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to the f637: aye orwenta walk f638: the wireless
ye went dressed f637: yewenta walk f638: up and
went for cookery f638: yewentand then ye went for
tae kilwinning john f638: iwentdown a hill and she
think that s and iwentf637: aye mm f638: from
but yo- f638: aye youwentf637: when you went it
go f640: mmhm we allwentf638: and we went we
ye see after the hornwentf638: mmhm f640: ye were
m608: mm f638: and iwentfae there tae work in
[inaudible] f637: and then yewentfor cookery f638: ye went
remember f638: oh right wewentfor laundry to that ayr
f637: i know when yewentin f638: aye but i
mornin f638: and eh iwentoot with the horse and
eight but f638: and itwentright through until f637: till
f637: mmhm f638: that thatwentround like that f640: [inaudible]
that f638: this man hewentround the doors [inaudible] don
had a cookery when yewenttae cookery f638: ye d
the same f638: aye wewenttae green s f637: that
[cough] m608: [laugh] f637: youwenttae green s f638: i
tae green s f638: iwenttae green s f640: everybody
tae the pictures f638: wewenttae see tarzan at the
m608: [laugh] f638: [inaudible] iwenttae the co operative tae
in and f638: ye onlywenttae the pictures f640: knitted
f638: and thruppence off thatwenttae yer stamp f637: stamp
that s aw that thatwentthere f640: [laugh] [laugh] f638:
the mornin f640: before shewentto school f638: before i
to school f638: before iwentto school m608: what time
f637: that s cause wewentto sunday school f638: that
the stamp work sorry iwentto work in the f638:
i went f640: and iwenttoo f638: or a bogie
all went f638: and wewentwe aw had tae take
cookery f637: no no youwentwe had we f638: i
huh and alan canlish f638: wentwi us that night and
m attached f637: married iwentand bought i went oot
shoes and one week iwentaway doon the harbour f637:
was class f637: but iwentaway wi that bike of
and broke it f637: andwentcycled tae kilwinning m608: [laugh]
on a sunday ye yewentdressed f637: ye went a
that ayr academy f637: wewentf- you went to the
ye went and then yewentfor sewin f637: and ye
oh f640: so ye neverwenthome for lunch f637: aye
you went f637: when youwentit was different when we
huh f637: the way wewentoot to play and every
eh f637: two years yewenttae school ye had the
f637: cause ye w- yewenttae the primary fae ye
f637: we went f- youwentto the aca- first time
th- no f637: when youwentup at seven seven tae
[inaudible] f637: and then theywentup on the pulley f640:
taught us eh when wewentup th- no f637: when
graunparents an then we awwenta walkeither that o went
doh went hard it swentall hard got to put
went the macdonald family unitwentalso like a slab of
m942: [laugh] f940: an theywentamphibian [laugh] i went the
goodness sake f965: came andwentand came and went and
up m642: aye and iwentand i went tae see
and went and came andwentand it was very odd
it went well it certainlywentbetter than i expected but
and we went out wewentclay pigeon shooting and you
so you went home andwentdo you know what i
went doon ye went yewentdoon in a in a
f643: mmhm m608: [inaudible] m642: wentdoon tae manchester went through
the sledges thegither an itwentdoon ye went ye went
ah ask where yi wentwentefter leavin here pause thur
languages it went it reallywentehm well i think quite
now aye he says wewenter we went out there
f1130: like one day wewentf1129: one day we went
and my mother and iwentf640: and i went too
the aca- first time yewentfor laundry ye went tae
factories so i went iwentfrom art school to jordanhill
dinnae don t go wentwentgo went gone and scots
t go went went gowentgone and scots lexis was
f1113: it s play dohwenthard it s went all
norman buchan and then hewenthe went on to become
was that m941: so youwenthome and went do you
last weekend f1155: [cough] iwenthome on well i went
went f1129: one day wewenti know but we left
yeah two factories so iwenti went from art school
crap and ehm [laugh] iwenti went in a boat
just sleepin f1053: if youwentif you went to your
ehm [laugh] i went iwentin a boat right but
chippie you know and hewentin and he went like
dentist down in stobswell wewentin we went up the
mr mrs [censored: surname] and iwentinto philly we went to
but in modern languages itwentit really went ehm well
he went in and hewentlike that i ll have
either went on or itwentoff f631: mmhm f634: erm
you went on a youwenton a train f010: we
the [?]puff choots[/?] and the youwenton a you went on
and eh the light eitherwenton or it went off
and then he went hewenton to become labour mp
i went and bought iwentoot for my goin away
f812: but see if youwentout if you went out
you went out if youwentout on a saturday with
says we went er wewentout there and we didnae
m608: mmhm f643: and wewentout we went clay pigeon
in and was made andwentout went through this plannin
they went to elgin theywentout without me f1103: oh
when the ship went shewentover slowly with many people
went a walkeither that owentpicnics we could dae anything
went to dunoon so wewentright past where we went
float free when the shipwentshe went over slowly with
f826: mmhm m903: an theywentsouth an i went to
ye went for laundry yewenttae catholic school m608: there
mind the first time wewenttae eh went through edinburgh
and i went and iwenttae see the railway boy
us up and the threewentthat way and i went
stuff on and the guyswentthat way and i went
went that way and iwentthat way and we finished
went that way and iwentthat way f643: aw m642:
they went amphibian [laugh] iwentthe football one [laugh] an
solitary roads and wherever hewentthe macdonald family unit went
went to [?]bowwater[/?] m642: itwentthrough a [inaudible] o whit
time we went tae ehwentthrough edinburgh gaein up a
m642: went doon tae manchesterwentthrough this machine and wee
was made and went outwentthrough this plannin office and
went to i think wewentto blackfriars first [laugh] [laugh]
was used for f643: itwentto [?]bowwater[/?] m642: it went
went home on well iwentto [censored: forename] s on thursday
that s the road youwentto dunoon so we went
did they go f1104: theywentto elgin they went out
and that s when wewentto i think we went
mm f978: i went towentto lerwick but they were
my home and when iwentto school i i went
went to school i iwentto school the first day
went right past where wewentto see christian right past
we went to vi- wewentto see them f1149: and
i went into philly wewentto the art museum first
went to tiree yo- hewentto tiree because his parents
and then he wa- hewentto tiree yo- he went
an aunt there so wewentto vi- we went to
they went south an iwentto well some o them
school f746: mm f978: iwentto went to lerwick but
then i went when iwentto work for the eh
if you went if youwentto your bed in the
you we- you went youwentup a st- a tenement
stobswell we went in wewentup the stairs it was
went up to when wewentup to edinburgh to meet
the ni- the night wewentup to when we went
go absolutely smoothly but itwentwell it certainly went better
kin ah ask where yiwentwent efter leavin here pause
were dinnae don t gowentwent go went gone and
about a fortnight then iwentwhen i went to work
an it went doon yewentye went doon in a
entry when you we- youwentyou went up a st-
she was at school shewentehm f1148: mmhm f1149: to
again [laugh] but when iwentf1149: wh- f1148: to school
a school lunch i alwayswenthome for lunch mm f718:
the school dinners an hewentin and gi- gill the
church and and eh theywentin to sunday school f639:
the school cause i thenwentoff to fee paying school
mmhm f1148: like all classeswenton a school trip but
in my school they justwentout and bullied each other
in school because the beltwentout they stopped using it
church after sunday school wewentout to the churchyard where
f631: [laugh] f634: and iwentright out the school f631:
in the mornin before iwenttae school and i used
cried your shoes that youwenttae school wi for p
school eh an then wewenttae the church wi my
an then eh we alwayswenttae the sunday school eh
had to go to youwentthere was a school on
school in innerleithen the youngsterswentthrough the whole burns supper
i actually worked if youwentto a certain school a
modern schools erm and iwentto a grammar school but
didn t matter what iwentto a grammar school erm
to accept disabled people iwentto a school for partially
come and visit them theywentto arbuthnott school and arch
week as well [note: photo: 'mrs jean strachan'] wewentto arbuthnott school and mrs
well i did er wewentto art school when i
1901 at the hillies andwentto auchterless primary school as
left school at 14 andwentto be maid to the
scots er the school iwentto because er you were
to sunday school and wewentto church right really till
sunday school her parents neverwentto church she always felt
huh f643: and when iwentto ehm s- primary school
corporation school [?]cause though[/?] they allwentto fee paying schools and
f643: yes i we- iwentto glasgow school of art
so m608: and then youwentto glasgow school of art
mm f641: mmhm f643: iwentto glasgow school of art
sunday school i thought youwentto learn f1122: aye an
then in secondary school iwentto majorca [laugh] f1148: [laugh]
academy level m608: okay youwentto primary school in auchinleck
you know i lived iwentto primary school in shawlands
f963: mm f965: kids whowentto primary school with you
didna ging to hollywood shewentto ruthrieston school like maist
m1055: a- and when youwentto school alastair were you
a wonderful upbringing and iwentto school almost completely gaelic
nearly every day before theywentto school and they still
and ten f812: when iwentto school at first high
when i f- when iwentto school at first m811:
and tell me when youwentto school did you have
tuesday in the picture m1094: wentto school f1093: what s
old were you when youwentto school f1149: ehm i
that i wore when iwentto school f963: mm f965:
that was that and iwentto school gaelic speaking and
the time my younger brotherwentto school his first language
that later on when iwentto school i learned english
with my first language andwentto school i suppose to
it and eh when iwentto school i was definitely
huh m017: er where iwentto school in galashiels er
about the time that iwentto school in lerwick so
to speak english when iwentto school one of the
in the fact when iwentto school that er the
m608: and you we- youwentto school there m194: yes
smith junior when she firstwentto school they didn t
mither tongue but when theywentto school they were not
m1021: my mother wo- theywentto school we re no
whether it s cause iwentto school with someone f1037:
paris bun 1949 the schoolwentto st cyrus 1953 they
gaelic and particularly when iwentto staffin junior secondary school
to sunday school f639: wewentto sunday school and we
f639: mmhm yeah f640: theywentto sunday school f639: we
gillian she was never neverwentto sunday school her parents
or twice i think iwentto that sunday school actually
m642: up to the schoolwentto the art department scanned
was in school or actuallywentto the bother of going
the corporation housing where theywentto the corporation school [?]cause though[/?]
is scottish in fact hewentto the school round the
you know the school iwentto they didn t really
in primary school ehm wewentto this activity centre f1148:
m635: back to school [inaudible]wentto university m636: took his
full year and eh iwentup back to the school
school you see where youwentup for day for drawing
were seven and then yewentup tae the big school
1947 the school leaving agewentup to 15 years before
english school groups around thenwentup to gum the biggest
know and eh then yewentup to the big school
to school the first daywentyou know was taken in
minutes and even though theywenta goal down before half
and then at night yewentand ye walked down the
contractor i may say iwentaway down lately and had
down and looked away andwentaway lookin for them f1018:
down to the beach theywentback home at teatime could
down very well then iwentback to the universitetskaya hotel
an goin and down iwentclunk and there s a
and stuff like that shewentdown a couple of weeks
entirely at his mercy theywentdown a passage barely wide
the guardian s hut wewentdown and climbed the central
it was mainly that iwentdown and i d originally
the lorries and then theywentdown and they used to
people south of the borderwentdown another line so that
playing at jimmy s headwentdown but that didn t
she wasn t [inaudible] wewentdown f1149: mmhm f1148: to
wee bit maybe she justwentdown f1154: from the verge
of these poor men allwentdown f746: oh f978: and
s famous blue raincoat thatwentdown fairly well they ve
about that and then shewentdown for her tea f807:
lid so that the heatwentdown from the top as
didn t matter when youwentdown it was still dark
on a sunday if yewentdown on a sunday if
she strokes my hair iwentdown on my hands and
be absolutely ridiculous if wewentdown one line and people
their coffee was finished theywentdown past the floors on
oh dear [laugh] f1150: whichwentdown quite well with the
my granny every time iwentdown she was telling me
re teach herself before shewentdown so she was able
youse got this when youwentdown tae england but how
the big yellow chute iwentdown the big yellow chute
1977 irrespective of whether wewentdown the civic licensing route
it there was a handwentdown the collar of my
the harbour prostitute he leeredwentdown the quay wearing a
so i suppose if youwentdown the stairs and they
i showed them respect theywentdown the stairs before i
the wallpaper and she swentdown the stairs but the
of a racket when youwentdown the street on them
m815: i mean if youwentdown there now there d
was going somewhere before wewentdown this path f943: it
dozes in the afternoon thenwentdown to belyaevo in the
champagne from the hotel andwentdown to belyaevo on the
down to cambridge so iwentdown to cambridge and i
reasons eh marriage split divorcewentdown to [censored: placename] he m608:
to do english so iwentdown to durham university f1037:
rose oxley when my auntwentdown to have dinner at
berghaus winter jacket then iwentdown to meet [censored: forename] who
a first vodka and thenwentdown to oktoberskaya to meet
history down there and victoriawentdown to oxford not to
the two sentences the childrenwentdown to the beach they
shock horror scandal i actuallywentdown to the gym and
and bags at 9pm wewentdown to the hotel dining
my i think my parentswentdown to the station [cough]
think it was and iwentdown to the tinderbox and
huh nineteen seventy one wewentdown to tunbridge wells and
down so er our sonwentdown to warwick erm which
seen it was great thumperwentdown very well and last
of yes prime minister whichwentdown very well then i
plans ehm [tut] the companywentdown well they started to
grant [censored: surname] and this videowentdown well today i taught
you know and if youwentdown wi the skating skirt
of ancient times and thenwentdown with her to the
french oil companies so wewenteh down to visit him
dust the further down wewenteventually we arrived at mount
f814: [laugh] f812: if youwentif you go down now
my own and down theywentin phonetics in my notebook
sit down and eh iwentinto the classroom and i
m1048: uh huh f1049: justwentit s down that it
on the pain and iwentjogging down by the st
packed down as the yearwenton if you did not
the thermal gloves yesterday iwentone stop down from the
down there monday s seminarwentreally well and i enjoyed
chute i slided [cough] f1113: wentright down the big chute
boys from the embassy iwentstraight down to belyaevo where
white and poorly so shewentthrough to lie down and
down the lamp before shewentto bed by mistake she
cascading down her back theywentto the fair together all
er they both we- actuallywentto uni down south because
k there john and iwenta bus ride round about
except for cowpats the hedgewentall the way round and
in little things an theywentflyin round the room like
goin round about and theywentno this is the one
came round and the wheelwentonto the kerbing he come
with hm customs and excisewentround after a football game
vinyl record of her dayswentround and round in ever
box with a strap thatwentround his neck this was
bend you know they justwentround it and there were
in was mr mutch whowentround on his motorbike he
we paid four pounds itwentround once [laugh] f812: [laugh]
falling fast again instead wewentround the corner to the
pooling budgets when committee memberswentround the country we all
had a large van thatwentround the countryside the current
offer the casual tourist wewentround the main square congress
the person that was itwentround the outside of the
quebec for the brits andwentround the provincial legislative buildings
the lake district and iwentround the side of this
the clatter and speak thatwentround the toon about me
before he came home iwentround the whole house with
way you see and theywentround there was a gate
a psychology student and iwentround to ann s another
loudspeakers in the evening wewentround to [censored: forename] [censored: surname] s
while ago now my robertwentround to her flat a
and then [censored: forename] and iwentround to marguerite and rachel
sulked a nest of scorpionswentround wearing party hats a
come round [laugh] saturday iwentto to my gran s
those best laid schemes itwentagley when i tried to
motor byke and when itwentalong the road they all
till last thursday when iwentand said some wee slur
in the past when theywentaround the the world to
glad of it when hewentawa we were of an
so when you say theywentaway did they go far
course ehm when they allwentaway my doctor thanked me
when you just sort ofwentawol f634: mmhm f631: can
of sight and when shewentback into the house her
beautiful town but when iwentback like last year just
when i puked then iwentback tae ma ain room
them as a topic wewentback to our schooldays when
homeopathic medication and when iwentback to s- for my
and f889: an then wewentback to see when it
whole selves wet when wewentback to the jack you
they only shrank when theywentback to work inside the
on the beach when hewentback two days later although
our back court when iwentback years after to see
when living at lintmill croftwentbarfit in the summer time
ma mither says when iwentben the livin room whaur
the world stopped turning everythingwentblack when we come to
there was not a daywentby not an hour when
in england right when iwentdoon i probably telt ye
get in [laugh] when iwentdoon tae england tae study
was worth it when ahwentdoon the shops at lunchtime
aye caird weil when iwentdoon there this forenoon it
steep brae when our wellwentdry all summer gathering potatoes
did you wear when youwentf634: to the skating [laugh]
f1054: yeah m1021: when theywentfor a job we re
hands f- when we getwentfor peter fair f1095: fitt
m608: mmhm f643: when iwentfor the interview they said
too big but when shewentfrom home she was quite
dry big jocky s legswentholus bolus when he wis
and security system when hewenthome the duguid family must
were bold enough when youwenthome then you began to
bit quicker but when youwenthome to your pals or
the close like when yewentin between the the barn
good job f810: when mikewentin but he said there
got a fright when iwentin her room she was
everybody else and when iwentin i just f- there
i telt them when iwentin ken cause sometimes he
huh ian was when wewentin nineteen seventy m1078: oh
i do nineteen when iwentin twenty when i was
shapes and that when youwentin weren t you f1142:
grunny had one when yewentin ye sunk aboot a
more expressionless than when youwentin you gazed at me
rainbow thing an when yewentinside it an it was
my summer once when iwentinto gourock pool and there
come in so when iwentinto her room she said
about 10 days when iwentinto my house and read
was the guy when youwentinto the room that was
was the the room yewentinto when you typed in
two years ago when iwentit was the sunniest i
really horrendous trips when iwentlike just with a friend
of the policy after itwentlive in october 1999 when
out when trina s tapswentoan the blink the plumber
suppose when the other twowentoff but he didn t
were factors when jack greigwentoff sick we had no
so close but when theywentoff they lit up everything
i found when er iwentoff to university was that
2 1 up when jimmywenton blow the whistle jimmy
a helmet f940: ah wewenton holiday to ibiza when
doesn t f940: when wewenton m942: an in fact
afore the war when wewenton picnics i aye had
f1135: [inaudible] f1136: when wewenton the washing f1135: on
d shopped him when andywenton to moan about his
was playin wi when wewenton wir holidays f1102: eh
when i arrived there iwentoot to ma brother s
relatively recent petition when hewentout and spoke to people
i can remember when wewentout fo- to the hotel
huh m1078: so when theywentout on a monday night
m944: yeah because when wewentout to bamboo it became
f965: but then when youwentout to the record shop
eh last year when iwentover on the the deauville
people speakin about when theywentover they would be invited
back but when they awwentower tae hae a closer
thair wives when the laddieswentower tae him an speirt
looked at me as hewentstridin past when a gae
when [censored: forename] just afore [censored: forename]wenttae japan aboot twelve fourteen
scots language project when theywenttae parliament ela- she was
f1025: wore jeans when wewenttae tatties [laugh] when we
was there sadie when youwenttae the shop gordon right
was very interesting when iwentthere i said it ll
i was fifteen when iwentthere i stayed there till
still bein built when wewentthere so it was a-
actually i think when wewentthere we had like quite
f640: clothes rope when youwentthrough to the living room
grandfather when he was youngwentto a singing class in
of scots and when iwentto aberdeen i enjoyed interacting
it still happening when youwentto ayr academy was there
slept at all when everyonewentto bed she sat at
mmhm f640: you when youwentto belmont didn t you
fifth year my sister shewentto berlin when she was
that other night when wewentto bob and christine s
before he was born andwentto brownhill when they entered
t well my parents neverwentto church erm f641: when
egg was cracked when shewentto gather the eggs the
them tasty when the smithswentto home farm frendraught in
an e hairst when theywentto lintmill the two uncles
f1102: remember f1101: when wewentto portugal f1102: oh dinna
word but er when wewentto secondary where other voices
i was like when iwentto see franz ferdinand i
six erm when the childrenwentto sir john maxwell erm
exotic i think actually iwentto spain when i was
of my life when iwentto that party and i
of that gooses when wewentto that that place f1121:
ewing described when she firstwentto the european parliament i
english literature but when iwentto the pre enrolment meeting
a joke out when hewentto the toilet i just
till its completion when hewentto the university of chicago
f1054: [laugh] f1026: when youwentto this dry toilet but
mm m1036: but when hewentto tiree he lost all
[inaudible] [laugh] f1054: when iwentto university doon in england
irish a lot when iwentto university f1160: norrie gets
read it so when hewentto university i mean when
m194: but then when iwentto work at cairnryan eh
i passed out when hewentto work the next day
okay aye m1163: well hewentto zambia initially when he
had your holiday when youwenttouring on the bus i
hurting your feet when taxeswentup and more roadmen began
when i fi- when iwentup [laugh] one time banged
but but the when iwentup the road remember you
the other like windcheater wewentup there and when we
as there was when iwentup there man when i
your two mega seconds peoplewentup when they felt like
auld scots language out itwentwe know when and how
i remember me and [censored: forename]wentwhen it had just got
f631: mmhm f634: when iwentwith eh that night with
to be resilient when thingswentwrong mr monteith you mentioned
were the occasions when thingswentwrong overall the federation has
advice and assistance when somethingwentwrong the problem arose when
door shut when the hornwentye see after the horn
our guide why then wewent500 feet up the 550
a and then i iwenta step up and bought
past twal an then itwentagain at half past yin
hi carolanne carolanne maggie itwentall right then maggie collapses
leave haim an so hewentan bidded wi pals then
then next door s whippetwentan got er ma big
f643: and then we allwentan unloaded the lorries mm
i was and then iwentand got erm i was
my face and then wewentand got myself pierced and
and then nemo s dadwentand looked for him and
like calvino so then iwentand read calvino [laugh] oh
on there and then iwentand took short hand and
o clock an then itwentat half past twal an
an then eh mill whistleswentat night again that has
and that and then theywentaway and then that was
arrived for church then wewentback indoors with them returning
was yesterday and then iwentback into the institute to
did ye no then iwentback tae ma bed and
the caur then aff itwentback tae the village wi
hospital or something then wewentback to the hotel for
a swedish group then wewentback to the kremlin to
case on the bed thenwentback to the mirror right
the bus but then hewentback to them afterwards and
was seventeen basically an thenwentback up to orkney for
mm m762: so then iwentdo you know what i
the francophone district then wewentdowntown to old quebec and
working away and then itwentfae a chip shop tae
the universitetskaya hotel and thenwentfor a walk along the
and then that was theywentfrom from the there s
right m194: so then iwentfrom there up tae glasgow
m1048: [laugh] f1049: and shewenthm like that and then
edinburgh on friday and thenwenthome came back up on
ready an stuff then wewenthome took our goodies back
in the wid he thenwentintae the broch an selt
through the sheelin stones thenwentinto a pin head machine
notions in grammar teaching thenwentinto progress publishers and bought
for 4 roubles we thenwentinto the beriozka and admired
media in britain i thenwentinto the embassy for my
lessons on monday then iwentinto the institute for my
my weekly photocopying and thenwentinto the institute only one
s read russian and thenwentinto work today s culture
y at so then iwentit means m842: aye f831:
was pumpin an then theywentlike that [sneeze] an they
for my rugby then iwentm608: mm m642: back it
it f643: as our moneywentm642: and then we got
and eh and then theywentoff to war and and
or something and then itwenton later in private schools
f835: but then again iwenton the french exchange and
of the area and thenwenton to show a very
kindness was best then hewenton to speak about the
away from that and thenwenton to study to come
mentioned two factories and thenwenton to talk about packaging
and duly complied i thenwenton to the more serious
use instructions and then shewenton to use a role
scanned ye an then yewentout an then on the
hot shower bliss we thenwentout for a meal at
spell off and then iwentout to eh cairnryan road
dozing over russian and thenwentover to see [censored: forename] lynne
thair gassies on then theywentower tae the windae still
both skipped and then outwentpolly f963: right yeah m964:
line and then after thingswentreally sad with him and
it wis said then awentshe is twal yairds doun
then evaluate how well theywentso you ll see that
pupil f940: an then wewenttae another room an we
teacher for ye then yewenttae cookery m608: uh huh
f902: mmhm an then hewenttae f826: mmhm yeah f902:
eight nine and then itwentthat way erm f1054: and
often did their shopping thenwentthe second house at the
that was another one thatwentthen an f823: mmhm f606:
to trade an then waswentthrough aw the different departments
oats for this meal onlywentthrough the sheelin stones then
from pakistan and then itwentthrough various processes and my
were good though then wewentto a café and the
f965: erm but then iwentto ac- ayr academy in
the student then finally iwentto bed i was wakened
to glasgow university then iwentto cambridge university so i
an eorna an then iwentto ceòlas and then had
on easter sunday we allwentto church and then took
mill o forgue and thenwentto crook s mill o
and till then well eddiewentto do his national service
standard grades and then iwentto glasgow university then i
mmhm m642: and then iwentto glenmore lodge as a
and their friends we thenwentto kolomenskaya to catch the
and then after that wewentto lerwick you know for
then one day miss hutchingswentto my grandfather s shops
on tiree and then iwentto oban for my formal
at ann s and thenwentto see e t helen
half past midnight and thenwentto sleep we slept fitfully
taken there and then wewentto the edgar allen poe
than on monday and thenwentto the embassy to photocopy
like oh and then iwentto the english i mean
them in and then youwentto the hall and what
1909 to 1915 then theywentto the home farm frendraught
did that and then iwentto the jekyll and hyde
huh f689: [laugh] and thenwentto the off licence got
then i left there andwentto the post office m608:
slightly over the years itwentto the sex pistols then
gorgeous city and then wewentto the smithsonian institute 13
and curling tongs carolanne shewentto the toilet and then
had coffee and then iwentto uni and got chucked
church right really till iwentto university and then i
and f606: mmhm f828: thenwentto university f606: mmhm f828:
were seven and then yewentup no no no five
that bit an then wewentup the stairs again m941:
[inaudible] f940: an then youwentup the stairs an it
then the four of uswentup to glasgow to do
jules verne meal then wewentup to their room for
then derek came up andwentyou got [censored: forename] like how
[laugh] [laugh] m642: and hewentalong and m608: no m642:
i was young m642: itwentaway doon tae manchester f643:
m642: and the bike justwentdunk and sat m608: yeah
effort and the energy thatwentm608: mm m642: in to
f643: eh and the lawyerwentm642: and that s how
[inaudible] [laugh] m642: and theywent[makes noise of motorbikes revving] and m608: [laugh] m642:
the first one i everwentout on m642: it s
m608: mmhm m642: as iwentover i m too old
oh right m642: time hewentower the barrae was missin
at night time the trainswenttae john aw night m642:
f643: aw m642: now wewentthrough the gate i mean
or m642: er no wewentto jor- eh through jordanhill
m608: aye m642: so iwentup tae the fermer f643:
up there m642: so iwentup there and i got
eh what was it itwentwe got it for m642:
i haven t well iwentback home to do my
chris to take home andwentfor a quick walk in
waxed [laugh] f1155: oh iwenthome and got mine done
loved it so much iwenthome and spent the wednesday
taste after the performance wewenthome and watched some incredible
with the cold and iwenthome early to bed feeling
do a little shopping iwenthome early to catch up
for a year and yewenthome every sunday f1027: well
got bored and so leftwenthome f807: yeah f806: after
last letter thanksgiving weekend everybodywenthome for a turkey dinner
afternoon breaks piece bags oftenwenthome full of tatties but
in the ussr so wewenthome happy in the early
to satisfy everybody but iwenthome much distressed to get
i just got up andwenthome to bed one could
place so at length wewenthome to spend a peaceful
and some more wine iwenthome with nick and teresa
leavers on the metro andwenthome yesterday was quite busy
at home and you onlywentinto hospital to have your
for home repairs the fitwentinto the end of the
members of the home guardwentto a three day training
uh huh f010: and wewentto see the home of
home in arcachon and iwentwith my friend shona who
got his mojo back andwentahead with rem s 15th
had to do was wewentalong th- this first back
unce up an doun hewentan back an forrit an
sunday the day the clockswentback and cut the time
a 500cc bsa and iwentback and he still had
the cash desk to paywentback and queued to collect
we just turned tail andwentback and we we sort
had a seise that probablywentback back to the nineteen
oot a few claes iwentback doon tae princes street
to say that they theywentback eh to the original
ae day afore the schuilswentback geordie an his pals
a wee go afore hewentback hame tae glesca s
with the driving so iwentback in six months and
tender mellowed out some shewentback inside the room bethia
who was latterly a senatorwentback into space at 77
felt cool and wonderful hewentback into the front room
a light heart that iwentback into the teeth of
under a seat so anywaywentback it had gone f1038:
something was wrong and iwentback next day to the
keeper of the prison wewentback out into the licht
than a human being carlinwentback out into the lobby
gie badger his due hewentback tae see whit had
their day complete an eywentback tae the car mair
awa doon memory lane hewentback tae the time he
time untill now wages neverwentback to a starvation point
sources that these guys probablywentback to actually you know
we reluctantly declined we allwentback to [censored: forename] s flat
to be revised the casewentback to committee with that
been done although she neverwentback to education in her
a while as well wewentback to england for a
out closed the door andwentback to his bed what
of my rugby commitment neverwentback to it m608: mm
into he spak hellery iwentback to jakobsen s dictionary
fallen off the roof andwentback to sleep only later
feeling less happy later iwentback to the hostel but
he gave up glumly andwentback to the kiosk from
got so bad that iwentback to the labour exchange
of it and once youwentback to the mother tongue
f606: mm m1036: and theywentback to the nineteenth century
stockings so i never everwentback to the socks i
her m1048: and er iwentback to the the produce
and they you know theywentback to the the the
adult education college and neverwentback to work in the
the new baby yet iwentback to work this week
a thousand runaway bastards iwentback to your car and
emptiness i opened the gatewentback to your car and
flee cam awa sae iwentback up tae see hou
coventry a condemned man ahwentback upstairs an lay on
been in skye and shewentback with a gift for
i suppose if if youwentfar back enough you d
back to the morning peggywentinto the hospital it was
cranked it back up itwentmmm and back in and
said with some venom andwentoff he was back in
real sex maniac radiation experimentswenton the back burner it
back whey fed yi wheywentoot an worked in dead
f631: mmhm f634: i justwentright back to the nursery
m1014: hoops m1017: an itwentright ower the back o
me who someone was hewentthat far back so i
app 13 in all whowentthrough back greens over front
back m939: [laugh] m941: iwentto [inaudible] f940: what was
huge refuse dump back wewentto la paz itself and
someyin s back the crywentup a cleg wi that
back there maggie no iwentwith her to help gordon
sam like the nock haswenton through these 25 years
through the watter anen ahwentootside ae the faws an
still couldna nae unless youwentricht through the st nicholas
the information from that callwentstraight through to the accident
an oor of course familieswentthrough a lot of oatcakes
people like john lennon probablywentthrough a teddy boy phase
way and we finished wewentthrough a twin gate cause
the tribunal while the wordwentthrough all the multitude that
auchenblae at 8 am whichwentthrough arbuthnott to bervie and
say erm f1038: so youwentthrough education in england f1037:
was about twelve of uswentthrough from ayr and you
was about twelve of uswentthrough in the mini bus
tae it and i vewentthrough ken a a change
fat guy in the endwentthrough my head it s
di- er discount cards havewentthrough on the same shoppin
up early got dressed andwentthrough tae the kitchen ma
sort of kitchen area youwentthrough that and you could
time i think we allwentthrough that experience and that
did the touristy bit wewentthrough the citadel visited the
of the day deirdre couttswentthrough the door stunned like
side of the fire billywentthrough the house and returned
and matter gaia maria iwentthrough the port s old
my draft response the groupwentthrough the process contemporaneously with
will be adjusted as wewentthrough the session it became
of that in it wewentthrough the what s the
and i i sort ofwentthrough them and i said
aye [laugh] m999: eh theywentthrough there it was [laugh]
was like that em hewentthrough to edinburgh like for
grannie s bed i ayewentthrough to her an had
summer holidays last year iwentthrough to knockhill m608: mm
them as we could wewentthrough various processes during the
we did go through wewentthrough youth fellowship ehm you
in open prisons one offenderwentto an open prison through
jor- eh through jordanhill wewentto aviemore in the second
barely struggled through classes iwentto bed at 7pm last
times he was through hewentto the chippie you know
should do it an hewentaway an he come in
an ye ye huntit theywentaway an hid an ye
that time most people justwentaway and had a cup
after that mrs boyter dowwentaway and left his wife
f1105: aye but he hewentaway didn t he m1106:
the swimming club and iwentaway doon tae the croy
hundred and thousands of tonswentaway doon there eh f643:
gas works was so yewentaway in the mornin and
f1149: cause we never reallywentaway in winter it was
ah f958: and so shewentaway last year and she
ones that was finished theywentaway m608: mmhm m194: well
an deep water and iwentaway on like a kind
the burn where the burnwentaway ower the [inaudible] f643:
that was just before ellenwentaway the first time wasn
they came up and wewentaway up and we watched
[censored: forename] s poodle but shewentaway up the wood on
and that s why iwentto scotland to get away
be doon fin the rainwentaff try as he micht
gaed awa hame jonsar eckwentawa doon memory lane he
as he worked awa hewentawa doon memory lane he
tae edinburgh citie neist yewentbit doon in london ye
oot the chute and iwentdoon an it caught my
the neest time jonsar eckwentdoon tae aberdour wi firewid
aa o the buildin tradewentdoon tae london that cause
oot in gweed claes anwentdoon tae the broch tae
wisnae in fin jonsar eckwentdoon tae the broch wi
it nae mair awa hewentdoon tae the cellar an
yur bridie an chips dimpswentdoon the garage oan wednesday
mm i think that bittiewentdoon the leg did it
tae cool him doon hewenthame tae mak sure that
quieten them doon oh everythingwenti mean there wasnae all
teen doon so awa iwentin aboot tae see if
gowled cried dey they gudwentkloss steep hill doon oose
the docken grub an iwenton doon the watter tae
the bike doon and wewenton to the coast area
lion in a cage hewentrampagin up an doon the
the hoose sat doon anwentthroo a fer dibber dabber
an doon the hill yewentwi this wi wi the
on a minute incoming bangwenta stone off my cab
yur dad left took offwenta wall silence jilly dad
was them an off theywentan they were always forgiven
bus josef the bus driverwentclean off the rails he
the night before he hewentcrazy tore her clothes off
off the main line welfarewenteven further with the arrival
the evening off and justwentfor a walk made determined
pushed off the tabloids childrenwentlike starlings swung on a
against the wall and youwentlike that batted it off
oot the windae before iwentoff and i never really
and siesta the alarm clockwentoff at eight o clock
m1048: erm ma alarm clockwentoff at nine so i
nine and [censored: forename] and iwentoff for a soup and
short strokes the moment iwentoff the edge of the
i m nae surprised iwentoff the rails as my
yup it s still therewentoff the road and ended
eventually i agreed and danielwentoff to explain my decision
lunch so the lektors allwentoff to have their lunch
or twice again before lesliewentoff to mackie academy for
large group from the maggiewentoff to mactaquac park about
it hen archie suggested andwentoff to the pensioners do
s age group so hewentoff to them and erm
more attractive and some staffwentoff to those apparently greener
silver handled cane the gentlemenwentoff to town to talk
ran off again so itwenton and on and on
some time off work iwenton the waverley with the
piste off tracey s waynewentskiing tae thocht he kent
told me off and iwent[sticks out tongue] and i remember getting
because of betty that youwentto break off the affair
put on so off shewentto her grandfather s chest
onto the jetty and theywentalong a bit into another
into the rugby club wewentalong long hill to doonfoot
swung on a cloud virginswentchaperoned by flotsam into a
now look f1091: and hewentinto a field now what
would get burned if theywentinto a fire m1096: aye
pairs of stones so hewentinto aberdeen to scorgie co
left in the area theywentinto bed and breakfast f606:
of the family died orwentinto care and f606: uh
book was very specific andwentinto careful detail on the
any service until her motherwentinto department of health and
of daffodil bulbs before iwentinto hospital and now they
just called minton sandy wilsonwentinto it coming from hatton
whit dae ye think theywentinto it for if it
the effort and labour thatwentinto its construction the line
was it was a successwentinto oil just in time
that the more money thatwentinto organic aid the less
activity much of its budgetwentinto physical renewal removing bings
the time the fadec systemwentinto production s1w 3611 mr
held in private the meetingwentinto public session at 2
1600 this large thriving townwentinto rapid and irreversible decline
true there rod and iwentinto the backup skylab orbital
result that a workman whowentinto the building was killed
many shops were open wewentinto the duema supermarket and
8am lesson after class iwentinto the embassy to borrow
over the deep cracks iwentinto the embassy to return
was a pleasant day iwentinto the embassy to shop
felt the first time iwentinto the european parliament and
attempted some more russian andwentinto the institute to give
the all the script thatwentinto the into the comics
half hearted nod so wewentinto the kitchen as we
that said mabel and shewentinto the nearby grocer s
it was weird and wewentinto the staffroom f963: mmhm
your apron band one needlewentinto the thicker end and
a changin room right yewentinto this thing an it
days on friday last iwentinto town before class and
they got their tickets iwentinto v- yeah virgin two
the evening on tuesday iwentinto мгиия as the maurice
into russian on monday iwentinto мгиия to collect my
into this thing an itwentje je jum and scanned
him into the bedroom iwentoh no [laugh] [laugh] f1054:
bad colds as the weekwenton [censored: forename] struggled into work
independent assessment increased as timewenton certain things came into
move but as the yearswenton they got bedded into
i m sure if wewentout into byres road and
came into the board andwentstraight out to markers could
into the comics before itwentup for printing up the
might be taken if theywentbefore the icc i do
you know you should havewentbefore you left the pub
than she was before youwenterm and if we just
france italy germany switzerland iwentintae eastern europe years before
god that s before iwenton holiday [sniff] [cough] she
you can see before iwenton the visit to i
before the instructor came wewentout for practice we were
information sometimes passed before youwentout on the bell f963:
done this before i t-wentover at one point on
come from minutes before iwentover the edge i had
you before what clean iswentover to the cupboard opened
small boy erm before hewentthere and er he used
did you live before youwentto australia f806: [inhale] johnstone
tea with supper before youwentto bed this was very
minute just before the caseswentto court the council got
thing f1148: mmhm f1149: iwentto like a playgroup before
f632: mmhm f646: before theywentto the football match in
suggested that before a documentwentto the subordinate legislation committee
long time before i evenwentto uni but erm it
my ne erday dinner wewenta dauner efter five ye
we won there in timewentaboard speired about found him
wee mini market and wewentacross and we got some
thronging masses around 9pm wewentacross the st lawrence and
go and see it wewentafter but i wasn t
big on the movies wewentall the time must have
f1038: [laugh] f1037: so wewentalong and th- i i
street in monifieth and wewentalong one day at playtime
a youth theatre an wewentan performed there an it
tae another room an wewentan stood in a wee
that closed at 12 wewentand drank scotch in one
got conkers here but wewentand got them f963: we
do that f965: but wewentand got them from elsewhere
lived there right m1078: wewentand stayed no just a
to do it so wewentand we we had a
sweirin efterwards till we aawentawa hame an see yon
an hour s rest wewentbeaver bogganing i e tobogganing
cuidnae mak oot as wewentby we traversed roun the
everything else m941: cause wewentcause everythin else was dead
family on good friday wewentcross country skiing along the
go forfochen happy hame wewentdeid weirit wi oor play
ye know and up wewenteh tae li- and i
f640: people in or wewentf639: yes f640: to to
in again on sunday wewentfor a walk in the
international corpus of english wewentfor sixty percent speech forty
anything like that we justwentfrom house to house and
eu has been inconsistent wewentfrom supporting an elected upper
us on hogmany yes wewentice skating on a nearby
i m sayin [laugh] wewentin an there was this
yucky day but anyway wewentin and we set the
store room and we allwentin he seized a large
to house and we justwentin here and there and
stuff like er we basicallywentin his flat and his
she relives the moment wewentin somebody s car uncle
them like every day wewentin they re like right
uh huh f965: and wewentin to this assembly and
torry we never if youwentintae the toon it was
the responses that we receivedwentmuch wider than just local
probably you should just havewentno we re a couple
alumna the first morning wewenton a bus tour of
huh aye f890: an iwenton and we were lost
are you what for wewenton holiday to ibiza m941:
my holiday too an wewenton the catamaran an we
on sayin that we neverwenton the shelters again because
orchestra most of my moneywenton theatre tickets and we
tenerife last year an wewenton this boat thing on
sector on the cheap hewenton to say that we
quick gulp of culture wewenton to the steel alloys
year that was we onlywentonce last year first time
to me oh remember wewentor remember and but if
f1136: uh huh aye wewentout a walk cause it
the fact that we expresslywentout and invited many large
first glasgow marathon and wewentout and we did things
really a lively place wewentout for a drink tonight
zavtra tomorrow [censored: forename] and iwentout for a wander we
a haud o andy wewentout in his dinghy the
it [laugh] [inhale] so wewentout the close and we
was feeling better and wewentout to do a little
thursday on tuesday evening wewentout to the bluebird jazz
can you smell bacon wewentoutside some people had brought
my own papers here wewentover all the outstanding issues
over the first time wewentover and she said don
and the second time wewentover she says don t
very enjoyable new year wewentover to ksenia s [censored: forename]
couple o year ago wewentover to th- visit my
oan the campsie fells wewentpast a gowf course an
[inaudible] m811: so we justwentreally f812: what did what
it was right we actuallywentright in two thousand [laugh]
chocolate oh western luxuries wewentshopping up to kalinina prospekt
f1148: uh huh erm wewentski ing in the last
and the flight to cuscowentsmoothly we arrived at the
m816: oh m815: oh wewenttae er we weren t
we got re housed wewenttae sunny barlanark which was
didnae go out ye onlywenttae the pictures we sat
movin further upstream doun wewenttakin oor time an daunert
aye just as the moneywentthat s how we did
fetlar an we an wewentthere an we were at
sunday f1027: well we wewentthere for our dinner on
cooker i saw it wewentthere for our holiday it
the bannerman s fairm wewentthere once min gladys gladys
lads did that evening wewentto a beethoven concert in
shades after the church wewentto a department store a
moscow so that night wewentto a tourist restaurant with
tickets obtained in moscow wewentto a well appointed large
and father did once wewentto aberdeen for a holiday
and joy and afterwards wewentto an exhibition of world
orientated in the evening wewentto an opera called the
uh huh well normally wewentto arbroath f718: mmhm m1078:
it this morning afore wewentto asda s and i
got up ridiculously early andwentto beanscene and we had
she left early and wewentto bed today we ve
times [laugh] f1049: [laugh] wewentto blackshaw farm like that
at the new year wewentto bobbie and normans on
or yeah f689: yeah wewentto bowlin up at finnieston
so we e- like eitherwentto brittany or just belgium
aw ower the wurld wewentto edinburgh said alba semi
had to go we alwayswentto erm oh what was
great fun [laugh] and wewentto fetlar that s ehm
some of us an wewentto hear andrew owen we
to hear peter anderson wewentto hear cameron stout we
to hear cameron stout wewentto hear enoch sitima because
to hear andrew owen wewentto hear peter anderson we
we were just f1049: wewentto like another one in
we moved to arbuthnott wewentto live at the smiddy
since her mothers funeral wewentto london for a couple
didnae like that so wewentto mono and that was
ma an da we jistwentto my auntie evelyn naebody
a while on sunday wewentto s queensferry where some
[laugh] f1148: [laugh] no wewentto san francisco [laugh] [laugh]
opposite gorky park and wewentto see an exhibition by
in its mouth we alsowentto see an exhibition of
f1071: ice age m1070: wewentto see ice age yeah
the island one evening wewentto see one of ann
and a dolphinarium where wewentto see the dolphins feeding
like barley sugar we alsowentto see the new julie
on boxing day we allwentto shop in the expensive
f1148: get burned if wewentto spain or somewhere f1149:
mmhm m1078: more often wewentto st andrews and we
was their house and wewentto stay in it f718:
couple of nights and wewentto stay to see him
like brandy that evening wewentto the ballet which was
we like just you knowwentto the beach with them
a good job we justwentto the coppie for butter
road but we didnae wewentto the glasgow road f890:
at park kultury and wewentto the lavish trades centre
in two thousand [laugh] wewentto the millennium dome we
4 per cent of thatwentto the oas if we
was workin at towerlands wewentto the science centre that
us f1049: and we stillwentto the shop [laugh] m1048:
acceptable in the afternoon wewentto the winter palace which
till i was till wewentto treebank eh crescent i
in our view the petitionwenttoo far we discussed the
karate or sae the storywenttrue or fause we were
was the second time wewentuh huh cause that s
tall tower which we neverwentup and a dolphinarium where
f889: so we we shouldawentup that road but we
was up a stair wewentup the stair it was
muscovites and as arranged wewentup to belyaevo with presents
was extra hot we oftenwentup to gordys well for
was over and ehm wewentup to northern territories to
we called her kerrie iwentup to th- register her
loop at the bottom wewentup to the loft and
splendour from the kremlin wewentup to the po to
enjoyable time after eating wewentup to the room again
been total crap and wewentwe ve been lucky we
the large coloured illustrations thatwentwith each letter we learned
of travel on thursday wewentwith helen [censored: surname] to stay
came up and we allwentwith him right over the
whaur me an ma manwentwrang we were that keen
some jazz rock unfortunately wewentwrong at the metro and
nineteen sixty three and iwentye bugger we ve talked
we we we go guyswentyesterday some of us an
very worried in case wewentyou know to the cliff
it jist last week youwenta the wye hame afore
was the last time youwentf1148: erm didn t go
row last night an hewentoot an got drunk as
to tender for that projectwentout last month irene oldfather
tae blame the cure iwentto dr brown last night
be fun dad and iwentto the pantomime last saturday
american films this term iwentto the tin drum last

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