchanges we are
mr mrs kyle there aswellget home 12 midnight in
can dae yer ain aswellget ourselves tarted up good
it so we might aswellget wired in ned from
remarked so we might aswellgo together to this do
i d have been aswellgoin to school it was
for prams and everything aswellgreat [laugh] f1054: when s
being on his own aswellhe is still single and
he s so charismatic aswellhe s cool m959: i
reasons will be given aswellhow international confidence in the
in the north east aswellhuh m1036: yes i ve
looking at different models aswelli actually visited schools in
thrown in for good measurewelli d better go as
[censored: surname] as resident d jwelli d really better get
the younger generation [inaudible] m1014: welli did because as i
along with irish immigration aswelli didn t know about
hear her muttering just aswelli didn t rush him
on it as well f1103: welli dinna think there s
not kind of as expen-welli don t know a
the battle o maldon aswelli don t know how
it in the shops aswelli don t understand it
i might be intelligent aswelli had answered a difficult
interested in environmental politics aswelli m a member of
s what you know aswelli mean i m i
and as for the prisonerswelli needn t tell you
the shape of triangles aswelli saw you just now
thought yous played football aswelli says no we don
m1008: an interesting phenomena aswelli think and eh i
i ve stacked envelopes aswelli think i worked the
oh that s lovely aswelli think it glows in
er and then education aswelli think media and education
isn t it f963: [laugh]welli think of that as
yeah it s probably aswelli ve grown out of
we had a pulley aswelli ve still got a
to go as i erwelli wanted to go and
from the toilets just aswelli was polite to him
well as pavement f1144: mmwelli was stuck at that
m815: can censor that aswelli won t tell you
[laugh] crazy crazy mad aswelli would have f1054: do
happened eh but chuffed aswelli would i would say
i would say shattered aswelli would say i m
stuff as well no m1022: welli write i m writing
a summary in english aswellian jenkins yes indeed michael
to the local authorities aswellian robson may want to
in the u k aswellif i can find the
shapes on this picture aswellif i draw a shape
schools the convener schools aswellif necessary the guidance note
puke in yir ear aswellif that s awright the
s it s choice aswellif the choice is there
and leave that alone aswellif you could cause that
to fifth year now aswellif you want to you
and she is glasgow aswellin a lot of ways
with with the father aswellin a way by sort
far as i know m964: wellin brighton i think was
taxi fare it was aswellin his pocket as a
we have a project aswellin letham primary school in
i ve a lot aswellin my flat bessie and
should update the language aswellin order to ensure that
he came tae bellahouston parkwellin that case as i
of came and went aswellin the classes you know
lot in the village aswellin the shops and by
share in the matter aswellin their childhood they had
erm in the home aswellin tiree we had a
there m816: tae it aswell[inaudible] aye m815: that s
do the ulysses tour aswell[inaudible] doin ulysses you see
breaking your ankle probably aswell[inaudible] f1077: mmhm f718: and
the bar for that aswell[inaudible] f947: the uist and
i ve got that aswell[inaudible] m1146: [laugh] mingin i
can be quite funny aswell[inaudible] m608: but you choose
this in the corner aswell[inaudible] put up right you
that the public is aswellinformed about it as possible
like the [inaudible] centre aswellis a bit like that
this erm next point aswellis become christ like by
sometimes laying them bare aswellis is quite refreshing in
and and f963: language aswellis so interesting to me
erm [censored: forename] f1121: [censored: forename] aswellis that plenty right then
you re a tourist aswellis that you probably don
that s in november aswellisn t it f1160: the
indeed from back benchers aswellit has been a debate
his credibility at westminster aswellit is clear that the
of water in tonight aswellit ll make the water
of separated that off aswellit m762: yeah f963: stopped
wha it s whae aswellit s always like where
as their number one interestwellit s good that our
that goes to motherwell aswellit s like the two
a ferry coming in aswellit s reasonable to see
home smelling of it aswellit s so yeah it
think the anxious period aswellit s usually primary one
and the self harmers aswellit was great fun learning
shoes as well f1054: ayewellit was just really the
there s one there aswellit was supposed to be
but for gaelic culture aswellit- it s certainly something
his grave at that aswelljohn scott ayr con i
aye just f1041: really angrywelljust angry or as you
had for lawrence as hewellknew a special kind of
parties may change as youwellknow may i invite you
a rag doll as youwellknow what i want to
to record in fine voicewellknown arias such as on
not quite common or quitewellknown as a scottish word
smiddy the late gideon irvinewellknown as aal gid or
of his ideas as hiswellknown breaks with adler and
salmond the minister as hewellknows is perfectly capable of
is absolute nonsense as hewellknows since the inception under
george lyon as the memberwellknows we started off with
aye [laugh] f1023: pissed aswell[laugh] couldn t think of
when i was younger aswell[laugh] f1148: [laugh] f1149: my
they re a laugh aswell[laugh] f631: yeah i know
re nicer to you aswell[laugh] f958: mm some of
own kind of madness aswell[laugh] mm m762: well i
swearin back at them aswell[laugh] oh dear no that
m quite fair skinned aswelllike i couldn t really
much poetry but novels aswelllike i just didn t
m903: she was involved aswelllike ken aye aye so
just called a catamaran aswelllike transferred f1148: possibly i
playing at that as wellwelllike with one of the
s got a puppy aswelllook f1121: aw it s
pencils f1089: magic pictures aswelllook m1090: wow he s
m1002: got nae weel aswellm1000: aye just the same
i just had ugly aswellm1008: mmhm m1007: seems to
so many times now aswellm1014: well i just butt
one another as partner aswellm1016: mmhm f1054: so that
something aboot the language aswellm1022: well for hot i
you cooked and sat aswellm1042: mm f1040: an then
added on tae torry aswellm1042: well the whole the
said that to me aswellm1048: [laugh] it s like
f1049: on saturday night aswellm1048: right where are they
that we would use aswellm1055: sean- seanair seems to
you get boy dollies aswellm1090: boy dollies are there
ve got one here aswellm1090: maybe i wo- i
his granny awa in aswellm1110: granny f1109: oh it
on top of here aswellm1128: chocolate icing i put
beelin i woulda said aswellm1146: mmhm maybe gowpin that
yeah f1144: use that aswellm1146: rather than hurl but
a cross over listenership aswellm1174: yeah m608: to a
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] got promoted aswellm605: yeah yeah he got
that a wee bit aswellm608: and she learnt english
comes on during ramadan aswellm608: mmhm mmhm m1174: the
and i think aberdeen aswellm608: mmhm okay m1174: so
for a project worker aswellm608: oh right m1163: because
includes a language heritage aswellm608: uh huh m078: or
m078: was a quaker aswellm608: yeah i was interested
grow up in ayr aswellm642: [click] oh very much
were eatin the wires aswellm642: see that s how
by at that speed aswellm642: when- where we were
you did marathon running aswellm642: yeah m608: do the
them f813: i did aswellm811: [inaudible] f812: of cd
you re swaying slightly aswellm815: [cough] m816: you know
s a foul thing aswellm815: i don t know
m815: yeah m816: might aswellm815: i know what s
of the aboriginal languages aswellm815: yeah m816: huh so
would probably use them aswellm816: [laugh] [?]what a state![/?] [laugh] so
of house warming thing aswellm816: mmhm m815: and that
havin exams at january aswellm816: oh m815: drives me
one rather than another aswellm827: aye f826: an then
of her shell loads aswellm959: yeah good to see
know we got them aswellm959: yeah it was really
a lot of people aswellm964: yeah f965: of the
badly made as well aswellmade like any other of
on many other fronts aswellmary scanlon what impact do
of the catholic church aswellmccabe came first then came
someone from the borders aswellmiss goldie i think that
learn to be rude aswellmiss goldie it is not
bits on her arms aswellmmhm f1112: look at me
ehm all ma life aswellmmhm m865,: also eh what
bring in other organisations aswellmr munro our briefing paper
has a half sister aswellmrs boyter did have by
keith harding s speech aswellmuch of which i have
getting on a bit aswellmuch to my shock i
you a dry throat aswellmummy should have had a
a debt of gratitude aswellmy father recalls visiting one
aye m1042: [inaudible] comfy aswellmy grunny had one when
s- the surnames m1014: ayewellmy my granddaughter s as
m on the pill aswellmy salary is rising i
be inside are they f1103: wellno but seeing as it
just decided och may aswellno buy chicken then so
f1026: minger a mink aswellno f1024: mm no well
as we re with f810: wellno it was like well
erm there was history aswellno more geography erm no
down from the top aswellnoo some folk wid say
doon fae doon fae thewellnorth as you would say
is unnerving i might aswellnot be here is the
the highlands and may aswellnot be there the role
invisible that it might aswellnot exist and that it
are doing at least aswellnow in that area as
the way o life aswellobviously but i took my
they would be there aswellobviously i didn t know
himself drank insatiably at thewellof knowledge stevenson as we
hereafter require the assent aswellof the parliaments of all
called [censored: forename] as well f1154: welloh f1155: so that ll
that ain needs batteries aswelloh oh [censored: forename] look [censored: forename]
as a circle of 14welloiled wanderers joined hands and
ve got plenty here aswellokay you put [censored: forename] s
what i would use aswellor as i say i
did you find that aswellor f745: yeah because when
class them as paths aswellor pavements m1017: close there
kinda singing an things aswellor was it always just
movement within living memory aswellor within a few generations
finish there as we arewellover time and we have
i ve got steamin aswellpam mmhm got pissed as
s had a crash aswellpercy then crashed into a
can certainly do that aswellphil gallie i have some
all the other plates aswellplease f1112: [inaudible] f1111: what
as scotch as he damnwellpleased partly to rile his
in the tourism industry aswellpostcomm has produced a useful
all the fruit in aswellpour the fruit salad into
scamler must have been awellread lady at least as
f963: oh and [inaudible] aswellreally m964: the the just
as people you know m954: wellrebus s scotland is a
yesterday so i may aswellrepeat my answers to his
last week she might aswellsay last year i don
m741: in in english aswellsayin that you know a
the world market as thewellschooled company rep goes through
although well [inaudible] f834: aswellscotland is actually gettin a
an ice cream van aswellshe d go oot in
skirt as well f1104: mmwellshe does it she wants
wantin to do that aswellshe used to do it
ains got jigsaws here aswell[singing] e i e i
hungry she d be aswellsitting up a while longer
just a big city aswellso f746: mmhm f745: don
giving me check ups aswellso i am being well
us and tell us aswellso i did and they
how to use that aswellso i ll be a
without looking at english aswellso in the sea of
skint i ve got aswellso it so yes it
was was not good aswellso it turned out i
was getting too small aswellso it was important that
of ireland of irish aswellso more interest in the
she spends at church aswellso she s like at
do their own thing aswellso that is fine we
yep m741: yep ehm aswellso they re all they
and obviously and that aswellso we re trying to
along with milk puddings aswellso with all of this
so i did spanish aswellso yeah at some point
bit of self examination aswellso yeah yeah m762: i
ll be tutors there aswellsome of them aren t
from writing in it aswellspeaking of which i ve
decided it had been timewellspent as the dishes didn
as it were f1145: andwellspoken f1143: oh what a
extends to the petitioner aswellstewart stevenson in that case
as with brandy he swellstoked feeling rough here s
i got a pedicure aswell[sucks air through teeth] so that s good
u k i may aswelltake them they pay far
short while i may aswellteach myself to type also
i wish to apologise aswellthat is the day of
counts as one instance m941: wellthat s fuckin brilliant i
ll take doon this aswellthat s the towels in
w- i would say aswellthat s what that s
ye can get kye aswellthat tae me that s
since it changed hands aswellthe bar staff are a
the petition to cosla aswellthe convener the clerk s
have to invite anglers aswellthe convener we have included
i declare my pass aswellthe deputy convener we will
the new opportunities fund aswellthe figures that i have
re talkin about friendships aswellthe power of partnership and
try to be so aswellthe presiding officer i know
ehm m959: yeah aye [inaudible]wellthe same as everything when
maybe paint a picture aswellthen fitt colour wow i
and he walked out aswellthen they closed again really
tidy up these blocks aswellthen you ll get your
a lot of that aswellthere s a kind of
was f963: eastern religions aswellthere s a lot of
it s really good aswellthere s so many kind
phonetics in my notebook aswellthere was a particularly good
she subconsciously was discarding themwellthere you go as a
him to the island aswellthese works include the second
among non gaelic speakers aswellthey m1055: mmhm m1008: they
the facts pause lori aswellthey must know who they
doctor s as well f810: wellthey re gonna come but
the girls at dancin aswellthey re i mean some
all upstannin and moral jackwellthey re not as bad
right m194: came to st-wellthey were in as i
football on the grass aswellthomas the oldest seems to
their bedrooms and bathrooms aswellthose are basic things that
newsagent told me that aswellthough i must say i
the north of ireland aswellthough they would also have
again improving transition procedures aswellto allow you know easy
can enjoy other people aswellto become christ like another
as weel exactly said boswellwellto hell with cameron then
to achieve it is aswellto practise both as a
people however it is aswellto state your requirements clearly
one extremity of the sunkenwellto the other wailing as
view of the orchestra aswelltwo of the flutes were
and new varieties developing aswelluh huh m017: with its
others sealife centre started aswellup to six weeks to
m1048: oh we did aswellwas it er ayr college
i suppose the clearances aswellwas one of these sort
account of that date aswellwe are also aware of
as early as that mmwellwe didn t from there
tights f1121: your tights aswellwe ll hae to change
i m from lewis aswellwe re from the same
along maybe classical music aswellwe start off slow an
as the duffies m1014: ayewellwe used that an all
s playing at that aswellwell like with one of
abo- i suppose girlfriend aswellwhat aboot lassie f1023: well
peterhead had good words aswellwhat aboot you re you
a mass of bikes aswellwhen he he got he
yeah we used duffy aswellwhen ye was at the
the time in nursery aswellwhen you just sort of
it s also different aswellwhen you ve got like
for places like glasgow aswellwhere i mean you know
get your erm paper aswellwhere s your paper at
recovery in pork prices aswellwhich has helped the very
m762: yeah f963: view aswellwhich i think everybody does
level of central government aswellwhich is part of what
with with my writing aswellwhich is why f963: right
of buckets collecting money aswellwhich kind of annoys me
mean really really different aswellwhich mm f978: that s
it an emotional charge aswellwhy not chat it over
do like husbands msy aswellwishing the wider world to
f1037: oh really f1038: aswellwith it cause that s
of twelve hundred pupils aswellwith very small numbers at
as m762: it- yeah f963: wellwith with the whole sort
have to censor that aswellwon t we m816: i
kids would say that aswellwouldn t they instead of
got their own dialect aswellye know words that they
eh trousers eh jeans aswellye see when the when
that was really good aswellyeah did loads of you
they have seats there aswellyeah f947: oh do they
[laugh] f1089: this one aswellyeah m1090: they re mine
used to do that aswellyeah yeah f963: that kind
f826: in a hurry aswellyes m903: aye f902: but
as well [laugh] would m078: wellyes yes uh huh in
mean the shetland fiddle aswellyou always hear you know
boyfriend s like that aswellyou can t live with
so it s just aswellyou didn t stop and
i ve read rushdie aswellyou know i m not
that you did things aswellyou know like washin on
mm yeah m762: er aswellyou know so erm you
knock them down nowadays aswellyou know that anybody that
s more litigious now aswellyou know that if they
of explore all that aswellyou know there was a
about i m thinking aswellyou know we all have
writers are like detectives aswellyou know we re sort
written some stylised stories aswellyou ll see that you
is at school though aswellyou re not taught to
there s that side aswellyou think well i d
the way home just aswellyou ve been learning them
so it s just aswellyou ve come up to
no way graham more silencewellyou were always straight as
way up the window aswellyou were one up if
f1024: fit s one aswellyou would use fit i
and the garrowhill polis aswellyour new son in law

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