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that feart for lu dawhaamang them wad daur step
guid as duntit him annawhadaur meddle wi ma faimly
legend nemo me impune lacessitwhadaur meddle wi me over
caumly reclines wi the thochtwhadaur meddle wi me till
aroun as if tae saywhadaur meddle wi oor majestie
his mandment glowers lu dawhadaur speir at him gin
lord what dis it maitterwhakens it whan naebodie daur
thair verra dirks l macbethwhal daur say oniething mair
he speaks is border scotswhas gaun tae daur tell
ti say god abuin kenswhakens aboot the bairn ir
nor afore god abuin kenswhakens aboot the hawk no
as afore gods abuin kenswhakens aboot the hound a
it moula god abuin kenswhakens aboot the tree malcolm
hae a word frae anewhakens an loues the bard
ding doun the waa atweeshwhakens hou we maun be
wild beass in the arenawhakens mair likely he melled
feeling the way she didwhakens mrs mcfarlane replied swilling
thochts are turnin tae halloweenwhakens onie games tae dae
myowt o a lanely bairnwhakens that aa s nae
a bit luk wi dwhakens the r mibbies a
there in the cane fieldswhakens weel said maclaurin i
never see ither again koolyghinwhakens wipes his eyes smiling
fowk soud hae gods ormwhadae ye think helpit ye
thare whit can ah daewhasoud ah pray til odin
masell owre the common whanwhasoud ah see but the
whan ah see the christianswhasoud be an exempil til
the forelaund o the steidwhasoud be waitin but the
ain dure flew open anwhasoud breinge oot but the
weill feinisht thair supper whanwhasoud cum breingin at thaim
buss an afore verra langwhasoud cum fliein alang but
duik o norroway himsell anwhasoud cum rydin by on
waek wha herried ma strenthwhadang me doun wes it
wha lairnt ye ti praywhagied ye the crucifex gunlöd
ma tree moula no replywhahaes duin this thing wha
they re here now beaumontwhaharry the twa americans wha
guid dochter wha loes yewhahas prievit better nor seevin
strang an thorfinn the waekwhaherried ma strenth wha dang
pompitie wha s that speakinwhair ee feather this is
sits up a man whawhais t nanse a maister
ti thay ir wicked gunnarwhalairnt ye ti pray wha
eild for yer guid dochterwhaloes ye wha has prievit
them a fair wha wiswhao the period will fowk
ti the richt pompitie pompitiewhas that speakin wha ir
wha harry the twa americanswhas that they re with
weel seen in her hoosewhas wha that weirs the
in her hoose wha swhathat weirs the breeks he
wha haes duin this thingwhawes it shona enters quietly
a rage clenchin his teethwhawes it wha wes t
his teeth wha wes itwhawes t seeing shona this
queen sits up a manwhawha is t nanse a
buchan amang them a fairwhawis wha o the period
knicht ah l tell yewhaah im ah m yeir
nanse indignantly dae ye kenwhaah im puddok ay fyne
it whyles ah dinna kenwhaah im wutch aweill we
ti cry me yeir honorwhadae ah think a im
ah im feart for masellwhaim ah ti be feart
in a prickly fence furwhamight fin im trow da
im eence agien tae collwhanoo could clap a horse
ye dae that for macbethwhacan be wyce an dumfounert
macbeth pointing to the ghostwhahaes duin this lords duin
daith macbeth hearing a noisewhas thare at aw the
torch gie me ma swordwhas thare macbeth a frein
on aroond thaim macbeth offstagewhas thare what s gaun
l macbeth ay macbeth hearwhasleeps i the saicont chaumer
sleep nae mair l macbethwhawes it that cryit this
weill that wul never bewhacan muster forests or order
wul ye gang an seewhathat is eilidh dinna lat
we wul see prood callantwhaturns up the first whan
ye til the broun ogfrewhawul clour ye owre the
ye ti the broun ogrewhawul clour ye owre the
hame til the broun ogrewhawul clour ye owre the
hame ti the broun ogrewhawul clour ye wi his
hame til the broun ogrewhawul clour ye wi his
aw ahint ye nou anwhawul conter ye fareweill ma
bairns ye hae sic mettilwhawul dout thir dozent louns
cuist a fauch lyke shroudwhawul ever pick onie flouer
to speak then closes itwhawul finnd for me the
een on pompitie she cryitwhawul finnd for me the
see me a puirlyke craiturwhawul gae an look for
out in a waesum vycewhawul gae an look for
left toll man seeing pompitiewhawul gang an buy for
left i the grundhouss anwhawul hinner me frae hanselin
lilt o brekkin the widdieswhawul no bring ti mynd
yeir sang fareweill orm ormwhawul sing yeir daith sang
ding him doun macduff anwhawul that be malcolm a
that wad soor milk pompitiewhacan tell whit she wes
ti whit ah say pompitiewhais that whusper whusperin green
and distressed wutch seeing pompitiewhais this ah wunner she
the toadstool pompitie ah wunnerwhas aucht this braw needle
faither s murdert malcolm whatwhabi lennox it seems the
assistance enter ross and anguswhacums here malcolm the wurthie
storms into the room malcolmwhacut doun ma tree moula
faither malcolm gin that hewhahe wes leeved as a
a sair fuit malcolm juistwhair ye knicht ah l
the soond o hir megwhais jek malcolm jek is
or birnam cums ti dunsinanewhais this hauflin malcolm wes
ross enters macduff mercie seewhas here malcolm anither scot
nor flyte wi thaim malcolmwhathe deil ir ye ye
over to the cradle malcolmwhawad steal the bairn shona
doun yeir favorite tree malcolmwhawes t than no that
bairn malcolm angrily ah kennawhaye ir loun but ye
and stops by door thorfinnwhacums ma een ir bleirie
at court nou ah kenwhair the wallie draigils an
maun be staned ti daithwhair we ti quaisten thae
several seconds morag astonished merciewhair ye prince weill wyfe
me it wes a godwhair ye that lowdent the
gender but ir also writerswhawish t yooz language in
shouting offstage ah dinna kenwhaye ir ye r no
more knocking chap chap chapwhas thare i the deil
a tell ye more knockingwhas thare in anither deil
more knocking chap chap chapwhas thare nou here an
til the dure ai butwhawes thare afore it nane
heid whan ah bid hirwhabut yeirsell wad hae been
but did he love uswhacould tell whiles he wad
wad be morag s jobwhaelse but perfit morag she
believe ye ah dinna kenwhaelse wad angrily weill ye
it s no the queenwhaelse wad wrap us roun
wad she s claen dementitwhain aw the yirdlie warld
puddok is no houss trainedwhawad clean up eftir him
ah wes yung an blythwhawad dae siccan an ill
a richt sair hert shonawhawad dae siccan an ill
princesses thocht a wee forwhawad ettil for ti mairrie
thochts anent hir unco freinwhawad ever think ti meet
coud leather me ah kenwhawad git the leatherin i
ay ilkane o thaim sonwhawad hang thaim l macduff
re plentie wullin lassies anwhawad ken what hochmagandie gaed
o the fire irena weillwhawad ye git ti perform
an hou aboot you moragwhawad ye lyke ti mairrie
airtin ben til the kingwhaals think ye john damian
airtin ben til the kingwhaals think ye john damian
twa tungs frae the southwhadae thay belang til aha
sal ah look til onwhadepend ma tears rins doun
it cam back til himwhahaed putten sic spells on
man mindsna his ain britherwhahas god til his forebear
stirling the year is 1506whas yon airtin ben til
is fifteen hunner an saxwhas yon airtin ben til
me ferr awa ahint masellwhasal ah look til on
jesus christ lippen til johnwhascreevit the licht glintit throwe
jesus christ lippen til johnwhascreevit the licht glintit throwe
wes reddie for hir anwhasuid cum up til hir
and lippen lord til aawhawi haill voce for sainin
maist michty lord o oistswhaare my god and king
and quo he hail yewhaare weel daein the lord
lord jesus christ comes hewhacaas ye is leal he
the lord mak this wummanwhahas come tae yer hame
our lord is yer namewhahas yer glore outstreakit faur
brugh o dauvit a hainerwhais christ the lord and
owrancer an the lord clerkwhalikes fine the play o
nor dwine forbye the lordwhamaks aa things will nevir
at aw lennox the whwhana no me ma lord
virr tae mind oor lordwhaon his rude caa d
ma lord he lowsit danielwhas hauden doun syne then
is frae the lord alanewhayirth and lift hae wrocht
ane o the club memberswhad juist come aff hauf
wae an low like anewhad suffered lang an slow
ane o the fisher fowkwhadwalt in bethsaida a brugh
teen he is oor saughtwhagart baith ane and brak
fowerteen he is oor saughtwhagart baith ane and brak
sall spail tae me anewhais tae be roy in
to ilka ane may hewharules aboon aye whisper tho
ane faas victim tae temptationwhas kept awa frae fun
an ither places as anewhas watched ye mak your
pointing to the fourth gobletwhasaid ye coud pour ane
ane maister loup the gresswhatuik ti winchin maistress emmick
bain an ither unsung heroeswhad tak ower lang tae
o the ither local scruffwhaif they re no poachin
at him ay he aunsertwhaither but whit s that
verra lyke macdougals nae doutwhaither this luiks gey lyke
the nou puddok ay mewhaither weill did ye never
policies o peace an weirwhalaucht at ither men whase
i had nae veesitor therewhaspak o ither nor mark
ither haun war speeritual craiturswhawere taen up wi the
me enter two murderers godwhaare they murderer whaur is
houss they fash for noughtwhabig at it an god
ist no uncannie that hewhabode us speir at god
23rd january 1986 ye menwhathink ye re god s
tree gin it wesna youwhawes it moula god abuin
banes cam intil oor kintrawhabrocht them we dinna ken
an auld caird an speiredwhabydes in oor houss nou
hooever daurk yon place wewhahaud oor wheesht ken thorns
o oor kin coorse chielswhaskartit ferlies on the waas
heavy tramping off ah wunnerwhathat is at this oor
ugsome waa agayne oor britherswhawe speir sall ding doon
agayne oor brithers we speirwhawill ding doun the waa
frae oor hidey hole ianwhawis best placed keekt roun
fae fair on the empriourwhawisna near successful as oor
the war a wyce manwhait wes said hae even
chaumer an speir at hirwhait wes that murdert ma
v wear wes v waswhapron who whas pron whose
but he coudna finnd ootwhashe wes an she wan
an he dochtna finnd ootwhashe wes an whan she
pause orm dae ye kenwhathat wes thorfinn ye micht
lyke yeirsell richt aneuch queenwhawes ah lyke afore ah
thaim a heard horse gallopinwhawes that lennox it wes
for help ye michtie manwhaaye helpit yeirsell trumpets are
quit tae dae the warkwhabetter than masell tho man
is beamin for ilka manwhacomes intae the warld heeze
is beamin for ilka manwhacomes intae the warld heeze
scots the man and wummanwhad hike thir trails cuidna
dizzens tam was a manwhad never mairried he d
that richtlie suits a manwhadaurs dae mair is nane
her guidman a richteous manwhadidna ettle tae mak her
heid yin an aulder manwhahadnae been in the watter
we war treated tae scotswhahae an a man s
pennies tea wyfe mercie anwhais this wee man it
canny man o wiry buildwhaliftit muckle clints like dauds
gang blissins on the manwhaluikit doucelie on ye sae
the pill sadie oh greatwhaneeds a man whin ye
my maister says the manwharules my nichts an days
ye re like a manwhas lost his dearie an
o the man we speirwhawas andro gey little is
man you are today beaumontwhawas hermed by it then
there he met a manwhawas tryin tae load a
deid then the hauf deidwhacanna thole fowk wi the
and nae companionry wi fowkwhadinna belang tae the kintra
ye hae taiglt the fowkwhaettlt tae win throwe and
the hallan atween us aywhaguid fowk the potestatur o
they d welcome me agneswhas the covenanters margaret fowk
549 fowk derns thair luivwhasays this is whit ah
s the covenanters margaret fowkwhawant tae leeve their ain
didna git roond him queenwhaa at nanse whit dae
villanelle tae dae the warkwhabetter than masell hunter s
writ tae dae the warkwhabetter than masell or hauf
fit tae dae the warkwhabetter than masell tae end
ross dae they ken yitwhadid this hellish deed macduff
if ye seek a poetwhais fit tae dae the
aa dae wi oot eewhall keep us lauchin noo
lu da dos du kenwhaa am at ye let
it is ah dinna kenwhaelse haes hens aboot here
m shuir ah dinna kenwhahe s lyke nou that
ken f1041: ye ken finewhai mean f1054: [inaudible] m1042:
like that but i kenwhai ve to thank for
gin ye re ti kenwhait wis at pulled at
maun ken nou shona iswhakilled ma son an that
wang but a wadna kenwhall be wang jin says
air afore onie docht kenwhashe was and he said
n n na no mewhawants ti ken tea wyfe
withoot rinnin awa we kenwhaye are an the polis
m shuir ah dinna kenwhaye tak eftir nanse makes
a stushie they ll argiewhas furst doun the puils
a cannae unnerstan thae menwhacrivens here a go again
men trod oot this trackwhalang syne left their glen
haes commanded thousans o menwhanever spiered for freinship or
skailt his twentie odd menwhatuik the gait ilkane the
anelie seems tae afflick menwhave been ower successfu ower
the lassies an the menwhave helpt new cumnock scouts
this maks men o musclewhawi bricks an timmer tussle
shop this wis liu shiquanwhaaye loued ti tak in
can hae a think onwhacan best tak on this
a wheen o local ladswhacuid tak a score o
a wheen o ithers forbyewhacuid tak twa score oot
tak the spare bunk anwhall gaird the door in
furst class as we wunnerwhall tak the spare bunk
tae buy it afore theywhaare conveent here afore the
the saicont secretar wen yanbowhaproponit afore our een the
be shuir his son fleancewhal be alang wi him
wu the lang drauchtit generalwhabelanged hynelawtie toun weill cud
luiik the maist meiserabil anwhacoud ledge oot thair lang
through the lang winter nichtswhall help me brew the
ower lang tae name butwhas spare time tint wis
groups o writers sum owhaa ll noo hae a
with him with him deanawhaelse here would hae the
he found fragments of scotswhahae all over scotland and
accordion murray aye does scotswhahae at weddings aunt marion
for freedom in his scotswhahae composition when we turn
mouse to a louse scotswhahae etc also possibly the
the licht abune us somewhahae tholit the ill straiks
the licht abune us somewhahae tholit the ill straiks
the big finish of scotswhahae though it seemed more
song of national freedom scotswhahae wi wallace bled wp2
or a göd natured grandbairnwhall hae you surfin in
frae the western isles butwhacan staun agin the brave
by reivers frae the wastwhadidna fecht their faes in
arrestin him juist then eckwhahad been watchin us frae
came frae france a leechwhahas begowkit the king deavin
came frae france a leechwhahas begowkit the king deavin
he hed frae wang jinwhalearnt him ti he wis
oot ian an mr johnstonwharentit the fishins frae the
dochter o the landed grandeewhas descreivit aye frae archie
frae the toun as weelwhaused tae ca in by
did an mebbe she didnawhacan tell but ae thing
chappt her winda platonic frienshipwhacan tell for twice at
an mebbe even wicked toozenbachwhacan tell it s juist
his kinrik land yet clansmenwhacould tell the tale tho
ah can tell ye megwhaisna mercie ye coud say
he ll tell it andwhawill they believe him the
once more and tell mewhayou are how long you
wumman liggin at his fitwhaare ye he speirt ah
heid ah haena fund ootwhalit it yit puts the
a bit ah cannae hearwhas oot there she exits
ye buggers o hell moragwhas that ah canna mak
oot the cauld ah wunnerwhashe is she s nae
ah coorit awa quo hewhatelt ye ye were scuddy
snotters flew wi every sneezewhad dicht ye clean ne
mmhm m055: interestin work ehmwhaelse did ye mention f785:
aw the thanks a getwhakept ye dry an warm
aw the thanks a getwhakept ye snug an warm
a certain class o chielwhaniver buys a ticket ye
i ask your boy friendwhare ye cryin punkie i
the cairrie s en aywhare ye waitin on stravaigin
ye ma respecks honest owrancerwhas the officiar quo lu
ye then says li zhongwhas waitin on you gin
bobik ye wee darlin anwhas yon wumman auntie olia
ye sall come a capitanewhasall haud the stere owre
if ye cannae help anwhasays neb nooadays that s
hir dochter s saicrets gunlödwhatelt ye mynes valgerd harshly
murderers stand waiting 1st murdererwhatelt ye ti jyne up
wi whaur ye drink anwhathegither glesses clink drawn heid
ye d but listen forwhawi rosy lips a glisten
is t cryit ti forreswhaare thir sae wuthert an
tio be tryin ti seewhacoud luiik the maist meiserabil
wis sib ti the conwhaderts athort the pad then
no surprised ti hear thatwhadis she git on wi
tells insteid o shi jinwhagaed back ti the mains
a ploy ti finnd ootwhahaes been mensefu at court
a wey ti finnd ootwhais the best wumman for
lu jinkin about ti seewhait wis at wis ruggin
gied it ti the callantwhalost nae tyme in thrawin
the wutless guidwyfe never jalousinwhashe haed ti dael wi
sic a laund as thiswhawadna dee an mair ti
ti the royal son shenzongwhawis echteen year on the
whan cormac an alasdair spieredwhamicht be aucht sic a
an the twa young poliswhaarrived at the mill had
rachel or leah the twawhabiggit up the hoose o
o robert fergusson the makarwhadeid twa hunder yeir sinsyne
up the twa wee laddieswhamade never a soun nor
succeedit the royal brither taizongwhareignit twentie an twa year
toun it s whit anwhaan whaur that they say
internet at www scottishparliamentlive comwhaare the msps an whit
can i get involved 2whaare the msps an whit
agony from shona offstage merciewhas that knicht whit the
maet fur human mooth anwhawid keen whit meids wir
are they in yer hoosewhabide they aye sall roose
a feast forbye yer mitherwhachynged yer nappies bonny wean
an spare yer blushes mindwhawis t then gied lads
local area tae find ootwhayer msps are an hoo
daft folk oan the roadwhacannae sort oot their ain
killed fleance escapes 3rd murdererwhapat oot that licht 1st
the pillar of the communitywhas wife walked oot wan
him go we fand ootwhathe ithers were forby for
unsneckt it wis your governalwhaaa thon time had speired
a wee lassie this timewhadeed an aa it s
the auld hunder aa folkwhadwall upon the yirth sing
mark this weel aa fishermenwhagreit an girn an moan
chynged the heich heidit halflinwhakent aa or sae he
it neist cam the barberwhashavit him clean aa roun
than the aylers and aawhawere at the yett said
zhang isna ma name forwhaa am is wang jin
bens will heeze ma eenwhaals can gie me saught
cum fae asks ma faitherwhaisnae adoptit in georgia brocht
ll pray for ma mitherwhas your mither tam stott
tae wirk wi stonn bitwhacould faut da heuken daek
flap mam dad ingrid seewhas here nicol shouted wi
a moabite lass said hewhas jist back wi naomi
in wi the felt marischalwhasaid it s a chancy
wi blessins on the gracewhasent it a d scribble
single beds there s somewhaswank it wi piggy or
aw gruesumlie slairged wi gorewhawi a lousum hert an
s that legend johnnie edwardswhawi kind an gentle care
in clypin tae the socialwhawis snaa d unner wi
breeks on trees an busseswhad shew them up tae
sang sae sweet for mewhahad nae hert tae sing
that was sib tae himwhahe had spak o cam
tae strive for fame anwhain the cause o poetrie
meant tae satisfy the cognoscentiwhain this land o pride
in the rig o boazwhais sib tae naomi s
birlt roond quick tae seewhait wis but naebodie wis
hissel tae growed ups anwhas aucht you then geordie
a word long sufferin guywhas struggled tae look efter
sae she telt her guidmitherwhashe had been warkin tae
cauld october watter no kenninwhatae believe at the hinner
tint tae israel and theywhatholit the horning o his
workshop an said tae jackiewhawas chasin aboot eftir naithin
gied his richts tae boazwhawas neist o kin tae
cannae staun up tae himwhawill sadie does not answer
up a dancing school butwhawould trust their bairns tae
be mr john palliser yeateswhaexheebits the selsame symptoms o
a dominie john m amesswhagart us lear the wark
that richt john big johnwhawis a retired dominie an
shore sae fiona an suewhamade up the crew an
da freshly slowtered maet anwhasae kibby or sae whick
on the game hersel andwhad shopped him when andy
me the neck o himwhadis he think he is
defender mr wedderburn in jamaicawhaused him no in the
bi the thai astronomer suluwhad gien them neems efter
she mairrit an important meinisterwhad raither prie the mornin
them loo d the laddiewhahad sic a look o
cronies caad awa an peterwhakenned hou they d run
deeds as we forgie thaewhadid us ill and lat
for this we thenkit parentswhagied us o their time
warp an weft o trevellerswhas like us fit prints
the first disciple o jesuswhabrocht ithers his brither peter
o steive and strang hertwhabrocht ithers intil the faith
pitten thair by the gregianswhafoundit on the buik o
o craiturs gripy an greedywhahad swallowed ae moose fur
alane noo with his faitherwhahadnae a lot o time
steel the third braw ladwhahed the forename o yang
howker or snigger o fishwhain a season cuid kill
jerusalem speirin whaur is hewhais born roy o the
the use o that nowwhais there to work for
a keing o byuss michtwhakept an open pailace whaur
genes those o brian duguidwhanoo caad hissel lazarus duguid
prince yunrang o pu anwhatuik the style o yingzong
fae ablow tristan o tristanwhawadna dee fir sic a
can still be an exilewhawatches the lies o the
would gie a description owhawe were say they re
o ruth was a sauntwhaweel kent that the merciment
and a sonsie kirsty fowlerwhaaw but taks ower the
come in a winder noowhacan it be considerin aw
sister natasha through the windowwhais that daein aw that
roch as wis your governalwhalearned you fae a bairn
wife as daft as hisselwhawis as guid a baker
cornrigs and gaither ahint oniewhall lat me aye gang
an weel you know whowhacannae sail mirrors for toaffee
s best an the ladswhadid the cookin an survived
aince sumbodie he cuidna tallwhagied an order fesh out
the letter she suin kentwhahaed wrutten it an ture
an izanami brither an sisterwhalay thegither tay cleck the
ilkane meetins an pairtins seewhall can guide them sax
doon in muildy dreels anwhamight set a tautie seed
american archaeologist an his sonwhare rentin a grand estate
an thir the verra wurdswhas here enter ross and
an greed the russian serfswhaslew their tsar an styled
s mother an auld bagwhawas on the game hersel
rest we ll sune seewhacomes second best we ll
wheeplin on her pipe seewhadoes she think on fleein
respeks they see moula merciewhas this it s a
the kintra was that hewhacoft the paffle coft the
himsel a journey to findwhahe is fou he s
daein ootby in a troikawhais he waitin for irena
the window pepper that swhait is richt aneuch he
forrit lass no back gunlödwhacan lichtlie the strang viking
bi anither she telt brianwhahauf myndit that in his
be his third duel mashawhas third duel chebutykin soliony
inti the street bi thiswhaamang the neibours or the
a gaed through the glenwhas this gaen up as
whitfur it s virginal evewhafins the convenient slot in
s rebellion it s evewhagies the orders but adam
latyne a guidbrither a guidbritherwhais a guidman s in
m605: and it s notwhait s whae as well
and so have i beaumontwhas forced my hand andy
from behind the screen oliawhas that chappin on the
without any ulterior motives beaumontwhas that lilian boyter and
that m1096: [exhale] heid f1095: whas that mannie m1096: ehm
below the table broun ogrewhas that pepper is silent
at the door nanse loudlywhais t ringan half opening
new madam a m adamwhaare you the lassie noo
nor a hunder bolts thorfinnwhaaskit you for yeir opeinion
name juist kent by sichtwhacaad it a ragwort micht
no a soul james beaumontwhacould there be why in
a bad lot beaumont andwhagets the blame for it
tristan i mynd you singinwhawadna dee fir sic a
dee fur dy kindly wirdswhawid a tocht it richt
gives caul for cold fawhafor who fat for what
the power that rules abunewhadwells far aff ayont the
gin scotland doesna beild gaelicwhaelse will 92 recurrin issues
awa spinnin the guid woowhahaed ever seen the lykes
thissel cock cryis on loverswhalyis now skaillis the skyis
you don t really hearwhamuch in the c- the
societie led bi naitrul leaderswhapruive thairsels endlesslie the ethos
skies are black shoppies tunewhasaw the 42nd fa sells
hall to the tune ofwhasaw the tattie howkers i
jolly good m1108: we- f1107: whasays that m1108: erm f1107:
far aff ayont the munewhaset the warld first birlin
general receptacle of fugitive negroeswhawould arrive in multitudes and
m605: saying fa instead ofwhayou know m741: yeah i

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