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my man f1043: if youwerenaemairied in tha days they
mmhm f1043: it meant yewerenaemairied ye d a bidie
werenae that they we- theywerenaethat long there john maybe
m194: no no cause theywerenaethat they we- they werenae
had to wear tights youwerenaeallowed bare legs even in
m608: aye m194: cause yewerenaeallowed lights or nothing and
eh on the sunday yewerenaeallowed tae whistle eh you
that that meant that youwerenaeallowed to use it m1020:
in the days where youwerenaeallowed well i wisnae allowed
was gonnae work for theywerenaegonnae give me eh money
it er and if youwerenaeever gettin them then i
f643: i take it youwerenaegettin sex in these days
job because the carried pieceswerenaeagreein wi ye f638: i
didnae get weapons as theywerenaefechtin fin the trucks stopped
that didnae get a chancewerenaetoo happy about that but
that f638: but then bedswerenaelike they play hopscotch now
cause the two o themwerenaeexactly pals like were they
father ay dear mother yewerenaeeven gan tae say father
in the shop and theywerenaetoo happy an employer er
a guid what f643: theywerenaeelectrical the were t- hand
put them m642: no theywerenaethey were f643: back to
the health advisor naw thingswerenaeleukin guid fir tony burns
either a heidbanger or theywerenaethe full shilling i mean
shoes ye know and theywerenaefashionable john m608: aye f637:
was a socialist well theywerenaem741: yeah aye yeah definitely
seein they were hens theywerenaereally black at aw as
their pails may 9th theywerenaetae ken it wad blaw
heard its remarkable story theywerenaetae ken that their ain
the the bus drivers theywerenaethey were eh exempt from
time ran oot an eywerenaeable tae see the abbey
were just about ages wewerenaeold enough to be at
er f1054: and if yewerenaemarried tae her m1004: her
were skivin off if youwerenaewell [laugh] m1146: yes yes
said something yesterday about yewerenaepleased wi beaumont i m
twa or three hotels thatwerenaesweirt tae scrape aff the
danny kept pestering me aboutwerenaefrom battle any combat i
sweary words that he knewwerenaecanny you know f632: uh
end of the street youwerenaesupposed to be on the
some tea sometime so wewerenaesure whether [laugh] we should

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