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13 v the statute ofwestminster1931 17 appendix text of
problem v the statute ofwestminster1931 as already noted any
39 under the statute ofwestminster1931 before any alteration in
family under the statute ofwestminster1931 before any alteration in
four of the statute ofwestminster1931 has requested and consented
1706 under the statute ofwestminster1931 if the address were
commonwealth parliaments the statute ofwestminsterwas enacted in 1931 22
illusion that scots mps inwestminsterare dealing with the issue
one or other house atwestminsteras mps or peers some
even the business managers atwestminstercould do so because mps
the new accommodation block forwestminstermps 250m 25 the millennium
the workload of scotland swestminstermps and expresses the view
phil gallie remuneration of scottishwestminstermps that the parliament considers
deplores the failure of scottishwestminstermps to defend scotland s
the statute book the latestwestminsterattempt to ban fox hunting
note how soon after thewestminsterlegislation hit the statute book
to work with colleagues inwestminsterand whitehall we note that
believe should be changed mywestminstercolleagues are likely to argue
in close contact with mywestminstercolleagues on that issue criminal
muldoon contact some of hiswestminstercolleagues the organisation is trying
motion that will allow mywestminstercolleagues to have input into
democrat spokesperson be following hiswestminstercolleagues who voted against the
alternatives to custody however mywestminstercolleagues will be disputing the
partnership with our colleagues inwestminsterhas begun to make improvements
general election my colleagues atwestminsterhave been pressing gordon brown
mentioned concerns that colleagues atwestminstermust deal with they are
views of my colleagues atwestminsteron that many of those
should ask her colleagues inwestminsterto examine the effects of
co operation our colleagues atwestminsterwill no doubt distinguish between
home that point with hiswestminstercolleague because there can be
i am glad that mywestminstercolleague puts it even more
must improve my colleague atwestminsteredward davey who is expert
our fisheries yesterday in thewestminsterparliament his colleague anne begg
convention by my colleague fromwestminsterrichard spring and that of
the decisions and goodwill ofwestminsterafter debate the amendment was
whatever decisions are reached atwestminsteras to how that legislation
deeply flawed decisions made bywestminsterpoliticians prior to the establishment
meeting officials and ministers atwestminsterto ensure that whatever decisions
bill that was introduced atwestminsterand if a team sought
bill will be introduced atwestminsterbut i understand that it
press would be temporary untilwestminsterintroduced a wide ban there
introduced the labour government atwestminsteris to be commended for
bill which was introduced atwestminsteron 21 november represents the
have been introduced before thewestminsterparliament in recent years these
reasons bound up in thewestminstergovernment and the labour general
two years during which thewestminsterlabour government stuck to the
of the labour government atwestminsterto ensure that it is
minister i have been atwestminsterand know that no government
need to come from thewestminstergovernment as it is a
elderly parents why does thewestminstergovernment choose to remove that
may have noticed that thewestminstergovernment has been advertising recently
set of political responsibilities thewestminstergovernment is doing what is
the collection of fines thewestminstergovernment is prepared to take
matter is primarily for thewestminstergovernment it might not be
has been left by thewestminstergovernment s refusal to scrutinise
her constructive dialogue with thewestminstergovernment to argue that the
international maritime organisation and thewestminstergovernment to ensure that hazardous
and the intention of thewestminstergovernment to make the legislation
is appropriate for scotland thewestminstergovernment will learn from some
announced by the government atwestminsteriain gray i spend a
shift in government policy atwestminsterin those circumstances or if
action plan the government inwestminsteris genuinely committed to supporting
the uk government and thewestminsterparliament that is why the
the matter was raised atwestminsterchristine grahame it was given
pensions and benefits are awestminstermatter but scottish ministers must
be a matter for thewestminsterparliament we are giving the
will be handled by thewestminsterparliament will the matter come
petition is a matter forwestminsterthe convener yes angus mackay
to leave the matter towestminsterthe executive s memorandum on
policy is a matter forwestminsterto decide and calls on
policy is a matter forwestminsterto decide and calls on
westminster bills is that thewestminsterbill contains provisions that deal
following a debate next weekwestminstershould deal with the legislation
the houses of parliament atwestminsterthe right to deal with
in conjunction with steps atwestminsterto deal with the tax
most recent question answered atwestminsteron the topic was 20
as disclosed in a recentwestminsterparliamentary answer to robert maclennan
the answer to a recentwestminsterpq 23 showed however that
only scottish parliament elections butwestminsterelections on that happy note
to total rule from inaccessiblewestminsternote that that is a
the scottish parliament is notwestminsterand holyrood is not a
denote the uk parliament atwestminsterand the parliament to denote
the scottish parliament to underminewestminsterbut send their ex leader
the scottish parliament or atwestminsterin which a minister has
that the parliament supports thewestminstermotion sponsored by paul flynn
both the scottish parliament andwestminstermotions can put clarity and
the executive not liaise withwestminsteror the european parliament to
an annual report to thewestminsterparliament and to this parliament
sub post offices to thewestminsterparliament committee agreed to pass
this parliament and through thewestminsterparliament if we agree that
between the executive and thewestminsterparliament like duncan hamilton i
followed the progress through thewestminsterparliament of the warm homes
the home secretary in thewestminsterparliament on 29 october 2001
can be taken in thewestminsterparliament to include the clause
which is currently before thewestminsterparliament will make parallel changes
the tail end of awestminsterparliament you say that you
the parliament s agreement thatwestminstershould legislate on devolved matters
scottish parliament rather than towestminsterthat is preferable to going
for the uk parliament atwestminsterthe scottish parliament and the
george lyon no that waswestminsterthis is the scottish parliament
discussion with their counterparts inwestminsterand cardiff with a view
discussion with their counterparts inwestminsterand cardiff with a view
expresses the view that scottishwestminstermp levels of remuneration should
some discussion of that atwestminsterthe view is that a
right if the legislation atwestminsterfollowed the impact would be
notes that the provisions ofwestminsterlegislation contained in the dogs
of legislation being considered atwestminsterwe will take that opportunity
in uk terms would bewestminsterand whitehall 23 in this
fund postoffice co uk 10westminsteroral questions 14 02 2002
a uk wide ban fromwestminsterwe strongly believe that both
negotiation between scottish ministers throughwestminsterand the eu it might
with leakage to ministers atwestminsterkay ullrich but as far
to carry treasury ministers atwestminsterwith him in what he
joint ministerial policy committees betweenwestminsterand edinburgh 24 similarly the
there mary scanlon refers towestminsterpension policy but i am
agreement on the issue beforewestminsterdecides to move ahead with
opportunity to debate the issuewestminsteris proceeding with its consideration
jenkins said pensions are awestminsterissue i will mention the
order that reflects practices atwestminsterthe issue that we are
there is continuing debate withwestminsterabout the remaining 55 does
would have been at thewestminsterdebate the liberal democrats at
the subject of debate atwestminstergeorge lyon i was reflecting
debate on postal services atwestminsterin january 2002 sub post
debate the liberal democrats atwestminstersupport many of the proposals
fall within the remit ofwestminsterit is important to ensure
hodge the minister responsible atwestminsterto ensure that the commission
asked on this topic atwestminster10 brian cotter weston super
in scotland and backbenchers atwestminster24 it also compounds inaccuracies
couldn t be reached atwestminstera section by section commentary
procedures for investigating leaks atwestminsterand in the senate of
provision could be amended atwestminsterand is contentious the parts
volumes about his credibility atwestminsteras well it is clear
which it is done atwestminsterdespite 22 years experience at
be done more quickly atwestminsterhowever in this case time
not have been possible atwestminsterhowever we must not be
the timetabling of consideration atwestminsterhugh henry we still have
of what will happen atwestminsteri know that i am
from the one followed atwestminsterin some ways i see
point will be made atwestminsterit is clear that a
actuality than their equivalents atwestminsterit might be appropriate to
back to square one atwestminsterno progress would have been
up to any move atwestminsteror elsewhere to reduce our
international criminal court bill atwestminsteror if they are resident
the european scrutiny committees atwestminsterrequest an explanatory memorandum from
met at jerusalem chambers inwestminsterrls was almost certainly nominated
for public safety operates atwestminsterso frankly we are wasting
perhaps in either house atwestminstersuch as that recently proposed
has been dealt with atwestminsterthe convener it is a
the official opposition 17 atwestminsterthe leader of the largest
currently being considered at thewestminsterthe only area which may
is currently being considered atwestminsterthis bill does not apply
despite 22 years experience atwestminsterthis is the first time
of fish stocks seek atwestminsterto abolish rental charges and
been other unsuccessful attempts atwestminsterto legislate on the succession
in scotland and campaign atwestminsterto stop their introduction anywhere
retention of many powers atwestminsterundermines the ability of the
retention of many powers atwestminsterundermines the ability of the
working for our interests atwestminsterunlike snp members who use
subject to committee consideration atwestminsterwe will be able to
scots react if discussions atwestminsterwere suddenly to be conducted
context as it is atwestminsterwhere the equivalent funding scheme
their own they govern atwestminsterwith a majority of over
that the procedure committee atwestminsterwould be very impressed by
will be enacted before thewestminstergeneral election malcolm chisholm to
that we will face awestminstergeneral election within three or
of sewel motions back towestminsterbefore the end of the
proposal before the scottish andwestminsterparliaments this week is the
house of commons bill althoughwestminsteris pressing ahead with it
backbiting that one associates withwestminstersecondly in the house of
e the scottish equivalent ofwestminsterhowever it has sometimes been
differences between the scottish andwestminsterbills is that the westminster
withdraw those benefits simply becausewestminsterdoes not agree with the
that i am still awestminstermp but that does not
chooses to leave it towestminsteror does not even bother
including those aspects in thewestminsterbill were set out by
know off hand to whichwestminstercommittee the bill will go
court scotland bill and itswestminstercounterpart are necessary to allow
have input into the billwestminsteris the right place to
the bill will receive inwestminsterthe assurances that we have
we have been told bywestminsterwe expect the bill to
you had with departments inwestminsterabout what you are trying
with what is happening inwestminsterand why we are discussing
plain oak clock with awestminsterchime nocturne 1955 it was
question about our work withwestminsterdepartments as we develop standards
publish the draft concordats withwestminsterdepartments to undertake a meaningful
publish the draft concordats withwestminsterdepartments to undertake a meaningful
welcome the constructive dialogue withwestminsteri am glad to see
that without an agreement withwestminsteron benefits payments the executive
it will go through thewestminsterprocess officials have agreed with
that we tie in withwestminsters legal limitations the convener
the european agenda constructively inwestminstersuch matters are dealt with
with a scottish chancellor inwestminsterthey are delivered through the
it with certainly not withwestminsterwhere i also spent quite
we could compare ourselves withwestminsterwhich i know we have
the on going negotiations withwestminsterwill be strengthened if this
to take the measures throughwestminstermr hamilton it strikes me
of the border goes throughwestminsteror will it be implemented
in turn to the relevantwestminstercommittee our concerns about the
pose the executive and ourwestminstercounterparts have acted quickly to
to sit back and watchwestminstershape our future in europe
therefore have to rely onwestminsterto decide whether our subsidiarity
not get a ban fromwestminsterscotland must act that is
left to the european andwestminsterparliaments supported by fergus ewing
rate of 37 even ifwestminsteragrees to allow people to
be a gross injustice ifwestminsterwere to withdraw those benefits
interesting edinburgh and something unlikewestminsterall seminars which involves young
to his home which iswestminsteras for george lyon he
to be modelled on thewestminsterculture and which decrees that
people which is reserved towestminsteris necessary to reduce and
is it f807: which onewestminsterlondon f806: [inhale] yeah erm
resources allocated to scotland bywestminsterwhich takes no account of
that are available under thewestminsteract on that basis once
she will have noted thatwestminsteris watching the commitment to
agriculture taxation is reserved towestminsterbut the clerk has been
services are matters reserved towestminsteralthough there is a recognised
we cannot say that aboutwestminsterbecause if a proposal is
that is allocated from thewestminsterbudget and divides it roughly
pointed out this is notwestminsterno party here has a
commons motion is to enablewestminsterparliamentarians to support this initiative
a proposal is defeated inwestminsterthat is it for that
there is a commitment fromwestminsterto do that in this
that is currently paid bywestminsterto scottish pensioners in the
require to be made bywestminsterbecause in the case of
life in cold freezing homeswestminsterhas played a part by
the elderly far more thanwestminsterhas so far delivered that
has already taken place inwestminsterit was voted on last
to do things differently fromwestminsterfor the sake of it
flow from the fount ofwestminsteri suggest that during the
or not of terminology fromwestminsteror from other parliaments some
from among their msps 19westminsterstyle terminology such as front
so on that emanates fromwestminsterthe running of the health
making their views known towestminsterif the regulations are not
loophole should be closed bywestminsterand wishes to express its
i believe that never inwestminsterhistory and certainly not here
could not be reached inwestminsteron the provisions of the
joint committees for holyrood andwestminsterand its opening paragraph referred
a good pamphlet about howwestminstercould improve its scrutiny of
problems that its counterparts inwestminsterdid during the passage of
dickens prior to residing inwestminsterabbey mislaid a chapter due
community based pharmacists and resistwestminsterattempts to strip them of
welcome the third of thewestminsterleaders to visit us in
all issues essentially reserved towestminsterother aspects of social exclusion
immediately on the phone towestminsterto find out what gordon
to put maximum pressure onwestminsterto halt the privatisation of
committee provides a mechanism forwestminsterto input into the convention
never made it into thewestminsterqueue in the next session
a p stanley dean ofwestminsterbecame a member of the
set out in the sacrosanctwestminsterconfession of faith intellectually smith
the restoration of grants pressingwestminsterfor a higher threshold for
against the euro campaign inwestminsteron wednesday 10 april 2002
as clarissa s dalloway swestminsterin woolf s roughly contemporaneous
doc 19 s1w 23640 20westminsteroral questions 14 02 2002
two faces a face forwestminsterand a face for here

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