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inti the lift tho tammaswesnaawaur o d the mirk
berde tammas swiddered tho hewesnaaye swattin an trimmlin wi
bogil jaloused at thaim atwesnacomploutherin wi tammas wuid be
the praisence o tammas atwesnafrie ti tel hiz store
hiz ain thochts whan tammaswesnahaein a fit o the
the bricht sunlicht bot itwesnajohn tammas an mirren wytit
wie smaw ours tammas grunstanewesnaleised on hiz sister giein
ow wow help murder itwesname needle nou we sal
keep yeir needle kis itwesnamynes wutch ah ken pompitie
needle ah wesna sobbing ahwesnaneedle ye telt the toll
ye pompitie please needle ahwesnaneedle ye telt the toll
ye pompitie please needle ahwesnasobbing ah wesna needle ye
wumman haed gien hir shuirliewesnathis the verra tyme ti
a man o weir hewesnaverra glib gabbit tho eftir
naitiouns roun the nor siewesnaverra joco at the thocht
lassies at courtr an itwesnaverra lang or it cam
she hard thaim sae itwesnaverra lang or thay war
back til hir faither itwesnaverra lang ye can be
dochter whas name wes mysiewesnaverra weill pleised at this
coudna help hirsell kis shewesnaverra weill she said she
doun at the ingil hewesnaverra weill sutten doun whan
ti caw aff hiz dugwesnaa sojer avaw he wes
mauna think at hiz faimiliewesnacairin o m thai wes
ablow hiz souch at hewesnacommeissiouned ti chum derkies about
intil hiz buits fur hewesnain a poseitioun ti refaise
hiz guid wark tho hizwesnaspeldert an he ett the
at aw mebbe mebbe shewesnaaye a wutch she said
he looks astonished wutch ahwesnaaye an auld wumman pompitie
ti keep it kis itwesnamynes wutch guid for you
duin lang syne sae thaiwesnaautentyfe or ein approprit bot
gemm an a telt itwesnabot a hedna sein a
broun a thocht bot itwesnaconcrete it wes feichtie wattir
o spate bot this stokwesnasiccan houstrie housomdevir the gaffer
fur a caudron bot thewesnasicna plenishin naither wes the
aw wes weill bot itwesnathon wirdie avaw it wes
aw wes quate the millanswesnaweill shod wi dunlops bot
a maun awn at thaiwesnaalane i the spulyie as
osie weys whan the hingerswesnadrawn the morn thai tuik
the saicont sicht sae thaiwesnafashed an tuik the chance
kentna at slaw o tungwesnaslaw o wut thai nou
cuidna dae mair fur thaiwesnayit sauf thairsells eftir a
lyke man is he thatwesnaborn o wumman a wunner
takkin til a wumman thatwesnakynd no eftir yeir mither
cairrie onie laid lukkie nisbetwesnathe wumman ti hae douts
wes weill setified at shaewesnaa truphane than the hale
lik it wes chakkin shaewesnahairmed the rid douglas didna
hard this pronuncement fur shaewesnauised ti auld scotch weys
antrin aventurs at shae feiredwesnayit feinist at skreich o
think o that pompitie ahwesnafeart at aw mebbe mebbe
the tea wyfe pompitie ahwesnagaun for ti keep his
never lat on pompitie ahwesnagaun ti keep it no
letter he wes cairriein itwesnalang ye can be shuir
brie the hether yill ahwesnaricht shuir he haed the
yeir wey thare nou mysiewesnashuir about this but she
ah want ti hear itwesnathat difficult wes it pompitie
aw ah m shuir ahwesnathinkin whit ah wes sayin
weirdrie for hir but shewesnati staun for lang for
ye no tell him itwesnayou did ye no staun
whit dae ye mean itwesnayou wul you staun up
rink o the forest forwesnaa bodie cryit the duik
his bodie dwyned or hewesnamukkil bigger nor ither heich
anither sairvant bodie but shewesnati ken ye r juist
onie fowk o the pairishwesnabeisie brunnin lyme or howkin
agane ti shaw the rwesnaonie ill wull he wes
thair gate suin s tharewesnaonie mair maet ben the
hame i scotland whaur thewesnaonie rugger an skarcelins onie
hecht the bogil at thewesnaonie sic slouch dirt at
ah m feart for itwesnajuist masell ah wes thinkin
this is me masell ahwesnalyke masell afore this is
that nicht but the nichtwesnaowre yit ferr frae it
he wes askin this dochterwesnajuist sae prood as hir
cum about gin yeir dochterwesnasicna braisent hiltie skiltie yip
mynd the guidman o kittilrumpitwesnaguid for mukkil he wes
gaun ti arreist thaim hewesnain a mukkil heist ti
said as mukkil but shewesnajuist as roosed for she
glaumerie ma lassie the princesswesnamukkil pleased that a puddok
this fergus nou the keingwesnathan mukkil taen up wi
aw binna yeirsell tho hewesnafor the daunsin himsell the
tho the reverant sawnie biewesnatae shair gin he appreived
tho ye wuidna kent itwesnathe napier o lang syne
bi the tree ruit itwesnalang eftir malcolm s hamecummin
the yeir eftir an itwesnathe licht hertit ploy it
syne the tenenent at portiebellaewesnati be cawed ower eftir
the kervins thare about thewesnaa sojer ti be sein
hilt is slaigert bluid thatwesnathare afore ach the re
guidman ah mean the puddokwesnathare at the tyme prince
the droll sicht but shewesnathare for lang no hir
nou an cuidna beleve itwesnaa kinna fuppertie jig fess
frae bad ti warse itwesnajuist the maet aw kinna
visnomie a suppone at wewesnathe richt kinna bairns ti
commisar o a projek atwesnaweill thocht o bi the
o hir back teeth shewesnalang i cummin roond aince
thair heids sneddit aff shewesnalang i rinnin awa ah
aye on ma fuit itwesnalang or the prince cam
wad soor milk an itwesnathat lang or she beguid
out ti the kerr itwesnaa quastioun it wes ane
s feth i the carlinewesnaas strang as it wes
he wes chancie for catrionawesnajuist a bonnie lassie she
this gied ye truibil thatwesnasae bad wes it malcolm
ma bonnie tree gin itwesnayou wha wes it moula
here ringan ringan it itwesname yeir hieness queen loudly
frae me eilidh maister itwesnamoula that haggit doun yeir
clappin him yeir hieness ahwesnaqueen the pownie canna git
yeir maid jennie an shewesnasae ferr anaith ma statioin
mynd a tyme whan itwesnasair eilidh returns with the
in his mynd that awwesnatint he aye hae mair
ken o d fur itwesnatelt o i the meidia
cuidna mairrie on ruth itwesnahir deceisioun the blak k
fuilish lyke hir sisters shewesnasae proud an wad tak
hir mither s sake anwesnashe the prood ane she
ahent ma kerr nou mirrenwesnastrange about hir claes or
ruth s vyow o twesnathe sam as hir mither
aye crouss whan hir hertwesnaunco sair owrelaiden sae she
gat a sair gunk itwesnathe samen machine at brocht
ti keep his pennies ahwesnaah juist wantit ti gang
fowk war back an shewesnagaun ti be the ane
didna richt ken but hewesnagaun ti lat on ti
athout me tellin him ahwesnagaun ti say oniething oniewey
littil puddoks puddok na itwesnalyke that wi me ma
lyke maist guid things itwesnati lest for aw at
kace at in hauddit napierwesnatabulet i thon mainner afoir
thon i the guise fankwesnathe oreiginal nor cuid he
in the bum whan hewesnalookin syne ah coud jouk
an whan his wanchancie fierwesnaluikin he kuist it inti
ma nyow uinifurm oniegates awesnasae crouse whan a gaed
syne weivin an still awwesnafeinisht hou coud it be
for ti see that shewesnadeid she poued oot the
sicna hempie as john grenewesnalik ti sei the licht
ti gang wi thaim itwesnathat aften that a mortal
this warld for gin itwesnati be killed an etten
an jiggerie poukerie an itwesnawyce ti traist a man
wul but the auld kimmerwesnafeirt for siller tree no
wad be lauchabil an itwesnasae pathetic ma mither wul
shona s daein tae shewesnacontent wi haggin doun his
haed haen its denner hewesnaricht hungirie an clappit doun
a deif lug the howffwesnamair nor twa ruims the
pause na no me itwesnagod s wull ah soud
near yuletyde the corran ferrywesnarinnin ah think the ferryman
the eimage o john sertenwesnathair kinsman the jakman tuik
o brounie gray color itwesnaricht it suid hae been
the maistres o the housswesnablate durand aw the tulyie
he hed sein at itwesnaa bad reddin up o
me ower ferr an itwesnafor ma puzzint fuit ye
hert an deep beathin thatwesnama ain an sum smeddum
med shair at the raipswesnaower ticht wi the weit
stir sayed the gaird itwesnahauf o the ill things
for as he said itwesnailka day that sic a
but the littil page lounwesnaa bit blate an insteid
the streinger santit awa anwesnaseen again or the seivin

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