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o them an all th-wh-wh- you ve never mentioned
t it m734: wh- whowh-who kind of has the
though isn t it m734: wh-who wh- who kind of
them an all th- wh-wh-you ve never mentioned i
yeah m964: but i meanwh-f965: or extremely exhausted or
with a w i meanwh-how how do you spell
mean one of the thingswh-i m be- i mean
i mean they re likewh-in scotland there s the
f1018: definitely i mean itwh-it depends on who i
f951: yeah uh huh m865: wh-what do you mean by
f963: mm mm i meanwh-when f965: er you were
together my brother and myselfwh-because i was teaching sunday
they re all together f1114: wh-f1113: together at the party
a wee whilie okay f1114: wh-f1113: and then i ll
and there s lipstick f1114: wh-f1113: and there s the
way look f1114: that swh-f1113: let me see over
f1114: yes f1113: okay f1114: wh-it- f1113: what s this
the rest in f1113: heywh-what colour s nemo f1114:
where s [censored: forename] gone f1114: wh-where s [censored: forename] f1113: away
words like bairn the bairnwh-is not a glasgow word
to the erm leather orwh-or how that word came
no no no no m1012: wh-what word i- f1054: i
get a scottish word orwh-you know look up the
i m talking to andwh-how i would speak and
yep m605: they can speakwh-science fiction always does that
speak french in class oncewh-when a visiting teacher came
today er this was publishedwh-in the past week or
time but he said erwh-this reference in germany i
f1026: [laugh] f1025: [cough] f1054: wh-what aboot er words for
f718: mm m017: see erwh-what is happening is that
erm on wednesday often erwh-when we were trialling this
know their own communities erwh-which is fine you know
holiness within the landscape erwh-which is there in holy
of my thesis ehm forwh-as part of which i
[inhale] [exhale] m804: [tut] ehmwh-do you know what you
ehm i don t knowwh-trav- travel guides would be
church and stood so ehmwh-when i was ten so
ehm i re- i rememberwh-when my mum would say
thing f963: mm mmhm f965: wh-when you were tigged you
a sattlebed m1020: a- f1054: wh-in in shetland they talk
knackered aye wabbit f1054: wabbitwh-why would you use those
f963: yeah see that waswh-something i found funny in
mm f963: mmhm m964: ermwh-what was the case for
f963: mm m762: you knowwh-where are where are the
yeah mmhm mm m762: wherewh-where are the songs protesting
about the indie band peoplewh-where did they fall in
dr- a dragon m1090: butwh-where is it f1089: whit
stirlin i don t knowwh-it must hae came oot
and german wou- you knowwh-they would say well why
planes in m608: mmhm m194: wh-why they they they stayed
the light on m1090: ohwh-why would you put the
the table okay f1122: mmwh-f1121: i ll take this
but when i went f1149: wh-f1148: to school erm you
mmhm m1174: kind of ermwh-which was born erm maybe
they re hot okay m1128: wh-are the- [exhale] f1127: they
periods a day f814: howwh-hang on when did you
because it lets you seewh-how they behave when they
had but do you knowwh-when i worked there there
f1040: ye know m1042: wellwh-when we moved eh out
[cough] they didn t knowwh-oh pardon me whether they
involving violence you know likewh-what a fight would be
it is you do firstwh-bit is what bit is
f1024: whodyacomepoofle whodyacomepoofle that swh-that s what f1023: i
reason or ither m865: yeahwh-what about the the languages
scots [sniff] f718: yeah rightwh-what are your views on
ve forgotten m1004: [phone rings] f1006: wh-what do you ma call
what if you did sneezewh-what if you did sneeze
here fairmin term- terminology orwh-what industries did ye work
m944: and i m likewh-what s goin on [censored: forename]
[laugh] excellent f1038: it swh-what was it i read
ma mates and i orwh-certainly ma mates never get
using it i put iwh-a storage heater at the
in the road there darlingwh-put it on mam s
i ve not s- m819: wh-who wants to go for
nane to gie tae naebodywh-fitt colour are they inside
o lettin their kids dowh-whatever they wanted like wander
language and m741: mmhm m605: wh-all it is is a
day was the special mealwh-f641: mmhm f640: it was
it s civilised you dowh-you- it s your break
it oh yes i rememberwh-my mother used to work
have to work m818: ayewh-the thing is but i
m1092: him drink all upwh-f1091: it s alright you
can you find that m1094: wh-here s the roast f1093:
f1025: i would say stroppywh-is mair like kinda arrogant
f746: oh right f978: anwh-now i think it of
a couple o weeks m1048: wh-oh that s right f1049:
john milton and thomas urquhartwh-in which it s completely
[laugh] m1055: might be refer-wh-which might be used in
man an the auld wifewh-which wasnae very complimentary it
that if i got homewh-once i got home there
perhaps from from those placeswh-m1174: but as everything is
that has white she haswh-like pretty much white peroxide
and she has a daughterwh-[inaudible] she has a daughter
elgin the morrow m1108: fittwh-f1107: it s mammy s
it s stopped raining [panting]wh-it s stopped raining f1093:
s that nae mickey earswh-m1110: that [inaudible] up tae
one strip about an inchwh-wide for aboot four inches
aye and then of coursewh-an odd time ye had
away on the trains towh-down intae england and wherever
as lang as bairns kenwh-the place of scots that

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